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Protect Your Valuables During A Basement Flood

Protect Valuables From A Flooded Basement

Few things bring Fathers and sons together more than sharing common interest. Fishing together, interest in cars and collecting sports memorabilia can make lasting memories and unbreakable bonds that will be cherished a life time. If you have valued collector’s items in your home it is important to make sure you include such articles on your homeowners insurance to protect valuables from a flooded basement.

What about collectors of stamps, dolls, board games, pictures, action figures and others cherished items? Here is a link (click here for list of collectibles) describing just some of the many things people collect that they should have insured to protect valuables from a flooded basement. Many times collectibles are stored in a basement but not out of reach of rising water that can enter a basement from a failed sump pump, sewer backup or broken pipe. It just takes a bit of creativity and easily purchased items to protect valuables from a flooded basement.

Protecting Valued Objects From A Flooded Basement

When property owners descend their flight of stairs to discover water in the basement it is natural to be in disbelief and have your stomach stricken with anxiety. However if you have taken steps to protect valuables from a flooded basement you may be much more capable of managing the unwanted distresses the moment. Knowing your wedding photos are safe from a sewer backup or that your fathers stamp collection is still unscathed is a feeling that is beyond description. Finding these same items completely destroyed by water damage is equally a feeling beyond description.

Most basement flooding is a result of a failed sump pump, sewer backup or a plumbing leak from a broken pipe or burst hot water heater. Each type of basement flood just mentioned comprises the 3 types of water that floods basements. Although the water can inundate the basement with many gallons of water it is rare the water will exceed being over a foot deep. In cases where water comes from city wide flooding and basements become completely flooded to the main floor above, it is unlikely anything in the basement will be safe. If you experience what more than 99% of flooded basements do after it rains or a sewer drain fails than less than 12′ of water will affect your basement.

Here are several common sense tips for storing meaningful and treasured items in your home you want to last for succeeding generations.Store all paper items in plastic totes and off the ground.

These are the small 10 – 20 gallon plastic totes sold at the local hardware store for a reasonable price. When pictures, cards, and other absorbent items are safely stored in these impervious containers most water damage scenarios will not be able to get to them.

When flood restoration companies are contacted for cleaning up of a flooded basement their first step in beginning service is to evaluate content damage before working on the structure for drying. If they find your treasured paper products in plastic totes it is very easy to temporarily remove them from the basement till after the flood damage restoration process has been completed. After the cleanup they can easily be returned to their proper placement once again. When steps are taken to protect valuables from a flooded basement the damages are immediately limited to the structure of the home and not the esteemed items that are so sentimental.

Store Important Files in a Safe to protect valuables from a flooded basementWhen deeds to homes, titles to autos, birth certificates, savings bonds, passports and other critical documents are left out in the open or in cardboard boxes they are immediately destroyed when a basement floods and brings water into direct contact with paper.

If these critical documents are stored in a way to protect valuables from a flooded basement you will save yourself hours of tedious work in filling out paperwork and standing in long lines to obtain again. Purchasing a waterproof and fireproof safe stored in a basement is the only way to protect valuables from a flooded basement should your sewer backup or sump pump fail.

Having a safe in your basement will allow you to protect other valuables from a basement flood as well. Digital files for business or cherished photos of the children growing up are priceless and cannot be replaced. Store these things in a safe and never worry again if your basement floods.

Include important valuables on you insurance policy should they become water damaged during a flooded basement.

Charles Bingham owner of Action Extraction water damage restoration in Macomb MI sees hundreds of flooded basements in Southeast MI each year and strongly recommends property owners to inform their insurance carrier of any valuables that may need additional coverage should their basements flood.

Recently they managed a flood damage restoration project in Chesterfield Twp. due to a failed sump pump and although the basement was not finished limiting the water damage to the structure, the bad news is they are collectors of valuable sports items with signatures and many items were damaged from the water intrusion. To make matters worse the insurance company has informed them such valuables are not covered under their insurance policy.

Are your valuables covered in the event of a water damage emergency? Is your basement covered if it floods from a sewer backup or failed sump pump? It is recommended to have a conversation with your insurance carrier to make sure your home is covered for such eventualities.

Action Extraction is standing ready 24/7 to assist property owners when water damage occurs and we specialize in helping the uninsured. Call today for tips on cleaning up your flooded basement or ask for our free inspection if your basement has flooded. We can also discuss cost of flooded basement cleanup and instruct you on ways to prevent basement flooding.

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