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5 Ways To Prevent Mold In A Bathroom

5 Ways To Prevent Mold In Bathroom

5 Ways To Prevent Mold In Bathroom

Mold is a fungus that grows when conditions are acceptable for its existence. Bathrooms are the most common area where it is found because of the moisture potential. Mold is always unwanted so learning how to prevent mold in a bathroom is the best way to learn how to prevent mold anywhere in your home.

Mold growth in a bathroom or anywhere in your home is often visible to the naked eye, but other times it is hidden in areas out of site. In the inside of a drywall wall, on the surface of a subfloor that regularly gets wet or even on window sills covered by a blind.

Bathroom mold and mildew are concerns that many homeowners have had to confront at some point. Often seen on a shower wall that gradually becomes darker with each use and other bathroom surfaces mold can be easily remedied.

Preventing mold in the bathroom is fortunately an easily achieved outcome when certain things are done to eliminate the environment that causes it.

Here are 5 easy ways to prevent mold in the bathroom. Following these suggestions will help achieve a bathroom free from the fungus that grows in so many.

1) Adequate Ventilation Will Prevent Mold In A Bathroom.

Each time someone uses the shower or takes a hot bath the humidity dramatically increases. This increase allows for a moisture rich environment where water vapor clings to surfaces. Over time these wet surfaces will allow for fungus to grow.

Many enjoy the relaxing benefits of a long hot shower, but lack of appropriate ventilation creates the perfect storm for mildew and mold. Having ventilation allows water vapor to be managed allowing for a mold free bath room. The way to successfully have ventilation is by having a fan or vent placed in the bathroom ceiling. If you have and use a bathroom ceiling fan already, it may need to be cleaned allowing for more air flow. If it is already clean, than consider having a more powerful one put in its place.

Another way to assist the air flow is to open a bathroom window during a hot shower or bath. This will allow an additional amount of less humid air to neutralize the heavy effects of a high moisture rich environment.

2) Regular Mold Inspections Can Inform You Of Potential Problems.

How can you know if you have a mold or mildew issue if you don’t know what to look for? Knowing what to look for will help you identify a problem. Performing regular home inspections can help you locate a mold issue while they’re still small and easy to remedy. With regular inspections you can prevent mold in a bathroom from becoming a large mold issue later on.

3) Regularly Move Shampoo And Other Shower Bottles To Keep Them From Trapping Moisture

Most store their shampoo and conditioner in the shower. During the shower however, water gets on the surfaces where the bottles are placed. Or unused bottles get wet and water migrates down becoming trapped under the bottle. This trapped moisture will be a haven for mold and mildew allowing for its growth to thrive. This mold growth will be small and unnoticed at first but over time will become conspicuous.

Practicing regular movement of your bottles or placing them on a wire breathable rack can help prevent mold in bathroom. When air is allowed to get to moisture it can easily evaporate and disappear.

4) Don’t Leave Wet Towels Or Rugs On Bathroom Floor.

Most have a bathmat on the floor outside of their shower to prevent slipping or acquiring water puddles. Over time water can migrate beneath these rugs and towels and mold growth will easily set in. After each shower move the mats and towels to see if water has gotten underneath. If so, wipe up the water and place the mat back. Wet towels should be placed in a laundry hamper for future washing.

5) Allow Natural Light In Bathroom.

Mold needs several essential things in order to grow and develop. The ingredients that allow mold to grown and manifest ate high moisture content, stagnant air and the absence of UV light. Allowing natural lighting in your home is an incredible way to keep your home sterilized naturally. UV lighting is responsible for cleaning many invisible and harmful intruders from the air. Keeping regular natural lighting will aid in reducing and even preventing mold in bathroom.

Mold growth might be a regular bathroom incidence, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take the recommended steps to help prevent mold in bathroom. As always, make sure to contact mold remediation experts if you do discover bathroom mildew growing in your home. Action Extraction of Macomb is a mold mitigation contractor serving all southeast Michigan. They provide mold damage removal, cleanup, mitigation and sanitizing service.

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