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Restoring-Water-Damaged-Property-Eastpointe-MIWater Damage Restoration / Water Removal and Cleanup in Eastpointe MI

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Action Extraction is IICRC certified to manage every type of water damage cleanup imaginable. Whether your Eastpointe MI home has water damage from a sewer backupsump pump failure , burst hot water heater, frozen water pipe, toilet overflow or any other water emergency, we provide immediate cleanup and relief.

Water-Removal-Eastpointe-MI-Basment-CleanupAll Our Technicians Are:

  • IICRC Certified in water restoration
  • Clean cut, uniformed, professional and courteous
  • Extensively trained and have managed over 100 projects themselves
  • Drug Free / alcohol free / tested regularly
  • Full time and are in their chosen career
  • Standing ready to respond day or night to all water emergencies
  • Experienced with working in Royal Oak MI

Why Action Extraction for Water Damage Cleanup in Eastpointe?

We are well established in Michigan as insurance repairs specialist as well as being a leader in creating affordable plans for water damage cleanup and processing insurance claims.Water-Damage-Cleanup-Water-Damage-Eastpointe-MI

We provide highly skilled bonded and insured technicians that are eager to quickly get you and your home back to the way things were before the water damage.


CALL NOW 800-713-4333 for an immediate response to all your water damage needs and for professional flood cleanup in Eastpointe MI. We have local certified experts standing ready to assist you with professional flood cleanup and water damage repair.

We Specialize In:

  • Sump Pump / Sewer Backup Cleaning
  • Toilet / Tub / Sink Overflows
  • Broken Water Pipes
  • Burst Hot Water Heater
  • Sanitizing and Deodorization
  • Complete Structural Drying
  • Drying non invasively without demolition

Calling ACTION EXTRACTION for the REACTION of SATISFACTION is the best decision you can make!

  • Best-choice-Water-damage-company-Eastpointe-MIWe work with all insurance companies and are Michigan approved
  • Certified and have a US Patent on the fastest drying system available
  • Employing all the necessary measures for success and the elimination of mold
  • Capable of working with a tight budget
  • Over 26 years in restoring flooded homes
  • Expert and courteous professionals trained to manage every detail in the restoration process


What Kind of Water Damage Do You Have

Sewer Water Backup        Sump Pump Water Backup        Fresh water Damage

We Make Insurance Claims Easy in Eastpointe MI

Water-Damage-Removal-Eastpointe_MI-InsuranceLet our impeccable history managing insurance claims guide you through a stress free water restoration process. We work with all insurance companies in Michigan and are certified and recognized to do billing for homeowners.

It is essential that insurance claims be documented properly with accompanying pictures and moisture mapping to clearly show the scope of water damage. Our files are very complete and assure you your full coverage as we present careful details that are important for compensation of damages. Dealing with inexperienced people has cost some honest people their claim due to lack of evidence to present their claim or water repairs being not up to industries standards.

Water Damage Cleanup From a Sewer Backup in Eastpointe MI


Sewer backups, broken sewer drains, toilet overflows and clogged sewage drains can all create a sewer water backup in a basement. We have a quick response team on call at all times to bring professional water damage cleanup 24/7. This type of water backup often enters an Eastpointe MI basement during a heavy rainfall that overwhelms the sewer.

Although the water may not look abundantly dirty it is pathogenic and capable of causing disease. Attempting to perform the necessary cleanup by oneself is taking a great risk due to the great need to be thorough. All water must be detected in materials such as drywall and base moldings, anti-microbials must be applied to remove harmful germs from the basement environment, all wet materials must be removed from the home and all moisture removed with professional drying equipment.

Water Damage From a Sump Pump Water Backup in Eastpointe MI

There are several reasons that sump pumps can malfunction, however, the most common is a broken pump that fails to kick on when needed. When they fail there is ground water that begins to inundate the basement environment and often in Eastpointe complete basements are water damaged and in need of a major flood cleanup project.

This source of water is alive with microorganisms, fungi, bacteria, molds and dirt. Immediately this water once introduced into the home begins to amplify with new life and poses a threat to human health if not remediated in a timely manner. Homeowners insurance may or may not cover this type of water damage emergency. Call Action Extraction 800-713-4333 and we can assist you on the subject of coverage.

Water Damage from a Fresh Water Source in Eastpointe MI

Water-Pipe-Broken-Dripping Water-Basement-EastpointeWater Damage from fresh water sources include burst or broken water pipes, hot water heaters that give out and leak water and any intrusion of municipal water that is coming into your home. This kind of water damage is typically covered by your homeowner's insurance policy, assuming you are current on your insurance premiums. Although fresh water does not immediately create a threat to human health, it is still very destructive to building materials and will develop mold in as little as 48 hours unless water is removed and humidity control introduced. Fresh water flooding is identified as (category 1) and is the least problematic, but after 3 days of continued dampness in the basement becomes alive with microorganisms. If not addressed the environment will be as hazardous as a sewer water backup in 72 – 125 hours due to growing microorganisms.








Common Questions When Facing Water Damage in Eastpointe

My-Water-Damaged-Basement-Creates-Many-Questions-EastpointeMy basement has water in it, what should I do?

If your Eastpointe MI basement has water on the floor you need to act promptly for the cleanup . The first step is to locate the source of water to stop further damage. This process is not difficult when done with a common sense approach. Basements with sump pumps need to be evaluated to see if water is at the top or higher than usual. All floor drains are to be looked at for signs of a sewer backup. Listen for any running water that could suggest a burst water line, hot water heater rupture or appliance malfunction. If you here water running locate the main shut off in your home and turn water off immediately. The second step to take in minimizing water damage to your home is calling a professional for an evaluation. We come out at no charge as a courtesy to all serious attempts to discover where water may have gone. Merely relying on what you see with the naked eye will not find water in walls and moldings. We will also make sure nothing electrical has come into contact with water. We are on call for such water damage emergencies and have a master electrician who can evaluate any water damaged home.

My sump pump is not working and my basement is flooded with water, should I call a water damage company or a plumber?

Contacting a plumber first is probably not the best decision because most plumbers are not willing to work in an environment where there is standing water. Even if you find one that is willing, once the pump is replaced your wet basement still requires water damage cleanup. Plumbers do not own the appropriate equipment, skilled technicians or certification to restore water damaged basements. Calling us first if your sump pump has failed resulting in water damage is the best option because as a full service water restoration company we will replace your old system with a new pump affordably and then begin the water damage cleanup.

If my basement eventually drains by itself, do I still need professional water restoration?

If your floor drain did not keep your basement from flooding you may need to see if it has a blockage requiring cleaning out. If it didn’t work due to a failed sump pump and is now working, you will still want to have it evaluated by a professional water restoration Co. We can determine if any building materials are wet, if humidity is needing to be lowered and of course if the basement was finished and completely flooded mold will develop if left to itself.  Elevated humidity keeps an environment wet for days and mold thrives in humidity rich environments. If pungent smells exist that were not there before you need to act immediately.

My basement had water in it from a recent flood and now smells. Do I have mold?

While the presence of high humidity or water remains, it will continue to do damage. If you had professional water damage service there should be no smell, however if things are still wet in carpet, carpet pad, wood, tile and drywall, the potential for mold exist. You may have mold if materials were wet over 48 hours and anti-microbial specialty agents were not applied.

What is the difference between water damage and flooding? If my basement  floods, do I actually have water damage?

Not necessarily. Flooding is an occurrence that allows an area in your home (most often a basement) to become wet from intruding water. This will immediately create a flooding environment needing cleanup, but not water damage unless it is sewer water.

Various sources like sump water, burst pipe water, etc. that enter the home can be cleaned up quickly and if no absorbent materials like carpet or drywall have gotten wet than there is little chance of water damage unless humidity stays high for several days. However if a finished basement completely floods water damage is sure to happen unless all water is removed from everything that got wet in less than 72 hours.  Water immediately creates flooding, however there is not necessarily water damage unless the water is sewer. Flooded environments can be dried where there is no water damage as a result if caught in time and dried properly. Wet carpet, wet padding, wet drywall and other materials that are absorbent can still be safely dried in a timely fashion leaving no visual damage.

Water damage by definition is a permanent compromise in appearance or integrity of materials that were once wet and have become dry. Sewer water like fire changes both the integrity and looks of everything it touches. We are very experienced in evaluating items to determine if they have become water damaged and how to document damages for the insurance companies.

We Use The Latest In State Of The Art Technology To Correct Water Damage

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