Water Damage Restoration Harrison Twp. MIWater Damage Restoration Harrison Twp.

Action Extraction offers unsurpassed cleanup and restoration when flooding occurs 24/7, day or night. If you are encountering a flood crisis, we provide 5-star water damage restoration in Harrison Twp. and are committed to giving detailed care to each of our customers.

If you have a flooded basement, sewer backup or sump pump that has failed, we know exactly how you feel, as we deal with property owners each day that that are facing the same. Our IICRC certified experts have a 30 year track record of quickly turning water damage nightmare’s into safe and sound environment in no time. Our dedicated team of professionals can easily handle and correct any daunting water disaster you may have.

As a Premiere water damage repair company, we rescue and restore lives and property with our unique approach in water cleanup. We treat each customer with authentic respect, knowing it is our responsibility to earn your deepest trusty. We pledge to restore your property in the shortest time possible while minimizing disruption to you and your family.

We are able to limit the damages water can produce by using cutting edge technology, which will absolutely exceed your expectations. Our experienced team will be detailed about each step along the repairs process so nothing escalates into needless additional cost. Your home, health and peace of mind will be maintained securely with the experience our experts will bring.

Insurance Repairs Experts

Water-Damage-Restoration-Harrison Twp. MIWhen restoration for water damage is need sometimes homeowners insurance claims are made. We specialize in navigating the maze of paperwork and will make this process simple and hassle free, while getting you your money FAST!

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There are many water damage restoration tips available for consideration, but the most important decision you can make is choosing the right company for the flood cleanup. We are a premiere water restoration firm with the highest customer service rating in all Southeast Michigan.

Water Damage Restoration and electricity are hazardous Harrison Twp. MI (2)

Immediate Emergency Response Team

When contacting a professional company for restoration service, it is important to have them arrive as soon as possible to decrease damages. The harm that water can introduce to your home or business is increased with time. Ground water has molds, bacteria and will quickly amplify once it comes into contact with building materials in the home. Baseboards, dry wall, wood substrates, walls and flooring can begin to contaminate in less than 24 hours.

Water Damage Restoration Harrison Twp. MI (2)Action Extraction knows the sooner the water removal process occurs the better. That is why we have local certified employees that are trained to act quickly when contacted. When you call you speak live with the owner and our emergency response team is dispatched immediately.

Our professionals arrive in a lettered commercial truck, uniformed and ready for service. Using scientific moisture detection meters they will locate all hidden moisture which is an important aspect of the restoration for water damage process. Soon a detailed estimate will be presented showing the water damage restoration cost.

Starting the Water Removal Service Harrison Twp.

Once water is discovered water removal service is necessary as soon as possible. Each minute water is allowed to absorb into materials the greater potential for mold growth and microorganism contamination. If you need water removal from basement due to a sewer drain backup the dangers are even greater. The amount of water that can intrude into your basement is greater as well. Often basement flooding can have hundreds or thousands of gallons of water to be eliminated from the property.

Action Extraction has all the necessary water extraction equipment to rapidly turn a pool of water into a dry flooring surface. If you need flooded basement cleanup or water removal from carpet we have industrial truck-mount equipment to extract water from floor. If a water removal pump is required we will place a water removal pump that will pump all the water away swiftly.

Water Removal Cost

If the water needing to be extracted from your property is fresh such as from a broken water pipe the cost for extraction will be less than if it is contaminated, such as from a sewer backup. The most expensive flood restoration cleanup is related to a sewer drain backup because it is a high risk management restoration. The water contaminates everything it touches requiring a germ killing agent to be applied to all surfaces. We use only “green”, plant-based agents that eliminate all germs, molds, bacteria and other microorganisms.

Our cleaning protocols effectively eliminate the living contaminates that create mold, mildew, offensive smells and spores. These water removal and cleanup expenses are completely covered by insurance when there exist coverage for drain backups. Call today and let our experienced staff manage your need for water damage restoration in Harrison Twp..

Sewer Backup Service Harrison Twp.

If your home or business has been assaulted by a sewer backup in basement, your property is in a state of emergency. The water holds chemicals, bacteria’s, e-coli and 81 viruses. Before help arrives young children and elderly occupants should be removed from the environment immediately. We Water damage restoration from a sewer backup Harrison Twp. MIprovide emergency high risk cleanup to reverse the immediate effect sewer water has on the air you breath.

Our professionals can clean and eliminate the germs quickly, making your home safe and free of air borne contaminates. We are specialist in sewer backup cleanup and can give you a free estimate on sewer backup cost.

Stopping the Spread of Germs Through Science

Each technician is trained to secure your property from cross contamination, placing special floor coverings down. The HVAC system will be temporarily turned of to limit the spreading of germs and your cold air returns covered. We will set up an air scrubbing filtration system that will function as a device to remove air borne contaminates, keeping them from spreading throughout your property. After we have contained the environment, we can begin the sewer cleanup process.

Our Steps in Sewer Backup Repairs

Highly advanced vacuum systems will remove the waste from your property, being sent to the waste tank of one of our recovery trucks. If there are items and materials that have come into contact with sewer water they will be managed according to the IICRC S-500 publication for restoration. This is the Bible for sewer water cleanup in the restoration industry.

From there we use high pressure steam to obliterate any contamination from floor surfaces, cracks and crevices. Once our highly experienced technicians are confident the surrounding area is completely clean, they will begin to apply the germ killing agent. We use only “GREEN” plant based germ elimination products being the most effective and safest in the industry. After these critical steps are completed, structural drying equipment is introduced to remove all excessive moisture from the air and dry all wet materials and building structures.

Sewer Backup Prevention

Once we have completely water damage restoration in Harrison Twp. we want property to safe and restored so our last and final step is to make you aware of sewer backup prevention. If your home is older and has outdated clay drain pipes and large trees on the property, annual snaking of the system may be recommended to keep drains free of tree roots. Our greatest tip is to place a very affordable water alarm by a basement drain that will loudly go off when water begins to backup. Having an immediate alert will give you time to call a plumber before a major sewer backup occurs.

Sump Pump Backup Harrison Twp.

Water damage restoration Harrison Twp. basement flooding.The most common cause of basement flooding in Harrison twp. is from a sump pump backup. These pumps for various reasons can fail allowing ground water in through floor drains and foundation cracks. If caught early damages incurred are often limited, but all to many times they happen undetected till the basement becomes a pool of water.

Some homes have a sump pump battery backup and even systems with an alarm, however they too often fail. Some plumbers recommend a water backup sump pump that works off the municipal water should the primary pump fail. However, our emergency water teams are called out frequently because whatever sump pump backup options you rely on can fail.

If you are starring at unwanted water in your beautifully finished basement and are in a panic, we can help! If you have water in an unfinished basement and would love to have it professionally dried out, we can be there in minutes of your call. Let our 30 years of experience assist you today, allowing our local team of experts to quickly rid your basement of the water, manage all necessary services required and at an affordable rate.

Failing to Restore Flood Damaged Property in Harrison Twp.

Water damage removal Harrison Twp. MIHealth risk abound when basements, crawlspaces and other spaces in a home or building are allowed to remain wet. After 72 hours mold can begin to create disastrous damage as spores spread and fill the air. Wet carpet, wood moldings, water trapped under laminate flooring will begin to off gas endo-toxins and place all occupants health at risk. Add to the mix the absence of UV lighting and you have the makings of a dangerous eco system.

Action Extraction professionals can turn a water emergency nightmare into a marvel of cleaning technology, keeping your home and family safe. We are specialist at creating affordable flood cleanup strategies and you will sleep easier at night knowing the restoration was professionally done and was certified dry. Don’t let sick building syndrome occur in your home, when the flood restoration is so much more affordable than mold mitigation service.

Each year professional home inspectors discover thousands of cases of sick building syndrome through mold testing and visual inspection. Sometimes occupants suffer physical symptoms for months before the culprit of a sick building is uncovered. Usually it starts with excessive moisture, water and wet building materials that create a perfect storm of opportunity for mold growth. No matter what type of water damage you are dealing with, we can STOP this from occurring in your home as we are IICRC certified in water damage repair.

Symptoms of Sick Syndrome Properties in Harrison Twp.

Running noses, throat irritation, breathing difficulties, burning nasal passages, dry itchy rashes, headaches and tightness in the chest. These are real physical reactions to a sick building that has mold, volatile organic compounds, mildew, and other infectious microorganisms in the air. If you or other occupants are experiencing these symptoms regularly you may be at risk.

Badly affected property can be completely restored by us when you call upon us for restoration. We will have your property evaluated by an environmental hygienist who will perform air sampling test that will conclusively let us know if your property is sick or not. If it has elevated levels are harmful molds our hygienist will write up a detailed cleaning protocol that will be like a shot of cleaning penicillin, making your property once again healthy.

Water Damage Restoration Videos and Facts in Harrison Twp.

Interesting Things About Harrison Twp.

You may have not known
  • Harrison Twp. is a charter township with a population of 26,004 according to the 2008 Census Bureau and has two zip codes, 48043, 48045
  • Harrison Township is commonly referred to as “Boat Town, U.S.A.” due to the large number of marinas and boat lovers.
  • The city is safer than most according to Neighborhood Scout’s exclusive analysis of FBI crime data.
  • Harrison Twp. is also home to Selfridge Air Base which has been in operation for almost 100 years.
  • Home to the Lake St. Clair Metro park, residents from all over southeast Michigan flock to its 1,000 foot sandy beach each year.
  • Metro Beach also has swimming pools, water slides, a 1,600 foot boardwalk and miles of trails for hiking, biking and walking.

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