Water Damage Restoration Birmingham MI

Top Water Damage Restoration Services in Birmingham, Michigan

Water damage can wreak havoc in your home or business and often strikes when you least expect it, threatening your comfort, possessions, wallet, and busy schedule—and your sanity. But don’t panic! Action Extraction is the best choice for water damage restoration services in Birmingham, Michigan.

With more than 30 years as a water damage restoration company serving the Southeast Michigan community, our expertly trained team of emergency response professionals will get to work quickly to assess your water damage after a flooded basement or other water disaster and get to work to serve you. Our team will be dispatched immediately—contact us 24/7, day or night.

The destruction that water causes can be unsettling and result from many things: flooded basements, sewage backups, hot water heater leaks, burst pipes. These water issues can lead to damaged flooring, warped drywall, mold problems and other troubles.

At Action Extraction, we understand that your water damage restoration project will be a very important matter —and that is exactly how we will treat it. Give us a call and connect live to the owner, who can help guide you through the restoration process to give you much-needed peace of mind.

Water Damage Insurance Claims Made Simple – Speak Live with the Owner

Water damage restoration Birmingham MI

If the scope of your water or flood damage requires an insurance claim, we will assist to ensure that the process is simple and headache-free. We know that when it comes to disaster restoration services, you need your money FAST—and that is exactly what we will help make happen!

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Birmingham Water Damage Restoration

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The most important decision you can make after encountering a water damage emergency is selecting the best restoration company. Action Extraction is a premier water restoration servicer with the highest customer satisfaction rating in all Southeast Michigan on multiple media platforms.


24-Hour Water Damage Restoration in Birmingham, Michigan

The first 24 hours of water damage occurring are the most critical—which is why we are standing by to respond as soon as you call.

The first step of the water damage restoration process begins with removing the water that has intruded onto your property, whether through a flooded basement, damaged pipe, or faulty appliance. Such a vital process should not simply be left to whichever company pops up first when searching for “water removal services near me” on Google. Instead, turn to the best water damage restoration company in Birmingham, Michigan. Action Extraction is your one-stop servicer for all water damage restoration, flooded basement repair, and sewage cleanup needs. Our experienced technicians use the latest water extraction equipment available to remove water fast and dry your property.

The drying process is truly a priority emergency step – resulting in mold prevention. We will remove water from carpet and rugs, set up industrial water removal pumps to drain flooded basements, and take any other steps required to ensure you are completely satisfied with the state of your property.

After the water removal process has been completed, we can move on to the second step where we apply a green, plant-based agent to all the surfaces to eliminate germs and microbes from contaminating the environment. This will be effective at removing the possibility of mold, mildew, and other offensive microorganisms from polluting the air you breathe.

Once that agent has done its job, the emergency phase is over. Then it’s time to begin the restoration—making your property look and feel as safe and comfortable as possible.

Water damage restoration Birmingham MI

Water Damage Emergency Response Team Ready to Serve

When water damage restoration services are needed, every minute counts. That’s why the trusted experts at Action Extraction are standing by to move quickly to minimize the flood damage and help repair your home or business. We specialize in rapid emergency water cleanup and repairs of property when disasters like storm damage and flood damage hit.

We have a team of dedicated technicians who have served Birmingham, Michigan, for many years. Ultimately, the quicker we can remove water from your property, the more we can reduce damages and the faster your restoration can begin.

Responding Faster to the Disaster – Is Where we Shine

The unfortunate reality is that water damage happens all the time for a variety of reasons, most of which are completely unforeseen: storm flooding, sewer line break, sewage backup, broken or leaky pipe, frozen and/or burst pipes, a sink or toilet overflow, or even malfunctioning appliances like hot water heaters, dishwashers, and washing machines. The important thing is that when disaster strikes, you have the support you need as quickly as possible.

Our purpose is simple — get to the water loss location fast! To do this, we have local certified professionals ready to respond when you call. Our response time is often under an hour and our technicians are immediately dispatched when you call.

Upon arrival, we will assess the damages and promptly begin the water removal process using water extraction pumps or truck-mount water elimination machines. Because mold can begin to grow in as little as 48 hours, our experts will then immediately place air movers and commercial dehumidifiers to remove the moisture from the air and jumpstart the drying process. Our extensive water damage restoration experience from flood and storm damage is unrivaled in Birmingham, Michigan. Residents of Oakland County can rest easier knowing that our highly-trained technicians are on site.

Professional Water Removal in Birmingham, Michigan

Calling Action Extraction is the first step to recovery when your home or business encounters water damage. Our professionals are trained to navigate the cleaning process with courteous attention to your concerns. You can count on us to personally guide you through every step—from the initial inspection and evaluation to the water damage restoration process.

If you need to make an insurance claim, we will be there as your advocate dealing with the insurance company, assuring you are granted your full coverage. Our highly-trained and experienced technicians will handle every type of water cleanup imaginable, whether you need a flooded basement cleanup, a sewage cleanup, or any other type of water damage restoration. Let us take the worry out of the disaster that threatens to keep you up at night.

Our certifications and expertise in managing basement flooding, sewage backup issues, and various types of plumbing leaks will have your property fully restored quickly. Call us today at (800) 713-4333 for a free consultation, or to answer any questions you may have. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

24 Hour Birmingham Water Damage Restoration

The first step of the restoration process begins with removing the water that has intruded onto your property. This is many times done by typing into the google search bar the words, “water removal service near me” with the hopes of finding a qualified company for their water removal services. Action Extraction is your one stop find for all things water damage related. Our experienced tech’s use the latest water extraction equipment available to remove water fast and dry your property.

If the emergency is just water removal from carpet or you need an industrial water removal pump placed to drain a completely flooded basement, we have the  water extraction equipment to rapidly bring about the drying you want.

After the water removal process has been completed we apply green, plant-based agent to all the surfaces to eliminate germs and microbes from contaminating the environment. This will be effective at removing the possibility of mold, mildew and other offensive microorganisms from polluting the air you breath.

Sewage Damage and Sewage Cleanup in Birmingham, Michigan

Action Extraction is your best choice for sewage cleanup in Birmingham, Michigan. The reality is that problems can lurk undetected in the sewer systems for years before they become major problems for property owners. It is not merely the terrible smell that makes a sewage problem unbearable, but also the accompanying issues such as fungi, bacterial, viruses, and other germs that cause major health hazards. If even the smallest sewage backups remain without cleaning service they will grow quickly into major issues impacting human health and causing structural damage to property—which can lead to expensive repairs. That’s why when a problem is first identified, you should call the trusted experts at Action Extraction for sewage cleanup services and eliminate any future damage that could be coming later.

Storm Damage and Flood Restoration in Birmingham, Michigan

Water damage restoration from a sewer backup Birmingham MI

Flooded basements are common in Southeast Michigan communities after heavy rains or melted snow cause outdoor flooding that finds its way inside. After these types of weather events, flood restoration companies are inundated with calls because so many basements have backed up from a drain blockage, typically due to tree roots.

The health risks from sewer backups are considerable when drains allow grossly contaminated water to infiltrate property. If the flooded basement is finished, matters become much worse because of the building materials, such as drywall, absorbing the germs. E-coli is just one of as many as 81 highly-infectious, disease-causing strains of bacteria that reside in raw sewage. That is why water damage restoration services must begin as soon as possible following a sewer backup, to keep these many germs from amplifying and infiltrating the air you breathe.

Professional water damage cleanup is critical for pathogens to be eliminated during the flooded basement damage restoration process.

Sewer Backup Prevention in Birmingham, Michigan

Each flood restoration project in Birmingham, Michigan, that Action Extraction manages is done with great detail and pride. But the only thing better than having your property fully restored following sewage cleanup is avoiding the disaster to begin with. That is why we always stress the importance of sewer backup prevention, so you never have to experience a flooded basement.

Homes and businesses that undergo water damage restorations need to be protected from future water emergency threats. Here are several tips we share with our customers to prevent future flood damage:

  • Buy a watchdog water alarm from a hardware store and install it near the basement drain.
  • If the drain system is old and there are any large trees on the property, have the drain snaked out each year.
  • When plumbing services are carried out, make sure to have the plumber place a camera through the drain system to see if there are problems that can be proactively addressed, hopefully preventing a future sewer backup.
  • Check the basement each day during a rainstorm to ensure all open drains are carrying the water away from the home.

For additional information on how to prevent flooded basements caused by storm damage, give us a call or click here to view our post on prevention

Hazardous Effects of Flood Damage in Birmingham, Michigan

Health disasters following flooded basements can happen very quickly and without much indication: Simply let a small amount of water inside where cellulose materials exist and there is no UV light. Under these basic conditions, mold, mildew, and other harmful organisms develop, amplify, and thrive. Property is at risk when sinks overflow and get carpet wet. However, properties are at the greatest endangerment when sewer backups occur, allowing an ecosystem of dangerous life to invade.

Water damage removal Birmingham MI

If your residence has experienced a sewer backup from a recent rainstorm or a failed sump pump that led to a flooded basement, you must act swiftly and deliberately. Don’t allow your valued property to lose its integrity and become a victim of sick house syndrome. This really can happen after a sewer backup because of the bacteria and viruses that are present in the water.

Let Action Extraction manage the water damage restoration and cleanup with professional removal of water, disinfecting the contaminated areas, and performing the high-risk procedures so you can continue to safely and comfortably occupy your home. We are trained to manage diseased and dangerously contaminated homes and will turn your worst nightmare into a triumph of modern technology.

After the water damage cleanup, we will additionally manage and clean the air, allowing occupants on the property to breathe safely. We place commercial air filtration devices on the premises that filter and purify the air. Capable of eliminating harmful germs and molds, you will breathe air free of disease-causing organisms and your home will remain safe.

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