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Water Damage From A Refrigerator Supply Line

water damage from a refrigerator supply line


Refrigerator Leaks Can Cause Extensive Water Damage

Egyptian Pharaohs had slaves fan their wine continuously to keep it cool. Our ancestors could have never imagined the marvel of the present day refrigerator. Theses modern marvels have changed the way we live and unless they stop working or someone gets water damage from a refrigerator supply line, they have few down sides.

NORMAL WATER LEAKS FROM REFRIGERATORS: You may notice an occasional puddle under the fridge, water splashed on floor during filling a glass of water or a stray fallen ice cube melts. We have all experienced these incidents that get the floor wet, while still having a perfectly running appliance. But when you see it occurring regularly and there may even be evidence of water damage from a refrigerator supply line such as damage on the flooring or walls, you have a problem. The issue may be the refrigerator itself or it could be a loose or broken water supply line.

The refrigerator is one of the most important inventions of all time. Prior to 1748 there were few successful methods of preserving food for over several days. In biblical times salt was used to keep meats from putrefying and it wasn’t until 1748 that the first refrigeration system was invented that changed everything. By 1963 over 99% of all US homes had one and thus began the possibility of water damage from a refrigerator supply line.

Refrigerators Upgrade to Automatically Supplying Ice

Today they come with automatic ice makers, on demand filtered water and some even with cable TV. With convenience comes the potential for malfunction and that is just such a case today in Shelby MI. Action Extraction restoration professionals are providing service in a home due to water damage from a refrigerator supply line.

This property just acquired a beautifully remodeled kitchen, but this morning the property owners awoke to standing water throughout their kitchen, great room and basement. The timing couldn’t have been worse because this unexpected water damage seems so incompatible with the fact that the remodel was completed yesterday. One day into enjoying the beauty of this ‘better homes and garden’ kitchen and all is now in disarray.

The culprit of the water damage is a loose water supply line from the ice maker. The hardware that secures the supply line was inadvertently loosened as the refrigerator was moved around during the installation of the new wood flooring. Once it was placed in its regular space the supply line began to leak and in several hours they got water damage from a refrigerator supply line.

Common Causes of a leaky refrigerator supply line 

  • The water line is torn when the refrigerator is pulled out to clean behind it.
  • Clogged water line from debris, often inadvertently caused during installation.
  • Plastic materials such as lines develop tiny cracks or openings over time.
  • Copper materials kink and quickly develop an opening.
  • Shut off hardware or related components become loose.
  • Excessive ice blocks normal function of refilling the collection ice bin.
  • The freezer defrost drain line is blocked by stored food items.
  • Refrigerators vibrate and this increases with age eventually loosening or cracking connections or water line.

How Bad can the Water Damage be From a Refrigerator Supply Line?

In a matter of hours the water damage can cause hard wood flooring to buckle, lift and cup, making restoration difficult. Dry wall can be affected which immediately places the home in a state of emergency because mold can develop in cellulose materials in a matter of 3 – 4 days. Multiple rooms can become affected by migrating water and water can deluge to a lower level of the home, often flooding a basement. Acting promptly to remove water will assure you don’t also have to remove mold from the home latter.

When water from a kitchen fridge leaks badly enough to drip down to a basement ceiling materials and even electrical fixtures and switches can be damaged where significant dangers could  arise, including electrical shock. There is also the upheaval that takes place when furniture, documents, sentimental items and cherished antiques get water damaged. Knowing how to protect your valuables during a basement flood can be of value. 

In such a scenario an insurance claim should be made to help pay for the restoration and repairs. A professional property restoration company will be able to navigate the claim and supply all pictures and needed documentation. This service will also included a comprehensive strategy for drying all wet structures as quickly and efficiently as possible. The professionals at Action Extraction of Macomb have manages such water disasters for over 3 decades and can help make what appears to be a monumental catastrophe into a remarkable feat of restoration in very little time at affordable rates.

Do you Have Water Damage From A Refrigerator Supply Line?

While water damage can slowly arrive in stealth there are several things to look for that may indicate a problem before it reaches critical mass. 

  • Water from the dispenser has noticeably become slower
  • Ice production has reduced significantly and odd shaped ice is produced
  • Water is noticed pooling on floor by fridge
  • Ceiling tiles in basement beneath have water spots
  • In non-finished basements water stains exist on wood subfloors
  • Dripping noises or foreign noises are heard coming from refrigerator
  • Water is found pooling in refrigerators drawers and shelves
  • Moldy smells inside the fridge even after cleaning
  • Carpet on the other side of adjacent wall is wet
  • Cabinets on either side of appliance show water damage 

These are just a few not so obvious clues that could identify a potential problem before major damage occurs. In some cases when things finally fully manifest the water flow is sudden from a break or detached supply line which will flood the kitchen rapidly. The hope is when this unfortunate situation does come on the scene the water damage from a refrigerator supply line is noticed sooner than later. There are stories of homeowners being away for days and arriving home to the unimaginable.

Modern Technology can Help Determine Water Damage From A Refrigerator Supply Line.

When water supply lines leak it is often a slow, protracted event that happens undetected for several hours or days. Typically a small hole in a water line or a leak from a loose connection will produce minimal amounts of water that gradually make a foot print. The flooring , wall and other substrates may not show the damages that exist to the naked eye. It is important to have scientific technology to monitor and determine the extent of the damages.

The experts at Action Extraction of Macomb MI have seen many of these water damage scenarios and use specialty moisture detection meters that will quickly identify all wet materials requiring restoration service. These materials will be fully evaluated and a determination made as to the service required, whether it be restoration of replacement. 

What Can Be Done To Prevent Kitchen Water Damage?

Homes with modern day conveniences such as refrigerators with water lines are at risk because the water supply line is continually under pressure. When they are installed correctly with the right amount of torque they seldom will become loose and leak.

CHECK THE TIGHTNESS of all water lines and fittings each time the refrigerator is pulled out as this could spare you of a water damage emergency.

REPLACE ANY PLASTIC SUPPLY LINE WITH STEAL BRADED which can be purchased at any hardware store. Plastic/vinyl supply lines are frail and weak with a poor track record for lasting. Builders who want to save a few bucks will use them, but for a few extra dollars you can get the steal braded type that is proven to be indestructible.

KEEP A BIT OF CLEARENCE BETWEEN FRIDGE AND WALL as this will allow for the necessary air circulation to keep fridge running cooler and more efficient. Additionally having more space will make sure you are not pinching or on top of the water supply line.

DON’T STACK FOOD IN FREEZER OVER DRAIN as this can cause blockage issues with defrosting which will result in excessive water in fridge and potentially outside of fridge.

FOLLOW ALL MANUFACTURER RECOMMENDATIONS. Each manufacturer has a brochure regarding the correct installation and recommendations of their product. Following the correct instructions on operating the appliance can avoid issues.

BE SURE THERE IS AN MANUAL SHUT OFF to the supply line. This can allow you to immediately turn off the water if a leak is caught which will reduce potential damage.

PLACE A LEAK DETECTOR BENEATH THE FRIDGE to notify of any water presence. These devices will immediately go off if water comes in contact with the sensor, allowing you to move quickly to shut off the water. These small leak detectors are a great investment and can be found at most hardware stores. 

How To Clean the Mess of a Leaky Refrigerator Supply Line?

If the water that has infiltrated your kitchen is minimal and has not been going on long, a do-it-yourself approach with a little effort should manage the task.

  • Blot up any water with towels, wet mop or shop vac.
  • Carefully move out refrigerator to access standing water behind it.
  • Evaluate the base of all cabinetry for signs of water damage
  • Be sure to investigate adjacent rooms and basement for water presence
  • Place a fan on the area for several days to fully dry


Choosing the Best Restoration Company for Kitchen Water Damage Cleanup

In the unfortunate event the water damage from the refrigerator supply line is greater than you can manage, here are some tips on choosing the best water cleanup company for your needs. Because kitchens and baths are furnished with higher cost materials you don’t want a restoration firm that is just conveniently located near you, you want the best!

Here are several ways to find the right professionals to manage the restoration of your water damaged kitchen.

MAKE SURE THEY ARE IICRC CERTIFIED. Being a certified firm indicates they are committed to excellence, have been vetted, and have insurance. Be sure to ask to see proof of certification and if it is year to date.

MAKE SURE THEY SHOW YOU PROOF OF INSURANCE WHEN THEY ARRIVE. Using a professional firm does not necessarily mean they are fully insured. If they are not, negligent work that leads to additional property damage could end up being paid for by you. 

CHECK THEIR ON-LINE REVIEWS. Today it is easy to see what previous customers felt about the customer service they received from a particular service company. 5-star reviews are encouraging and when found on multiple social media platforms can instill a sense of confidence.

INQUIRE IF THEY ARE INSURANCE CLAIMS SPECIALIST. Insurance claims can be a labyrinth some can get lost in unless they have experience. This can be especially true when your facing water damage from a refrigerator supply line. There are requirements on documenting the water loss that the insurance carrier will require. Knowing how to make a compelling argument that makes the claims process smooth and head-ache free takes experience.

YEARS IN OPERATION MATTER.  Hiring a professional can be a tremendous way to relieve the stress of navigating the unfamiliar. When a company has years of experience it means they have seen a lot and are resourceful and creative. This can be essential to make good on all their work and having them honor any guarantee. 

DO THEY GUARANTEE THEIR SERVICE? Having years of experience, reputation and a proven track record for impeccable service will assure any customer satisfaction guarantees will be honored.

Consider Michigan’s #1 Rated Restoration Firm

The experts at Action Extraction property restoration are recognized as having all the essential characteristics sited above. We provide restoration when water damage from a refrigerator supply line happens. We have an emergency response team that can be on-site in as little as 1 hour with all the resources to fully mitigate the damages and fully restore and dry your property. Call today for a free inspection of your home or business. All our services come with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

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