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Flood Damage Restoration

Flood Damage Restoration

Flood Damage RestorationFlood Damage Restoration

Almost every drink imaginable has water in it, soda’s, fruit drinks, energy drinks and even wine is about 86% water. Water is responsible for allowing life on this planet and its availability is the greatest factor in determining one’s quality of life. That is of course until its presence is discovered in our homes in the form of water damage that requires flood damage restoration.

When water comes into contact with solid materials like those in appliances, cell phones, building materials and homes the destructive power of this life giving liquid are manifested. If you question this than consider the fact that the number 1 homeowner’s insurance claim is water damage.

Neglecting Flood Damage Restoration

Unwanted water in your home or business will quickly attack materials and system with destructive energy that can result in costly repairs. Wood can rot, metals can rust, foundations can compromise, wet floors can delaminate and dry wall can contaminate with mold.

Often water damage can be a slow and imperceptible issue that goes under the radar for months till eventually you see water stains or a small amount of water. By the time it introduces itself to your senses the damage is done and getting coverage from insurance companies difficult. For instance a roof leak that only allows water to drip into the attic each time it rains may not be discovered for years. Another stealthy water damage issue is when a crawls space gets an amount of water each time the toilet flushes because the wax ring goes bad. Eventually when it is discovered there could be months’ worth of damage.

Other times the water damage is sudden and catastrophic as is the instance of a rapid surge of water from community flooding, burst water pipes or a sewer backup. These instances create immediate threats to property and require flood damage restoration as soon as possible.

When water damage manifest you must act quickly or your insurance company will deny your claim as they will deem your actions as irresponsible for allowing more damage from passivity. They have a strong point because water managed in 24 hours is much different than water damage that is weeks old. The difference in cost of water damage can be thousands.

Will Homeowners Insurance Pay For Flood Damage Restoration?

An insurance policy may or may not cover the costs associated with flood damage restoration depending on the circumstances and conditions related to the loss. Water that comes into the home or business from plumbing like a frozen or broken water pipe, hot water tank leak or tub or toilet tank overflow is typically covered. The conditions for coverage will be based upon the, “date of loss” and the time you made the claim which should be immediate.

There are some types of water damage that will not be covered under a typical homeowner’s insurance policy. For instance water that comes in as a result of a sewer backup, or drain water backup will not be covered unless you have purchased backup water insurance. This type of policy is an addendum which adds a small amount to the monthly premium. These policies will cover basement flooding when drain backup with an amount that can pay for the flood damage cleanup. Such policies range in the amount they cover from $5,000.00 and can go up to as high as $25,000.00. Homeowner’s insurance policies written for flood damage can be nuanced and confusing so it is advisable to speak with your agent to get the specifics.

Flood Damage Restoration Vs Mold Damage Restoration

Flood damage in all of its forms immediately places your property at threat of mold. All that is required to produce mold is moisture, materials that act as a food source for mold and stagnate air. Add to this the absence of UV light and mold is as sure to enter your home as ants would be if you placed sugar around your walls. Flooded basements are common and knowing how to cleanup a basement flood is important.

After flooding of any source, flood damage restoration is necessary to eliminate the possibility of mold. Even small areas of water damage from a small refrigerator supply line leak must be addressed as soon as possible. By the time mold appears it is either because restoration service was denied or improperly done. For this reason insurance companies do not cover mold damage restoration when they are suspicious of neglect or inept restoration. Because mold is a costly service, most carriers do not cover it and what policies may allow for it cap it out typically at $5,000.00.

3 Categories Of Water Damage That Need Flood Damage Restoration

Category 1 water damage refers to water that enters property from water supply lines which is considered fresh and free of contaminates. Sources for such water damage are broken water supply lines, tub or sink overflows, appliance malfunctions and burst or frozen water pipes.

Category 2 water damage refers to water that enters property from a source that has a significant degree of chemical, biological or physical contaminants. Also known as “grey water” can cause discomfort or sickness when consumed or even exposed to. Symptoms can be irritated eyes, allergies or worse. Sources for such water would be ground water that enters from foundation leaks, a sump well or a storm drain.

Category 3 water damage refers to water that is abundantly unsanitary and carries harmful bacteria and fungi, causing severe discomfort or sickness. This category includes water sources from sewage, toilet overflows with human feces, seawater, rising water from rivers or streams, ground surface water or standing water.

This type of water damage is common in the older Southeast MI communities of Grosse Pointe, Grosse Pointe Farms, Royal Oak, Berkeley and Birmingham. These older communities have out dated plumbing drain systems that often fail allowing for sewer backups.

Category 2 water that is allowed to remain will increasingly contaminate and be re classified as Category 3 water in 72.

Contacting A Professional Flood Damage Company

Action Extraction is a certified water damage restoration company in Macomb MI. They provide service throughout all Southeast Michigan and manage each category of restoration and repair. They are highly rated and have local certified pros standing ready to respond to your water emergency or flooded basement 24/7. Call today for tips on preventing water damage , how to dry wet carpet and pad or for a free inspection of your property.

They specialize in business and commercial water damage cleanup as well, placing great concern on keeping businesses open during the flood restoration process.

Several Areas Action Extraction Provides Flood Damage Service.

  • Flood Damage Restoration Macomb,
  • Flood Damage Restoration Sterling Heights
  • Flood Damage Restoration Madison Heights.
  • Flood Damage Restoration Utica
  • Flood Damage Restoration Warren
  • Flood Damage Restoration Fraser
  • Flood Damage Restoration Shelby
  • Flood Damage Restoration Southeast MI