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Getting Professional Help For Water Damage

Title: Tackling the Challenge: Sewage Cleanup in Sterling Heights Introduction: Sewage backup incidents can be a nightmare for any homeowner or business owner, causing significant damage, health hazards, and disruption to daily life. Sterling Heights, like many urban areas, faces its share of challenges when it comes to sewage cleanup. However, the city has been proactive in addressing these issues, employing various strategies to mitigate the impact of such incidents and safeguard the well-being of its residents. Understanding the Problem: Sterling Heights, situated in Macomb County, Michigan, experiences its fair share of sewage backup incidents due to a combination of factors such as aging infrastructure, heavy rainfall, and increased urbanization. The city's sewer system, like many others across the country, is susceptible to overflows and blockages, leading to sewage backups into homes, businesses, and streets. The Consequences: The consequences of sewage backups are multifaceted and severe. Not only do they cause extensive property damage, including structural issues and contamination of belongings, but they also pose significant health risks. Raw sewage contains harmful bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens that can cause illnesses ranging from gastroenteritis to respiratory infections. Moreover, the foul odor associated with sewage backups can make affected areas uninhabitable until proper cleanup is conducted. Government Initiatives: In response to the challenges posed by sewage backups, the city of Sterling Heights has implemented various initiatives aimed at preventing, managing, and cleaning up such incidents. One notable effort is the ongoing investment in upgrading and maintaining the city's sewer infrastructure. By modernizing aging pipes, increasing capacity, and implementing advanced monitoring systems, the city aims to reduce the likelihood of sewer overflows and backups. Furthermore, Sterling Heights has established robust emergency response protocols to swiftly address sewage backup incidents when they occur. This includes deploying specialized cleanup crews equipped with the necessary tools and protective gear to safely remove sewage, decontaminate affected areas, and restore normalcy as quickly as possible. Community Involvement: Beyond government-led initiatives, community involvement plays a crucial role in mitigating the impact of sewage backups in Sterling Heights. Residents and businesses are encouraged to take proactive measures to safeguard their properties, such as installing backflow prevention devices and maintaining their sewer lines. Additionally, raising awareness about the importance of proper waste disposal practices and reporting any signs of sewer problems promptly can help prevent larger-scale incidents. The Role of Professional Cleanup Services: In many cases, sewage cleanup requires professional expertise and specialized equipment to ensure thorough and safe restoration. Professional cleanup services in Sterling Heights play a vital role in this regard, offering comprehensive sewage cleanup and restoration services to affected properties. These professionals are trained to handle hazardous materials, mitigate health risks, and restore properties to their pre-loss condition efficiently. Conclusion: Sewage cleanup remains a significant challenge for communities like Sterling Heights, but proactive measures, government initiatives, community involvement, and professional cleanup services are instrumental in addressing this issue. By working together and investing in preventive measures and emergency response capabilities, Sterling Heights is better equipped to mitigate the impact of sewage backups and safeguard the well-being of its residents and businesses.


Consider Professional Restoration

All it takes is a storm, flood or plumbing issue to turn an otherwise ordinary day into a “day of infamy”, to borrow from FDR. That’s what finding water in your property does and it is important to know what to do and who to call. Action Extraction restoration professionals have specialized in removing unwanted water, cleaning up the mess and structurally drying homes for over 30 years. In this time we have learned that getting professional help for water damage isn’t as easy for some as others.

THERE IS THE DO-IT-YOURSELFER: These individuals are resourceful and consider attempting the cleanup themselves. The wet area requiring attention may not be large and they don’t mind working hard for that wholesome sense of accomplishment. They have some extra time on their hands and they have a history of being rewarded in the past, having tackled other projects solo.

THERE IS THE “I’LL JUST WAIT TILL TOMORROW” INDIVIDUAL: These people are not ready to except the severity of the moment and are willing to let matters lie till the next day. The hope is tomorrow will avail them with a greater measure of clarity, but until then, the mess remains.

There are other attitudes we could consider as well such as, “It’s not that bad, I’ll just turn on a fan to dry the carpet”, “I don’t have the funds for professional restoration”, and the one that is like a theme you might see in a a sitcom. “I just rent, and this is a great way to negotiate several months of free rent”. This is a real thing believe it or not.   

All these exist because getting professional help for water damage can be daunting. There is the fear of choosing the wrong company, strangers in the home and the ultimate fear that mold growth has already started and concerns that homeowners insurance will deny the claim.

Free Inspections Remove all Hesitation for Getting Professional Help

Many things claim to be “the best thing since sliced bread”, but fail to impress. However, when you are facing property damage from flooding, you get to try on the shoes before you buy, so-to-speak. Any reluctance to getting professional help for water damage is eradicated with the offer of a free inspection. That’s right! Most professional restoration companies near you offer a completely free inspection of your property. 

This means you get to meet the potential service team your considering to hire, with no strings attached. You get to see them in action, evaluate your damages, and get a free estimate before anything is done or contracts signed. This allows them the opportunity to instill trust in their experts, or not. 

Here’s an Example of a Free Inspection by Our Professionals at Action Extraction

Our team of exceptionally trained experts arrive to your home in 1 hour or less. We arrive on-site in a professionally lettered service vehicle that is fully stocked with the latest in property restoration gear and equipment.  When we are greeted by you we will be wearing professional uniforms and carrying specialty moisture detection instruments to guide the inspection. 

We do not rely on the naked eye alone for accessing damages. We use scientific technology that will discover hidden and trapped moisture so the correct protocol for property restoration can be crafted. Once we are fully convinced we have determined the full scope of damage we present to you our findings along with a detailed line item of services required to fully restore your property. 

Our evaluation is exhaustive and will help you understand the severity of the property damage so you’re able to make the best decisions for the restoration of your home. Our service team will answer all your questions in a courteous manner and will explain our commitment to using the most advanced equipment in the restoration industry to mitigate and restore your home.

Benefits of the Free Inspection of Water Damages

You will learn from the professionals the complete scope of damage and the correct procedure moving forward to restore your  property. If it is residential property damage you can now speak to your insurance company with the correct information. The free inspection also allowed the team of professionals an opportunity to either win you over with their intelligent and compelling knowledge in the industry or convince you to look elsewhere for help.

Either way, getting professional help for water damage really makes you the master of your own destiny. The professionals don’t get to choose you, you choose them or another, all without obligation or cost.

Getting Water Damage & Restoration Help for Businesses

Finding a qualified property restoration firm for a business is no different than finding professional help for a home. If your business or commercial building is experiencing any type of water damage, you don’t have time to be down losing revenue or sending employees home. You need an emergency response crew that can arrive quickly, remove all standing water, prevail over any mess with an organized plan to keep you operational during restoration service. 

DON’T CALL A LOCAL PROFESSIONAL THAT DOESN’T SPECIALIZE IN COMMERCIAL RESTORATION: It is important when getting professional help for water damage that you choose a firm that specializes in commercial water damage. This means they know the unique concerns business owners have and that their priority is to keep the company running smoothly without down-time.

Action Extraction specialist know whatever size the water damage is to your business, our experience and equipment to deal with it, must keep you up and running. Our professionals will work closely with you and the other occupants of your building during the restoration process to have as little disruption as possible to your daily business activities.

Professional Help for Water Restoration vs Do-it-Yourself

Once water damage is discovered it is important to know your abilities and your limitations. Only a few inches of water can create a serious water damage threat to your home or business. Many have the ability to take on the duty of a small water cleanup, when a minor area of wet carpet may need extraction. However, getting professional help is critical when your property has a major flood.

If a sink is left running and overflows for several hours the degree of water damage may be so large scale as to be beyond the scope of a do-it-yourself-cleanup. There are limitations that even the most resourceful individual will concede when they come home to a completely flooded basement or water pouring out of an overhead ceiling. In these situations even the most industrious and enterprising, recognize the need for professional help for water damage.

4 Things to Look for When Getting Professional Help 

1) Do they Provide 24/7 Emergency Service?

When your home or business needs emergency service to remove water and restore property you need a contractor that is available when you need help. If they say tomorrow, look for one that is available today. Acting within the first 24 hours is critical to save your possessions and avoid further damage from wood rot, mold, and bacteria.

Studies show wet drywall left untreated for 48 hours manifested evidence of mold growth. Delaying an emergency response when materials are wet is never a good idea. This can lead to mold growth, germ amplification and many health risks when left untreated. Don’t let your flood issue become a respiratory problem for you and your occupants when quick service can maintain a safe and sanitary environment.

2) Are They an IICRC Certified Firm? 

In order to become certified, the service technician must undergo the successful completion of stringent education in the property restoration industry. To be a certified firm means each employee is individually certified and your company has been recognized for a standard of excellence, having been vetted and found compliant in multiple disciplines.

When you choose to get professional help for water damage from a certified firm you are assured a company that has been proven to be educated, insured and is continuing in on going education. An IICRC-certified firm subscribes to the industry’s best practices, so by hiring one, the homeowner has taken some of the risk and guesswork out of the situation. This should instill confidence!

3) Are They a Highly Rated Restoration Contractor?

Today with multiple social media platforms such as Google, Yelp and Yellow Pages people can easily see what others are saying about a particular company they may be considering for home service. Choosing one that is 4.5 or 5-star rated means on several media outlets individuals have found them to be courteous and professional. Well written and detailed stories of a companies committement to excellence and doing their job right can only add to the decision to hire them.

Conversely if a company has bad reviews you know to stay away even if their price is good. It’s probably cheaper because they don’t invest in being the type of company others would recognize as a cut above.

4) Do They Specialize in Insurance Repair?

Navigating the insurance claims process can be a challenging experience especially if it is uncharted territory and you are not familiar with insurance claims. First you will need to answer the question, “does my homeowners insurance cover water damage?” You will need an expert to know how to read the policies documents to get the correct answer. Asking your insurance carrier if you are covered may not get you the truth and could even get a firm, NO!

Even when coverage exist, studies have shown, insurance companies initially will lie in hopes you will just move on. According to the American Center for Justice through court depositions and former employees some of the biggest insurance firms instruct their employees to lie, forge documents and place the shareholders over the policy holders.

Flood damage claims are different than auto claims and having the attributes of experience and success are invaluable. Making sure the professional restoration firm is an insurance repairs expert means they will know how to document the claim, take the correct pictures and has purchased the same software for billing the insurance carrier requires. 

Getting Professional Help from Action Extraction Offers Unique Advantages

We Provide a Quick Response 

The harmful effects of water damage can be reduced greatly by the prompt and reliable water damage restoration services of Action Extraction. Our water damage experts are available 24/7, day or night. Certified and experienced, our experts can extract the water in minutes with our superior truck-mount extraction systems.

We are a IICRC Certified Firm

Since 1988 we have been a certified firm in good standing with the IICRC. We are vetted, fully insured and educated in multiple disciplines related to the water damage restoration industry. Each one of our certified employees has managed the completion of over 1,000 projects. Getting professional help for water damage from Action Extraction means not one technician on the scene is not fully educated and experienced in their trade, having been with us for an average of 12 years.

We Work Directly with you Insurance Company

Before contacting your insurance company which seems a rational thing, let us first  evaluate the damages. In some cases coverage is denied over the phone making speaking to a water damage professional very important as they can assist in getting the answer from the insurance carrier you want to hear. Most first time calls to the claims department are recorded and they know what questions to ask. Your answers can be useful to them in denying or limiting coverage. We will help you share the truth in a compelling way to make sure coverage is authorized and you experience a stress free insurance claim.

100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

All our service come with our unique guarantee which has become our trademark. 


This has been our sincere pledge for over 35 years. In that time we have earned an impeccable record for water damage cleanup, restoration, recovery and drying. 

We are the Inventers of the World’s Fastest Wall Cavity Drying system

Presently holding a US patent on a wall drying system, we have saved expense and property where others have failed. In some circumstances when property is at risk and others demo large sections of a property, we can restore and save materials with our proven controlled energy drying system.

We are 5-Star Rated on Multiple Social Media Platforms

When you contact us for professional help for water damage you are making a decision thousands have made before you. We have been privileged to have served Macomb County, Oakland County and Surrounding Metro Detroit communities for over 3 decades. 

In that time we have successfully managed countless flood damage projects with care and consideration for our customers. In response we have been fortunate to have earned the recognition as one of the most highly rated flood restoration companies in all Southeast Michigan.


  1. Call and speak LIVE to the owner

  2. Free inspection & estimate are given

  3. Restoration is done with IICRC certified tech’s

Our team is standing ready to assist and help you get a head start on the water restoration process. We can remove water with truck-mount commercial extraction systems, sanitize all materials with plant-based germ elimination agents and fully structurally dry your property. We can turn your nightmare into a triumpth of restoration using scientific technology each step of the way. 

Contact us today if you are considering getting professional help for water damage and you’ll be impressed with what we can do for you.


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