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Sterling Heights sewer backup

Spring time in Michigan is a welcomed season after a long winter. However, the predictable showers, rainstorms and rising water tables cause many homes to experience a Sterling Heights sewer backup. Basements that become inundated with sewer water must be serviced immediately to deal with the pathogenic nature of this health threatening water to keep occupants health from being compromised.

What should homeowners do if they have a Sterling Heights sewer backup?

Because transmitting germs occurs when you touch contaminated items or track them into uncontaminated areas on shoes it is best to avoid the environment and open windows to allow for fresh air. Turn off furnace or air conditioners and call Action Extraction Inc. We are a Michigan leader for sewer water cleanup with over 25 year serving Macomb, Oakland and all of Southeast MI. Our courteous emergency response team will implement the critical steps to prevent loss of property and further contamination of the home. We first address the drain to fix what caused the Sterling Heights sewer backup and assure it will not happen again.

How does Action Extraction Inc. clean after a Sterling Heights sewer backup?

First we utilize the latest state of the art equipment to high pressure steam wash all floors and surfaces. Next we sterilize all affected areas applying plant based anti-fungal chemicals and evaluate all personnel contents that may have become exposed in the Sterling Heights sewer backup. Once these  steps have been introduced we will test all walls and building materials for exposure, remove contaminated items and set up an air purifying system to remove e-coli and other germs.

What is in the water of a Sterling Heights sewer back up?

Sewer water contains an abundance of microbial growths, bacteria, fungi, molds and pathogenic organisms. Once this water settles in the home after a Sterling Heights sewer backup time is not on your side and the need for professional service cannot be overstated. Action Extraction Inc. has been Michigan's frontrunner in managing high risk environments and specializes in working with the insurance industry in getting homes that have a Sterling Heights sewer backup covered.

3 Steps that may prevent a Sterling Heights sewer backup.

1)      Have a plumber clean the drain. If they discover roots and organic blockages have a camera evaluate the drain system for damages. If no damage than get on a yearly schedule for cleaning that may keep your basement from experiencing a Sterling Heights sewer back up.

2)      Be careful to toss nothing in your toilet that could create a blockage, feminine products, paper towels, etc.

3)      Avoid putting meat drippings like bacon grease down your kitchen sink. You may use hot water and have a garbage disposal, however once the grease gets cooled it blocks pipes.