Flooded Basement Cleanup Restoration and Repairs Harrison TwpFlooded Basement Restoration and Cleaning Harrison Twp. MI

A flooded basement can be a homeowner’s worst nightmare. Whether it happens because of heavy rain, a sewer backup or failed sump pump the overriding concern is the cleanup process so you don’t develop mold. If you need flooded basement restoration in Harrison Twp. because your basement looks like a pond, we are available to Help!

Our professionals are all IICRC certified in flood damage restoration and have served the Harrison Twp. community for over 30 years. We provide water extraction, contents cleaning, sanitizing and structural drying when water emergencies happen 24/7 day or night. We are a premiere flood restoration company who’s experienced experts can bring the corrective action you need, quickly. Beginning the restoration service as soon as possible minimizes damage and reduces the chances of mold developing.

Insurance Claims Made Simple

Flooded basement restoration Harrison Twp. MIIf the flood cleanup cost are excessive and you choose to make a homeowners claim than we will guide each step, making the experience simple and hassle free. Our experience will get you your full coverage and your money FAST!

Affordable / Immediate Response / 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Action Extraction has been a Michigan leader in disaster relief from flood damage for over 30 years. We have an impeccable record for turning all types of water damage emergencies into managed, safe and sanitary environments. This is all done with cutting edge technology and the latest techniques in restoration.

There is no water crisis we have not seen and our experience emergency crews know to implement each necessary step to produce the best flooded basement restoration in Harrison Twp. available.

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Our Harrison Twp. Restoration Technicians

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The most important decision you can make after discovering a flood emergency in Harrison Twp. is choosing the right company. We are a 5-star rated restoration firm with google’s highest customer service rating.  


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What 24 Hour Emergency Flood Service Do You Need?

Flooded Basement Emergency Response Team Harrison Twp.

Action Extraction responds to flood emergencies in Harrison Twp. when they happen day or night. Because mold begins to grow in as little as 48 hours from the time water enters the home, water removal and humidity control must begin as soon as possible. Flooded Basement Restoration and Cleaning in Harrison Twp. MIWhen you call, you will be promptly connected live to the owner. He will gladly answer all of your questions and dispatch our local emergency response team.

Our experienced team will be highly trained and  IICRC certified, having a detailed approach to remedy the water damaged basement . Upon their arrival in one of our fully lettered trucks, they will begin the free evaluation of your property.

Using scientific moisture detection meters we will quickly discover the scope of the flood damage. Any trapped or hidden moisture we be addressed in our detailed estimate.

Why Call Action Extraction for your Flooded Harrison Twp. Basement?

Flooded Basement Restoration and Cleaning in Harrison Twp. MI

When water damage occurs and difficult choices have to be made it is important to choose the right flood restoration company. If you merely type in a google search the words, “flood cleanup near me” and call the first company, you may be sorry.

Not so with Action Extraction, our reputation has been proudly built over a 30 year career. From 1988 when we were founded to today, we have been a certified firm, utilizing cutting edge equipment to achieve superior cleaning results.

There are several restoration companies with eye-candy web sites that boast service second to none, however, buyer beware! If there exist no quality 5-star reviews, than keep looking. The wrong company can make things go from bad to worse fast and failure to restore properly will lead to mold, mildew and other dangerous germs.

All our restoration service reviews are 5-star with many personally mentioning the names of each tech that worked at the project site. Each of our employees takes pride in their work knowing it is their responsibility to earn your trust by being professional and courteous at all times.

Knowing Insurance Claims Matters

Often insurance carriers will refuse to pay for services that are not performed to industry standards or were not documented correctly. Insurance companies will also deny coverage if the cause and date of loss is not clearly stated in the presented documents.

Our professionals know from the minute we evaluate your home, exactly what measures have to be taken to get you covered and keep you covered. Flooded basement restoration in Harrison Twp. must be documented with pictures and drying charts if insurance carriers are to cover the cleanup cost. We have an unblemished record in dealing with insurance companies as an advocate for the insured and we get our clients covered and their money Fast!

We offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee that has become our pledge: “The Action Extraction Reaction is Satisfaction or there’s no Financial Transaction”. From the first phone conversation to the final handshake, we will be to completely committed to customer satisfaction and making your home safe once again.

Why Harrison Twp. Basements Flood


Basements naturally attract moisture and water being the lowermost point in any home or business. It is estimated that most homes will experience some degree of water damage at some point in the Harrison Twp. MI area.

Basements in Harrison Twp. may experience a backup with sewer water, if roots infiltrate the drain system from a tree that is in proximity to drain. Another type of flooding that regularly occurs in Harrison Twp. is when a home’s basement has a sump pump failure that often arises from a power failure or malfunction of the pump. Still others may become flooded from a leaking hot water heater, washing machine malfunction or burst water line. Whatever the source, when flooded basements happen, it usually is at the worst time possible: vacations, holidays, anniversaries and birthdays. Few people see it coming and water damage is always a tremendous inconvenience to say the least.

Flooded Basement Cleanup can be a Stress Free Experience


When basements flood it is normal to undergo feelings of panic and worry. We see the stress and disappointment in the eyes of homeowners each week who have discovered there valuable possessions floating in water. If your home has flooded and you are desperately needing flooded basement restoration in Harrison Twp., PLEASE DO NOT PANIC!

Action Extraction has a response time often less than an hour and when we arrive everything will change for the better. We will take charge of everything needing management to allow you the piece of mind you deserve after finding water on your property.

Once our crews begin service you will see the great care they take to deliver the very best restoration experience you could have hoped for. The essential steps of water removal, disinfecting and drying of the wet building materials, will all happen on the same day as we arrive.

We have compassionate and courteous professionals that will respond quickly to assist you and manage with confidence the restoration of your Harrison Twp. home.

Because mold, mildew and other dangerous microorganisms will begin to develop in 48 hours from the time water enters a home, it is important to act quickly. The water damage that can result from waiting is much worse than the initial damage from the flood water itself.


Action Extraction has restored flooded properties in Harrison Twp. from all types of water damage. There is not a water damage scenario imaginable, we have not restored to new condition.

If flood water has come all the way up to the first step of your stairs and your entire basement including the circuit power box is under water, WE CAN FIX IT! We have plumbers, electricians, HVAC specialist, mechanical engineers, carpenters and other certified trades to fully manage even the most problematic project.

Flooded Basement Restoration and Cleaning in Harrison Twp.

Insurance Claims are Stress Free Experiences

Action Extraction has never had an insurance adjuster refuse to pay for the services we perform. We have routinely gotten coverage for individuals that have been initially denied or told there was no coverage for their water damage emergency.

Flooded-Basement-Insurance-Harrison-Twp-MI-InsuranceWe have experience in this industry that equips us to successfully manage your claim from the first phone call to checks being issued. We are recognized by the insurance carriers as professionals that deal honestly and with integrity. From documentation, to pictures, moisture mapping to carefully explaining your water damage loss, we are successful at insurance claims.

We are trained in the software for that the insurance companies use for pricing so at no time is their a concern on pricing. We are insurance repair specialist and we will navigate you through a stress free flooded basement restoration and cleaning in Harrison Twp. MI

Flooded Basement Restoration after a Sewer Backup.

Flooded basement restoration from a sewer backup

Finding a finished basement under water from a sewer drain backup is a nightmare of grave proportion. There is no type of water any more dangerous to its occupants than sewer water. When drains backup the water immediately places the property in a state of emergency because of what is carried in the mess. Bacteria, e-coli, dangerous chemicals and 81 viruses capable of causing human health risk.

Symptoms of sewer water presence can occur in as little as 24 hours. Itchy eyes, runny noses and a dry cough. Any wet carpet, dry wall or wood building materials must be removed as soon as possible as they are beyond the scope of restoration.

We will immediately contain your property placing an air filtration system up that will eliminated molds and air borne contaminates from the air. Our flooded basement restoration in Harrison Twp. also will include an application of a “green” plant-based germ killing agent that will disinfect all surfaces.

We Utilize the Latest in State of the Art Technology

Success in business is often said to be “location, location, location”. To succeed in drying flooded basements requires “equipment, equipment, equipment”. Action Extraction uses the newest available in the industry for flooded basement restoration in Harrison Twp. MI. We have specialty equipment for drying walls, wood floors, carpet and any building material that is wet.

As well we offer Insta Duct Systems a controlled thermal energy product no one else in the Michigan area offers, for hard to dry environments.

Flooded Basement Restoration and Cleaning in Harrison Twp. MI

Flooding in Harrison Twp MI is a very common occurrence especially after a heavy rain or melting snow. If you are experiencing a flood damage emergency and need an immediate response team that is qualified and courteous, then call now 800-713-4333.

If your basement flooding is just a few sq. ft. of wet carpet, than check out our page on how to clean a flooded basement.