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Getting Professional Help For Water Damage

Getting Professional Help For Water Damage

Once water damage is discovered it is important to know your abilities and your limitations. Only a few inches of water can create a serious water damage threat to your home or business. Many have the ability to take on the duty of a small water cleanup, when a minor area of wet carpet may need extraction. However, getting professional help is critical when your property has a major flood.

However if a sink is left running and overflows for several hours the degree of water damage may be so large scale as to be beyond the scope of a do-it-yourself-cleanup. There are limitations that even the most resourceful individual will concede when they come home to a completely flooded basement or water pouring out of an overhead ceiling. In these situations even the most industrious and enterprising, recognize the need for professional help.

Quick Response Is Essential

The harmful effects of water damage can be reduced greatly by the prompt and reliable water damage restoration services of Action Extraction. Our water damage experts are available 24/7, day or night. Certified and experienced, our experts can extract the water in minutes with our superior truck-mount extraction systems.

If you’re seeking a water damage company, Action Extraction’s water restoration professionals will provide an on-site evaluation and work directly with your insurance company to make the flood damage restoration experience as hassle-free as possible.

1) Calling one’s insurance company: Seems a rational thing since you are certainly going to want them to pay for the restoration and repairs. However in some cases coverage is denied over the phone making speaking to a water damage professional very important as they can assist in getting the answer from the insurance carrier you want to hear. Most first time calls to the claims department are recorded and they know what questions to ask. Your answers can be useful to them in denying or limiting coverage. Call us first and at no charge we will evaluate the damages and help you through a stress free insurance claim.

2) Looking on the internet for help: Today even the most unscrupulous company can look impressive on the internet and start up businesses with no experience can seem as experienced as leaders of an industry. Worse yet, you have water damage in your home and it is getting worse by the minute and you feel pressured into calling a company you don’t know you would call if you had the time to research their credentials. Also it is important to know if they use the latest equipment in the industry with the best moisture detection meters to know where hidden water might be lurking.

Consider Our Impressive Credentials

Thank you for considering Action Extraction for your water damage restoration needs. The internet has a multitude of local water restoration companies, but you have limited time for research and need the very best NOW!!! Water-Damage-Cleanup-Water-Damage-Clinton-Twp-MILet me Charles Bingham owner of Action Extraction share some of our unique and impressive credentials to assure you, we are the right company for you.

Our previous customers give us the highest grade google and yelp reviews allows, 5 star rating. Many of these reviews are from individuals that didn’t know who to call when the stress of water damage weighed heavy on them, but they tried us and were abundantly satisfied with our experience and ability in providing the very best in customer satisfaction.

Our years of experience and trustworthy water restoration repair make us exceptionally well suited to manage your emergency. We have highly educated and qualified professionals that are more than the average employee. They have helped us become a Michigan leader in the water damage industry we have participating in for 30 years plus. All technicians are very experienced, courteous and IICRC Certified having managed hundreds of projects each.

Our intelligence and adept instincts at creating affordable strategies for the most catastrophic water damage scenarios. We stand out as mountaintops among the rest for having a reputation of being knowledgeable and unequally qualified to manage difficult projects with exceptional results and success.

After each project we are privileged to manage we give back by teaching our customers ways to prevent water damage in the future.

Our technicians are standing ready to serve your water damage needs right now and we are absolutely right for you if a stress free water restoration experience is your goal. We are unequally qualified to do what no new start up company can do and our credentials make us Michigan’s number one choice for water damage restoration and repairs.

Getting Professional Help In Southeast Michigan

Professional flood damage restoration is often needed when flood emergencies arrive that are to large for a DIY answer. Flooded basement’s can be caused by sewer drain backups, ground water around the home, a broken pipe or a number of other type flood scenario’s. The damages that can arise from such disasters can be catastrophic and cost thousands in cleanup. If the scope of destruction is such that you make an insurance claim we will guide the process each step of the way, making it a hassle-free and simple process. Our management of your claim will get you your money FAST!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

From the first call to the last handshake you will be confident you have chosen the company that was right for you and getting professional help was the best idea ever. We offer a unique guarantee to each one of our customers. We pledge that: The Action Extraction Reaction is Satisfaction or there;s no Financial Transaction.We are available to help you right now and have local certified professionals that are eager to be an advocate for you at every step in restoring your property.

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