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When residential or commercial properties in Michigan experience water damage the professionals at Action Extraction are as near as a trusted neighbor to bring immediate help to restore property when things seem their worst.
Because water damage can strike a home or business anytime without warning it’s important to know who to call for property restoration in the unlikely event your property is at risk. Water intrusions bring the potential for property damage and increased stress trying to find the best water damage restoration available.
Look no further than the trusted experts of Action Extraction. With over 30 years’ experience in providing emergency restoration we have seen it all. Our technicians are IICRC certified and experts at water damage repair. We have a 1 hour response time allowing us to be on-site quickly so damages can be minimized.

We are uniquely qualified to manage any water damage scenario imaginable with our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

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Responding Faster To Disaster Minimizes Damages

When emergencies strike you need a tireless team of professionals that are standing ready at a moment’s notice. Because water is a destructive energy to building materials, swift action is necessary to minimize the damage and save on the cost for property restoration.
If you are experiencing a water intrusion in your home or business, Action Extraction has a local team of dedicated experts ready to respond 24/7 at a moment’s notice.
Your call for water damage restoration will be answered LIVE by the owner who will answer your questions about our restoration services and dispatch a crew of specialist. Our arrival will be in a professionally lettered vehicle fully equipped with the latest in cutting edge tools and scientific technology to provide the best water restoration available in all Southeast Michigan.

  • 1 Hour On-site Arrival Time
  • Uniformed & Courteous Technicians
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee
Michigan’s #1 Choice In Professional Restoration

We Can Master Any Disaster

No home or business is well suited for water damage and not all water damage types are the same, as some cause more serious destruction to property.
According to the IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning & Restoration Certification) water contamination comes in three categories. Category 1 is fresh water such as that which comes from a plumbing source like a broken water pipe or sink overflow.
Category 2 is ground water which comes in through floor drains when sump pumps fail and which often cause flooded basements. Category 3 is sewage or grossly contaminated water that comes in through floor drains, sinks and toilets often after heavy rain.
Each has a measure of contamination but not equal as Category 3 is the worst and has dangerous microorganisms such as e-coli bacteria, viruses and other dangerous germs that are in sewage.
Action Extraction provides water damage cleanup for all manifestations of water damage that can affect homes or businesses. We have the experience, resources and scientific restoration tools to restore anything from fresh water cleanup to grand-scale sewage disasters.


"We will provide matchless property restoration using the very latest in scientific techonology with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee."

Charles Bingham Founder Owner

We Offer Unique Restoration Advantages

  • We Hold a US Patent On The Worlds Fastest Drying System
  • Career Employees Have Restored Over 1000 Properties Each
  • We Are an IICRC Certified Firm In Water Damage Restoration
  • Over 33 Years Restoring Properties and Peace Of Mind
Our Vision

To represent the old fashioned Values of yesteryear on each project.

Our Mission

To earn the deepest trust of each customer by providing matchless customer service


Restoring Homes & Peace Of Mind

Homes are the relaxing haven people live in, memories are made and cherished personal belongings reside. When unexpected water damage threatens property it is understandable why many might feel tremendous stress and panic.
in jeopardy from unwanted water. When carpets are wet, standing water all around and ceilings raining down on furniture it feels like the integrity of one’s property is at risk.
Water damage restoration is what we have become known for and doing it right is our trademark. We have helped thousands of homeowners recover from water damage in Macomb County, Oakland County and much of all Southeast Michigan.
If your home has become devastated from sudden and unexpected water damage such as from a broken water pipe, sewage backup, sump pump failure, tub overflow or leaking appliance you need the help of the professional with a trusted emergency service response.
Choosing the right water restoration professionals in Michigan matters dramatically! Making well informed decisions within the first 24 hours determines the difference between success and failure.


We Keep Businesses Running Profitable During Restoration

Commercial properties are essential for earning revenue and disruption from water damage can cause a loss of profit. Your restaurant, warehouse or storefront business need not shut down in many cases when responsible decisions are made to keep your flood damage business operational.
Action Extraction specializes in creating intelligent strategies to keep businesses up and running. This requires attention to detail and an earnest desire to help business owners stay profitable during the commercial water restoration process.
If you have a business suffering from flooding or a large loss commercial cleanup our integrated strategies will keep your company running and employees on the clock. We can provide immediate water removal, manage contents, restore documents and evaluate computer and software damages.
We manage commercial insurance claims and all the documentation involved. Call today for a free estimate or the deployment of our professionals who will navigate you through all the steps for success.


Sewage & Sump Water Backups

Basement flooding is the most common type of water loss that takes place in Michigan, accounting for the largest number of homeowner insurance claims. Often it is from a sewage water backup after heavy rains or thawing snow. Sewage backups assault basements with highly contaminated water thriving with e-coli bacteria, viruses and harmful germs.
Sump pump failures through malfunction or power outages will be responsible for nearly half of the basements needing restoration service in the Macomb, Oakland and surrounding areas.
Our team of professionals have many years of field experience restoring basements when sewage backups occur. They specialize in sanitizing “high level” contamination areas with “plant-based” all NATURAL antimicrobial agents.
They will quickly implement the essential steps to assure the safety of you and your family’s wellbeing. Basement flood cleanup often includes water removal, sanitizing, cleanup and structural drying.
These are services we excel at utilizing cutting edge technology accompanied by a science based approach to restoration. We have the resources, skills and workmanship to get your flooded basement back to the livable condition you want FAST!
Call today for a free inspection of your property or visit our contact page to schedule an appointment and we will respond quickly to answer questions or dispatch help.


Flooded Crawlspace Drying Service

Water always travels in its descent to the lowest point of a property when water damage begins. If the lowest point of a home or business is the basement then water goes no lower. If however, the deepest space allowing water to accumulate a crawlspace, than flooding will occur in this space.
High humidity and elevated moisture content in a crawlspace will result in foul odors, wet soil, mold growth and potential structural compromise. These dark and often small spaces are very difficult to reach without crawling on ones belly making it a highly unfavorable DIY endeavor.
If your crawlspace is maintaining water we can remove the unwanted water; sanitize the environment to eliminate odors and remove all elevated moisture levels, making your flooded crawlspace a restored and healthy environment.
Our committed specialist will act quickly utilizing commercial water removal systems to remove the crawlspace water quickly. Once standing water is removed we will sanitize the crawlspace with electro-static fogging. This important step of managing germ elimination is done with a “GREEN” plant based anti-microbial agent that effectively eliminates the potential for mold mildew and other dangerous microorganisms.
The drying process may require heat, humidity control, air movement and air filtration and management to restore air quality control.

Our Services

What Services We Offer

Basement Cleanup

Your basement is flooded from a failed sump pump, or a sewer backup? Perhaps your flooding is the result of thawing snow that has caused a floor drain to backup. We provide emergency flooded basement restoration cleanup 24/7 day or night.

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Residential Services

Action Extraction professionals provide complete in home residential restoration services for water damage, mold removal, air sample testing and complete structural drying. We are insurance claims specialist and use the most advanced techniques to restore property back to pre-flood condition.

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Commercial Services

When businesses experience water damage they need immediate help to restore the orderly conditions necessary to keep the business profitable. If flooding manifest from a broken water pipe, toilet overflow or sprinkler system pipe burst, countless dollars can be lost if a coordinated and systematic approach to restoration is not implemented in the first hour.

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Mold Mitigation

It’s only a matter of time before mold growth starts once water damage is found in a home or business. Elevated moisture levels spell disaster for any property as molds favor high humidity and stagnant air. If you suspect your property may need mold removal service, call us today for a free inspection of your property.

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Sewage Cleaup

A sewer backup is shocking and introduces a variety of health hazards to property. Our professional sewage cleanup is often needed to fully sanitize and restore a property to a safe and livable space once again. We can fully restore your home and eliminate germs, bacteria and viruses with our plant-based germ technology.

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Crawlspace Services

Humidity and high moisture content in a crawl space from broken pipes, sewage backups or foundation issues can lead to mold growth and wood rot. If you have water in your crawlspace we can fully restore it by removing water and moisture through structural drying and sanitizing.

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Our Projects

Our Latest Projects

Commercial Water Damage

Troy, MI Trophy Shop

Toilet overflow ran all night long flooding the entire business. Our emergency crew was on-site in less than 1 hour and were able to keep this business fully operational serving customers the entire time of restoration service.

Residential Water Damage

Warren, MI Private Home

Supply line to refrigerator broke flooding the entire kitchen and basement. We fully restored the basement having replaced all the carpet and saved the wet hard wood flooring in kitchen with specialty floor drying system.

Flooded Basement Cleanup

Fraser, MI Private Home

Failed sump pump during heavy rain allowed ground water to back up through floor drain and flood this basement. Called on a Saturday we arrived quickly, removed water, sanitized all surfaces and structurally dried the property fully restoring the basement to as good as new.

Mold Damage Mitigation

Macomb, MI Private Home

Away on vacation for the winter months this home acquired tremendous mold growth from a water issue that went unattended. By the time they arrived home they were horrified. We fully restored this home making it safe for occupancy.

What Our Customer Says

Kathy Rodriguez

Twice now I have had the pleasure to have Chuck and his Action Extraction team fixing my basement after a flood. Chuck takes as much time as needed to explain the process, and what I need to do, and how his team will help. The work is beyond excellent, his team cares so much about being thorough and cleaning and saving as much as possible. I feel so comfortable and confident in Chuck and his team, I wouldn’t go with anyone else.

Bhupen Paal

We used Action Extraction Inc. for the water damage cleanup in our basement. They provided excellent service in timely manner. Chuck explained the complete process in detail from the beginning which was very helpful. Chuck is very knowledgeable, thorough, and professional. His crew is professional, courteous and punctual.

Debbie Maciolek

Dan and Chuck were fantastic to work with! They came out quickly and immediately got to work. They were able to clear all the water out of my basement, pull water out of the carpet, vent the drywall and clean up the absolute mess. In addition, they were great working with my insurance company, making the whole process seamless. Would absolutely work with them again!

Jason Bradley

I highly recommend Chuck and his team. They are extremely professional and truly care about helping customers. Chuck was very thorough in explaining what he felt needed to be done with a mold issue in our basement. The work performed was extremely thorough, timely and his pricing was very fair. They did an excellent job and tried to find us discounts along the way to help minimize the costs as well. I would recommend using Chuck and his team for any water or mold issues in your home. I guarantee you will not find another company in the area better.

Jill Jesperson

I have used Action Extraction for many years from water damage cleanup to carpet and upholstery cleaning. I have been impressed each and every time I have needed their services. Chuck comes quickly to take care of the water damage. He does a thorough inspection and begins work right away. Dan does an awesome job with carpet cleaning. carpets and upholstery look brand new each time. This company is friendly, personable and very professional. I have recommended them in the past and will continue to do so. They truly are the only company I trust and I will continue to use them. Thank you Action Extraction for a job always well done!

Deborah Mac

Action Extraction was fantastic! Chuck came out within an hour of our call (after hours on a Saturday). We had six inches of water across our basement and they immediately set to work clearing the floor and extracting water from the carpet. Over the course of a couple of days, they removed all the carpets, dried the floors, vented and dried the drywall and handled all the cleanup and contact with the insurance company. Chuck and Dan were amazing to work with and I would 100% work with them again!

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Our experts know how to solve PROPERTY DAMAGE with effective and efficient skills

The most important decision you can make after discovering a water emergency is choosing the right restoration professionals. We are a premiere flood restoration firm with the highest customer service rating in all Southeast Michigan.

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