Water Damage Restoration Birmingham MIWater Damage Restoration Birmingham MI

Water Damage Strikes… When you least expect it, threatening to send you into a frenzy. Action Extraction is your best choice for water damage restoration in Birmingham MI.

If you have just learned of a water damage emergency in your home, let our 30 years as a Michigan leader in water damage restoration serve you during the difficult hours. We have a highly trained emergency respond team that will immediately be dispatched when you contact us day or night 24/7. 

If your sewer has backed up resulting in a flooded basement or hot water heater leaked and damaged your flooring, or any other unwanted water issue we can help! When you call you are connected live to the owner who can help guide you through the restoration process.

Insurance Claims Made Simple

Water damage restoration Birmingham MI

If the scope of your damage requires an insurance claim than we will assist in ways that will make the insurance process simple and headache free. We specialize in claims and in getting you your money FAST!

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The most important decision you can make a water emergency is discovered is choosing the right company. We are a premiere water restoration firm with the highest customer service rating in all Southeast Michigan. 


Emergency Response Team Standing Ready to Move Quickly

When water damage restoration is needed every minute counts. The difference between acting quickly and letting things sit can be dramatic on the pocket book. When water is removed as soon as possible the damages are greatly limited because water is more destructive on materials such as dry wall and wood base the longer it remains.

Water damage restoration Birmingham MIAction Extraction is driven with one purpose in mind, get to the water loss location as soon as we can. To do this we have local certified professionals ready to respond when you call. Our response time is often under an hour and our technicians are immediately dispatched when you call.

Upon arrival we will access the damages and promptly begin the water removal process using water extraction pumps or truck-mount water elimination machines. Because mold can begin to grow in as little as 48 hours, our experts will then immediately, place air mover and commercial dehumidifiers to remove the moisture from the air and start the drying process.

Professional Water Removal Birmingham MI

The first step of the restoration process begins with removing the water that has intruded onto your property. This is many times done by typing into the google search bar the words, “water removal service near me” with the hopes of finding a qualified company for their water removal services. Action Extraction is your one stop find for all things water damage related. Our experienced tech’s use the latest water extraction equipment available to remove water fast and dry your property.

If the emergency is just water removal from carpet or you need an industrial water removal pump placed to drain a completely flooded basement, we have the  water extraction equipment to rapidly bring about the drying you want.

After the water removal process has been completed we apply green, plant-based agent to all the surfaces to eliminate germs and microbes from contaminating the environment. This will be effective at removing the possibility of mold, mildew and other offensive microorganisms from polluting the air you breath.

Professional Sewer Backup Cleaning

The valued properties in Birmingham Michigan are renown for their beautiful landscaping and their well kept communities. However these graceful properties often have old sewer drain systems that were made from brittle clay pipe that over time deteriorate and allow tree roots to invade them. When this occurs the inner walls of the pipes over time restrict from the roots and block the natural flow of rain water from the homes.

Water damage restoration from a sewer backup Birmingham MI Basement flooding after heavy rains, melted snow and outdoor flooding is common in many of the older communities in Southeast Michigan and that does not exclude Birmingham. Flood restoration companies phones are inundated each time community flooding occurs because of the many basements that have  backed up from a drain blockage, typically from tree roots.

The sewer backup health risk are considerable when drains allow grossly contaminated water to infiltrate property. If the basement is finished matters become much worse because of the building materials absorbing the germs. E-coli is just one of the highly infectious disease causing strains of bacteria that reside in raw sewage. Professional water damage restoration in Birmingham is critical for pathogens to be completely eliminated.

The disgust doesn’t end there as this same sewer water has potentially up to 81 disease causing viruses that need to be eliminated from the living environment. That is why sewer backup service must begin as soon as possible to keep these many germs from amplifying and infiltrating the air you breath. Starting the sewer backup cleaning procedure quickly is the best and most efficient way to minimize the spread and growth of organisms that can make your home sick.

Sewer Backup Prevention Birmingham MI

Each flood restoration project Action Extraction manages is done with great detail and pride. But we would be remiss and irresponsible if we did not stress the importance of sewer backup prevention, so you never experience a flooded basement again.

Home and businesses that undergo water cleanup need to be protected from future water emergency threats. Here are several of the tips we share with each customer, to prevent future flood damage.

  • Buy a watchdog water alarm from a hardware store and place it near the basement drain
  • If the drain system is old and there is a large tree on the property, have it snaked out each year.
  • When plumbing service is carried out make sure to have the plumber place a camera through the drain system to see if there are problems that can be fixed, hopefully preventing a future sewer backup.
  • Check the basement each day during a rain storm making sure all open drains are carrying the water away from the home.

Call us for additional information or click here to view our post on prevention

Hazardous effects of Flood Damage Birmingham MI

Let just a small amount of water into an inward dwelling where there exist cellulose materials are and the absence of UV light and you have the makings of a health disaster. Mold, mildew and other harmful organisms thrive, amplify and spread when these conditions exist. Property is at risk when sinks overflow and get carpet and pad wet. Properties are at greatest endangerment from sewer backups however, where a dangerous eco system of dangerous life invades property.

Water damage removal Birmingham MIIf your Birmingham residence has experienced a sewer backup from a recent rain storm or a failed sump pump that flooded your basement, you must act swiftly and deliberately. Don’t allow your valued property to lose its integrity and become a fatality to sick house syndrome. This really can happen after a sewer backup because of the bacteria and viruses that are present in the water.

Let Action Extraction manage the water damage restoration in Birmingham you may need. We will remove the water, disinfect the dwelling and perform the high risk cleanup necessary to occupy your home. We are trained to manage diseased and dangerously contaminated homes and can turn your worst nightmare into a triumph of modern technology.

After the cleanup we will additionally manage and clean the air allowing occupants on the property to breath safely. We place commercial air filtration devises on the premise that filter and clean the air. Capable of eliminating harmful germs and molds, you will breath air free of disease causing organisms and your home will remain safe.

Water Damage Restoration Birmingham Flood Videos and Facts

Interesting Things About Birmingham

You may have not known
  • In 1933, the incorporation of Birmingham from a Village was completed and the City established itself, today having two zip codes, 48009, 48012
  • Birmingham has a thriving retail shopping district with a historic downtown dating back to the 1830s.
  • The average selling price of a single-family home in 2013 was $393,117
  • According to the 2010 U.S. Census, Birmingham has a population of 20,103
  • Birmingham boast 23 parks and was named the 5th most successful walk-able suburb in the U.S. by the Wall Street Journal

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