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Residential Sewer Backup Cleaning Services

Residential Sewer Backup Clean Up Services

Residential Sewer Backup Clean Up Services In Michigan

If there is something worth avoiding, it’s a sewage backup. Sewer backups occurs when waste water is not flowing correctly through the drainage pipes. It can result from an obstruction and, in the process, cause a blockage. If a blockage forces a sewage backup in your home you may need residential sewer backup clean up services.

If a sewage system clogs and is not addressed, it will cause a backup potentially introducing a health hazard from the contamination. When you notice this issue, you should deal with the sewer backup as soon as possible. In extreme cases you should evacuate the property. The young and elderly are especially at risk.

What Are The Causes Of A Sewage Backup?

In most cases, problems begin when you do not maintain the sewage lines regularly. A small crack through the pipes can enlarge, contributing to bigger issues. And since most sewer lines are in walls, under concrete flooring and under your property, the damages are often unnoticed.

Here Are Some Of The Causes Of Sewage Backup;

1. Sewage Spill In Old Sewer Line

Plumbing companies and city codes use durable pipes made of newer materials such as PVC. Older systems use cast iron, or clay and these pipes will not last forever underground. However, they are durable for typically 30 years, and eventually, they start deteriorating after years of usage.

Most of these sewer lines are over 30 years old, and they connect to more houses in your neighborhood. And with the increasing number of homes each year, they will flood with extra waste. It will result in sewage spills in the basement of residential homes.

Most of the time, the sewage backup contains raw sewage with is replete with bacteria and viral matter. Once exposed to the air, it can cause air pollution, resulting in contaminated air. Gases extracted by these wastes are harmful and can cause problems to your family’s health when inhaled.

2. Sewer Main System

The problem can start from the city’s central system. In most instances, it begins as a small blockage that goes undetected, and then over time, the damage increases, causing either a sewage spill or sewage backup into residential homes.

In some cases when this happens, the sewage water backs up slowly. Thus, this can give you time to call a professional for a cleanup. It is better to call the city public works office and report the issue before it escalates.

Sometimes the backup is instant and a finished basement can be under several inches of water in a matter of minutes. Such was the case during the June 2021 flooding that occurred in Grosse Pointe Woods Michigan.

Action Extraction restoration services of Macomb received over 30 calls from Grosse Pointe Woods residents in 1 day, as multiple homeowners were devastated to find their basements were under water. Along with mitigating many properties during this time Action Extraction also guided homeowners on the best way to protect their valuables and furniture.

Some homeowners were placed on waiting list for days before they could get a professional restoration company out to cleanup the sewage in basements. By the time some homeowners got a professional for the residential sewer backup clean up services they needed, they already had black mold.

Some resorted to wading through the sludge, waste and manage some cleaning themselves. The drying stage is equally important after a basement flood and many were disappointed to learn local hardware stores were out of drying equipment to rent.

3. Tree Roots Blockage

In areas where the sewage line has existed for a long time, debris can cause cracks in the pipes. Once the roots start seeping the sewage spill, they start growing. These roots grow into cracks and, in the end, cause blockage. At the same time, they can travel along the pipe, creating a much bigger issue.

Once you identify blockage issues, determine the type of tree root and call the city for a sewage cleanup. Trees grow differently, so it is better to identify the type of tree root, and then it will be easier for cleanup from the sewage line.

4. Excess Water Routed Into The Sewer.

Some of this excess comes from gutters, downspouts, or sump pumps. While there is no issue connecting this water to your sewer, it cannot handle more volumes of water during heavy storms. More water in the sewer can cause sewage backups. As a result, backing up solid waste into the surface.

In areas with a heavy downfall, the water can sip into the ground and, when it saturates, drain back up into your finished basement. If the water is not corrected, it becomes contaminated. When cleaning the contaminated water, ensure that you have protective clothing such as rubber gloves and rubber boots.

You can prevent water from draining into your basement by ensuring water drains away from your house.

How Can You Clean A Sewer Backup?

There is nothing important like working on your own house when there is an issue, but in some cases, major spills or sewer backups may cause you to seek professional assistance. However, you need to know how to do a sewage cleanup for minor cases.

Here Are A Few Steps:
Step 1

Before you tackle any issue concerning sewage water, always wear protective gear, including a face shield. Ensure that your body doesn’t have direct contact with the sewer water. Open the windows for fresh air. Ensure that you are wearing personal protection gear, including a face mask. The sewage waste can contaminate the air in the basement. After cleaning the room, take a hot shower, then clean the clothes you wore with antibacterial soap and hot water.

Step 2

Keep the contaminated water in an enclosed space where you can track it easily. Keep the water from entering into other rooms. Use a wet-dry vacuum and drain out the water from the affected area. If there is debris or soil in the room, shove it into heavy-duty plastic bags for disposal. Residential sewer backup clean up services that fail to address the possibility of migrating water affecting other rooms can be dangerous. Mold will grow easily in materials that are left wet for several days.

Step 3

After clearing the standing water, remove all the affected items from the room and adequately wash them with hot water and an effective cleaning solution. If the water contained raw sewage, discard any porous materials such as rags and curtains that the sewage touched.

Step 4

The floors and the walls require extra care when cleaning. You can use chlorine bleach to scrub the hard surfaces. Then rinse thoroughly with clear water to ensure that the cleaning process is effective.

Step 5

After cleaning, you must get the room dry. Placing fans and running a dehumidifier if the weather has unfavorable high humidity. Remember, building materials are prone to mold damage if not dry fast and efficiently.

Step 5

If the room is slightly affected than these DIY instructions should suffice. However, if the sewer drain backup is more than 40 sq. ft. and has affected carpet or touched any wall- time to call the professional. To keep you and your family safe there must be a complete restoration process when carpet, walls and moldings become affected.

Call the professionals at Action Extraction for the very best residential sewer backup clean up services available. We service all Macomb, Oakland and St. Clair counties of Michigan.

Ways To Prevent Sewer Backup

There are ways to prevent the need for residential sewer backup clean up services. One of the keys is maintaining your sewage drain system. Let’s look at a few ways how to do just that.

Annual snaking out of the drain to remove tree roots can stave off the destructive consequences of a drain backup. Have your sewer line inspected by a professional plumbing company that can run a camera through the drain lines looking for potential problems. This is one of the best ways to prevent future flooding. Check what goes into the drainage system. Solid wastes and excessive toilet paper tend to cause more blockage. Improve natural draining of rainwater by checking gutters and downspouts. You should replace old sewage lines if they backup after 6 months of a professional snaking out of the drain. This indicates that the drain system has become chronically compromised from tree roots. If there is a backup that requires residential sewer backup clean up services, call your insurance company, and take several pictures for proof. Homeowners insurance offers certain policies that cover the damages from backup of sewer or drains. Even if you have not purchased one of these policies there could still be coverage if the backup was caused by a blockage or broken pipe.

Final Note

Whether you know how to fix this problem or not, the presence of a professional can save you time and effort. You might miss a spot that can cause more damage. It is better to seek assistance when you are new to something. You can also seek assistance from your insurance company; they may pay to cover the damages. If your property has experienced flooding and you need residential sewer backup clean up services than call the professionals at Action Extraction. We have professional certified technicians with over 30 years experience in the industry. Call today for a free inspection of your property.

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