Water Damage Restoration Macomb MIWater Damage Restoration Macomb MI.

When a water disaster occurs in your home or business, call the professionals at Action Extraction of Macomb. We specialize in averting mold by bringing reliable and trusted drying service and sanitizing to properties at risk. We are a Michigan leader for water damage restoration in Macomb, Oakland and all Southeast Michigan.

We provide prompt 24/7 emergency service when supply lines break, pipes burst, toilets overflow and drains backup after a heavy storm. We are Macomb’s #1 trusted property restoration contractor with over 30 years of proven results that have earned us a 5-star rating on multiple media platforms. 

If your home or business is undergoing a disaster that has placed it at risk for structural compromise or mold, we are here night or day with IICRC certified tech’s that will promptly bring the restoration and cleaning you need to have your valued property safe once again.

Emergency Property Restoration

Our trained staff of experts pride themselves on their commitment to fast response so we are at your doorstep in 1 hour or less. Because nothing is more important that having the right professionals manage every detail and structured property remediation that is required for property remediation.

CALL NOW 800-713-4333 for an immediate response, if your Macomb home is experiencing a water damage emergency due to a sewer backup, sump pump failure, burst hot water heater, or any other restoration need.

We have a US Patent on the worlds fastest drying system Insta Duct Systems, that dries faster and at less expense.

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Each day 14,000 people experience a flood damage emergency so you are not alone. Action Extraction of Macomb has restored everything imaginable that can happen to a commercial or residential property. Your most important decision after discovering a water emergency is choosing the right company. Action Extraction is a premiere property restoration firm with the highest customer service rating in Macomb and all Southeast Michigan. 


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What 24 Hour Emergency Flood Service Do You Need?

Immediate 24/7 Emergency Response Team in Macomb

When a flood damage emergency strikes it is important to act immediately and that is why Action Extraction responds with an immediate emergency response team. Our local IICRC certified technicians will arrive in as little as 30 minutes of your initial call. The evaluation of your moisture damage is always free as our pros will use special detection meters to locate all hidden or trapped moisture. The initial inspection will result in a strategic plan for the most efficient and cost effective plan for restoration.

Water damage insurance specialist Macomb MIWe specialize in creating affordable strategies on limited budgets. If for any reason you make an insurance claim we will help navigate you through a headache free experience and get you your money fast.

Water Damage Restoration Macomb MI

Let our 30 years plus in flood damage repair bring about the restoration you need. We guarantee a stress free restoration experience second to none and have a 5-star rating for customer satisfaction.

This impeccable record is based upon careful and exceptional standards that each of our water technicians have been highly trained in.

Personal Message To Anyone Considering our Services in Macomb MI

Our professionals find it a great privilege to earn customer trust with each mitigation project we manage. We are committed to placing your needs as our top priority, treating you with respect and as family. Discovering a pool of water in your home or business can introduce some difficult hours. Our promise to you is we will bring back your property to the identical condition or better than it was prior to the injury. 

We are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to tackle any size water problem. If you need water and sewage removal we have the necessary personnel and resources to remove germs and restore fully your property.

When we dispatch a certified water restoration response team to your location, they are instructed and trained to serve you with integrity, courtesy and professionalism. We pride ourselves in providing the same type of rare service many remember when they speak about the “good old days”. Those days are still here when you contact the professionals at Action Extraction of Macomb.

From the first phone call to the last handshake it will be our business to earn and keep your trust forever.

The 3 Classifications of Macomb Water Damage

All flooding and its resulting damage is classified into 3 categories based upon the contamination level of the water.

1) FrFresh water damage Macomb MIesh water damage in Macomb can occur from a broken supply line or sink overflow bringing devastation to your property. Additionally in the basement of most homes is the hot water heater and should it rupture will flood a basement if not caught soon.

One of the most common emergency calls Action Extraction receives is during the winter months when temperatures dip below freezing and supply lines freeze and burst.  When a supply line breaks the amount of water that comes from the pipe can be hundreds of gallons an hour.

The extreme amount of property damage that can result during a frozen and burst pipe can be tremendous. This type of property destruction is from a fresh water source so it is limited in its contamination level. This water is classified as “category 1” and is the least harmful that can produce property damage.

2) Flood damage from ground water such as a sump pump failure will quickly result in a flooded basement. Ground water is classified as “category 2” and is alive with millions of microorganisms that can produce mold in as little as 48 hours.

A flooded basement can be a homeowner’s worst nightmare. Often they are found out when one casually makes their way to the basement and finally step in a puddle of water.

Sewer Backup Water Damage Macomb MI3) Sewer drain backup is the most contaminated water to have infiltrate your home. Typically such damage comes up from a floor drain when a sewer system becomes clogged. The degree of contamination that exist in a sewer backup is so abundant that it is classified as category 3″ .

Sewage is hazardous to human health and occupants that stay in such a contaminated structure have their health at risk. Disease causing germs are especially harmful to young children and the elderly as they should not remain in the home till cleanup has begun.

Water-Damage-Insurance-Specialist-Macomb-MIWe Works with all Insurance Companies as a Water Damage Insurance Repairs Specialist

Many times property damage is a small area that is easily restored by means of water removal and the use of a dehumidifier and air mover. However, when complete property flooding occurs and widespread damage results you will need professional mitigation service.

Action Extraction is a recognized Michigan Insurance Repair Specialist. We are known to your insurance provider and know how to document your loss to get you your full coverage. We bill the insurance company through their software to get your settlement fast with no surprises.

If you need the very best water damage restoration in Macomb call us today for our immediate response emergency team.

Flood Damage Restoration in Macomb from an Appliance Malfunction

Appliances are a modern day marvel and make life convenient compared to just several generations before us. We have washing machines to clean our clothes, dish washers to clean our dirty dishes and hot water heaters to heat our water for bathing and cleaning.

With the convenience they bring comes a bit of risk should they malfunction and leak. Each one of these devises requires a supply line that is under pressure. In time the hoses can wear, fittings can loosen and a clean break can flood property in minutes.

Everyone loves the ease of which a refrigerator grants ice at the pressing of a lever, but over time the supply line can leak or the defrost system malfunction resulting in flooded property. Dish washers have valves, sensors, hoses and fittings that all are subject to leaking over time.

Macomb Water Damage from a Toilet Overflow

Water Damage from Toilet OverflowToilets can either flood from the fresh water tank when valves or supply lines break. The worst flooding however is when they leak from the waste side near the trap and may even overflow with waste. This will contaminate everything it touches: carpets, dry wall and vanities must be removed and replaced.

If the overflowing toilet is located on a second floor the damages can be ridiculous because water will drip down affecting main floor and basement areas. Ceiling tiles can become destroyed, carpets contaminated and dry wall damaged beyond repair.

Water Damage Restoration Macomb MI

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