What April Showers Mean for Oakland County MI Sewers and Basements

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The record amount of rain that Oakland County MI receives in the spring means more for homeowners than just gloomy days. As we continue to see heavy downpours, insurance companies are receiving more and more calls about Oakland County MI flooded basement restoration. Flooded basements in Oakland County MI can be caused by rainwater seeping into your basement due to no sealing or poor quality sealing of the floor joint. Additionally, severe storms combined with improper drain care can cause sewer backups that can spell disaster for your basement. Many people think after a sewer backup, simply cleaning up their basement or getting rid of the water themselves can solve their problem and save them money at the same time. This could not be further from the truth. If a sewer backup occurs it could mean that your current drain system has experienced cracks or may even have a severe clog somewhere. Unless you are a skilled professional, it is unwise to try and diagnose the cause of an Oakland County MI sewer backup by yourself as you may be letting a serious problem with your drain system go undetected and expose your home to more damage in the long run.

The Importance of Quick Response to Oakland County MI Sewer BackupsOaklan-County-MI-Sewer-Basement

Whenever you notice sewer water in your home, it is vital that you get a professional to assess the situation immediately. Oakland County MI sewer backups can cause your basement to become inundated with sewer water which poses a great number of health risks. Action Extraction respondes 24/7 to water damage, sewer backups, sump pump failures, toilet overflows and all water damage losses in Oakland, Macomb and all Southeast MI.

What is Lurking in Oakland County MI Sewer Water?

Oaklan-County-MI-Sewer-BasementSewer water contains countless amounts of bacteria, viruses, organic matter and microbial growths that you certainly do not wish to expose your home, children, or pets to. These types of pathogens are not something that your typical household cleaners can eradicate on their own not to mention the immediate affect on indoor air that occurs when a sewer backs up. An extremely thorough cleaning of all surfaces and materials can be done by homeowners; however there is no way to remove the germs in the air short of a professional air filtration unit.

Indoor air and how it becomes contaminated when a Sewer Backs Up

Oakland-County-MI-Sewer-BasementTime becomes a factor when a sewer backs up in Oakland County MI. As soon as a backup occurs the indoor air environment in your home immediately becomes thruster into a state of emergency due to air borne contamination. It is common to have occupants suffer from respiratory issues weeks after a Oakland County MI sewer backup if air is not treated. Action Extraction immediately begins to the use of HEPA air filtration systems that are capable of removing disease causing pathogens from the air to insure you, your family and family pets are safe. When these appropriate measures are done after a sewer backup, occupants are going to have an indoor air environment that will keep them from breathing airborne pathogens.

Why Action Extraction for your Oakland County MI Sewer Back Up

Oakland-County-MI-Sewer-BasementAction Extraction Inc. provides high quality service when it comes to confronting Oakland County MI sewer backups and flooded basements. Our experts immediately sanitize the affected areas to eliminate the exposure to harmful pathogens both on the surface and in the air by using our top of the line equipment and tools. Additionally, we begin assessing the damage to your drain system and home immediately so that we can create a plan of action to make certain that your home does not experience any more damage. Worried about dealing with your insurance company? No need. We pride ourselves on working with all insurance companies as an advocate for you. When it comes to flood restoration services, Action Extraction Inc. is the only name you need. Don't let your Oakland County MI basement suffer due to April showers without calling us. 800-713-4333