Water damage restoration Eastpointe

Water Damage Restoration Eastpointe MI

Action Extraction provides water damage restoration in Eastpointe MI 24/7 day or night. When properties flood from sewer backups and high risk cleaning needs to be managed we are a trusted and recognized leader. We turn flood emergency nightmares into safe and sanitary environments quickly using cutting edge technology.

Our 100% guaranteed services include water removal, sewer backup cleaning, water restoration, contents management, structural drying and mold removal. We take water emergencies that look overwhelming and quickly tame them into clean and sanitary spaces, safe for occupants to live in. Our mission is simple and straight forward, “We offer the best damage restoration service available at fair affordable rates, performed by certified experts.”

We are committed to responsible and ethical business practices, and each of our professionals has managed over 1,000 flood jobs each. Most companies cannot say that and many have transient workers that have minimal experience in restoration for water damage.

Insurance Claims Made Simple

Water Damage Restoration Eastpointe MIIf your water damage restoration cost are such that you make an insurance claim, we will help navigate the process to get you your money FAST!

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The most important decision you can make after discovering a water emergency is choosing the right company. We are a premiere water restoration firm with the highest customer service rating in all Southeast Michigan. 


Emergency Rapid Response Team

Flooding and water damage emergencies don’t wait for a convenient time or regular business hours, nor do we! When water assaults your valued property we are ready at a moments notice to strike back with restoration force. Action Extraction professionals provide emergency water restoration services 24 / 7 because time is not on your side when there is standing water.

Water damage restoration EastpointeMIThe internet is full of flood damage restoration tips, but some don’t even stress the importance of removing water as soon as possible. When you call a water damage cleanup company you need them to have local certified experts standing ready, that can act immediately and remove water. We do! and when you call and speak live with the owner, he will dispatch the help you need. Our arrival time is often less than 1 hour.

When our lettered vehicle and uniformed professionals arrive you will be meeting IICRC certified specialist, experienced in restoration for water damage. They will be highly professional and evaluate the flood damaged areas of your home or business using the technology of moisture detection instruments that will reveal all water damages. In several minutes they will present you with the information and an estimate for the water damage restoration cost.

Beginning Flood Removal Service Eastpointe

Once you authorize service we will start with the water removal service first as this is fundamentally the most critical step. If the water presence is only on a small section of carpet, water removal from carpet will be managed by industrial truck-mount water extraction units capable of removing water fast! If your basement has become flooded from a water source that has allowed hundreds or even thousands of gallons of water, we have the latest in water extraction equipment. Our water removal pump will effortlessly eliminate the water in your basement in minutes.

A multitude of restoration companies may come up in a google search result for, “water removal service near me”, but few can do as quickly and efficiently as Action Extraction. We arrive with all the water extraction equipment required to completely drain a flooded basement so the cleaning can begin as soon as possible.

This business of cleaning up after a sewer backup or sump pump backup is no small matter. The water is contaminated and effective and safe chemicals are required to sanitize. Our company is committed to using only green, plant-based germ elimination products that are given the highest rating of killing 99.9% of all germs. When we effectively remove the chances of mold, mildew and other offensive microorganisms from polluting the air you breath, we are beginning the cleanup on a strong foundation.

Steps for Successful Sewer Backup Service

There will never be any type of flood damage worse than sewage that can damage your home. Sewer water is meant to be channeled away from your property each time the toilet is flushed, making it easy to stay safe even when sewage is a part of our lives. However, a sewer backup in basement changes everything in a moment. When water rises above the drain and turns a finished basement into a pond of putrefaction, suddenly human health is a concern. Call us today for a free estimate for water damage restoration in Eastpointe if your sewer has flooded your basement.

Water damage restoration from a sewer backup Eastpointe MIIt needs to be because the sewer water is grossly contaminated with bacteria and potentially 81 different types of viruses that want to challenge the immune system of everyone in its path. Action Extraction specializes in the high risk cleanup after sewer backups manifest in basements.

The sooner cleanup can begin the better because each minute the contaminated water is off-gassing air borne contaminates that will threaten your health and those who occupy the property each time you take a breath.

Don’t wait thinking the sewer backup city responsibility, as cities are well insulated with clauses that preclude them in most cases. Even if they say they will pay, they will be turning it over as a city insurance claim and the process can take weeks. Begin immediately and let us assist by evaluating the damages and health risk to your home.

We provide free assessments and will let you know up front the sewer backup cost for remediation. Sewer backup service can begin in as little as minutes from when we arrive and you will have “all things scary” completely managed the right way, allowing peace of mind. We have over 30 years of impeccable service in sewer backup cleaning, making what seems impossible to recover from a quick reality. When our sewer backup service is completed, we will give you sewer backup prevention types to help protect your home from future problems.

Dangers of Neglecting Flood Restoration Eastpointe

Water that remains unchecked and allowed to dry slowly on its own will be the death of a good property. Sounds strong, but when mold, mildew and other spreading microorganisms are allowed to thrive your home has a life threatening flu. Basements in particular that are wet will increasingly become sick as there is the absence of UV light that will allow mold in days.

Water damage removal Eastpointe MIAllow our highly experienced crews to certify your property dry and safe for occupancy. We are specialist at creating the right conditions that prohibit the existence of black mold, mildew and unsanitary Eco systems. Avoid sick home syndrome by letting us sanitize with plant based germ eliminating products that will allow health to dominate your premises.

All mold dangers are completely removed when thorough restoration is implemented quickly. Such service allows a home to remain healthy and its immune system intact. If your property needs water damage restoration in Eastpointe, then let us introduce the cure of restoration avoiding the dreaded “sick property syndrome.” Our restoration service will be like a big syringe of healing after a water damage scare. 

Sump Pump Failure Restoration Eastpointe

If your home has a sump pump in the basement that allows the storm water to be controlled, your basement is at risk for flooding. Sump pump failure  occurs each day in Eastpointe because they malfunction, are old or a power failure happens. Even if your home has a sump pump battery backup, they regularly disappoint allowing drains to backup in Eastpointe.

If your basement is flooded from a sump pump backup you need Action Extraction to navigate you through the cleaning steps, allowing for fast recovery. We respond 24/7 and in minutes of you speaking live to the owner we will be available to extract the water and apply the plant-based agents to sterilize your home. We set up commercial air movers and dehumidifiers to rapidly remove all moisture keeping your property free of mold cleanup concerns.

Even if your home has a battery backup sump pump or a sump pump failure alarm, our experience tells us they are not foul proof. About half the flooded basements in Eastpointe we restore had either a sump pump failure alarm or a battery backup system. If one or both of these protective measures has failed requiring you to have water damage restoration in Eastpointe, we are on standby to serve.

Water Damage Restoration Videos and Facts

Interesting Things About Eastpointe

You may have not known
  • Once named “East Detroit” citizens wanting to separate from the Detroit suburbs voted to change the name and on July 1st 1992 Eastpointe became official.
  •  As of the 2010 census, the city population in Eastpointe was 32,442. The city has but one zip code, 48021.
  • There are 7% more females in Eastpointe than males.
  • Niche gives the city an A rating based on ethnic and economic diversity.
  • There are presently 12 public schools in Eastpointe.
  • Healthcare is the leading employment industry in Eastpointe with a whooping 20%, retail is less than 10%.

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