Water Damage Restoration Grosse Pointe MIWater Damage Restoration Grosse Pointe MI

Action Extraction is your trusted emergency flood cleanup provider for water damage restoration in Grosse Pointe.  For over 30 years our team of certified professionals has delivered fast and affordable emergency service 24/7 day or night.

When it comes to damage from water, our experts are here to manage each aspect of the flood restoration process. We remove water from sewer backups, basement flooding, broken water pipes, toilet overflows and faulty water using appliances.

Our Grosse Pointe clients enjoy working with us because of the dedication we demonstrate in their homes, during the cleanup process. We give detailed answers while effectively managing all the steps of restoration for water damage cleanup.

Insurance Claims Made Hassle Free

Water Damage Restoration Grosse Pointe MIShould the water damage restoration cost be of an amount that makes it wise to make an insurance claim, we specialize in getting our clients their money FAST!

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The most important decision you can make after discovering a water emergency is choosing the right company. We are a premiere water restoration firm with the highest customer service rating in all Southeast Michigan. 


Emergency Water Restoration Response Team

Flood damage emergencies are not tame controlled events that occur with notice. They strike suddenly and require an immediate response if property damages are to be minimized. That’s why the mission of Action Extraction is to get to the water quickly with equipment in hand. We act rapidly to provide the restoration to water damage you need when it occurs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Water Damage Restoration Grosse Pointe MIWhen disaster strikes your home or business, our team of expert restorers are standing ready to act quickly. From the moment you call and speak live with the owner, things begin to function on your behalf. Local certified professionals are notified to drop what they are doing and make your water damage emergency their priority, and they do. This is the culture at Action Extraction as we have coached by example, each employee to understand water damage needs prompt action. Often our arrival times are in less than an hour.

When you call a water damage cleanup company for emergency service you want them to be capable of acting as quickly as possible. This means having a commitment to employing local professionals that are ready to drop what they are doing and make your flood emergency their priority. Your not calling for water damage restoration tips or hear they can’t come out for hours.

We act when you call and once dispatched our certified tech’s arrive in a fully equipped restoration vehicle that has all the cutting edge equipment needed to manage flood restoration in your home.

Beginning Water Removal Service Grosse Pointe

The most important step when flooding is discovered is beginning water removal service as soon as possible. Some who are having a water emergency will merely type in a google search box, “water removal service near me” and see what comes up. When Action Extraction comes up you will notice we have a 5-star ratings for our water removal services.

If you have a toilet or sink overflow that has left a bit of water and only need water removal from carpet then we have the water extraction equipment to do so. Our superior truck-mount extraction systems will remove water from carpet as well as remove water from pad. However, if the water is a large loss such as when basements flood we employ a water removal pump. The pump is a high velocity water removal device that will quickly rid a flooded basement of hundreds and even thousands of gallons of water.

Flooded basements in Grosse Pointe generally flood as a result of a sewer drain backup, sump pump failure or broken water pipe. In such cases we have seen basements turned into a pond of contamination, placing the occupants of the property at risk. There is no time to spare when standing water is in direct contact with basement walls, decorative floooring and furnishings. Water removal service must happen same day or disastrous affects could follow.

Action Extraction is committed to using plant-based germ elimination products that are given the highest rating of killing 99.9% of all germs. These products are green and packaged in labels stating they even kill the corona virus. We take your health seriously and that is why all our water removal services in Grosse Pointe include germ elimination. Mold mildew and other spreading microorganisms are eager to contaminate the air you breath when basement flooding happens. We strike back with effective proven and safe germ killing agents.

Professional Sewer Backup Service Grosse Pointe

Grosse Pointe community has beautiful homes that are prone to flooding because the drain systems are old. Years ago the sewer systems used clay pipes and over the years they have deteriorated allowing tree roots to invade and fill them. The roots clog the pipe allowing only small amounts of water to channel through. When it rains they are overwhelmed and basements backup and flood.

Many home and business owners would be totally shocked to know what is in the water from a sewer backup. They see a basement has flooded but the visible water is not strikingly dingy as expected which may remove the sense of urgency. However, the naked eye is incapable of detecting the millions of colonies of bacteria present or the germs that are amplifying quickly.

Water damage restoration from a sewer backup Grosse Pointe MIAll drain water from a sewer backup is pathogenic (disease filled) and can cause illness to anyone who occupies the property until it has undergone sewer backup service and sanitizing. What is lurking in the pool of standing sewer water? E-coli bacteria, 81 different viruses, chemicals, volatile  organic compounds, contaminates from human feces and germs. If this water is being absorbed by basement building materials than even once the water is eliminated, your basement remains sick.

Call us immediately to give you a free evaluation of the damages as well as a no obligation estimate of the sewer backup cost for cleanup. Our sewer backup service gives strict adherence to the standards in the S-500 Publication of the IICRC. Only sewer cleanup that follows these well respected guidelines will assure you and your occupants are safe from potential health risk. Peace of mind is what Action Extraction has given to our clients for over 30 years as we specialize in high risk sewer backup restoration.

Some residents are under the belief that the sewer backup city responsibility and put off sewer backup service. Sewer backup restoration companies know better and encourage immediate cleanup to preserve the health of the property. Cities insulate themselves from being responsible for basement flooding in Grosse Point. If they did cover the sewer backup cost, it would take weeks for red tape and adjuster negotiations.

We can turn your sewer water nightmare into a triumph of modern cleaning technology in a few short hours. When the sewer cleanup is finished we will instruct you on sewer backup prevention tips to keep your basement safe in the future.

You might ask, what happens if I neglect water cleanup and allow the flooding to dry on its own. Well, we have seen such properties suffer great disaster due to neglect. The water that was though to have dried, languished in dry wall and produced mold. Or the wood substartes that were believed to have dried, rot and compromise structural integrity.

When minimal basement flooding in Grosse Pointe occurs it is still enough water to bring in health dangers that need to be eliminated. Allow our highly experienced crews to certify your property dry and safe for occupancy. We are skilled at implementing the right measures that will preclude the possibility of black mold, unsanitary Eco systems and mildew . Sick home syndrome is a real threat to your home and its occupants, but we can turn around the destructive energy of flood damage by introducing several methods for cleanup that can be very affordable.

Never worry about mold developing or spreading when our educated professionals are on-site. Our cleaning services will allows even the most devastating environment to once again be safe, sanitary and clean. We regularly introduce into flooded properties in Grosse Pointe these cleaning and drying protocols to avoid the scary “sick property syndrome” so many have read about or seen on the news.

Our restoration service will be like a big syringe of healing after a water damage scare. 

Sump Pump Failure Restoration Grosse Pointe

Water damage restoration Grosse Pointe basement flooding.Some homes in the Grosse Pointe communities control the ground water through the use of a sump pump. As water around the perimeter of the outside walls of the basement rise, the pump channels the water to another point in the property. When these pumps work basements stay dry, however, sump pump failure is a big problem for many. Even with sump pump failure alarms basements flood, because occupants don’t hear them go off.

Sump pumps fail also when there is an electrical outages can keep the primary pump from engaging and even if your basement has a battery powered backup, their failure rate is high. The battery acid levels must be maintained as well the system needs to be routinely serviced to keep it ready to actuate when called upon.

When water damage restoration in Grosse Pointe is needed due to a sump pump backup, our crews will manage such disasters with ease. We will remove the water, manage your contents, disinfect all surfaces with plant-based agents and remove all moisture to assure you have no bad smells or mold.

If your home has a sump pump in the basement that allows the storm water to be controlled, your basement is at risk for flooding. Sump pump failure  occurs each day in Eastpointe because they malfunction, are old or a power failure happens. Even if your home has a sump pump battery backup, they regularly disappoint allowing drains to backup in Eastpointe.

If your basement is flooded from a sump pump backup you need Action Extraction to navigate you through the cleaning steps, allowing for fast recovery. We respond 24/7 and in minutes of you speaking live to the owner we will be available to extract the water and apply the plant-based agents to sterilize your home. We set up commercial air movers and dehumidifiers to rapidly remove all moisture keeping your property free of mold cleanup concerns.

Even if your home has a battery backup sump pump or a sump pump failure alarm, our experience tells us they are not foul proof. About half the flooded basements in Eastpointe we restore had either a sump pump failure alarm or a battery backup system. If one or both of these protective measures has failed requiring you to have water damage restoration in Eastpointe, we are on standby to serve.

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Interesting Things About Grosse Pointe

You may have not known
  • Grosse Pointe is a water front city with a population of 5,421 according to the 2010 census.
  • Known for its small town feel and distinctive shopping district.
  • The city is the home of the Edsel & Eleanor Ford House that draws many visitors each year.
  • The typical median household income in Michigan is only a third compared to those who live ion Grosse Pointe.
  • J.K. Simmons the actor who is the spokesman for Farmers Insurance is from Grosse Pointe.

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