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Water Damage Services Near Me

Water Damage Services Near Me

Distressed Property Owners Look For “Water Damage Services Near Me” On The Web

Water damage and flooding account for the majority of calls insurance carriers receive for property claims each year. After a heavy rain, google search engines are inundated with the search term, “water damage services near me”. Quick action is intuitive and searching the net for “the best water damage services near me” or a call to an insurance provider, are both a common call to action when water emergencies strike.

Here are a few other sound starting points that are equally recognized as a call to action you might consider:Call a friend or family member for assistanceExplore Facebook and other social mediums for guidanceSearch the internet for DIY tips and resourcesContact employer to inform they will not be in todayAll the above

The Call To Action Is The First Step To Property Recovery

Finding water where it shouldn’t be such as 6″ in a basement will provide all the motivation needed to act, even if the action is less than suitable. The point is there are no perfect calls to action other than taking action itself. When a water damage emergency arises it proves what our grade teachers taught regarding the words of Newton. “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.”

The action of water damage manifesting can take many routes, setting the stage for a corresponding reaction.


A toilet overflows and soaks several rooms.A hot water heater ruptures flooding a basement.A frozen pipe burst and runs for hours before it is shut off.A sump pump fails and floor drains backup.The drain system clogs, backing up with raw sewage.An appliance malfunction spills water everywhere.A roof leak introduces water through the ceilings.

The list could go on ad nauseam as water taking the path of least resistance has yet to exhaust its many ways to exhibit water damage in the home. Now let’s look at the human response or the resulting reaction. While the first may be, being brought to tears due to the unneeded toil and stress, the curative and logical actions soon follow.


Water Damage Services of Remediation Must OccurSoon after flooding and water damage assaults a home or business things get so disruptive measures must be taken to avoid mold, smells and further damage. Naturally water like fire is understood to be a destructive energy that left to itself will create more damage and a higher price tag for restoration.

When water damage services are not implemented quickly secondary damage will naturally occur as high moisture levels will add to the risk for mold and germ spread. High humidity will easily wick into drywall, plaster, hardwood floors, carpets, wood structures, wood substrates and even furniture.

Water Removal Must Begin As Soon As Possible

Standing water or wet carpet and pad must be removed and then any wet building materials must be completely dried quickly. In as little as 48 hours water can begin to produce mold spores. Typically the mold remains invisible for several days but will become noticeable in several days.

Here Is An Article On Mold Removal And Mitigation

The professionals at Action Extraction located in Macomb Michigan are available to provide emergency cleanup and fast water extraction. We are a 24/7 emergency service provider with over 3 decades in the property restoration industry and manage every type of water damage category in the industry. Fresh water restoration or raw sewage cleanup we have the tools, experience and education to quickly restore flooded homes and businesses.

We can restore any residential, commercial or industrial water damaged property quickly, efficiently and by the IICRC standards for Mitigation and remediation. Many Macomb County property owners have discovered us when they typed into a search bar, “water damage services near me.” Our 5-star rating on multiple media platforms has earned us recognition as a highly trusted property restoration company in Macomb County and all Southeast Michigan.

Water Damage Services Cost For Restoration Repairs

In many cases water damage restoration repairs are covered by your typical homeowner’s insurance policy. Action Extraction works with all major and discount insurance companies and because we use the same software, estimates are always in line with company policies for billing.

Once a claim number is established we immediately send over all necessary photos and documentation to expedite the payment process and get you your money FAST! Our water damage restoration technicians have been extensively trained in all matters insurance and are ahead of the curve when it comes to managing each step forward to keep the process moving.

In some instances flooding may have limited coverage or no coverage as all. Basement flooding from a drain backup for instance may or may not be a covered loss. Insurance policies are often purposely unclear and use language that is vague, causing more questions than answers. Our experience at flood damage claims for restoration and repairs will remove all confusion when we evaluate your policy.

We have a record of actually getting flood damage projects completely covered when agents informed homeowners there was no coverage. How? Simply knowing the difference between a backup and a blockage and knowing the various plumbing variables that differ from one job to the next. In many situations our involvement granted coverage once the scenario was properly described. In some cases we have gone against on-site adjusters, having to take matters to upper management, but we are tenacious and will always be an advocate for our clients when we know there is legitimate coverage.

When Water Damage Services Near Me Are Highly Involved

There are times when the emergency restoration water repairs are simple such as removing a bit of water from a small area of carpet and pad. Other water damage claims require a staggering amount of mitigation to bring the property back to a pre-flood state. Action Extraction is your one stop source – full service water damage Restoration Company. We regularly manage all aspects of cleanup and remediation from A –Z.

Here Are Some Of The Water Damage Services We Frequently Provide, That Go By These Multiple Names.

  • Emergency water extraction
  • Water damage clean up and repair
  • Water damage restoration
  • Flood damage repair
  • Sump pump failure cleanup
  • Storm damage repair
  • Raw sewage cleanup
  • Sewer backup restoration
  • Broken pipes / frozen Pipes / burst pipes
  • Appliance malfunctions and leaks
  • Toilet, sink, and bathtub overflow
  • Dishwasher malfunction
  • Leaky roof water damage
  • Flooded basement cleanup
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Wet hardwood floor drying
  • Structural drying of property
  • Drywall repair and painting
  • Upholstery cleaning
  • Contents management
  • Full pack out of home or business
  • Mold removal and mitigation

Water Damage Services – Immediate Response Team

If your valued home, business or commercial property needs the best water cleanup company look no further than Action Extraction. The devastation that a disaster related to water damage can introduce needs a capable response and detailed plan of action.

We have the experience, equipment and resources to navigate you through the troubled waters of property restoration and bring you safe to the shores of project completion FAST! Most of our water damage services are done completely in-house by highly skilled professionals that are courteous and eager to help.

Why Typing “Water Damage Services Near Me” Shows Action Extraction In The Results

When you serve the Macomb County area and all Southeast Michigan for over 30 years you get recognized. We have become Michigan’s premiere provider of water damage services and our recognized success has allowed us a big foot print of exposure on the web.

We come up for all related searches for flood damage cleanup, restoration and repairs. If your searching for basement flood cleanup, sewage removal or sanitizing, the search results will routinely display Action Extraction.

Equally impressive are all the 5-star ratings we have on google, yelp, yellow pages and various social platforms. Former customers give us the highest ratings for customer satisfaction allowed and all our services are with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

Contact us for the Water Damage Services Near Me you were Looking forContacting us for emergency restoration, cleanup and repairs is as easy as a phone call. Call (586) 949-4448 and speak LIVE with the owner who will answer any question on our water damage services. If you require emergency service we will dispatch a local team of restoration specialist that will be on-site in 1 hour or less.

If you would rather contact us by computer we have on-Line scheduling you can access at the top right column of our website where it clearly states, “GET HELP NOW!” Either way we will be standing ready to act quickly and provide the help you need to restore the damages brought about by flooding and water damage.

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