Upholstery Services

Training and Education Make A Difference

Action Extraction employees are certified with the IICRC and The Clean Trust in upholstery cleaning as well as trained in fiber compositions through Weber Cleaning Academy. We have established an unblemished record of successfully cleaning all fabrics.

State of the Art Equipment

Utilizing state of the art “truck-mount” equipment in combination with the latest in highly developed cleaning tools we can add years of life to fine furniture by bringing back original colors and removing the dirt and harsh particles that cause fiber damage. Our scrupulous approach to furniture cleaning and eye for detail has placed us as Michigan’s premiere upholstery cleaners. Call today for a free quote.

Chemical Safety

Our upholstery cleaning system will remove stubborn stains, soil, spots and is guaranteed “toddler safe”.  We prohibit the use of toxic, harsh and carcinogenic cleaners and never use Carbon tetrachloride, a highly popular dry cleaner that is both toxic and carcinogenic.  Your health is our greatest concern and we purposely select only toddler and pet safe cleaning chemicals.

Whether your upholstery is:

Haitian Cotton
Dry Clean Only


Acid Dye

Polished Cotton

We have a proven method for safe and effective cleaning that has allowed us to stand out from our competition.

Fear of Permanent Damage

There is a delicate balance between acids and alkaline that exist, along with basic principles of cleaning that must be understood to avoid permanently damaging a fine and expensive piece of furniture. All casualties of cleaning such as shrinking, fading, tearing, bleeding or color runs are a direct result of violating one or more of these principles.

Older Furniture Concerns

Archaeologists have discovered fabrics dating back 5000 years.  While we may feel that it is too old to clean it is safe to say, “yours isn’t”.  We have gentle, effective cleaning agents for just about any material and specialize in old furniture that may have some signs of aging.

Experience the Difference

  • Free estimates given over the phone
  • Appointment times within a 2-hour window
  • Certified technicians come to your home
  • Toddler safe cleaning
  • State of the art equipment
  • We specialize in all fabrics
  • Natural fabrics like cotton and rayon become more comfortable to the skin and breathe better
  • 100% Satisfaction guarantee

Older Upholstery Chair