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When you Need Professionals to Manage Flood Damage

Professional water damage restoration is an emergency service that is normally related to an unexpected event that creates unwanted water in a home or business. Homeowners or business owners are without prior notice surprised to discover water has arrived inside their property and each hour water remains the greater the chances for severe water damage and mold.

As soon as water damage is found a professional water damage restoration company should be contacted. The first step is scope of damage assessment of the water damaged area. This is required because the human eye is unable to locate all areas that could still be wet. Materials such as carpet, dry wall, sub-flooring and cabinetry will not be capable of being evaluated without the use of moisture meters and equipment that is capable of locating the presence of water.

Once the damages have been assessed by a trained professional  a full scale plan for the best and most proficient and dollar saving strategy should be made. This must incorporate each aspect of the damage restoration project, such as removing the standing water to disinfecting all surfaces and finally drying all wet materials.

The latest and most cutting edge equipment in the industry is necessary if optimal results are desired. Water should be removed with truck-mount extraction systems instead of old portable machines that one may rent from a hardware store. Truck-mount systems are capable of suction that can remove water from both carpet and pad.

Contaminated water damaged environment must be treated with anti-microbial agents that are able to completely disinfect against all germs and molds. Plant-based botanicals are the safest for indoor use and are completely safe for humans.

Lastly is the drying process which should utilize the efficacious tools for rapid humidity removal such as air movers, dehumidifiers and air scrubbing devices.

Once these required services have been put in place it is essential to evaluate the drying of all wet materials through daily monitoring. Once these necessary steps have all been brought into the drying chamber as a protocol, than drying should only take 3 days. There are times when things like hard wood floors, wet ceramic tile and plaster will need specialty drying equipment to fully restore to a dry material. Professional water damage restoration companies are equipped with such tools.

Professional Water Repair Sources

Professional water damage restoration is often necessary from commonly used items of convenience that inadvertently fail and become sources for water damage. Dishwashers are wonderful and convenient appliances, but when they malfunction and create a dishwasher flood disaster. Water supply lines to sinks, toilets and ice makers can burst, plumbing water pipes can break and washing machines can become faulty and overflow. The worst case situations for water damage restoration service are when sewers and sump pumps backups, toilets over flow and raw sewage backs up from a broken sewer pipe or drain.

Whatever the cause of your water damage emergency it is amply important to have it classified correctly in order to assign the right strategy for success. In some situations the materials that are normally saved and restored, must be removed and replaced all depending on the classification of the water. Professional valuation cannot be overstated.

An example of the importance of using a professional is easily understood using an example of medical health. For instance, in the medical field malpractice can happen with even a skilled physician that is trained. If this can happen than think what might happen following the advice of a handyman or carpet cleaning company. The ongoing education in the field of water damage is changing all the time and having a cursory grasp on procedure is a sure way to create a mold infested and health threatening contaminated environment. Seeking a local certified  restoration company is the only way to experience an optimal restoration process. Most offer a free estimate allowing you to know what the water damage restoration cost will be.

Levels of contamination in water damage restoration

Not all water is created equal when it comes to water damage in a home or business. According to the IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification), which is the recognized organization that crafts the accepted standards in the water damage restoration industry, there are 3 different types of water that create damage. Each one has its own distinctive set of criteria to remediate. These rules of engagement also insure the care of the inhabitants relative to human health, which must always be priority one.

The 3 levels recognized in the water damage restoration industry are as follows:

Category 1) Water commonly thought of as fresh water from a sanitary source. Sources include faucets, toilet fresh water tanks, drinking fountains, hot water heaters, water plumbing supply lines.  This level of impurity is little when discovered rather soon and is the least menacing to human health. Although swift service must be presented as this water will soon contaminate and in as little as 72 hours become the next type of water damage.

Category 2) Water often referred to as grey water because it is not free of pollutants both organic and particulate. The amount of contamination is rather high and has the potential to develop mold as well as a threat to human health. Several samples of this water damage would be a discharge line from a dish washer or washing machine, water from an aquarium, water from a sink or tub over flow,  water that has come in from a roof leak or a sump pump well. This water has a degree of impurity that quickly becomes worse by the hour.

Category 3) This water is more dangerous than any type of water to enter a home or business. The measure of contamination is extremely great and is also known as black water. The risk to human health is very high and the water is so unhygienic that the thought of saving things like dry wall, carpeting, paneling, flooring and cabinetry after becoming wet is against all recognized standards and complete removal essential. Because the water is living with both bacterial and viral dangers the threat to human health must be taken very seriously. Sources of this type water damage are: sewer drain backup, sewer pipe break, toilet clog that backs up, flooding from rivers, streams and water from a roof that has bird droppings. This water is pathogenic and can cause serious illness or death,

Water Damage Restoration Credentials For Service

All dependable water damage restoration companies are going to be certified and have the credentials for repairing water damaged property. Such is the case with Action Extraction located in Macomb MI. They have been an IICRC certified water damage restoration firm since there beginning in 1988. They have been a Michigan leader for over 26 years and present their credentials to perspective clients immediately upon arrival to an emergency water damage site. Owner Charles Bingham says there is no more important piece of information to present to new customers that the fact that you are a certified firm possessing the latest and most crucial technical information on safely drying wet property.

Professional water damage restoration MI

While there may be local handymen, plumbers and carpet cleaners the fact remains that if they are not continuing in the education offered by the IICRC and/or are certified to carry on such service, you will be in jeopardy. Just as it is not prudent to have a dentist perform a hernia surgery or use a health practitioner as an oncologist for cancer, you shouldn’t use individuals in related fields that are not expert.

Water damage repairs

Once the professional water damage restoration procedure has been finished, repairs can begin. If the water damage restoration method has not been completed and all known wet materials dried and disinfected, than repairs must wait. In some instances reconstruction has absorbed moisture and become moldy, due to water still being present in wood substrates.

Typically insurance companies will have an insurance claims adjuster write a repairs estimate for the correction of the damages. It is critical to have the repairs the adjuster identifies as essential be the same as the company you have selected to do work. If there is no contract than the amount of money will be less and customers may be over charged by suppliers.

Professional Emergency Restoration Should Be Immediate.

When water damage is found it is vital to know you have just staggered into an emergency needful of prompt and immediate attention. Water is a form of energy that like fire continues making damage till it’s presence is removed. Until all moisture is gone and humidity limited the possibility for further property damage remains. Human health is put at high risk as well due to the likelihood that mold and microbial growths easily develop with the manifestation of water.

If you need a certified restoration company to appraise your water damaged property in Michigan than call Action Extraction Inc. They are a Michigan leader and have local technicians standing by 24/7 to respond with exceptional assistance when you call. Call Now! 800-713-4333

Visual signs that make water damage restoration urgent

Often with long term exposure to water in a home or business there will be visual evidences that should not be ignored. Water spots in dry wall that particularly appear darker after it rains, dark stains on walls or ceilings, smells that are alien to normal and high humidity that accumulates on windows.

All these signs may go unnoticed for a season of time and gradually spread and get worse. Sometimes they are ignored because they are thought of as something not serious or just a normal part of wear and tear. However long, molds spread throughout the living space creating health problems that should be taken seriously. Some symptoms caused by mold allergies are watery, itchy eyes, a chronic cough, headaches or migraines, difficulty breathing, rashes, tiredness, sinus problems, nasal blockage and frequent sneezing.

Finding a reputable restoration contractor is often done using an internet search engine. Typing in the words: “professional water damage restoration near me” will display multiple emergency damage water firms that can manage the cleanup. In Michigan Action Extraction of Macomb is the highest ranked restoration company in all Southeast Michigan. Our professionals are ready to respond 24/7 day or night.