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Water Damage Restoration Professionals

Michigan’s #1 Rated Property Restoration Company

If your residential or commercial property is experiencing any form of flooding from a flooded basement, sewer backup or sump pump failure we are the certified, proven and professional firm you are looking for. We have water damage restoration professionals that are certified experts and ready to respond to small and catastrophic water disaster emergencies 24/7 day or night.

Whatever scenario of water cleanup you need we have the experience, education and advanced strategy to turn your worst nightmare into a triumpth of restoration using cutting edge technology.

If you have basement water that needs extraction and cleanup from a drain backup or a failed sump pump has assaulted your finished basement, we are your one stop resource for complete property restoration.

Immediate Emergency Response Team

When emergencies strike you need a tireless team of professionals that are standing ready at a moments notice. Introducing the Action Extraction Emergency Response Team. Career restorers that are dedicated to provide immediate restoration service when disasters occur.

That means we are dispatching our crews the moment you call for water restoration service for drain backups, malfunctioning appliances like washing machines, dish washers, refrigerators, hot water heaters, broken, leaky or frozen pipes, sump pump failures, toilet overflows, sink overflows, and bathtub overflows.

Locally Owned Managing your Restoration Needs

Action Extraction is an owner operated premiere flood damage restoration and carpet cleaning company located in Macomb County, Michigan. For over 30 years we have provided personal & professional restoration service to property owners, renters, businesses and homeowners that may be experiencing flood damage.

Serving all Southeast Michigan our vast experience has allowed us to manage every type of water damage imaginable with expert care.

Compare our 5-star rated service to any local franchise and you will read the difference in personal care and treatment that our customers receive. There is a unique culture that exist here at Action Extraction in the way we train each employees to be personal and courteous with each customer. We recognize and respect the emotions that are involved with finding your valued property in distress when water damage is discovered.

Free Estimates / Affordable Rates / Expert Service

Known for friendly, fair and courteous service, we have built a matchless satisfaction reputation with our customers and the insurance industry. Our impeccable reputation has us 5-STAR rated throughout all social mediums.

Our water damage restoration professionals strive to earn the trust and respect of each customer from the first phone call to the last friendly hand shake. We demonstrate the old fashioned work ethic our parents knew of back in the day when your word was your bond and integrity meant something. Our commitment to excellence has built a loyal customer base that has been growing since 1988.

We offer a complete 100% satisfaction guarantee and are expert at working with all insurance companies. Each year our experts are enrolled in continuing education to better serve you with the latest techniques and technology.

Insurance Claims Made Headache Free

Water damage restoration professionals in Southeast Michigan

Sometimes the damages involved with flooding are such that you may decide to make an insurance claim to cover the cost of the restoration and repairs. Our professionals can guide you through each step with great confidence, making the process simple and hassle free.

We are insurance claims specialist and know how to get you your full coverage and your money FAST!

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Our Restoration Professionals

Highly educated water damage restoration professionals IICRC Certified in Restoration
Uniformed and courteous restoration professionalsUniformed Courteous Pros
Highly trained Water Damage Restoration ProfessionalsTrained to Earn Your Respect
Highly field trained disaster technicians in MacombOver 1000 Jobs Experience
Affordable water damage restoration professionalsCreate Affordable Strategies
100% Satisfaction Guarantee
InspectFree water damage inspection
Free Inspection &
Estimate of Your Property
Restore30 Years of restoration service in Macomb
Certified Experts
Clean, Dry & Repair
Insurance Repair Specialist
Get Your Money Fast!!!

The most important decision you can make after discovering a water emergency is choosing the right restoration professionals. We are a premiere flood restoration firm with the highest customer service rating in all Southeast Michigan. 

Certified water damage restoration professionals
Caution water and electricity do not mix

Types of Water Damage Restoration

No home or business is well suited for water damage, however not all water types are equally as damaging and destructive to property. Action Extraction manages fresh water emergencies such as broken water pipes, frozen pipes, tub overflows and appliance malfunctions. We also specialize in high risk cleanup from sewers, drains and toilet overflows that require germ fighting agents to completely eliminate the harmful germs and properties safe once again.

Because the insurance research industry says 98% of all basements in the US will experience flooding at some time, Action Extraction has an emergency response team at all hours standing ready to immediately act when called upon.

Each of our disaster restoration professionals is trained to be available at all times to manage emergency cleanup when property owners contact us. Our dedicated team is standing ready 24/7 day or night to provide the valuable help you need when the unthinkable happens. Once dispatched for service our on-site arrival time are in less than an hour.

According to the IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration certification) water contamination comes in three categories. Category 1 is fresh water from sources such as water pipes. Category 2 is water with measurable contamination from sources like a sump well or basement foundation leak. Category 3 is highly contaminated such as sewer water. Action Extraction provides water damage cleanup for all manifestations of water damage.

  • Free Evaluations

  • Immediate Response

  • Expert Service

  • Insurance Specialist

Residential Water Damage

Homes are the safe haven people do life in, memories are made and valuables are kept. Nothing disturbs peace of mind more than unexpected water damage.

When homes experience unexpected disasters from sewer backups, broken water pipes, tub and toilet overflows or appliance malfunctions, life becomes greatly disrupted, making professional emergency service vital.

The right water restoration professionals can make a disaster vanish quickly when they know the necessary measures to navigate through in the first 24 hours. Our professionals will bring back the peace of mind you deserve and we have a 5-star customer satisfaction rating that supports this.

We respond immediately when your emergency happens because each minute of delay is an extra minute the destructive energy of water is threatening your valued property. Irreversible water damage can easily be avoided when prompt professional service is employed.

We have a matchless understanding of residential water damage and know it requires a unique understanding of home construction and how stealthy water can hide in unexpected areas. We also are aware of the need to address the expectations of the homeowner, letting them know their needs are our priority.

We are insurance repair specialist that will be there each step of the way to assist you in successfully navigating your claim.

Commercial Water Cleanup Experts

  • Large Loss Specialist

  • Business Kept Running

  • Climate Control Experts

  • Documents Restoration

Commercial Water Restoration

When commercial businesses become disrupted from water damage, revenue can easily be lost if intelligent decisions are not made quickly. Knowing the important of the next step is vital if the goal is keeping the business running successfully.

We specialize in large loss commercial cleanup and know how to create integrated strategies to keep you running and employees on the clock producing profits.

Whether your commercial building is affected with a small amount of water or a grand scale water apocalypse, our response will be quick, reliable and effective. Our commitment to keeping your business up and running till the completion of the restoration process will not diminish for even a moment.

Our professionals are committed and keenly adept at creating affordable strategies allowing for the unwavering productivity your business needs to stay at full capacity. We will not settle for anything less.

We provide immediate water removal, contents management, document restoration, computer and software refurbishment. If the amount of affected area is great and an insurance claim is made we have the experience and resources to direct you through a headache free insurance process.

Call us today if water damage has struck and we will strike back with expert commercial property restoration. Your call will immediately deploy highly skilled experts that will be eager to navigate you through all the necessary steps for success. Let us help keep your business functioning efficiently during what initially appears to be your worst nightmare.

Our Water Damage Restoration Professionals Specialize in Basement Flood Cleanup

Basement flooding is the most common type of water loss that takes place in Michigan, accounting for the largest number of homeowner insurance claims. Often it is from a failed sump pump during heavy raining that introduces ground water into a finished basement. Or it could be water from a sewer drain backup that assaults the basement with contamination, germs and 81 viruses known to reside in a sewer system.

Our team of water damage restoration professionals have many years of field experience in high risk restoration and cleanup. Upon arrival we will immediately implement the necessary steps to assure the safety of your family as well as the air you breath. We work hard to earn your trust and extend a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee to assure you the piece of mind you deserve.

Flooded Crawlspace Drying Specialist

Crawlspace FloodingWater always travels in its descent to the lowest point of a property when flooding exist. If the water damaged property has a basement than this is the lowest point limiting the restoration service to the basement. However when property has a crawlspace the water will travel downward to flood the crawlspace.

Our committed specialist act quickly utilizing a specialty water removal pump to remove the crawlspace water quickly. The important step of managing germ elimination is done with a (GREEN) anti-microbial agent that allows for a thorough cleanup to completely eliminate the potential for mold mildew and other dangerous microorganisms.

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Unique Features About Action Extraction Inc

You may not know
  • The only restoration company in Michigan that has a US patent on a wall drying system.
  • We are an owner operated incorporated business that has served Southeast Michigan for over 3 decades.
  • Our professional restoration experts have managed over 1,000 projects each.
  • Each flood damage tech is IICRC certified.
  • We proudly hold a 5-star rating on google, yelp & Y.P. for water cleanup.