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Residential Water Damage

Residential Water Damage

Residential Water Damage

Residential Water damage is an emergency related service homeowner’s need when they discover unwanted water has intruding into the living space of their homes. Such water can result from a broken water pipe, toilet overflow, drain backup or appliance malfunction.

An unfortunate statistic that comes from the Insurance Research Industry is that 98% of all basements in the US will at some point experience some sort of residential water damage. Another interesting fact is that many homeowners are not aware that the homeowner’s policy they have selected to protect their home may not include this coverage. Basements flood as a result of 4 sources of water typically and only 1 is covered under the normal dwelling package.

4 Sources Of Residential Water Damage

he first cause for a flooded basement is a fresh water issue resulting from an appliance, plumbing fixture or broken water pipe. If water from any of these sources causes residential water damage, coverage is typically not an issue as this is municipal water you are paying for and is considered a part of the home.

The second reason a basement floods is water backing up through a sewer or drain and this is where you will need the additional coverage. The precise wording for this coverage is, backup of sewer or drain and if you have it you are probably not going to have a reason for a denial of your claim if your basement floods from a sewer or drain. If you do not have the backup of sewer or drain addendum then it is almost certain your claim will be denied. It is recommended to have a conversation with your insurance carrier and make sure you add this coverage. Policies can be remarkably affordable and limits for coverage can be as high as $20,000.00.

The third scenario of water entering into the basement would be from a foundation issue such as a crack in the wall or a rod hole leak. Anything related to the foundation will be denied as this particular form of residential water damage is presently not covered by the insurance industry as a whole.

The forth source of water that can potentially flood a basement is water from outside the home when local flooding from rivers, lakes and heavy rainfall force the entire outside of the home to be completely under water. In such cases water comes in through entry doors, windows, foundation and any port of entry the water may find and the damages that result can be monumental costing many thousands of dollars in repairs. Of all the residential water damage that affects the US this type is the most destructive and financially devastating. This is not to say you don’t have an option for coverage, it will have to be through FEMA or some other governmental agency or national carrier.

Quickly Responding To Residential Water Damage

It is important to act as soon as possible when water damage is discovered if you want to reduce cost and assure the least amount of structural damage to the home. Additionally the longer the wait the more time is given for the manifestation of mold, microbes and germs as they grow rapidly in a moisture rich environment. Post flood residential water damage is a conducive environment for microorganisms to reproduce and make matters go from bad to worse.

As soon as residential water damage is discovered a professional water damage company should be contacted to assess the area of damage and create a sensible approach to restoring the damages.

Action Extraction of Macomb MI evaluates without cost residential water damage which includes an in depth inspection of property damage using sensitive moisture meters. Such evaluations of residential water damage are vitally important in order to create the appropriate measures to rapidly restore water damaged property. The naked eye is not capable of seeing hidden moisture presence in building materials that are a food source for mold making such an inspection critical for an accurate protocol for success.

Correctly Classifying Residential Water Damage

Whatever the source of your residential water damage, the most important step is the correct classification of the water damage contamination level. Correctly assigning the appropriate cleanup procedure must happen for the restoration to be effective at killing germs and drying to materials so there remains no possibility of mold.

Plumbers, heating and cooling contractors and handyman services sometimes offer their services to manage water damage restoration, but beware as it is abundantly rare to find one who is insured, trained or certified for residential water damage. In the remote possibility you discover one that has experience and credentials it is crucial they grasp the ever changing dynamics of the water damage industry. If they do not document correctly or do things by the latest industry standards you may have your claim denied. Using a local certified water damage restoration firm will provide you with a headache free restoration experience and please your insurance carrier, which is important.

Steps Of Water Damage Restoration

Once the scope of damage has been assessed and the source of water taken into account, then cleanup and drying should begin. Whether the source of the water damage is contaminated like a sewer backup or fresh from a water pipe, care must be taken to manage the air quality. In all drying processes water is becoming vapor and will be easily breathed in by occupants. Action Extraction will place an air filtration device on each project that requires such management as well as disinfecting all surfaces with plant based disinfectants. Residential water damage cleanup must always take into account that occupants will be living in the home during the mitigation process and the conditions must be safe and manageable.

3 Types Of Water Damage Contamination

Not all water is created equal when it comes to residential water damage. Just as one would take a drink out of a drinking fountain but not a lake, so is noticing the different levels of contaminates in water damage important. According to the IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification), which is the organization recognized for creating the standards for water damage cleanup. There are 3 types of water that can bring damage to a home and each one requires a more thorough approach to the cleaning and restoration process.

The 3 Levels Of Water Damage Contamination Are:

Category 1) Fresh water from a water pipe, toilet tank overflow, drinking fountain and hot water heater. The amount of contamination is relatively small and is the least dangerous to human health. Rapid restoration service must still be introduced as allowing moisture in building materials will become naturally contaminated in as little as 72 hours.

Category 2) Water with measurable contamination of living organisms and particulates also referred to as grey water. The amount of impurity is rather high and the potential for mold is very probable. Several types of this residential water damage is water from a discharge line of a dish washer or washing machine, aquarium water, sink and tub over flows, water from roof leaks and the most common being from a sump pump well.

Category 3) Water that is very infectious and dangerous when it comes into contact with the indoor air environment of a residential home. Contamination levels are at their highest and this category of water is regularly referred to in the residential water damage industry as black water. Human health risk are present and the water so unsanitary that any material that comes into contact with it like dry wall, carpet, paneling, flooring and cabinetry must be completely removed. Bacteria, pathogens and infection will result if property is not cleaned and restored correctly.

Sources of category 3 water come from sewers, drain backups, sewer pipe breaks, toilet clogs that make an in home back up, flooding from rivers, streams and water from a roof that has bird droppings. Careful cleaning must be enacted in this type of residential water damage cleanup or germs will be sure to remain.

Why Action Extraction For Residential Water Damage

Action Extraction in located in Macomb MI and has provider of residential water damage restoration since the firm began in 1988. We have been a Michigan leader for over 30 years and show our credentials to potential customers immediately upon our arrival.

While one may consider a local plumber, handymen or carpet cleaner that assert themselves to be a qualified provider of residential water damage cleanup, it is important to be certified, insured and familiar with the insurance industry.

Action Extraction technicians are highly trained, certified and register in continuing education classes each year. Just as you wouldn’t utilize a dermatologist to implement a hernia surgery, you shouldn’t just use individuals in related fields that are not expert.

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