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Water Damage From A Refrigerator Supply Line

Water Damage From A Refrigerator Supply Line


Egyptian Pharaohs used to make their slaves fan their wine all night to cool it down; such a thought today would be absurd because technology has given us something the Pharaohs could have never imagined, the refrigerator. Theses modern marvels have changed the way we live and unless they stop working or someone gets water damage from a refrigerator supply line, they have few down sides.

Few would differ with the maxim; ‘You are what you eat’ as most understand it is an established fact that good food in is better for you than bad food in. However, one of the most overlooked features of this saying is the importance of the refrigerator that stores and preserves the food we eat.

The refrigerator is one of the most important inventions of all time. Prior to 1748 there were few successful methods of preserving food for over several days. In biblical times salt was used to keep meats from putrefying and it wasn’t until 1748 that the first refrigeration system was invented that changed everything. By 1963 over 99% of all US homes had one and thus began the possibility of water damage from a refrigerator supply line.

Today they come with automatic ice makers, on demand filtered water and some even with cable TV. With convenience comes the potential for malfunction and that is just such a case today in Shelby MI. Homeowners of a beautifully remodeled kitchen awoke to find standing water throughout their kitchen, great room and basement. The timing couldn’t have been worse because this unexpected water damage seems so incompatible with the fact that the remodel was completed yesterday. One day into enjoying the beauty of this ‘better homes and garden’ kitchen and all is now in disarray. The culprit of the water damage is a loose water supply line from the ice maker. The hardware that secures the supply line was inadvertently loosened as the refrigerator was moved around during the installation of the new wood flooring. Once it was placed in its regular space the supply line began to leak and in several hours they got water damage from a refrigerator supply line.

Water Damage From A Refrigerator Supply Line

We arrived to discover the newly placed wood floor was saturated as a result of the water damage from a refrigerator supply line. In hours the water damage had caused the floor to buckle and lift along with the dry wall in multiple areas being saturated. The water additionally made its way into the great room and basement. Because this is going to be an insurance claim we will be document all the water damage from a refrigerator supply line. All effective water damage restoration must include a comprehensive strategy for drying all wet structures as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Modern Technology Is Crucial To Uncover All The Water Damage From A Refrigerator Supply Line.

When water supply lines to refrigerators leak often it is a slow, protracted event that happens undetected for several hours or days. Typically it is because when these leaks occur from either a small hole in a water line or a leak from a loose connection they are small amounts of water that gradually create the water damage foot print. Action Extraction of Macomb MI has seen many of such water damage scenarios and only a few were abrupt and made their manifestation known quickly due to a large amount of water.

When water damage from a refrigerator supply line occurs often the water slowly is absorbed by the building materials and unless moisture detection meters are utilized it is impossible to know with the naked eye what is wet and what is not. Our moisture detection meters have let us determine that 40% of the newly installed wood floor must be removed as well as a layer of wet luan plywood beneath. Once these materials are removed we will apply a plant based anti-microbial agent to treat for any microorganisms that may be present and ultimately a drying chamber will be set up to remove all moisture and humidity.

What Can Be Done To Prevent Water Damage From A Refrigerator Supply Line?

Homes with modern day conveniences such as refrigerators with water lines are at risk because the water supply line is continually under pressure. When they are installed correctly with the right amount of torque they seldom will become loose and leak. It is not a bad idea to check the tightness of these water lines each time the refrigerator is pulled out as this could spare you of a water damage emergency such as is here today in Shelby MI. Another thing that can be done to help prevent water damage from a refrigerator supply line is to replace any water line that is made of plastic or copper with the newer steal braided type which have proven to be indestructible.

Water damage can occur from countless water sources in the home environment and prevention although a prudent concept; will not stop all water damage emergencies from happening completely.

One Type Of Non-Preventable Water Damage.

For example many homes in Macomb County such as in the cities of Macomb, Shelby, New Baltimore, Utica, Clinton Twp. Sterling Heights, Fraser, Warren, Washington Twp. and Ray Twp. have basements with sump pumps and these pumps are essential to keep basements from flooding when the water table around the house rises. This rise in the water table happens dramatically often during a heavy rain and if the sump pump fails the basement is sure to flood. Many individuals have added a secondary backup sump pump that will engage if the primary sump pump fails. However these systems are powered by either a battery backup or water driven from the municipal water coming into the home. As good as these systems are, Action Extraction of Macomb MI says over 50% of the flooded basement cleanup projects they service had a backup system that failed.

How Long To Correct Water Damage From A Refrigerator Supply Line

On this water damage emergency in Shelby MI we will have all materials restored and/or dried in 3 days. After the third day replacement of the wood floor can begin, however the insurance company will have to evaluate all the files related to this claim and produce a monetary settlement for these customers. As a courtesy to all of our customers we will inspect the produced estimate of the insurance company to make sure it covers all the known damages.

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Macomb Water Damage Restoration

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