Water Damage Restoration Franklin MIWater Damage Restoration Franklin

When water damage strikes, knowing who to call can often time be the difference between water restoration success and a property in crisis. The professionals at Action Extraction are the premier water restoration team you need to have working for you in the event of a water catastrophe. We bring expert care when flooding manifest and provide water damage restoration in Franklin Michigan 24/7 day or night.

From flooded basements to burst pipes and everything in between, Action Extraction can guide you safely through the treacherous waters of insurance repair and water damage restoration. Combining over 30 years of water damage experience, every technician at Action Extraction is IICRC certified and has personally handled thousands of flood scenarios.

Each one of our highly trained experts is uniquely qualified to carefully guide your water emergency to the safe harbor of complete restoration. We are intimately aware of the personal effect water damage has on a homeowner and the challenge of bringing you the peace of mind you deserve.

24 Hour Emergency Response Team

When you contact Action Extraction you are connected live with the owner or a dedicated crew chief who will dispatch an emergency response team. We maintain arrival times often in under an hour and once on-site will immediately go to work at achieving the quickest restoration possible. We will evaluate the affected water damaged environment and create a comprehensive strategy that will turn your water crisis into a triumpth of restoration technology.

Water Restoration and Cleanup Franklin MIWe have spent many years cultivating complex and unique water dry out strategies, personally tailored to each individual flood. Our local professionals have saved countless dollars in repairs for residents in Franklin because of our skilled tactics at saving property.

If you are reeling with stress because of a sewer backup or any sudden emergence of flooding than please take heart as we want to assist with water damage restoration in Franklin second to none.

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Our Franklin Restoration Technicians

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The most important decision you can make after discovering a water emergency is choosing the right water cleanup company. We are a premiere water restoration firm with the highest customer service rating in all Southeast Michigan.


Speak Live With the Owner

Flood damage is unfortunately a common occurrence after heavy raining for many Michigan residents. Each year insurance companies see record flood loss claims as flooding creeps in unexpected. Some have gotten up in the middle of the night to grab a quick sip of water or maybe a late-night snack to step in a pool of water. While some come home late after an eventful day in hopes of retiring for the night, but upon opening the door confront water dripping from the ceiling due to an overflowing toilet.

That’s where the professionals at Action Extraction come in. Our office will answer your call LIVE with a real person, not a robot! We will be able to answer your flood call and be to your home usually within 1 hour with the tools and experience to handle any flood situation you may find yourself in. Floods are never problems best left to be slept on.

We have seen it all and have seen it at all hours of the night. Our emergency flood response team gets called out at 2:00 a.m. as much as 2:00 p.m. We choose to be in this career and are OK with being on call as our commitment is helping people when help is needed. You don’t have to convince us your water emergency is a personnel crisis and you are concerned about your property. We Know! And it will be shown in our treatment of you from the moment you call.

Insurance Claims – Hassle Free

Flood Damage Restoration Franklin MIIf you decide the scope of your flooding should become a homeowners insurance claim, we are insurance repairs experts and will make your insurance claim hassle free and get you your money FAST!


Water Damage Cleanup Saves Property

When water invades your Franklin home, it finds any possible path it can take. As water travels along a flat service, it will always branch off like roots of a tree branch, succumbing to the forces of gravity and finding any nook and cranny it can fit itself into. An upstairs faucet slowly leaking behind a pedestal sink may never show itself until it is found in a basement or the ceiling of the room below.

Water Damage Restoration in Franklyn MIThe same can be said for allowing a water damaged area of your home “dry on its own.” While you may believe you are saving yourself money by letting your home fix the problem on it’s own, leaving a room to stew in its own water logged state could potentially cost you thousands in repairs due to mold growth.

Mold can form in as little as 48 hours depending on the strain and climate your home is in. Having a water damage recover plan is vital in preventing mold growth and maintaining the health of your home and of your family. Call Action Extraction at the very first sign of water damage.

Water Damage Restoration Franklin from a Sump Pump Back Up

What should you do in the event that your sump pump fails? First things first you should call the professionals at Action Extraction no matter what time of day you find your issue. Action Extraction can help guide you through the first vital steps of getting yourself a new sump pump and how to proceed with your water damage project.

Sump pumps fail for many reasons. Floats can become stuck so that they never actually trigger the pump to begin diverting water away. Sometimes pumps can run for too long. Even the battery backup and water powered backup systems can fail. In any case, sump pump backups can be devastating to your home especially in a finished basement.

The water from a sump well is ground water also known as living water because it is teaming with millions of colonies of molds, chemicals and bacteria. Immediately after the water removal step our professionals will apply a plant-based germ elimination chemical to assure the safety of your home and its occupants.

Once water has been removed we will also begin to access your wet building materials and develop a mitigation plan suited to your individual needs. Padding under carpets will need to be removed, and carpets will need to be accessed for damage from wooden furniture or rust from metal items. While most carpets can be safely cleaned in the event of a sump pump backup, padding cannot be safely cleaned and must always be removed.

Drywall can be safely dried in place unless it has been wet over 72 hours. Base moldings and case moldings will likely be removed from wet sections of drywall to encourage exposure to rapid air flow. Drying the front, paper side, of drywall is important but often overlooked is the backside paper on drywall.

If this back side of the drywall is enclosed within a wall cavity, 1 inch holes must be punched at the base board level to allow for a thorough dry out. It is also important to check the wall cavities for insulation, as the paper face of rolled insulation is a breeding ground for mold when exposed to moisture. Our dedicated team will not overlook such details and will certainly navigate each step in our proven restoration protocol.

Water Damage Restoration from a Sewer Backup in Franklin

Water damage cleaning Franklin MIWhen Action extraction arrives to cleanup after a sewer backup the first service implemented will be removal of any excess standing water in your basement. We use truck mounted extraction units that can easily pull hundreds of gallons of standing water from your home in minutes.

Without water extraction, water damage projects could potentially take weeks to dry out. With Extraction, dry times are cut down to days, typically 3.

Once all items have been accessed for damage from the sewer water, we will sterilize all surfaces with GREEN planet friendly botanical germ killing agents that will eliminate germs and freshen the environment.

The next step in our water damage restoration in Franklin process is high pressure steam cleaning of all floor and wall base surfaces. This is critical as these porous surfaces often trap germs in deep pockets that can only be driven out by steam pressure.

Lastly we will place drying equipment to dry down the affected spaces and completely restore to a safe humidity the entire property. Industrial fans and dehumidifiers must be used to ensure a quality dry out, confirmed by highly sensitive moisture meters and hygrometers. All fans will be set in what we call a vortex system. That system will push air rapidly around your basement environment, sending saturated air to our dehumidifiers which will take that heavy wet air and dry it out. That air will then be sent right back into our vortex as dry “thirsty” air, ready to grab up as much moisture from your building materials as it makes it journey around the room and back into the waiting dehumidifier.

After 3 days, Action Extraction will check all of your building materials to make sure that everything in your home is at a dry standard, and your home is no longer in danger of further water damage. Of course, your personal water damage project may not look exactly like this, which is why it is very important to call the pros at Action Extraction the instant you discover you need water damage restoration in your Franklin MI home.

Water Damage Restoration Videos and Facts about Franklin MI

Interesting Things About Franklin MI

You may have not known
  • The population of Franklin MI was 3,150 at the 2010 census and the city has one zip code 48025.
  • Yes it’s true the village was named after Benjamin Franklin  and received its present name in 1828.
  • The community is known for large, estate-style homes that are valued at a great deal.
  • The Franklin Cider Mill was once a gristmill, but converted to a cider mill in 1949.
  • Franklin’s current firehouse was built in 1959. The village employs one firefighter and a chief; the rest of the force is volunteer.

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