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Bloomfield Hills Water Damage RestorationWhen property in Bloomfield Hills experiences flood damage from a failed sump pump, sewer backup, broken water pipe, sink overflow or toilet overflow, they are placed in a state of emergency. The longstanding presence of water in carpet, dry wall and other materials will quickly produce mold if not promptly repaired. Bloomfield Hills water damage restoration is the only way to assure the destructive energy of water is reversed and the home environment once again safe.

Discovering water damage after flooding can be an overwhelming experience and panic is often the first reaction. Instantly we are aware unless something is done to fix the damages our home may never be the same again and possibly may get much worse if nothing is done. Flooded basements occur after heavy rain, kitchens can get standing water from malfunctioning dish washers and even hot water heaters can burst and flood property.

If you live in Bloomfield Hills and have a water damage emergency and require professional flood damage restoration to remove water, cleanup and dry all wet structures than consider Action Extraction. We are IICRC certified in Bloomfield Hills water damage restoration and can evaluate the damages, create a solution for restoration and our free inspection is only a phone call away.


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The most important decision you can make after discovering a water emergency is choosing the right company. We are a premiere water restoration firm with the highest customer service rating in all Southeast Michigan. 


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3 Types of Water Damage

Not all water is equal and knowing the 3 different types of water damage is necessary to create the appropriate restoration plan. All Bloomfield Hills water damage restoration needs to be classified correctly if the accepted protocol for cleanup is to be employed. According to the IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification) there are 3 types of water damage.

Category 1 water damage. This is water that is purified and drinkable from a sterile source like a refrigerator or faucet. The fresh water tank on a toilet and all plumbing fixtures would as well be considered category 1. When such water sources malfunction and flood property the initial level of contamination is not of a very serious nature.  However, time changes everything because in as little as 48 hours this once fresh water easily becomes the next type of more serious water damage.

Category 2 water damage. Also called grey water damage because of its cloudy appearance, it is teaming with contamination and abundantly supplied with living organisms. Several  examples of grey water damage would be water from a sump pump well, foundation leak in a basement wall, water from basement foundation cracks and any discharge line from a dish washer or washing machine. The volume of contaminates is much higher than it looks and the potential for mold is great. Human health can easily be affected by this type of water and if left to itself will quickly become the next dangerous type of water damage. The most common type of flood damage that requires Bloomfield Hills water damage restoration, results from sump pump failures.

Category 3 water damage is by far the worst kind of water that can come into contact with your property. This water is highly dangerous due to the extreme nature of germ presence and is capable of causing illness in humans and pets. Examples of this form of water damage would be water from a sewer drain backup, toilet overflow from the waste bowl, broken drain pipes after plumbing traps and water from lakes and streams.

Locating Water Damage Restoration

When Bloomfield Hills properties have flooding the standing water is typically noticeable as it is seen on the floor or carpet. But in very little time as the water begins to absorb into dry wall and other building materials, it is not visible to the naked eye. Action Extraction utilizes specialty moisture detection equipment to fully uncover all hidden water so we can safely restore your flood damaged home.

If water comes into contact with carpet, pad, wood base, walls and ceilings it is impossible to detect without a bit of help from science. That is why Action Extraction is equipped with professional moisture meters that are able to locate all moisture risk and dry them safely. Bloomfield Hills water damage restoration with our professionals will be more thorough than an attempt to do it yourself unless even if you had the necessary moisture meters.

What to Expect from Bloomfield Hills Water Damage Restoration?

Whatever the type of water damage your property has experienced our drying service is typically completed in less than 72 hours. The water removal and cleanup is always completed the first day of initial service. Once we are done with this step we set up a drying chamber with air movement and dehumidification for complete structural drying.

All aspects of the Bloomfield Hills water damage restoration process will be well documented with pictures and drying charts. Homeowners insurance requires pictures and we will give these pictures to you as well for your records.

Sources of Water Damage

When Bloomfield Hills water damage restoration is needed because of a bad plumbing issue, we may have to temporarily shut the water main off, till we make the necessary repairs. If the water damage came from a faulty appliance like a leaky refrigerator or dish washer, we will unplug them and secure them for additional inspection. Once we have determined the cause of water damage we will proceed to provide water removal, cleanup and structural drying.

Water from sanitary plumbing and appliances is typically not immediately damaging to the property because the contamination level is low, but the restoration still needs to begin as soon as possible.

Sometimes the flood damage is the result of a sewer backup that resulted during a heavy downpour that inundated the sewer lines with a lot of rain water. Often these drain systems are clogged with tree roots that do not allow the water to channel away from the property as fast as the rain fall.

When this occurs we will clean the drain system of the tree roots to assure there is no re occurrence of an additional backup that could once again jeopardize your Bloomfield Hills home.

Water Damage Restoration Credentials for Service

It is highly recommended to hire local professionals for Bloomfield Hills water damage restoration when it is needed. It only takes a matter of a few minutes to look at the reviews of local professionals to see what former customers have experienced. Google, Yelp and Yellow Pages can help locate a respected and well-reviewed company so you don’t get taken advantage of. This is one of the best ways to hire a firm that has been tested and proven for professionalism.

Water Damage Covered by Homeowners Insurance

Often when water damage strikes it is a small area of water on the carpet or a puddle of water on a basement hard surface floor. These are easy to correct with a shop vac and some towels and maybe a fan. However, when finished basements are completely flooded with several inches of water or water is deluging through a ceiling, a professional restoration company should be contacted. When water damage occurs on a grand scale the only silver lining is that it may be covered by homeowners insurance.

Not all types of water damage is covered by insurance and it is a good idea to have a conversation with your insurance carrier to be sure you have purchased, 'backup of sewer or drain' coverage, as this will be needed for any water that backs up from a drain or sump well..

 Bloomfield Hills Water Damage Restoration from a Sump Pump Failure.

Many properties with basements have a sump pump to channel water from the home if the water table around the home becomes high. These pumps are essential during a heavy rain and if for any reason they fail water will back up into the basement. Most pumps should be replaced every 7 years and even when they still work are not as efficient and could easily fail to control the amount of water during a storm. Additionally, if the power fails these pumps will fail to service the home and basement flooding will be probable.

Many homes have a battery powered or municipal powered backup, however these systems often fail as well and it is recommended to purchase a policy from your homeowners insurance to cover your home for sump pump failure, so your property is covered.

Bloomfield Hills water damage restoration from a sewer backup.

Few things are more disruptive then descending the stairs to a basement and find it flooded. If your basement is finished and you have expensive furnishings the damages are even greater. Action Extraction provides experienced sewer backup cleaning using the most efficient cleaning techniques that will completely remove all germs. We offer a free assessment of water damaged property which includes a free advice on your next step. Prevention of a sewer backup is better than the cleanup process and knowing the reasons they backup can help. Here are 3 reasons why sewers backup.

A Clog

Sewer systems are made to manage all the things that go down drains and toilets, however careful maintenance can make them more efficient. After a while some obstructions can begin to cause the drain system to work slower and slower till eventually they backup. Toilet paper should be used sparingly to avoid clogging and children should be informed to not flush anything large that happens to fall in the toilet.

Tree Roots

Many older homes in Bloomfield Hills have underground drain systems that are made of clay. Over time this material deteriorates and begins to crack allowing them to leak into the ground. Any nearby tree roots will be attracted to the water and eventually begin to grow in the drain pipe and clog it.  

If you have an older home and the drain is showing signs of failing when it is raining heavy or multiple plumbing is being used, you could be on the verge of a sewer backup. It is recommended to at least yearly have a plumber snake the drain to keep it free of tree roots. Some systems need regular snaking out twice a year because of the aggressive presence of tree roots.

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