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Water Damage Restoration & Flood Water Removal Huntington Woods MI

When unexpected flooding happens, we're prepared to handle any water damage emergency at a moment's notice. So if your jaw has just dropped open from a flooded basement, sewer backup, broken water pipe, toilet overflow, or leaking roof from storm damage, we are here to help.

Action Extraction is Huntington Woods answer for all water damage cleanup emergencies because we are an expert water restoration company that has been a Michigan leader for over 26 years. We provide water removal 24/7 and water damage cleanup from even the worst sewer backup nightmares imaginable.

Free Estimates / Expert Service / Immediate Response

Water Damage Restoration Cleanup Technician Huntington Woods MI
All of our Huntington Woods Technicians are:

  • Flooded Basement Restoration Huntington Woods MIIICRC Certified in flooded basement restoration
  • Clean cut, uniformed, professional and courteous
  • Highly trained having managed over 100 projects
  • Drug Free / alcohol free and tested regularly
  • Full time and are in their chosen career
  • Standing ready to respond to all flood emergencies

Immediate Response Team Huntington Woods

Water Damage Restoration Vehicle For Water Restoration Huntington Woods MI

You can't wait on a water restoration company that keeps regular business hours or for your carpet cleaner to fit you in. Each hour that materials remain wet are costing you money, not to mention allowing for the development of mold.  For fast emergency water damage cleanup in Huntington Woods, depend on Action Extraction. We never allow standing water to flood you out of house and home, instead, we deliver immediate water removal and prompt water damage repairs.

You deserve a water damage restoration company with years of experience, a reputation for excellence, cutting edge equipment and a commitment to 100% customer satisfaction on every flood project.

Our credentials are impeccable and our former customers give us a google rating of 5 stars. 5-star-rated-water-damage-company

IICRC Certified to Manage All Huntington Woods Flooding Needs

Restoration Restoration steps for cleanup in Huntington Woods MISteps

What Type of Flooding do you Have?

  • Sump Pump / Sewer BackupsCertified Flood Damage Firm In Huntington Woods MI
  • Basement Flooding
  • Toilet / Sink / Tub Overflows
  • Frozen / Broken Water Pipes
  • Burst Hot Water Heaters
  • Sanitizing and Cleaning
  • Complete Structural Drying

Caution! Water Damage in Huntington Woods is Dangerous

Here are several hazards that can cause serious injury or death.

  • Electrical Dangers From Water Damage In Huntington Woods MIElectrical Hazards
  • Gas Leaks
  • Asbestos Tile Concerns
  • Wet furnace systems
  • Wet Appliances
  • Furnace Filter Contamination
  • Fertilizer Rich Ground Water
  • Pathogenic Airborne Compounds

There Are Many Choices But Only 1 Best Choice

Because it is a stressful situation when water damage hits, it may be tempting to be hasty and call anybody. Your looking at soaked carpets, wet walls, damaged property and you need to act….right?

While it is critical to act swiftly, please don’t panic. Calling the wrong water restoration firm in Huntington Woods can make bad things even worse, especially if they mess up and you get mold or have your insurance claim denied, due to incompetence. Choosing the right water restoration company will be your most critical decision. Because you need to act soon, here is what you need to know.

Water Damage Restoration Experience Huntington Woods MI

We have served Huntington Woods for over 26 years and have a US Patent on the worlds fastest drying system

The wrong companies for water damage Restoration in Huntington Woods may have:

  • Nice web sites
  • Neatly printed materials
  • Attractive vehicles

But, what you need is a restoration firm with:

  • Years of successfull experience
  • IICRC certified employees
  • Drug tested professionals
  • Positive reviews from former customers

Our reviews on google, yelp and YP are all 5 star! We guarantee 100% customers satisfaction on every project.

Water Damage in Huntington Woods From A sewer Backup

Walking into a flooded basement that is filled with water from a sewer backup is on overwhelming experience. We at Action Extraction deal with homeowners on a weekly basis who have done just that.

Sewer Backup Cleaning and Disinfecting Huntington Woods MI

Sewer water backing up in Hunting Woods basements is usually after a heavy rain storm. As the rain fall raises the water table around the house if a sewer drain is clogged from tree roots or just not able to handle the ground water flow the sewer system will backup into the basement home.

Some Huntington Woods residents have their sewer system snaked out on a yearly basis to keep the tree roots cleared out so such incidents are not as likely to occur.

We at Action Extraction can manage your flooded basement when a sewer backup happens with immediate assistance. We cover each aspect of the cleanup from cleaning out your sewer drain system with a licensed plumber to complete cleanup, sanitizing and structural drying. We have a local Huntington Woods Cleanup crew standing ready to manage all your water damage needs.

Water Damage in Huntington Woods From A Fresh Water Source

Fresh water flooding Huntington Woods

Frozen Pipe Burst Caused This Fresh Water Flood

Several sources of fresh water flooding in Huntington Woods would be water from a broken water pipe, a sink or toilet tank overflow, a burst hot water heater or perhaps an appliance such as a washing machine or dish washer having a malfunction that brings water into the home environment.

One of the most damaging water damage incidents that can occur is when fresh water pipes freeze and break allowing an uninterrupted free flow of water into a home.

This flooded bedroom highlighted, was from a burst frozen pipe that occurred when the homeowners were away. The water damage was eventually discovered days after the break and by the time water was shut down, thousands of gallons of destructive water had infiltrated all floors of the home. Action Extraction was called out on a Saturday night and in hours we had all the standing water removed and drying equipment set up to save property. Our vast experience in water damage restoration and water removal in Huntington Woods has allowed us the privilege of assisting many homeowners and business when emergency water damage occurred.

Water Damage From A Sump Pump Failure in Huntington Woods

Sump Pump Cleanup Huntington Woods MIOne of the most common types of flooding in Huntington Woods is Basement flooding when a sump pump fails to channel the ground water away. Sump pumps are necessary in some homes to control the rising water table around a home that may rise very rapidly during raining. When they fail from either a power outage, break down of system or inability to manage rising water table, flooding is sure to occur.

Ground water that comes into a home or business after a sump pump failure is considered living water and is abundant with living microorganisms that threaten the health and safety of your Huntington Woods home. We will remove water apply plant based anti-microbial agents to kill all germs and assure the safety of your home or business.

Our Guarantee Is 100% Complete Customer Satisfaction

Action Extraction is proud to present our 100% customer satisfaction Guarantee. We will be professional during each stage of the water damage restoration process delivering the very best in professional restoration, second to none. From the first phone call to the last handshake, you will be treated with the utmost respect as we work to earn your deepest trust.

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee After Water Damage Huntington Woods MI

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