Water Damage Restoration Pontiac MIWater Damage Restoration Pontiac

Finding water damage in your home is every homeowner’s worst nightmare. There’s never a good time to walk into a room or basement and see the horrific results flooding brings to property. If your home has just been assaulted by a sewer backup that has sent germ infested water throughout your basement your property is in dire need of cleanup and sanitizing to keep your home healthy. Action Extraction provides water damage restoration in Pontiac MI. 24/7 day or night. 

We are Michigan’s premiere flood restoration company with over 30 years of experience in managing every type of flooding imaginable. Using the latest in cutting edge technology we bring immediate assistance when our crew arrives. Highly trained IICRC certified professionals will evaluate the damages and create a tailored water mitigation plan, specific to your individual needs and requirements.

If you are experiencing a sewer backup, broken water pipe or any other type of flooding, allow us to shoulder the burden for you. We are insurance repairs specialist, offer special rates to the non-insurance and offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Each of our restoration professionals has personally managed over 1,000 floods and is IICRC certified in water damage restoration.

If you make an insurance claim we will help navigate you through the steps making it a hassle free experience 

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The most important decision you can make after discovering a water emergency is choosing the right company. We are a premiere water restoration firm with the highest customer service rating in all Southeast Michigan. 


24 Hour emergency response Pontiac

Whenever you find water damage in your home, it is important that you have a real live person to talk to no matter what time of night it is. We answer each call with a real person and regardless of the time you call you will be able to speak live with the owner. When you call with flooding this is an emergency we immediately send up the chain of command and contact the owner who will gladly take your call.

Water Restoration and Cleanup Pontiac MIWe have local professionals that can be dispatched at any time of the day or night to make the quick journey to your distressed property. Our flood technicians will easily walk you through the water damage process and give you peace of mind in this stressful time. Each uniformed technician will wear foot covers to protect your non-affected floors and place runners to prevent cross contamination from the flood areas.

The sooner water removal begins the better, as minimizing damage can only happen when all standing water is absent. Soon after the water removal step we will manage all contents, clean all surfaces and dry all wet building materials.

Water Damage Restoration in Pontiac Will Prevent Mold

It doesn’t take long for languishing moisture and trapped water in flooring and walls to create mold growth. It is astonishing when clients contact us several days after the original day of flooding, just how much mold we find. The reason is because each hour restoration is put off germs and microorganisms amplify and soon cause visual contamination that can make your home sick.

Water Damage Restoration in Pontiac MIWhen water damage is introduced to your home, it becomes a ticking time bomb of fungal growth just waiting to rear its ugly head. Some homeowners may view their water issue as a small problem that will eventually work itself out. Many times, this turns a small and relatively simple flood clean up into a full-fledged mold problem, only serviceable by mold experts and costing thousands.

Many home insurance companies will not offer mold coverage on your policy. That is why it is extremely important to call Action Extraction at the first sign of water damage in your home in Pontiac. Servicing your home in time will keep the terrible consequences of mold and mildew from happening and allow for successful restoration. Timely water damage restoration in Pontiac will keep your flood damaged property free of the contamination that often results when flooding is discovered.

Wet Materials Need Immediate Drying Service to Ward off Mold

Mold damage needs three different things to be able to grow and thrive. It needs a food source, like drywall, cardboard, or other cellulose items, water and time. Factors like the amount of water or the lack of UV light can accelerate the timeline depending on the strain of mold already present in that environment. While contaminates will often times be easy to find visually, only an air quality mold test can appropriately diagnose a mold issue.

Air quality tests will take an air sample, typically over an hour, and will gather a spore count within your home. Once gathered, that mold spore count will be compared with the spore count found outside of your home. If your home contains more spores inside than are found outside of your home, or if spores from one type of mold are found inside in large numbers but not outside, your home most likely has a mold issue.

Mold issues are not handled in the same way that water damage mitigation is handled. Most mold issued require top down cleaning, using antimicrobial agents and HEPA vacuums and negative air machines.

Water Damage Restoration in Pontiac After a Sewer Backup

Some water damage events can be extreme and unfortunately unavoidable, especially after heavy raining. Sewer water damage is one of those types of issues. Freshwater flooding and sump pump back ups are devastating to any home, but sewer water is particularly devastating. Any building material that sewer water touches is unfortunately destroyed as a result of the level of contamination. Action Extraction has the tools and expertise to handle any sewer water damage project.

Flood Restoration Pontiac MIOn arrival, Action extraction will work quickly to remove any excess standing water from your home. We bring in special hoses for extracting water that are connected to a very powerful truck mounted extraction system. We place floor covering in the work area to assure your floors stay clean and safe during water damage restoration in Pontiac. Cross contamination can be extremely harmful to flooring such as carpet, hardwood, tile and laminate.

Once all the excess water has been removed it will be time to access your personal items and building materials for damage. Unfortunately, any absorbent material, drywall, wood, clothing, or carpeting, must be removed. Sewer water contains a potential array of millions or different types of viruses and bacterium that can be harmful to you and your family.

Building materials wet with sewer water need to be removed from the home completely. Drywall will need to be cut up to 2 feet from the ground to make sure that all contaminated building material has been removed. Materials like carpet and pad will always be removed completely from the home. At times, floor coverings like VCT tile can trap sewer water below the surface of the tile. When that happens, all tile needs to be removed from the home. The only floor covering able to survive sewer water is ceramic tile.

After accessing all of your building materials for unmitigable damage, we will disinfect your home using plant-based family friendly anti-microbial agents and steam cleaning machines to make sure your home environment is safe for you to navigate again.

We will place industry standard fans and dehumidifiers strategically around your home to create what we in the industry call a vortex system. This system will rapidly force air in a cyclone around your homes saturated environment, picking up moisture from your wet building materials and directing it to specially placed dehumidifiers waiting to quickly relieve that air of the heavy moisture it has picked up. Once that moisture has been thoroughly removed from the air, that air is reinserted back into the cyclone to continue pulling water from your wet building materials.

Water Damage Restoration Videos and Facts about Pontiac

Interesting Things About Pontiac

You may have not known
  • The city of Pontiac got its name after a war chief of the Ottawa people.
  • Automobile manufacturing plants of the 20th century were the basis of its economy and contributed to the wealth of the region.
  • Also of note is the Pontiac Silverdome, the stadium that hosted the NFL Lions from 1975 – 2002
  • As of the census of 2010, there were 59,515 people living in Pontiac.
  • In order to prevent flooding, the Clinton River was confined in concrete in downtown Pontiac in 1963.