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emergency sewage cleanup service

Emergency Sewage Cleanup Service

emergency sewage cleanup service


Sewage cleanup stands out as a dirty, filthy, and objectionable job. Imagine telling a teenager the sewer backed up and they are to clean up the mess. Probably wouldn’t go over well. Someone needs to act swiftly however, because the dangers that exist require emergency sewage cleanup service. This hapless situation requires immediate attention because harmful germs need to be eliminated and surfaces cleaned so bad odors wane and hopefully disappear forever.

When this unthinkable, “sewer backup” first reveals itself to a homeowner, the reaction might be to bristle in disbelief. However, after a few repeated rubbing of the eyes followed by eyes-wide-open refocus, the harsh reality sets in. Next is a sense of being overwhelmed by the certainty someone’s got to clean up the mess. Thus begins the mental pendulum swing, “should I attempt to do this myself, or is getting professional help for sewage water cleanup better?”

Professional Emergency Cleanup Service vs Professional Help

Not all sewer backups are the same. In rare instances the water is clear and does not look as menacing as when there exist unsightly solids slithering through the water like an ophidian serpent. Then there is the confusion about what type chemicals to use and should sewage damaged carpet be restored or replaced? Also, there are the do-it-yourself doubts to consider like, will dangers such as germs and air borne contaminates continue to linger?

To be candid, this article is written from the perspective of an IICRC certified professional restoration expert of over 35 years. Having seen every type of sewer backup imaginable and providing emergency sewage cleanup service countless times, they hold a unique perspective. It is the belief that emergency sewage cleanup services like surgery should be left to the professionals. For those who are dedicated to the belief their noble effort can repeat the same result as the professional, here is a guide that may help. How to clean up after a sewer backup? For the rest of you, read on.

Dangers of Do-It-Yourself Emergency Sewage Cleanup Service

Typically, when faced with a sewer backup, it has migrated to areas beyond the floor drain to be in direct contact with flooring like carpets, drywall, and wood trim. These absorbent materials are beyond the scope of safely restoring and need to be removed. The problem is the naked eye does not always detect if sewage has influenced the integrity of the material it has encountered.

Homeowners, property management companies and handyman services are prone to spray, wipe and deodorize concluding the emergency sewage cleanup service has sufficiently been done. However, evidence often suggests they have failed miserably. In countless situations, smells linger, stains in drywall and trim begin to appear, sewer flies swarm, and mold growth eventually is found.

This all indicates that the emergency sewer water service went horribly wrong because important details were overlooked. Materials believed non-affected were wet, germs lingered having been missed and mold growth developed as a result.

Professional Emergency Sewage Cleanup Service

The professionals at Action Extraction property restoration of Macomb regularly receive calls from homeowners who need an evaluation due to a failed do-it-yourself sewage restoration project. They notice suspicious stains, alarming smells and indicate chronic illnesses of some of the occupants in the home. Upon such evidence we have an environmental hygienist provide air sample testing, which often explains why these problems exist.

Toxic molds are prevalent in the air, e-coli is being harbored in the drywall and elevated levels of contaminates are heavily wafting in the air. This was the do-it-yourself approach that on day one seemed a spectacular success. The sewage was removed, disinfectants applied, and deodorizers sprayed. What could go wrong? Well, a lot!

Knowledge is Power When Providing Emergency Sewage Cleanup Service

Understanding the nuances of sewage cleanup is crucial for successful property recovery. The environment that exists is a biohazard that has placed the property in a state of emergency where every minute counts. Moving forward requires the individuals doing the cleanup to be educated, have the correct tools and chemicals as well as the specialty equipment to guarantee success.

Tools like a truck-mount cleaning system that can utilize steam and extraction to loosen and remove solids and germs. Moisture detection meters to identify materials that have become affected and knowledge in the protocol for high-risk cleanup. This education requires credentials that can only come from taking courses in the water damage restoration industry and passing an exam.

These advantages are only found in hiring IICRC certified professionals who know effective strategies and how to manage air quality control. These individuals have experience, resources, and skills to ensure the thorough and successful sewage cleanup you want, expect and deserve.

Consider Professional Sewer Backup Cleaning Service

Sewage backups occur unexpectedly and often at the worst times conceivable, birthdays, holidays, weddings, etc. When life is interrupted by a sewage intrusion nightmare, you need a team of trusted experts to take the reins as quickly as possible and make matters better. We recommend choosing a proven team of IICRC certified professionals with impressive reviews on multiple social media.

Choosing wisely means they have both great reviews and are also an IICRC certified firm. With these impressive credentials they should have the skills to restore your home to pre-flood condition. If you have a sewer backup and are overwhelmed by the damage, contact them today for a free evaluation of your damages and a free consultation of cleaning options.

Action Extraction of Macomb boasts all the credentials you might hope for in a professional restoration firm. They can be on-site in 1 hour of your call, respond 24/7 and specialize in high-risk sewage damage cleanup. Upon arrival they implement all the necessary protocols to assure cross contamination does not occur and will not affect areas of your home that are clean. They can swiftly remove all unsanitary water, steam clean effected surfaces, remove all contaminated materials, sanitize, deodorize, and manage air quality control through HEPA filtration.

Their IICRC-certified flood technicians are on call 24/7 and will take immediate action. Action Extraction has provided emergency sewage cleanup service to all Southeast Michigan since 1987, and their customer care team is ready to help you today. Their professional sewage restoration includes detailed materials evaluation using scientific technology to assure nothing falls through the crack.

If you want a property restoration firm that is dedicated to earn your trust while at the same time offering a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, look no further. They have become recognized in the restoration industry as a premiere service company having an impeccable record for water damage restoration in Washington Twp. and all the communities of Macomb County, Oakland County and all Southeast Michigan.

If you are looking for Michigan’s #1 restoration company specializing in emergency sewage cleanup service for your home or business call Action Extraction today.  

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