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Contacting an electrician after flood damage

Contacting An Electrician After Flood Damage

Contacting an electrician after flood damage


If your property has experienced flooding and water may have come into contact with the electrical, you might need to employ the services of an electrical contractor. When you contact an electrician after flood damage you are optimizing the restoration results and managing an important detail some completely forget about. Water and electricity do not mix!

Having flood damage in your home or business should alert us to the potential dangers that could be lurking under the radar. Security after a water damage emergency is a significant variable. Water and electricity do not blend well and are a volatile and potentially life threatening combination. Most are concerned about germs after an emergency sewage cleanup and damaged personal items thathat get wet. However, wet electrical systems are dangerous and can effect the value of your home if not addressed promptly.

It can be an abundantly unsafe scenario if your properties electrical wiring as well as electric system has been splashed by water or had come into contact with moisture. When this occurs during an emergency water inundation, the mitigation company should always contact an electrician after flood damage for an inspection.

Importance of Professional Electrical Inspection During Flood Damage

At the time of the initial flood restoration evaluation it needs to be determined if water has come into contact with electrical outlets and wiring. While it may be a  tempting consideration to assess the damage yourself and attempt the DIY approach, evaluating wet electrical components requires specialty equipment and skills. The naked eye is incapable of seeing moisture in wires and outlets making the expertise of an electrician after flood damage, the best option.

Wet electrical systems need to be evaluated by a certified electrical contractor. Contacting an electrician after flood damage should not be neglected because hidden damages could be a lurking problem waiting to manifest. The licensed electrician possesses the knowledge and skills to conduct a thorough inspection, identify hidden dangers and can provide the necessasry repairs. Their experience allows them to identify dangers that may not be immediately apparent to the novice.

When an electrician arrives after flood damage they will be equipped with scientific instruments that allow them to see if there exist compromises in the efficiency of the service. They should not only evaluate the direct area where the flood damage manifested but also the circuitry as well as the main curcuit board. Contacting an electrician after a flood may discover a potential catastrophic issue to be serviced. This could spare your home from an electrical fire. Here are several compelling reasons to hire a professional electrician after flood damage.

  • Risk Assessment: Electricians are experienced and highly trained in their profession. They will evaluate the risk and assess the extent of water damage to electrical systems and components. Their inspection will determine any related risks and properly write them up for your insurance company for financial compensastion. Skilled electricians will recognize any compromised wiring, outlets, and electrical panels as being directly damaged from the flood water so repairs are covered by insurance.
  • Code Compliance: Electricians are well-versed in local electrical codes and regulations that may vary from city to city. They will even be able to write up for code upgrades so your home is in compliance with new standards. 
  • Preventive Measures: An electrician after flood damage can recommend preventive measures to mitigate future risks and incorporate such details in the insurance claim. One of the most common of these is raising all electrical outlets to a height above potential flood levels.
  • Thorough Inspections: Electricians use specialized tools along with moisture detection equipment to conduct their inspections so they are more comprehensive. They can uncover and even pinpoint issues that may not be immediately visible, and prevcnt long-term future damage to your electrical system.

Additional Reasons To Contact An Electrician When Water Exist

When the electrician is on site they understand it is imperative that some troubles with the electrical energy of your property will need to be removed and replaced  completely. This is an obstackle to an insurance carrier unless the electrician in detail explains the reason. The experienced electrician after flood damage will make their case strong and irrefutable.

ONLY A LICENSED ELECTRICIAN should do the evaluation of your electrical service, not just a handyman. If the proper evaluation is not performed potential hazards may go undetected and lurking future dangers could still exist. Not to mention the fact that anything conducted by a licensed electrician is of greater influence than a handyman service. This matters if your insurance adjuster assigned is not particularly willing to allow all you need to get back to pre-flood condition.

WHEN TO CONTACT AN ELECTRICIAN FOR INSPECTION? In most instances immediately after known water exposure to electrical components has occured. Especially if water has migrated through a main floor and deluged to a floor beneath, and water has intruded into electrical systems.

Ensuring Electrical Safety After Flood Damage – 7 Steps

In catastrophic flooding situations where everything in sight is dripping and it is known to be a hazardous environment, Stay Away at all Cost! These steps are to be followed only if the environment permits such activities without compromising human safety. 

  1. Shut off the Power: If it is safe to enter the room of your property to turn off power trhan do so cautiously. This will make sure if water in electrical systems is present, there will be no electrical shock or fire. If this step cannot be managed safely, wait on the electrician or water damage restoration company as they will need to do so before any inspection or repair work begins. Turning off the power is a crucial step when lights are flickering and electrical sparks are noticed. Eliminating power will make sure no electrical shock or further damage will occur.
  2. Wait for Clearance: As mentioned earlier, water and electricity do not mix well. Do not attempt to enter a known flooded areas or room unless you can do so safely. Do not return to any known space that had wet electrical components until the professionals have declared things are safe. Until then, stay away to protect yourself and others. Only an electrician after flood damage should give the OK as they will know much better than a neighbor or handyman. 
  3. Document the Damage with Pictures: Before any service tech’s arrive and commence with any repairs, document the extent of the damage for insurance purposes. If it is safe to get a clear photo trhan take one and have it available for the insurance carrier. Also when an electrician after flood damage arrives, be sure to get their complete assessment of all related damages so your insurance loss is well documented.
  4. Hire a Licensed Electrician with Good Reviews: Anytime you enlist the services of a licensed electrician it is helpful to get recommendations from others who have used their services and who considered them professional and courteous. This is where social media platforms such as google reviews and the like can be helpful in your decision making process. If you have contacted an emergency water cleanup company before calling an electrician, they will be a good resource as they should already be closely working with one that specializes in electrical flood damage.
  5. Replace Damaged Components: When an electrician’s assessment uncovers important electrical features that need immediate replacing, they should do so. Even if you are not certain your insurance carrier will cover such needed repairs, you cannot allow your home to be at risk. Most electricians are capable of making a compelling case for their services deemed necessasry to keep your home safe and insurance carriers want to avoid a future fire loss at all cost. Just be sure any wiring, outlets or other damaged electrical systems are clearly documented for your records as well as your insurance carriers.
  6. Install Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCIs): Most cities have codes for what are called GFCIs, (Ground fault interupters) which can quickly shut off power in the event of a ground fault from water, reducing the risk of electrical shock. The electrical inspection will guarantee if any of these have become compromised by water that they are replaced.  
  7. Elevate Electrical Components: Some homes have badly designed and poorly placed electrical wiring running through the home. Outlets are not installed correctly, wiring not fastened up to code and even bare wiring that is an active fire hazard. An electrician after flood damage can be an indispensable assett to your home as their skills during the evaluation process may uncover important things needing attention that may be covered under the water loss claim. This would included faulty wiring, code violations, compromised circuit breakers and otgher related issues. 

Additional Actions Homeowners Can Take Prior to Professionals Arriving

If water is collected safely in one area only, but is slowly migrating further into property, find the main water shut off and turn water off. Once this happens try to eliminate all standing water from your residence before it makes its way to electrical appliances.

Also attempt to dry your water damaged residential or commercial property by opening doors and windows if the outside weather is cooperative. If the season of your flood damage incident in not permitting favorable conditions for drying you may need a few fans to circulate air forcing drying.

Don’t Forget Contacting a Flood Damage Restoration Company

When water damage exist that effects the electrical systems of your property it leaves behind in the wake of its passing, multiple other damages too. Don’t forget to contact a water damage restoration firm for their very important service as well. They will keep your home from mold growth, structural damage and ultimately keep it safe as it was suppose to be. An electrician after flood damage will not have the resources, equipment or skills to navigate the special field of propeorty restoration. 

Typically it is the potentially affected electrical systems of a property that go neglected after flood damage. As critical as repairing electrical systems is, one cannot overlook the cleanup of water, sanitizing of the environment and structural drying as well that lies necessary.

STRUCTURAL DRYING OF PROPERTY is extremely crucial as is investigating for electrical issues. Action Extraction of Macomb is your one stop contractor for all flood damage related support. They have emergency restoration technicians that respond 24/7 day or night as well as mechanical engineers, electricians, plumbers and more. Call today at 800-713-4333.

Appliances Should Not be Overlooked

Professionals who specialize in water damage restoration services are well versed in finding water damaged appliances and creating a detailed description of any of the damages found. This will be especially helpful if you have made a water loss claim from an appliance malfunction such as a refrigerator or dish washer.

MECHANICAL SYSTEMS as well need to be investigated for damage. Professionals need to evaluate the hot water heater, heat pump, furnace, and all other electrical related devices including water conditioners. Your electrical expert ought to likewise look for electric shorts in your house as well as the grounding of all circuits. An electrician after flood damage should examine all circuits as well as change them if required. They must ensure all electrical systems are operating properly in order for your home to remain safe.

In the aftermath of flood damage, prioritizing an inspection for any needed repairs is paramount for the safety of your home and its occupants. Soliciting the services of a licensed electrician is a wise investment that can prove to prevent future damage and safeguard against electrical hazards. By following the outlined steps and seeking professional assistance, property owners can rest assured that their electrical systems are safe and functional once again.

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