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Cleaning Up A Raw Sewage Mess

Raw Sewage Cleanup

Sewer Water Contamination Recently Found Worse Than Expected

When floor drains backup in homes from sewage systems there immediately arise multiple concerns. What kind of germs have entered the home, are they dangerous to human health, who’s going to do the raw sewage cleanup and ultimately will insurance cover the cost for cleanup.

Until recently biologists have identified several thousand different viruses in sewage. The latest research on sewer water however, from the American Society for Microbiology has revealed new troubling information. Apparently the thousands of viruses biologist have determined were in raw sewage systems, was off by a staggering amount. A recent article exploring the contamination in sewage has found it to be replete with thousands of new undiscovered viruses. This makes raw sewage home to the most diverse array of viruses ever found. The potential for illness in humans is greater from sewage water than anything else known.

Raw Sewage Has New Dangers Previously Hidden

This new information is especially troubling to flood restoration companies that facilitate the removal, cleanup, sanitizing and restoration of sewage damaged properties. They often are placed in the awkward position of explaining to homeowners that the sewer backup they considered a DIY remedy is actually much worse than they thought. We have to do this without sounding like a pushy salesman trying to scare and scam them into a costly professional raw sewage cleanup.

Those of us in the property restoration industry know what a challenge it is to tell people the truth without sounding like a feigned alarmist motivated by greed. Now this new report reveals our presentations have actually watered down and the raw truth (pun intended) as things are worse than we thought. Science has spoken and the truth needs to be told as to how harmful a sewer backup actually is.

The Truth About Viruses And Raw Sewage Cleanup

Viruses are everywhere like molds and we humans come into contact with them on surfaces, foods, water and often the very air we breathe each day. Many are said to be “benign” because they cause little or no threat of disease. The ones that are harmful are described as virulent because they do cause illness.

When properties have a sewer backup the viruses are considered pathogenic because they can cause illness to humans. Human waste, chemicals, gases and bacteria are no friend to human health and knowing the dangers is not a reason for fear but a call to action.

Quick Restoration After A Sewer Backup Is Critical

Any sewer drain backup should be addressed immediately as the home or business is in a state of emergency. Each hour sewer gases and other potentially hazardous germs are left to languish they gain potency to affect the air itself. Once this occurs it is a matter of time before even un-affected safe spaces in the home will equally be affected by the fetid influence of the sewage water. This is why raw sewage cleanup must begin as soon as possible.

Action Extraction Specializes In Sewer Water Cleanup And Sanitizing

The professionals at Action Extraction respond to emergency water damage 24/7 day or night. Our IICRC certified professionals are dispatched immediately when you call and arrive in 1 hour or less of your call. Upon arrival we implement all necessary steps to assure human health and effective raw sewage cleanup. We extract all standing sewer water with commercial truck-mount extraction systems, apply plant based anti-microbial agents and high pressure steam clean all affected surfaces. Indoor air is managed with an air with filtration system that will remove bacteria, molds, germs and viruses.

New Information Makes Raw Sewage Cleanup Even More Necessary

The new information about viruses the study cited above has revealed, makes it clear we had a limited understanding of the germ universe we lived in. To date only about 3,000 viruses have been identified but over 320,000 different viruses are believed to exist that infect mammals.

New information reveals the answer to, “how many viruses are found in sewer water” is now believed to be undetermined. Our understanding of the tiny fraction of viruses known makes it clear we need to be cautious about the others unknown. There is no better way to do that than to make sure raw sewage cleanup is managed under the most stringent guidelines for safety.

Raw Sewage Cleanup Under IICRC Standards

The governing body of raw sewage cleanup is the IICRC (Institute for Inspection, Cleaning, Restoration and Certification). They provide the training for high risk cleanup and offer certification to the restoration companies that meet their requirements.

We at Action Extraction have been an IICRC certified firm since 1988 and have undergone extensive training in the field of microbiology and microbe elimination. Each year we manage the complete restoration of sewer contaminated homes and businesses throughout Macomb County and all Southeast Michigan. We proudly offer plant based, “GREEN” environmentally responsible germ eliminating chemicals formulated from botanicals. These safe agents are safe for indoor use and kill 99.9% of all germs and viruses known. This recognized maximum is the highest rating in the industry any disinfectant can earn.

Confidence Gained After Sewer Water Cleanup

When raw sewage cleanup is facilitated by educated practitioners of high risk cleanup, you can sleep well at night. They have been trained, educated and have vast amounts of experience over the course of many years servicing properties that have had sewer backups.

This is not to say all Macomb County water restoration firms can boast this, but Action Extraction can and does. All our IICRC certified technician have managed over 1,000 flood restoration projects each, making them uniquely qualified in raw sewage cleanup. Our courteous customer service personnel, each year attend continued educational courses which are required to maintain our accreditation. We have been a trusted restoration contractor providing raw sewage cleanup since 1988.

What Germs Are Found In Sewer Water

Viruses Need Raw Sewage CleanupSome of the more popularly known viruses found in sewer water include human pathogens like HPV (Human papillomavirus) and norovirus, which causes stomach flu. Because sewers are occupied by rodents, cockroaches, fruit flies, centipedes and sewer flies to name a few, they carry viral diseases as well.

We all have heard of e-coli bacteria but that is just one of many others that are present in sewer water. There are also other types that can cause disease present as well like:

  • Salmonella
  • Streptococcus
  • Pseudomonas
  • Mycobacterium
  • Giardia Lamblia.

When contaminated sewer water backs up from a floor drain, its appearance can be deceptive. Such grossly affected water is imagined to be black and horrifying to the sight, yet often when drains backup the water is mildly cloudy in contrast. This seemingly less alarming presentation hides its innate dangers because it does not look dangerous.

Because of this, industrious homeowners with good intentions believe they can mitigate the water damage from sewage themselves. If they knew what actually was present and the potential for germ spread and health risk, they would probably think twice. To quote Michael Imperiale of the University of Michigan, “Unknown viruses like those found in sewage probably play many roles in human health and environmental processes that we simply do not appreciate yet”.

Let Professionally Trained Restoration Technicians Manage The Risk Of Raw Sewage Cleanup.

If your Macomb county home or any other property in Southeast Michigan has a sewer backup let us give you a free inspection and estimate for the cleanup, restoration and repairs. If you have homeowners to provide the cost for cleanup, we will help navigate the entire process headache free. Call today to experience the “Action Extraction Reaction of Satisfaction”.

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