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Flood damage restoration 2


Do You Need Flood Damage Restoration Service?

Almost every drink imaginable has water in it, soda’s, fruit drinks, energy drinks and even wine is about 86% water. Water is responsible for allowing life on earth and its availability is the greatest factor in determining one’s quality of life. That is of course until its presence is discovered in our homes in the form of flooding. When water is discovered in carpets, ceilings and basements in heavy amounts will require some degree of flood damage restoration, whether DIY or professional. 

Professional flood restoration companies have the knowledge, experience and efficient skills to act prudently to preserve property and avoid mold damage. The average person knows the basics of removing the water through vacuuming with a shop vac and maybe spraying a disinfectant. Is this enough? Probably not since the #1 insurance claim made by property owners is water damage repair. Many of which began as a DIY project initially giving the semblance of success, but ended up in with mold.

Neglecting Water Restoration Service

When it comes to flood damage, it’s important to understand the potential health hazards that exist. Water damage related to flooding, leaves things wet and the environmental conditions only worsen with time. Each hour water languishes without remediation, the more increasingly harmful the environment becomes.

Mold growth, bacteria, and air borne organisms will soon make for what is known as category 3 conditions. This worse case scenario will always require the skills of a professional flood damage team of experts as contamination will be replete and often hidden. Addressing unwanted water from flooding ASAP will minimize the overall damages it can cause and keep you and loved ones, safe.

Water like fire is a destructive energy that can result in costly repairs. Wood can rot, metals can rust, foundations may become compromised, and wet flooring can delaminate. That is not to mention the mold that often grows in post flooded basements due to elevated moisture.

Hidden Dangers From Flood Damage 

When flood cleanup is not fully achieved there can be a slow and imperceptible issue that goes under the radar for months. Mold can be thriving in hidden places making for poor air quality for months before it makes it’s ugly presence known.


Professional Restoration After Flooding

Managing the aftermath of flood damage requires more than just mops, towels and a buckets. While initially creating the semblance of success, without the use of moisture detection instruments to reveal hidden moisture, damage can soon result. This is why professional flood restoration service is better than doing it yourself. The experts such as ours at Action Extraction of Macomb, bring many years of experience to table which makes a difference. We have the resources, experience and skilled technicians to bring the most advanced flood damage restoration available to your home or business.

What the DIY Approach to Flood Damage Restoration Requires.

  • EXTRACTION OF ALL STANDING WATER: This means if your basement has flooded you will need to eliminate all standing water on hard surface flooring or carpets with basement water extraction. This may mean renting a powerful pump from a local hardware store if water is several inches deep. If the water source was a sewage backup, check out our post on emergency sewage cleanup service.
  • DISPOSE OF ALL WET MATERIALS THAT COULD ENCOURAGE MOLD: Cardboard boxes, stuffed animals, picture frames, paper products should always be discarded to avoid mold growth. These items are cellulose materials and known to be a preferred food source for mold to feed on. If the water is from a sewage backup, the guidelines on what can and can’t be saved are stringent and making mistakes can introduce human health concerns. Call us at 800-949-4448 for further guidelines.
  • ACCESS THE ENVIRONMENT TO DETERMINE SCOPE OF LOSS: Look over the area to evaluate what may be wet such as base moldings, trim, walls and furniture. Knowing what items require attention will increase the potential for safety restoring property. This is one of the most important steps in flood damage restoration service.
  • CLEAN ALL WET SURFACES & STRUCTURES: When flooding introduces water into your property it can rapidly spread from one room to the next. In its migration it can come into contact with surfaces from furnishings to structures. Using an all purpose cleaning agent wipe theses surfaces and agitate thoroughly to loosen dirt, grime and films. 
  • SANITIZE ALL CLEANED SURFACES: No flood damage restoration service is complete without killing germs and microorganisms. Using an agent that has on its label, “kills 99.9% of germs”, apply liberally and wipe dry.
  • STRUCTURALLY DRY ALL WET STRUCTURES: This will include wet drywall, flooring, cabinets and wood substrates. Wood substrates behind drywall will often be inaccessible in enclosed exterior walls. If you know water has reached these areas, it requires specialty moisture meters and techniques beyond the do it yourselfer. It is highly recommended to contact the professionals in such cases.
  • MAKE A FLOOD DAMAGE RESTORATION CLAIM: In the event you are reluctant to navigate the unknown waters of flood damage cleanup, you are not alone. Homeowners insurance covers many types of flood damage related to plumbing, malfunctioning appliances and even drain backups. Check your insurance declarations to learn what may or not be covered. The professionals at Action Extraction of Macomb, make insurance claims smooth and guide each step to make sure everything is hassle free.
  • CONSIDER CONTACTING AN ELECTRICIAN: In some flooding scenarios water comes in direct contact to appliances, wall outlets, wiring and lighting. DON’T BE CARELESS and risk electrocution. Contacting an electrician after flood damage is the safest way to move forward. In such situations where water has reached mechanical fetchers of your home, such as electrical, your going to be making an insurance claim anyhow. Don’t worry about the cost for an electrician to make sure things are safe, it’ll be covered. 
  • CONSIDER CONTACTING A PLUMBER: Floods have the potential to cause severe disruption to the mechanical fetchers of your home or business. When water reaches water heaters and furnaces it is common to lose heating for both home and water. Contacting a plumber can get the water heater evaluated and restored in many cases affordably. The same with the absence of heat from your furnace, calling a heating & cooling contractor will help restore heat to the home. This will be especially needed to  prevent winter water damage related to freezing temperatures during the cold season.

Water Damage vs Mold Damage

Flood damage in all of its forms immediately places your property at threat of mold. All that is required to produce mold is moisture, materials that act as a food source for mold and stagnate air. Add to this the absence of UV light and mold is as sure to enter your home as ants would be if you placed sugar around your walls. Flooded basements are common and knowing how to cleanup a basement flood is important.

After flooding of any source, flood damage restoration is necessary to eliminate the possibility of mold. Even small areas of water damage from a small refrigerator supply line leak must be addressed as soon as possible.

By the time mold appears it is either because restoration service was denied or improperly done. For this reason insurance companies do not cover mold damage restoration when they are suspicious of neglect or inept restoration. Because mold is a costly service, most carriers do not cover it and what policies may allow for it cap it out typically at $5,000.00.

3 Categories Of Flood Damage Restoration

Category 1 This type category is refers to water that enters property from water supply lines which is considered fresh and free of contaminates. Sources for such water damage are broken water supply lines, tub or sink overflows, laundry tub overflows, appliance malfunctions and burst or frozen water pipes.

Category 2 This water damage refers to water that enters property from a source that has a significant degree of chemical, biological or physical contaminants. Also known as “grey water” can cause discomfort or sickness when consumed or even exposed to. Symptoms can be irritated eyes, allergies or worse. Sources for such water would be ground water that enters from foundation leaks, a sump well or a storm drain.

Category 3 This water damage refers to water that is abundantly unsanitary and carries harmful bacteria and fungi, causing severe discomfort or sickness. This category includes water sources from sewage, toilet overflows with human feces, seawater, rising water from rivers or streams, ground surface water or standing water.

This type of water damage is common in the older Southeast MI communities of Grosse Pointe, Grosse Pointe Farms, Royal Oak, Berkeley and Birmingham. These older communities have out dated plumbing drain systems that often fail allowing for sewer backups.

Category 2 water that is allowed to remain will increasingly contaminate and be re classified as Category 3 water in 72.

Contacting A Professional Flood Damage Company

Action Extraction is a certified flood damage restoration company in Macomb MI. We provide emergency property remediation service throughout all Southeast Michigan and manage every category of water restoration and repair. We are Michigan’s highest rated flood damage restoration firm with IICRC certified technicians.  Call today for tips on preventing flooding, how to dry wet carpet and pad or for a free inspection of your property.

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