Water Damage Restoration Macomb MIWater Damage Restoration & Flood Water Removal in Macomb MI.

Water damage immediately places a home in a state of emergency and introduces the potential for mold growth. If not promptly treated the results can be overwhelming and may pose a threat to human health. Because time is of the essence, your timely response is crucial. Our water damage restoration flood water removal Macomb MI team is here to serve 24/7.

CALL NOW 800-713-4333 for an immediate response, if your Macomb home is experiencing water damage due to a sewer backup, sump pump failure, burst hot water heater, or any other water crisis, Action Extraction can help guide you through a stress free restoration experience. We are a Michigan leader in water damage repair and have served Macomb, Oakland and all Southeast Michigan for over 26 years.

We have a US Patent on the worlds fastest drying system Insta Duct Systems, that dries faster and at less expense.

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The most important decision you can make after discovering a water emergency is choosing the right company. Action Extraction is a premiere water restoration firm with the highest customer service rating in Macomb and all Southeast Michigan. 


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What 24 Hour Emergency Flood Service Do You Need?

Immediate 24/7 Emergency Response Team

When water damage strikes it is important to act immediately and that is why Action Extraction responds with an immediate emergency response team. Our local IICRC certified technicians will remove the water, sanitize the environment, dry all wet materials and get you back to the way things were before your water emergency.Water-Damage-Restoration-Flood-Repair-Macomb-MI

We are not new comers to the restoration
industry hoping to make it big in the water damage industry. Action Extraction has specialized in water damage restoration for over 26 years and has been a leader in safely drying homes and businesses after a flood.

We guarantee a stress free restoration experience second to none and a headache free insurance experience.

Exceptional standards have been a primary reason we have become Macomb’s premiere water damage restoration firm, with local professionals we often have arrival times less than 30 minutes.

Personnel Message To All Considering our Services

You can be confident with Action Extraction at receiving service second to none because we are about building relationships with our customers. We are grateful for the opportunity that is extended to us when individuals place their trust in us to help them during difficult hours. We will never take this for granted and are committed to treating you like a close friend or family member.

When we dispatch a certified water restoration response team to your location, they are instructed and trained to serve you with integrity, courtesy and professionalism that is rare to find.

From the first phone call to the last handshake it will be our business to earn and keep your trust forever.

The 3 Classifications of Water Damage

All water damage is classified into 3 categories based upon the contamination level of the water.


Fresh water damage that occurs from a broken supply line is classified as “category 1” and is not considered immediately contaminated. Water damage from ground water such as a sump pump failure resulting in a flooded basement is classified as “category 2” containing microorganisms and produces mold in 48 hours. The worst water to have infiltrate your home is sewer water that has pathogenic contamination and is thriving with harmful disease causing germs. This water is classified as “category 3”.

Water-Damage-Insurance-Specialist-Macomb-MIWe Works with all Insurance Companies as a Water Damage Insurance Repairs Specialist

Many times water damage is a small area that is easily restored by means of water removal and the use of a dehumidifier and air mover. However, when complete basement flooding occurs and widespread water damage requires mitigation service; it is a good choice to involve your insurance provider. Action Extraction is a recognized Michigan Insurance Repair Specialist. We are known to your insurance provider and know how to document your loss to get you your full coverage. When we have completely restored your water damaged home we bill your insurance company through their software, so there are no surprises.

Water Damage Restoration in Macomb MI. from Fresh Water Supply Line

Water-Damage-Restoration-Macomb-MI (2)

This Macomb basement became flooded from a leaky pipe that the homeowners discovered at the end of the day. Action Extraction was called out to remove water, replace the sump pump that became damaged, cleaned, disinfected and dried the basement. We are specialist at guiding the entire insurance claims process. When we were done these homeowners were pleased to have received a new hot water heater, repaired furnace, new tile floor, repaired walls, fresh coat of paint and the piece of mind knowing no hidden mold was lurking anywhere in their basement.

Other sources of fresh water flooding are toilet overflows, sink overflows, hot water heater leaks and any water that may come from a fresh water line in the home. When water damage restoration flood water removal Macomb MI service is needed we are your best choice.

Water Damage Restoration in Macomb MI. from Sump Pump Water

Water-Damage-Macomb-MIMany homes in Macomb are designed to have a sump pump controll the rising water table that rises quickly when it rains. If they fail due to power failure or malfunction, basements can experience tremendous water backups and experience water damage. This home had 2-4 inches of standing water  from a failed sump pump that occured while the home owners were away. The water looked clear, however ground water has microorganisms that begin to create mold in 48 hours. Two hours after their initial call to Action Extraction we had removed the water, applied anti-fungal agents, and installed a vortex drying system. When such stategic measures from trained experts are employed to correct flooded basements in Macomb MI. concerns for mold are removed because mold cannot thrive in a dry environment. WE MAKE THINGS DRY!!!

Water Damage Restoration in Macomb MI. from a Sewer Backup

Water-Damage-Macomb-MIThere is no more dangerous water you can have backup into your Macomb MI. basement than sewer water. This particular sewer backup had only cloudy water that did not smell bad. This often can lead homeowners to assume that things are not that bad. However, make no mistake this water has contagious pathogens. Viruses, organic matter, bacteria, fecal waste, and more are becoming airborne by the minute and will be breathed into the lungs of all who are in this environment. At best a healthy immune system will ward off the attack. However, if these disease causing germs are not removed completely, endotoxins, mycotoxins and chemicals from fungi will continue to be released into the air.

The good news for this homeowner is they called Action Extraction and their basement was safely, professionally and completely restored.

Water Damage Restoration Flood Water Removal Macomb MI

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