Water Damage Restoration in Port Huron

  • Emergency water removal 
  • Professional sewage disaster cleanup
  • Sump pump failure restoration 
  • Broken water pipe damage
  • Structural drying
Water Damage Restoration Shelby Michigan

No one wishes to experience water damage in their home or business, but if you do, it is important to act quickly to reduce the damages. Professional restoration companies abound, but we are confident your best choice is Action Extraction. We have an impeccable record for water damage restoration in Port Huron and will get your property back to normal FAST!

Our 30 years plus experience as an industry leader in water restoration inspires confidence that we are a highly trusted source for emergency service. Our certified professionals will manage any size water damage disaster using cutting edge equipment with proven practices for excellence.

We offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, Call us today for a free estimate!

Insurance Claims Specialist

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We work with all insurance carriers and specialize in making the entire restoration process headache free.

We will guide you through each step in the insurance claims process and get you your money FAST!

What Caused Your Water Damage?

Water damage may arise from multiple things from a broken water pipe to an appliance breaking and deluging water. Whatever the cause when you see running water or puddles on the floor it is best to contact our professionals for water damage restoration in Port Huron.

Speak live with the owner when you call, your questions will be answered and if you need immediate assistance we will dispatch a certified crew. Within 1 hour we will be on-site to assess your property, go over the damages and give a free quote. Our technicians are trained to determine the source of the water damage in Port Huron and provide the best solution for a quick and efficient restoration.

Action Extraction of Port Huron has a 24/7 Emergency Response Team

Water damage can compromise the structure of a property, destroy furnishings and produce mold. This is why we are committed to rapid response and getting faster to the water disaster. Service vehicle for water damage restoration in Port HuronMold, microbes and fungi grow quickly in moist conditions where organic food sources exist. Wet dry wall, wood base and flooring materials need to be managed quickly to reduce damage.

We specialize in rapid water damage restoration in Port Huron so you won’t get mold. Eliminating the conditions that bring about mold will keeps occupants free of allergies, respiratory problems, and even infections.

Our local experts are on call 24/7 to respond rapidly to all your water damage needs. We guarantee Fast, Friendly and timely service which will minimize any damages while at the same time reduce cost for water damage restoration in Port Huron

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Our Restoration Technicians

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What Our Water Damage Restoration in Port Huron Consist Of

We will carefully work to earn your deepest trust throughout the restoration process. Whether you need water damage restoration, flood and storm cleanup, mold  removal or structural drying we are here when disaster strikes. Serving all Southeast Michigan we are here for all Port Huron residents for all water damage scenarios including flooded basement cleaning you may need in your home.

IICRC certified in water damage restoration in Port Huron MI
Water and electricity dangers in Port Huron MI

Consider The Best – Our Water Restoration Services

Recognized by even our competitors as a premiere 5-star rated water damage restoration firm we have a proven protocol for restoration. Our services for water damage restoration in Port Huron are always provided with a 100% guaranteed for customer satisfaction.

Removing Standing Water From Flooring Surfaces

We utilize superior commercial truck-mount extraction systems for rapid water removal. When water removal is done quickly damages are greatly minimized and cost for water mitigation reduced. Because we specialize in water extraction, removal and property restoration, many insurance companies recommend our services for water damage restoration in Port Huron..

Restoring Homes, Businesses and Commercial Properties

Whether the flooded property is residential or commercial, we provide the professional water damage service you need. We bring valued properties back to normal and pre-flood condition by providing deep cleaning, sanitizing and complete structural drying.

Your water damage repair job is not too big or small for us and our 3 decade record of impeccable service in St. Clair County and Port Huron should inspire trust.

Water Damage to Homes – Residential Water Damage Port Huron

Even small undetectable drips can eventually lead to larger problems including mold and mildew problems in your home. Standing water from a toilet overflow or appliance malfunction as well may lead to major problems.

Introducing water cleanup can eliminate these dangers from your home and produce a safe environment for occupants to breath. Mold growth in homes is responsible for many health related issues that are often hidden.

Water Damage restoration in Port HuronLet our IICRC Certified professionals implement the necessary drying principles that will keep your property safe and sound. When we provide the water damage restoration in Port Huron service your home will be clean and safe throughout. After the cleanup and sanitizing steps we will prevent the potential for mold and other harmful germs by introducing structural drying. When properties are fully dried the environment is no longer conducive to mold growth.

Many homes serviced after flooding are not fully dried allowing harmful germs and mold spore contamination to infiltrates the residence. DONT LET THIS HAPPEN! Use the best call us today 800-713-4333.

We will not compromises any one of the critical steps for complete restoration that can produce the feared “SICK HOME SYNDROME”. Your occupants will be safe and free of allergic reactions or chronic immune conditions with our water damage restoration in Port Huron.

Sewage Cleanup in Port Huron

Sewage cleanup in Port HuronIf you have a flooded basement in Port Huron from a sewage backup or sump pump failure the water is grossly contaminated. E Coli Bacterium is one of the many strains of bacteria thriving in a sewer backup. There are also up to 81 common viruses in sewage needing to be eliminated with specialty cleanup.

When a sump pump fails allowing ground water to overflow the sump well or backup through floor drain, millions of microbes infiltrate into your home. If the water migrates and comes into contact with carpet, dry wall and moldings, the microbes quickly begin to amplify.

Eliminating Mold – Removing Contaminated Materials

Depending on the type of water that has caused the damage to your home, will determine what building materials can be saved. Waste water from sewer drains will have a different approach going forward than water from a sink overflow. We know what can be saved and what needs to be removed from the home so lingering consequences don’t threaten the property. Removing contaminated carpet, dry wall, moldings and flooring is essential to keep properties germ and mold free.

Our rapid response of on-site presence will save building materials that otherwise would be destroyed. Minimizing the damages resulting from water damage will save money when quick restoration begins.

IICRC Certified In Water Damage Restoration – Port Huron, MI

Action Extraction is recognized by the IICRC as having outstanding education in water damage restoration. We are a certified firm in good standing with the leading educational resource in the restoration industry. The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, Restoration Certification grants special recognition to only highly experienced, insured and credentialed contractors.

We have been highly credentialed since 1987 for excellence in the industry.

Remove Destroyed Building Materials – Eliminating Mold

If you want to restore your home from the lingering consequences that water damage can bring, call us as quickly as possible. We will arrive in 1 hour or less and save the materials that can be saved and Remove those building materials that have been permanently affected by the water. This includes taking out wet carpeting, water damaged cabinets, drywall and flooring that is damaged beyond restoration.

Certified in water damage restoration in Port Huron MichiganIICRC Certified In Water Damage Restoration – Port Huron, MI

Action Extraction is a fully IICRC certified firm having good standing and credentials with the leading restoration industry.

The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, Restoration Certification grants credentials to only highly experienced, insured and credentialed contractors.

We have proudly displayed our credentials for excellence in the industry since we began in 1987.

When Professional Restoration Occurs, Mold Remediation Is Not Necessary

Nobody wants mold in their home as it is a tremendous threat to human health and causes allergy like symptoms. Head-ache, stuffy nose, watery eyes, asthma, migraines and even more severe reactions to mold are common. Our pledge to you is when we manage water damage restoration in Port Huron for you, your property will not incur mold from the flooding.

We have an unmatched record for complete restoration from removing the water to drying all materials. Because mold cannot grow in a dry environment that has been sanitized, your home will be like new.

If pre-existing mold is discovered during the restoration process we will inform you and make sure to stop the spread. In some cases mold air sample testing may be recommended to see the types of mold and the amount that is air borne. Based upon the results we will move forward with a plan for complete removal of all molds.

Each one of our employees has managed over 100 flooded properties themselves acquiring unique remediation experience. Each team member has been thoroughly trained and holds credentials from the IICRC in water damage restoration, cleanup and repairs. However, we do not stop there! Each year they undergo additional educational courses keeping them at the cutting edge in the science of restoration.

Our Process Is Simple

Providing superior water damage restoration in Port Huron is our goal on each project. Listed below are the steps we take to ensure success on all jobs. Everything goes predictably smooth and challenges easily managed with our proven methods.

1. First step is to remove all standing water from your property.

This includes water in carpets, linoleum flooring, wet wall materials that have absorbed water, water damaged insulation, and any wet electrical systems. We have state of the art technology to rapidly remove even large amounts of water with commercial truck-mount extraction machines.

2. We will remove wet wall and flooring materials that are damaged.

Wet carpets from sewage backups are contaminated beyond the scope of saving and must be discarded. Walls with wet insulation will need to have the insulation removed and the wall cavity dried. Wet base moldings and casings may temporarily be disengaged from to allow drying.

The removal of all these items helps to promote a healthy drying environment for your property to expedite the process of completely drying out the home or building.

3. Restoration of damaged materials

After water extraction, cleanup and structural drying your home will be ready for repairs and new materials such as flooring and new paint. We offer a wide variety of floor coverings to beautify any room of your home to an improved look of the former.

4. Lastly, we will perform a final inspection of the home

Once we have finalized the water damage restoration in Anchor Bay service and have completely restored your home, we will certify your property dry and completely restored. Certifying your property dry and restored will ensure we meet all your expectations and that you are completely satisfied with the work we provided.

Action Extraction Restoration

For over 30 years Action Extraction restoration services has been recognized as Port Hurons best choice for restoration and repairs. Is it any wonder? We have been an industry leader in flood restoration, water mitigation and mold removal, having the highest customer satisfaction rating in all Southeast MI on all social mediums.

From basement flood cleanup to burst pipes, we manage all major property damage scenarios. Before you suffer measurable financial loss from a flooded basement or flooded property, let us handle the restoration. When you trust the professionals at Action Extraction for water damage restoration in Port Huron, we will immediately contain the damages, solve the source of intrusion and restore your home or business.

We offer exceptional workmanship at a price you can afford! Give us a call today: 586-949-4448

We service all St. Clair counties with an sincere commitment to 100% customer satisfaction. Our rapid response professionals are standing ready now to arrive faster to your disaster.  We have local experts that can be on-site within 1 hour of your initial call to begin the needed service that will minimize the destructive power of waters presence.

All our repairs services are with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Call today and allow our team of skilled and certified experts to demonstrate skills that will have you confident about us moving forward. We will carefully implement the needed restoration steps to bring your property back to pre-loss condition FAST!.