Water damage restoration Grosse Pointe ParkWater Damage Restoration Grosse Pointe Park

As a property owner you learn to deal with everyday problems as they happen. But finding water damage in your home because a sewer backed up is definitely not the same as changing a light bulb. If flooding has just occurred in your home and you are needing a professional, we are the answer. Water damage restoration in Grosse Pointe Park! You need to respond quickly if minimizing your damages matters.

Whether you have damage from a burst water pipe, a flooded basement or a toilet overflow, the moisture can destroy your property in a matter minutes. To minimize property damage and costs, immediate water damage restoration is critical.

Action Extraction is your one stop source for flood damage cleanup 24/7 day or night. We have local certified experts standing ready to manage your worst water damage nightmare with ease. We are a 5-star rated in customer satisfaction, offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee and give free evaluations of water damaged property.

Water damage restoration Grosse Pointe Park MIShould you decide to make an insurance claim for the cleanup and repairs, we are able to navigate you effortlessly through the claims process while working hard to get you your full coverage and your money FAST!!!

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Grosse Pointe Park Technicians

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If you need water damage restoration in Grosse Pointe Park the most important decision you can make is choosing the right restoration company. We are a premiere water restoration firm with the highest customer service rating in all Southeast Michigan. 

Certified in water damage restoration in Grosse Pointe Park
Water and electricity do not mix Grosse Pointe Park

Emergency Response Team Ready For Dispatch

Discovering water damage is a tremendous shock and can take a significant toll both financially and emotionally. The first step is to act responsibly to minimize your loss. Every hour property remains wet the destructive energy of water is making its assault. Let our professional response team strike back by managing all necessary aspects of the water damage restoration in Grosse Pointe Park.

Water damage restoration Grosse Pointe Park MIOur emergency team is waiting to be dispatched when you call with an arrival time under 1 hour. Certified experts who have managed over 1,000 flood damage projects each will implement measures to immediately stop the damage. Upon arrival our uniformed technicians will begin the evaluation process examining all affected areas with scientific moisture detection equipment. A detailed strategy for the restoration of your property will be submitted for your approval.

What Type of Water Damage are you Experiencing

Category 1

  • Broken water pipe
  • Sink or tub overflow
  • Burst hot water heater
  • Any fresh water source

This category of water damage is from a fresh water source originally, is not older than 24 hours and does not immediately have contaminates in it. This water damage does not pose a substantial threat to humans and is classified as “clean water”.

Category 2

  • Sump pump backup
  • Ground water
  • Foundation leaks
  • Roof leaks

This water damage loss refers to a source of water that has a measurable amount of chemical, biological, or physical contaminants and has the potential to threaten human health. Also called “Gray Water,” it is replete with microorganisms and molds.

Category 3

  • Sewer backup
  • Septic tank backup
  • Toilet overflow w/feces
  • Drain water

Category 3 water is the worst water damage that exist. It is water that is highly contaminated with potentially 81 viruses. E-coli is just one of the many bacterial strands that thrive in sewer water. Because it is pathogenic it can cause illness and even worse.

Proudly Serving the Grosse Pointe Communities 30 Years

Water Damage Restoration From a Sewer Backup Grosse Pointe ParkEvery water emergency disaster, either small or large is devastating. At Action Extraction we strive to earn your deepest trust from utilizing cutting edge equipment to courteous and professional technicians.

One of the most common types of water damage calls we receive from the Pointe’s is basement flooding after heavy rains. If you need water damage restoration in Grosse Pointe Park for a high risk environment that has raw sewage, we have exceptional restoration experience and will have your property back to a safe and livable space in no time. Our experienced team will save the materials that are salvageable, discard the materials beyond the scope of restoration and restore to as good as new what can be saved.

We use the most advanced techniques to rapidly restore what presently appears devastating. High pressure steam cleaning of all hard surface flooring is a must to completely remove germs and contaminates. Then plant based anti-microbial agents are heavily applied to all affected surfaces.

We are very familiar with the emotions involved in discovering your valued property and possessions damaged and often destroyed by water. Let us help you through this time by making things simple and remedy the disruption with skill and service second to none.

Consider the Leaders in Water Damage Cleanup

Each technician at Action Extraction is IICRC certified in flood restoration and has manage over 1,000 floods. The owner has a US patent on the worlds fastest wall drying system that dries at less expense. We have served all Southeast Michigan for over 30 years and have earned a 5-STAR customer satisfaction rating. There is no flood damage scenario that we have not seen and effectively managed with excellence.

From the top down our experience has corrected every type of water damage imaginable. When roofs leak after heavy winds blow off several shingles, we have the solution. When water deluges down from another floor due to a frozen and burst water pipe to a tub overflow that makes it rain down to the lowest level of your property, we are masters of restoration. When basements flood in Grosse Pointe Park from sewer backups and clogged storm drains, we restore with a commitment of excellence.

  • Free Evaluations

  • Immediate Response

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  • Insurance Specialist

Residential Water Damage

Homes are our most valuable possession, they are the safe place we find rest in each night and they are where we do life.  So it is understandable when water damage strikes we feel powerless and stress increases.

If you have just traveled down your stairs to become horrified by finding a flooded basement, do not despair! This is where Action Extraction shines due to our rapid response and experience at restoring flooded residential property. It is typical we manage all the necessary restoration work in the first day. Drying chambers are left to run for 72 hours to manage humidity and dry all structural materials.

Sewer drain backups, storm drain overflows and toilet backups are the most grossly contaminated water damage events that can manifest. If you need professional water damage restoration in Grosse Pointe Park, don’t hesitate to call. You will be patched live to the owner who will explain the options and answer any of your questions.

The right water damage company in Grosse Pointe Park can make a flood emergency vanish rapidly and bring a safe and livable environment back to your home. That is Action Extraction and we are standing by to respond to your flood emergency NOW!

  • Large Loss Specialist

  • Business Kept Running

  • Climate Control Experts

  • Documents Restoration

Commercial Water damage Restoration in Grosse Pointe Park

Few things can be imagined that can disrupt a business more than water damage. When commercial businesses in Grosse Pointe Park flood the potential for revenue loss is great. How can you perform your duties standing in inches of water and what customer is going to be inspired to purchase when attempting to stay dry.

At Action Extraction we specialize in large loss water damage and in keeping flooded businesses afloat. This can happen when a commitment is made to keep the company up & running.

This means extracting the water immediately upon arrival with commercial truck-mount extraction systems and drying all surfaces. If it is a small amount of water often no productivity is lost. Large loss water damage will require a strategy that does not allow financial losses. We implement creative solutions, manage wet contents, restore documents and keep businesses running.

Call us today for commercial water damage restoration in Grosse Pointe Park. That first call will immediately deploy highly trained experts that will guide you through all the necessary steps for fast recovery. Let us make what appears impossible a reality and triumph over your worst nightmare.

Interesting Things About Grosse Pointe Park

You may have not known
  • Grosse Pointe Park population was 11,555 in the 2010 census and has one zip code. 48230
  • Bordering Lake St. Clair Grosse Pointe Park has its own community park with a beautiful view of the lake and pier people enjoy.
  • Many of the houses in the Park were built prior to World War 2 with many designed by noted architects using the finest materials.
  • The city has a vast array of different housing from rows of traditionally-styled single family homes averaging over 3,000 square feet to multi-million-dollar mansions, some of which are found on the lake shore.
  • Multiple homes date back to almost 100 years ago and are beautifully maintained.