Water Damage Emergency

5 Steps in Managing a Water Damage Emergency

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  • Structural drying

Water Damage EmergencyWater damage emergencies are one of the most common insurance homeowners claim made each year in the US. Flooding from rivers and streams, broken water pipes, storm damage, sewer backups and sump pump failures can occur at any time. Water damage is one of the most serious home emergencies a property owner can face.

Other sources that threaten properties with flood damage come from our appliances of modern convenience. Dish washers can overflow, leak and flood a kitchen. Refrigerators can have a broken supply line, ice maker or water dispenser that malfunctions allowing unabated water to travel throughout a home.

Quick remediation When a Water Damage Emergency is Discovered is Critical

Just as with a fire it is important to distinguish it quickly to save property, so does quick water removal after flooding reduce damages and prevent further property damage. All water damage emergencies have one thing in common. Acting fast to remove water reduces damages and added repair cost.

The fact that water damage is considered an emergency means it is recognized as a serious, unexpected, and often dangerous situation requiring immediate action. Allowing water damage to remain without action compounds damages and ultimately will cost more in repairs. If a water damage emergency strikes a home, business or commercial property a clear plan for mitigation needs to be introduced immediately.

Flood mitigation contractors specialize in responding as soon as possible when a water damage emergency manifest. Hesitating a day or two before property restoration begins will result in wet carpet delaminating, wet dry wall to perhaps produce mold and structural integrity to be compromised. Most property owners are not prepared for a water damage emergency except for calling the professionals. This is all one needs to do when damage water is found.

Professional Emergency Water Damage Restoration

Action Extraction of Macomb Michigan is a 24 hour emergency water damage restoration and repairs company that knows the value of immediately responding to water damage. Each year we are called by property owners, renters and property management companies to remove water, cleanup, restore and repair after flooding.

When distressed clients call they are connected live to the owner who will go over cost for water damage emergency cleanup and/or immediately dispatch one of our restoration teams. Once on-site one of our IICRC certified professionals will begin water removal using a truck-mount extraction system that quickly eliminates standing water.

4 essential steps when water disasters, sewer backups and water damage emergencies happen

1) Human safety first – keep safe when water is present

Often when water damage emergencies assault property, people are unaware of the dangers that are present. Even a small amount of water can make hard surface floor slick and a slipping hazard. Even if the hard surface flooring is dry, when you walk on wet carpet, your shoes are wet and likely to slip on ceramic tile or smooth flooring.

The contamination level of the water can be threatening to human health if it is from a floor drain. Sewer backups, sump pump failures and stagnant water will be heavily contaminated and human health can be at risk. For instance sewer water has potentially up to 81 viruses that may bring illness to occupants and should be taken seriously.

However, if the amount of water is minimal and a DIY attempt is to be considered, wear rubber gloves, waterproof boots and protective clothing. After the water has been removed and the environment is ready for cleaning, use a disinfectant on all affected surfaces.

2) Electrical hazards from Water

Water damage emergencies inundate property with water and as it migrates throughout a room it picks up dirt and debris. Water itself doesn’t conduct electricity, but the impurities that are suspended in the water make it highly conductive to electricity. When sewage water comes into contact with electricity or even ground water the dangers of electricity are present. Water and electricity dangers are a real hazard when they come into contact with each other. If the water is only an inch deep with an extension cord end lying in the water, electrocution is possible.

When severe water disasters such as a flooded basement happen and there is 1’ of standing water, you must take precaution. You should not walk in the water as the potential for electrocution is high. In such cases a professional water restoration contractor should be called out. In some cases the electricity will need to be disconnected from the property before emergency property mitigation can begin.

If the water damage emergency is a small amount of wet carpet but electrical concerns exist, shut off the electricity by switching off the circuit breakers and unplugging devices.

3) Mold growth Dangers in long term water damage scenarios

When homeowners are away for several days or weeks and come home to flooded property the long term consequences of waters presence can be staggering. Building materials such as dry wall and wood can be affected by mold growth and germs. Building materials can be saturated and badly water damaged and multiple wet materials will need to be discarded. Mold damage removal is a process that will not be necessary when prompt restoration is inacted quickly.

If you look in the room that is wet the signs of mold can be easily seen on the base moldings. Discoloration, black growth or a foreign coloring is indicative of molds presence. The room may have a foul odor as well that was not present before.

In severe cases the water damage emergency should be managed by a professional disaster restoration company that will be able to professionally mitigate the damages. In such instances homeowners insurance should be contacted and an insurance claim made.

4) Stop the Water Damage Emergency from Spreading

In any emergency water damage event it is important to locate the source of the water. If water is heard running it is safe to assume it is a plumbing issue and turn off the water main. Often a toilet supply line, a broken pipe, a malfunctioning appliance or a broken hot water heater could be the culprit. Shutting of the water is the first step in the mitigation process and will immediately stop further water damage.

If you find your home or business with a leaky ceiling, it could be from the level above or the roof. If it is the roof it is recommended to have a roofing professional evaluate the roof for leaks or missing shingles.

5) Contact Your Insurance Company Making a Water Damage Emergency Claim

Homeowners insurance is a vital resource in helping you navigate a water damage emergency. They will give you a claim number that the professional water restorer will use throughout the cleanup and repairs process. The expense for restoration cleanup and repairs will be covered in most cases if you contact them immediately. Waiting can risk having your claim for restoration denied as they would see this as irresponsible.

Calling as soon as the water damage emergency is found will indicate to your insurance company that you are a responsible homeowner. Once they are contacted they will direct you as to what steps to take next. Ask for a claim number as well as the claims adjusters contact information. Requesting they send out the adjuster as soon as possible to document the damage and write a repairs estimate is recommended. Additionally take pictures of all the seen damages as this is required from all insurance companies.

6) Keep detailed records and receipts during the water damage emergency process.

Often in the frenzy of a water related emergency you will need to buy items to assist in the mitigation. If the items are directly related to the recovery of your home these receipts should allow for reimbursement from your insurance carrier. This would also include food and even temporary housing if you were not able to eat of live in your home.

7) Begin Structural Drying as soon as you can

Once water has been removed there are always wet materials still needing to be dried out, Wet carpet will quickly begin to smell if drying is put off. Dry wall and wood base can easily produce mold so beginning drying can keep your home or business free of mold and mildew.

Air movers and a dehumidifier are essential when drying property after a water damage emergency. Air movers are placed to move air which contributes to evaporation. Dehumidifiers are important to remove excessive moisture from the air. Once these devices are set up and placed strategically, drying should take about 3 days. Once the moisture is removed and all wet materials completely dried the chances for mold to develop are eliminated.

During the drying process make sure temperatures are no lower than 72 and no higher than 80. In some situations turning the air conditioning on will be of great assistance in the drying process you’re your furnace has a humidifier make sure bit is turned to off to keep unwanted additional humidity from the air.

When the size of your water damage emergency is large affecting several rooms it may be best to allow a flood mitigation company do the structural drying. They will have moisture detection instruments and professional grade equipment to rid the environment from humidity and expedite quick drying.

8) Professional Restoration Services

The repercussions of a water damage emergency can take time and skill to remedy that only the professionals are equipped to navigate. Consider Action Extraction of Macomb for the best flood damage cleanup, restoration and repairs in Michigan. DIY remedies are not free of unexpected complications that will require experience to resolve.

Moisture from flooding can get into places the naked eye can’t see or find easily. The professionals have all the necessary scientific moisture meters to locate trapped moisture in materials that can produce mold and mildew.

Contacting a professional like Action Extraction restoration may prove to be the best decision you make after finding a water damage emergency. They serve all Macomb, Oakland and St, Clare Michigan area and have local certified technicians standing ready to be dispatched. Providing water recovery service for over 30 years they are available for water removal, contents management, restoration, structural drying, mold mitigation and structural drying 24/7.

They will be able to assist in determining what is salvageable and what things should be discarded. Damaged property such as electronics, documents, personnel belongings and sentimental items need to be documented and evaluated. The professionals can handle these important required steps efficiently and effectively. Equally helpful is their experience at managing homeowner insurance claims. They specialize in managing each step in the claims process and getting property owners their money fast.

Contact us today for your water damage restoration needs if you are experiencing a water damage emergency. Action Extraction restoration is Michigan’s most trusted firm for all your residential restoration and commercial mitigation needs.

Call us today (586) 949-4448 to learn how we can assist you in the restoration and repairs your home or business and bring back the peace of mind you deserve.