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Reasons to get flood damage services for your home-02

7 Reasons To Consider Flood Damage Services For Your Home

Reasons to get flood damage services for your home-02


The Chaos of Hearing your Home is Flooded

Experiencing flood damage in your home is about as unsettling as a coworker telling you your newly leased car was just hit in the parking lot. As you walk out to inspect the damage your mind is reeling with questions like, how bad is it? and what will it cost to repair? This same scenario occurs when a family member calls and says, “I just walked downstairs, and the basement is flooded.” Questions as to severity and method of recovery begin to occupy one’s mind. You know flood damage services are needed, but until you see it, you may be undecided as to who will do the work.

If the water damage is not so bad, you may consider the do-it-yourself approach using a shop vac and fan. But if you walk in on a full-blown flooded basement, there are good reasons to consider services for flood damage from a professional restoration company.

If you are collecting your thoughts as to what actions are best for your flood damaged property, we have some tips. Here are 7 reasons to consider flood damage services for your home, from the professionals. There is no substitute for peace of mind and a mold-free home, especially when children or the elderly are involved.

7 Reasons to Consider Flood Damage Services for Your Home


Many industrious individuals’ own tools for household and auto repairs, but owning the correct equipment for flood damage services; probably not. Professional restoration firms have truck-mount extraction systems for rapid water removal from carpets and hard surfaces. These surfaces also requires safe products to kill germs and microbes that amplify quickly in a flooded home.

Professional restoration companies have commercial air movers designed to dry structures rapidly. They possess different types of air movers for the different challenges, flood damaged properties can bring. There are some designed for channeling air underneath a carpet to dry wet pad, and others for drying wet materials such as wet drywall and flooring.

There are even power differences between air movers due to the unique challenges of drying stubborn and more saturated materials. Concrete and ceramic tile will require 1 horsepower system to create static air force for dense and less-porous materials. Still others can be less powerful to manufacture just enough air to restore wet paneling that was affected during a basement flood. This vast inventory of various air movers makes all the difference in the world. The difference between restoration and replacement, the difference between safe drying and mold growth, from faulty drying.

Then there is the considerably important process of dehumidification to remove humidity from the air. All flood damage services require management of elevated levels of humidity which is actually airborne water vapor. When the correct amount of dehumidification is addressed, quick and efficient drying can take place. Mold growth thrives in a moisture rich environment where carpets, padding and even walls may be wet. The professionals will make sure all these affected surfaces are fully dried, sanitized and restored.


When homes and businesses experience damage from flooding there is an insurance claim placed for the restoration and repairs. Navigating a flood damage claim can be like someone color-blind attempting to solve a rubio cube. The professional damage flood companies deal with insurance carriers every week and are familiar with the claims process. It is second nature to them as they have traversed this familiar terrain many times. Often, they will even personally know individual adjusters having worked closely with them in the past. This degree of earned respect and trust can help with a smooth and headache-free claims experience.

They will also know the necessary documentation to provide to your insurance carrier that will help speed the process. Correct picture taking, moisture mapping and a well-crafted scope of damage explanation can make the process move swiftly. This benefit alone makes getting professional help for water damage restoration worth it.

The billing for flood damage restoration services must be billed correctly before your carrier approves payment. Here again, when flood damage services are provided by professionals, you benefit because they have the same software as your insurance company. This eliminates any confusion about services rendered and because both parties are using the same billing software, there is an agreed pricing guarantee.


There are dangers if you do not know trapped moisture needing attention is lurking in a wall. Left unattended can lead to mold growth that ultimately could affect the health of loved ones. Hiring a professional service provider means you are inviting individuals to help that have experience. Like hiking a trail with a guide, you will get to the correct destination as quickly as possible.

Their use of specialty moisture evaluation equipment will correctly identify dangers and get to the damage assessment needed to begin. They will avoid the pitfalls of inexperience and smoothly direct each essential step in the flood damage services process. Property remediation is not a blind leap in the dark, it is an enlightened step into the glimmering light of previous experience. This is priceless, and will allow you to sleep sound, knowing things were done correctly.

Case in point: After a dishwasher or sink gets water on the floor it is difficult to know if you have a wet kitchen floor with the naked eye. Having experts evaluate the scope of water infiltration with scientific technology will uncover hidden dangers that can lead to mold and structural compromise.


In a world where the word free is often a ploy to seal the deal, not so in the flood damage services industry. Most will provide a free inspection of a water damaged property. Such is the case with Action Extraction Restoration in Macomb County Michigan. Our IICRC certified experts will arrive at no cost in a professionally lettered vehicle, fully equipped with all necessary tools. We will evaluate the scope of damage guided by scientific moisture detection instruments that can find moisture in walls, flooring, and cabinetry. This will allow for a correct damage assessment of your property, informing you as to what needs to be done to restore your home.

This consultation is without obligation, and we operate our business with a “no pressure policy.” This means we are fully aware you may choose to hire us for the flood damage services, or not. We are glad to support Michigan residents facing flood damage in their homes and have done so willingly for over 35 years and counting.


The art and science of restoration and structural drying is a skilled trade. While not all professional restoration firms are recognized for their expertise, many are. The one that is important are the credentials from the IICRC (Institute for Inspection, Cleaning, Restoration, Certification). These firms are recognized for their education, experience and for having proper insurance so customers are always protected.

When hiring a company for flood damage services for your home, it will be encouraging to know they have passed rigorous training and educational programs to acquire their credentials. Also, this certification means you are hiring a team of experts that are guided by the latest in scientific research related to property restoration. Be sure to request the restoration company you choose to produce their IICRC certification upon arriving to your home. If they don’t have it, move to the next. If they don’t have credentials asserting their education and may not have insurance if they mess things up, “run Forrest run!”


Because water emergencies can manifest at any time, you need a team of restoration professionals that are on call 24/7 day or night. Water damage doesn’t happen with predictive results in most instances. Often it happens when you least expect it; during family functions, vacations and late at night. When flooding assaults your property you must be prepared to act in kind with an efficient plan of retaliation. That’s why hiring a company that offers 24/7 emergency services is important. They will bring immediate help and get you back to normal quicker than waiting on someone else.

Emergency service means your call is answered LIVE by a human trained to engage your circumstances with expert care. True emergency service means they can send an emergency response team to your location and be there in 1 hour or less. Emergency service is important as each hour water is left to absorb into materials the greater the damage and more difficult the drying.


When service providers are hired to work in your home, it is best to know they offer a guarantee on their work. The one in the flood damage services industry to watch for is the 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. This means that they are obligated to make sure you are completely happy with the services they provided from the first phone call to the last handshake.

This means if you notice something being less than favorable, you can bring it to their attention knowing they are eager to attend to your concerns. If there is a mess they leave behind, a door they forgot to re- attach or even if you need some after service guidance, they are willing to earn that 100% customer satisfaction award.

Knowing that a service provider is willing to come back and make things right, is a great benefit for hiring a professional. If for any reason you are not satisfied, the 100% guarantee means they come back at no additional charge.

If you need any of the above benefits for flood damage services, then consider contacting us at Action Extraction. We have the equipment, resources, and IICRC certification to instill confidence in our work. We also provide the “all important” 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, we highly recommend. Ours is uniquely explained in our proudly held motto: “THE ACTION EXTRACTION REACTION IS SATISFACTION OR THERE’S NO FINANCIAL TRANSACTION”

Call us today and see if we can instill the confidence needed to provide you with the correct reasons to consider damage flood services for your home, from us. Our water damage restoration professionals are here 24/7 when you need help.

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