Water Damage Restoration Huntington Woods MI

Water Damage Restoration Huntington Woods MI

Finding a finished basements with glistening water touching expensive carpet and personnel belongings can be devastating. Intruding water always brings with it the potential for mold if property is not dried quickly. The professionals at Action Extraction provide comprehensive water damage restoration in Huntington Woods so that never happens.

If you are experiencing a water crisis from a sewer backup, sump pump failure of other water emergency, we can help with detailed cleanup. As Michigan’s premiere full service restoration company, we have restored thousands of home and businesses after flooding manifest its ugly head.

Our dedicated team of professionals are IICRC certified, attend regularly continuing educational courses and have managed over 1,000 flood each. That is unique in an industry that often has new, untrained individuals in charge of restoration projects.

Insurance Repair Experts Make Claims Simple

Water damage restoration Huntington WoodsMIShould the scope of your damages be more than expected and you decide to make a homeowners claim, our team helps you navigate the confusion making the claims experience simple and headache free.

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Choosing the right company for your restoration is the most important decision you will make after discovering water damage. We are a premiere flood restoration firm with the highest customer service rating in all Southeast Michigan. 


Emergency Water Response Team Huntington Woods

When flooding assault your valued property and minutes matter, you need a water restoration company that does not clock out at 5:00. Action Extraction has a local team of certified technicians standing ready at a moments notice to drop what they are doing and focus their attention on immediate service 24/7 day or night.

Water Damage Restoration Huntington Woods MIIn many cleaning and restoration scenarios, minutes matter. That is why we have strategically positioned ourselves to be faster to water emergencies than our competition. Often our response time is in under 1 hour, because rapid responses can thwart the intentions of water damage.

Because moisture rich environments can develop mold and mildew in less than 48 hours, it is critical to remove water as soon as it is discovered to minimize damages. Neglecting restoration for days can allow mold to thrive and spread, causing the cost for restoration to be greater than necessary.

Water is particularly invasive and quickly migrates throughout your property absorbing deeply in materials like floors, walls, ceilings and cabinetry. When water extraction service is introduced early the next steps in the restoration process can begin in a timely manner. Contents can be wiped clean, furniture can be moved and stored in an unaffected room and germ eliminating agents can be applied to all surfaces.

After we contain the area we will introduce commercial air movers and dehumidifiers that will begin to dry all structures.

Beginning Water Removal Service in Huntington Woods

Every flood scenario is different and will require a unique solution, but the general process remains the same. The first step after any electrical dangers being address is water extraction service. Action Extraction has the best water extraction equipment on the market and knows how to use it effectively. If your basement has carpet that is wet and the water has only touched a small area we will water extract carpet with a truck-mount extraction system. These vacuum machines are capable of removing 99% of unwanted water allowing the drying service to the carpet to be minimal.

If your basement is completely under water with hundreds or thousands of gallons, we have a water removal pump system that can eliminate all water in hours allowing the technicians to enter the basement. Basement flooding is generally due to a sewer drain backup or a failed sump pump. When this occurs the water is highly contaminated and the water removal service will be managed in accordance to industry requirements.

Ground water from a sump well can be easily extracted and placed on the lawn. Raw sewage however, must be placed in a appropriate disposal receptacle. We specialize in water removal from basements and can easily turn your water emergency nightmare into a triumpth of cleaning technology.

Disinfecting Surfaces after Water Removal

Once we remove water from property we apply authentic botanical technology to kill all germs. These “green” plant based anti-microbials will  confidently sanitize your water damaged environment, making it safe and germ free. Using nature’s way for germ elimination will not compromise the strength as these botanical disinfectants are proven to kill over 99.99% of bacteria, surpassing EPA requirements.

Professional Sewer Cleanup in Huntington Woods

Sewer drain backups are the greatest peril you can have occur in your basement. Don’t wait on cleanup thinking the sewer backup a city responsibility. Cities are almost always protected from having to act and even if they do, it must go through a lengthy claims process. You will see no money for weeks and the damages at that point will be beyond control.

Water damage from a sewer backup Huntington WoodsLet us provide you with 5-star rated sewer backup service and rid your home of the contamination that threatens your health. That is not an exaggeration because sewer water has harmful chemicals, bacteria, e-coli and 81 illness causing viruses. This water is no joke and taking for granted that some bleach and water is all you’ll need, could lead to disastrous results.

Call us today and allow our experts to take a look at your flooding and give you a estimate for the sewer backup cost for cleaning. Our professionals are highly experienced in high risk cleanup and will implement all necessary steps to make sure cross contamination does not occur. This can be done because we are committed to strict adherence to the standards in the S-500 Publication of the IICRC.

Each of our employees are certified in these standards and implement each guideline for restoration, allowing you and your family the piece of mind you deserve. We have over 30 years experience in water damage restoration in Huntington Woods and our track record for high risk restoration is impeccable.

Restoration after Sump Pump Failure in Huntington Woods

Water damage restoration Huntington Woods basement flooding.Sump pumps are located in basements and when engaged channel ground water away from property so drains do not backup. They are the main line of defense against a basement flood when they function as they should. However, they are known to commonly fail and allow basements to flood, even pumps with a backup system installed. These sump pump backup systems are either battery backup or water backup. Should electricity fail the backup sump pump should save the day by taking the place of the primary.

However, both systems routinely fail allowing Huntington Woods basements to flood. The battery systems fail when acid levels are not sufficient to engage the pump, while water backups fail when they don’t actually discharge the water or merely cycle. Even if your sump pump has an alarm we have discovered over many years of mitigation, they too fail regularly.

Is your basement a casualty of a failed sump pump where even the backup failed? Well, you are not alone as that is the number one reason basements flood in Huntington Woods. As a matter of fact, failed sump pumps account for more basement flooding in Southeast Michigan than any other water emergency. Action Extraction can help by replacing the faulty pump allowing the system to maintain the water table once again.

Once the new pump has diverted all accumulated ground water from your residence, we will use our powerful extraction units to remove water from the carpet or hard surface flooring. Following the extraction process we will evaluate the scope of damages from water and begin the full restoration of your flooded basement. Call us and be connected live to the owner who can answer your questions and dispatch immediate help.

Dangers of Neglecting Water Damage Restoration in Huntington Woods

There are unfortunate tales of flooded basements with wet carpet and even crawlspaces where accumulated water has been allowed to remain on building materials exposure to water. The occupants assumed these water affected zones would just air out on their own with no negative repercussion to the home. However after months of complaints from occupants of runny noses, itchy eyes and coughs, thoughts returned to the flood condition just months earlier. Finally after contacting an environmental hygienist and air samples turned into a lab, conclusive proof identified mold in the home.

Water damage removal Huntington Woods MIDon’t let this happen to you and don’t let this manifest in your home when water restoration is affordable and the only way to spare your home from sick building syndrome. When water is left to languish unabated on building materials, wet boxes, dry wall and wood substrates than you are sure to create an unhealthy eco-system capable of presenting conditions that may challenge the immune system of the healthiest.

We can make sure your home does not acquire mold, mildew, microorganisms and other dangerous germs. It is as easy as allowing us to give your water damaged property a free evaluation so you at least know what is wet and any potential wet zones. We will present you an estimate for the cost of professional restoration, that will keep your home from becoming contaminated.

We have many years of helping people keep their property safe from mold and other harmful growths. Allowing our trained professionals to mitigate your home when it first becomes wet can save you thousands in the long run. If you have any type of flooding in your home and you need water damage restoration in Huntington Woods, than call us today before matters become worse.

If you find mold in your Huntington Woods Home

Unfortunately homes, businesses, commercial properties and warehouses can all become infested with mold after long term exposure to high humidity and water presence. Once mold begins to grow and thrive it releases spores that quickly spread throughout multiple spaces. In a matter of weeks the air can become so contaminated with air born molds that individuals residing in the home can begin to experience physical reactions from the contamination level.

We are mold specialist and will completely remove the presence of mold through a proven cleaning protocol. Our restoration service will be like a big syringe of healing after a mold damage scare. 

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Interesting Things About Huntington Woods

You may have not known
  • Huntington Woods has a population of 6, 238 according to the 2010 census
  • The famous actress Kristen Bell was born in Huntington Woods
  • In the 1930s some chimpanzees escaped from the Detroit Zoo initiating a search from the Volunteer Fire Department who located each one, returning them to the zoo
  • The most recent calamity to strike Huntington Woods was the Great Detroit Flood in August of 2014

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