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Why professional flood restoration service is better than do it yourself-fotor-202307199533

Why Professional Flood Restoration Service is Better than Doing it Yourself

Why professional flood restoration service is better than do it yourself-fotor-202307199533


Consider Professional Flood Restoration Service 

After flood damage, homeowners are often left with the daunting task of cleaning up the mess, often in dangerous surroundings. Filthy water, fallen wet drywall, slippery floors and potential electrical hazards do not make for a walk in the park. While most will understand things are dire and a matter for the professionals, some industrious types rise to the challenge. This article will discuss why professional flood restoration service is better than doing it yourself.

There is only one logical reason one would elect to engage in a battle that requires time, exhaustive effort, and several days of recuperation. MONEY! The DIU approach seems cost effective at first glance and the laborious nature of the job required is easier to recover from than the cost for professional flood damage restoration. Makes sense until you project this same logic to other fields.

Save on an electrician by wiring new switches and electrical outlets yourself. Avoid the cost for a doctor’s visit by googling symptoms to generate a diagnosis. The list could go on, but I think the point is valid, that some things are best left to the professionals. When flooding manifests in a property it often leaves it in a state of emergency, where every moment matters. Every hour things are increasingly becoming more severe. Structures become more compromised, materials continue to lose integrity and mold growth becomes more likely. Professional flood restoration service is better than doing it yourself because experience makes a difference.

9 Reasons to Consider Professional Flood Cleanup

1. Emergency Response to Reduce Damages

When sewers backup or water pipes break the resulting damage can make unbearable living conditions in your home. Water like fire is a destructive energy that is slowly doing continued damage to your property till it is removed. One of the reasons to consider professional flood restoration service over the DIY consideration is time. They have the resources to start the cleanup process as emergencies happen.

Most professional flood restoration services are provided as a 24/7 service and need to be. Flooding and water damage are known to occur at the worst of times needing quick attention to resolve. Emergency water removal, contents management, demolition and structural drying is best begun sooner than later. Sooner means the destructive energy of water is being stopped, later means it continues, till it is stopped.

The professionals at Action Extraction of Macomb Michigan have a team of dedicated experts that move quickly when contacted for emergency service. Such calls can come in on holidays, weekends and after hours, and all responded to with swiftness and care.

Time is of the essence. Hiring a professional flood restoration company will help kickstart the needed remediation process. Skilled technicians that respond immediately will be able to extract water, clean, sanitize and dry your property in minutes of your call for help. This alone makes professional flood restoration service better than doing It yourself

2. Experience: Professional Flood Restorers Have Seen it all.

Professionals have knowledge in the field of flood cleanup which will uncover hidden hazards that only they can identify and eliminate. The average property owner will make decisions that rely solely on the naked eye. If they see standing water and other conspicuous intrusions, they will address only that. Moisture in drywall, base moldings and even cabinetry may go unnoticed. These building materials are at risk for mold damage and structural compromise.

Professionals who specialize in flood restoration have the expertise to uncover trapped moisture that leads to the larger problems. They will determine with great efficiency the best protocol for rapid and safe property recovery. They will know if water damaged paneling can be restored or replaced, and what to expect from their water damage cleanup.

The flood restoration process is time sensitive, as each hour the presence of water languishes the more damage is being done. Moisture and water always lead to some form of secondary damage, such as mold, and will also cause structural compromise to property. Professional flood restoration service is better than doing it yourself, because the experience the professionals bring can assure that secondary damages are eliminated.

3. Equipment: Professionals Have Resources & Equipment to do the Job Correct

When flooding occurs whether in a basement or main floor of a property much needs to be done. Flood damage restoration is a complex process that requires expert skills and specialty equipment to facilitate correctly. Professionals roll up in the driveway fully stocked with the machinery to succeed. Truck-mount water extraction systems to remove all standing water. Water pumps when basement flooding is extreme and deep. Moisture detection instruments to guide the prosses and commercial drying equipment to fully dry wet structures.

This is what professional flood restoration service accomplishes, all required gear is present on-site. This allows for immediate moisture reduction in the property which combats the potential of mold damage. In a matter of a few hours the experts trained in water mitigation will have advanced matters in the right direction. Something a DIY approach may have taken days or not at all. In some instances inexperience at water mitigation can lead to permanent property damage and even future horrors yet to be determined.

Mold growth is common after flood damage that is not correctly mitigated. The professionals allow for no sleepless nights as nothing instills confidence more than having hired a trusted company that manages service with expert care. The right restoration company with the latest in technology, equipment and chemicals makes all the difference in the world, where mold is concerned.

4. Professionals Have Equipment do it Yourselfers Don’t Possess

  • Non-penetrating moisture meter
  • Thermal imaging cameras
  • Pin type moisture detectors
  • Hard surface detection meters
  • Hard wood flooring specialty drying mats
  • Injected air systems
  • Plant based anti-microbial agents

These are just a few things the professional flood restoration experts will be armed with that make for the difference between success and failure. This is one of the reasons why professional flood restoration service is better than do it yourself. If water from a refrigerator supply line leaked, how do you know if you have a wet kitchen floor? You wouldn’t unless you had the moisture detection equipment the professionals use.

5. Flood Restoration is not as Easy as it May Appear

It is important to understand that residential flood damage is usually more complex than it first appears. Professionals can accurately assess damage using the tools mentioned above and know where to focus their attention. These advanced tools can help them determine the location as well as the exact extent of the damage. A thorough assessment will allow any hidden damage to be detected so future complications are avoided.

Professionals invest large sums of money in advanced equipment to provide what the average homeowner could only dream of. They are dedicated to being the very best on-site as possible and with their specialty equipment can guide the process to achieve great results.

Homeowners do not own these industry specific tools and are unable to produce the same results. They also have a good understanding of how to apply specific techniques to different materials and surfaces. The expertise they possess and the equipment that is used will guarantee the best possible outcome. This equipment assures no hidden dangers are left to linger in the shadows. 

For instance: an unfinished basement experiences, laundry tub overflow flood damage. It appears like an easy DIY undertaking not requiring professional flood restoration service. That is until after mopping up stan ding water and placing a fan you notice, unusual white films on wood surfaces.

This is a common occurrence after basement water damage. The visible water is managed, however, elevated moisture in the air often called secondary water damage, produces mold that shows on surfaces. Professional restoration tackles the elevated humidity concerns and avoids secondary water damage, keeping your home safe.

6. Fast Structural Drying

Attempting to blow dry wet hair with a hair dryer 10 feet away produces little to no result. When water is trapped in layers of a kitchen floor, wall or ceiling, air needs to be close and focused. This is why professional flood restoration service is better than do it yourself. How would you ever know if something was wet or dry with the naked eye? The answer is you can’t without the moisture detection instruments of the experts. Placing a fan in a wet room that is not close and focused will do little to no good at all.

How many times has someone gone to their local hardware store after a basement flood to rent equipment to still end up with mold all over the drywall and wood substrates? It happens more than you might think. The placement of air energy needs to be with vortex principles not static outcomes. In other words, there is a difference in the Queens guards marching than children running around on a playground. One is effectual having purpose the other random with changing moving parts.

Professional flood damage restoration is the only way to change a wet room or environment into a controlled energy powerhouse or drying energy. They will skillfully place commercial grade dehumidifiers and air movers where they each need to be with each piece compliment the other to make a synergistic chamber to dry your home quickly. These focused and detailed restoration services can cut restoration times up to half. Mold relies on things remaining wet for a measure of time conducive to its growth. Reducing this time frustrates the process and keeps things safe and indoor air clean.

7. IICRC Certified Professionals

When you need an electrician or plumber you want them to have some sort of credentials to feel comfortable with their service. The flood restoration industry has an organization called the IICRC (Institute for Inspection, Cleaning, Restoration, Certification) that credentials those individuals that have taken educational courses in their field. Professional flood restoration service from an IICRC technician means they have received proper training on the remediation processes needed to dry wet properties.

These professional contractors can find quick solutions to get your home or business back to normal quickly, where you may remain lost on what to do next. They operate at a higher level of efficiency and will guide the process to its required completion.

Do it yourself attempts can be messy and fail to achieve a safe environment to prevent mold and structural damage. Isn’t it nice to be guided by someone more competent than yourself at an unfamiliar field? Sur it is and that’s why there are doctors, accountants and lawyers that are available to help people in their profession.

8. Safe Mold Remediation

Mold growth is the most significant danger to result when a DIY attempt goes wrong. Elevated moisture follows water damage, and it needs to be managed and corrected or it will contribute to mold in the home. If your sump pump failed and ground water inundated your home and given you a flooded basement, mold is already present. Ground water has millions of colonies of mold and once indoor will find food sources to grow quickly.

By having professional flood restoration in your home, you increase the likelihood of maintaining a safe home for you and your family. Experts know how to dry wet structures, apply anti-microbial agents, and set up drying chambers to break the equation for mold amplifying. When you have wet surfaces, stagnant air and no UV light, you have the recipe for mold damage in the home.

The DIY choice over professional flood damage service can allow for the unthinkable. Mold spores wafting through the air, making their way to fabrics, floors, walls, and everything in between. The potential to produce health issues for occupants is well documented. The symptoms for mold exposure range from runny nose and sneezing to full blown respiratory conditions needing medical treatment.

Water restoration experts will be able to address harmful indoor air conditions with training and resources most do not have. They can place an air filtration device to capture mold in the air while drying out the home. The health hazard that mold is to a home is reason enough to consider professional flood damage restoration over do-it-yourself ambitions.

9. Professional Restoration Companies Guide the Insurance Claims Process

Making an insurance claim and knowing how to manage the steps can be like figuring out a Rubik’s cube in the dark. You may have your hands on it, but progress seems difficult to achieve. Long wait times on the phone, confusing instructions and unfamiliarity of the process can make for a stressful experience.

Professional restorers have great experience in water loss claim and are aware of the documentation insurance carriers require. They can guide each step in the process and make sure all the bases are covered. With their assistance your insurance claim will be filed and documented for quick payment.

Concluding Thoughts on Professional Flood Restoration Service

If you are considering a do-it-yourself water damage restoration project because of cost, give the experts at Action Extraction of Macomb a call today. We offer free inspections and use scientific technology to locate any hidden moisture that needs to be addressed. We will provide you with a free estimate for service that you may find more affordable than you thought. If you make an insurance claim, we will help make it a stress-free experience and assure you your money fast.

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