Contacting an Electrician After a Flood

An Electrical Contractor Needs To Be Called After A Flood

If your property has experienced flooding and water may have come into contact with the electrical, you might need to employ the services of an electrical contractor. When you contact an electrician after a flood you are optimizing the flood damage restoration results and managing what some completely forget about. Water and electricity do not mix!

Having water damage in your home or business will certainly make you think of security initially since it is a significant variable. Water and electricity do not blend well and are a volatile and potentially life threatening combination.

It can be an abundantly unsafe scenario if your properties electrical wiring as well as electric system has been splashed by water or come into contact with moisture. When this occurs after flood damage the water damage mitigation company should contact an electrician after the flood.

Inspecting the Property after a flood.

It needs to be immediately known during the flood restoration evaluation if water has come into contact with electrical outlets and wiring. When it has a certified electrical contractor needs to be found in your area to evaluate your residence or commercial property for safety concerns. Contacting an electrician after a flood should not be neglected and has proven to be a lurking problem waiting to manifest.

When they arrive they will be equipped with scientific instruments that will allow them to see if there exist any compromises in the efficiency of the service. They should not only evaluate the direct area where the flood damage manifested but also the circuitry and also electric box. Contacting an electrician after a flood may discover a potential catastrophic issue to be serviced. This could save you from an electrical fire.

Additional Reasons to Contact an Electrician after a Flood

When the electrician is on site it is imperative they also look for various other troubles with the electrical energy of your property. Often the electrical wiring in your house may need to be removed and replaced and completely changed out after a flood.

It is equally important to have the evaluation of your electrical service performed by a licensed electrician and not just a handyman. If the proper evaluation is not performed potential hazards may go undetected and impending dangers could still exist.

Immediate Electrical Action During a Flood

Once water damage manifest and there is standing water that has migrated through a main floor and deluged to a floor beneath, action needs to happen. Because water may have come into contact with power in wiring or receptacles it is recommended to turn off the power if it is safe. If water is nowhere near your electrical box and you are not standing in water, begin to shut down the electrical in the rooms that are affected by water damage.

In catastrophic flooding situations where everything in sight is dripping and it is known to be a hazardous environment, Stay Away at all Cost!

Contact a local water damage cleanup firm in your area and they will have their licensed electrical contractor remove the primary electric button from the back of the property and once detached, all electrical power will be shut off. This is the only safe way to manage such water drenched electrical and assure human safety after a water intrusion.

Additionally when damages are so great that multiple rooms are wet it is a great idea to contact a professional restorer for an evaluation as this will reduce the chances of having to have mold mitigation service in the future.

Additional Required Action After a Flood

If water is collected safely in one area only, but is slowly migrating further into property, find the main water shut off and turn water off. Once this happens try to eliminate all standing water from your residence before it makes its way to electrical appliances.

Also attempt to dry your water damaged residential or commercial property by opening doors and windows if the outside weather is cooperative. If the season of your flood damage incident in not permitting favorable conditions for drying you may need a few fans to circulate air forcing drying.

Of course in large water losses where many sq. ft. of property have gotten wet, a local professional water restorer is advised. Drying your house is extremely crucial. Every one of these points discussed ought to be done by a certified electrical contractor for security factors. Action Extraction of Macomb is your one stop contractor for all flood damage related support. They have emergency restoration technicians that respond 24/7 day or night as well as mechanical engineers, electricians, plumbers and more. Call today at 800-713-4333.

Contacting an Electrician after a Flood for Safety.

An electrical expert needs to go throughout your property to do the necessary services to allow the residence to comply with all points for safety. An electrical expert needs to clean your electric box as well as examine it, they need to look and also see if there are any busted components as well as wiring they may have become subjected to water. They must examine all electrical outlets, receptacles, fuse as well as breaker boxes, and also evaluate all electrical devices such as smoke alarms as well as thermostats that water has actually reached. They must additionally examine all electrical wiring that most likely to buttons and also electrical outlets in your house. An electrical expert ought to be extremely thorough when inspecting your house for water damages.

Other Mechanic Items to Evaluate

In addition to contacting and electrician after a flood for inspections related to electricity, their expertise should also examine every one of your electric systems and appliances. If they are not equipped to manage such testing your water restoration contractor should have a qualified electronics company come in for the inspection.

These professionals are well versed in finding water damaged appliances and creating a detailed description of any of the damages found. This will be especially helpful if you have made a water loss claim as insurance carriers will require such documentation.

The appliances as well as the mechanical systems need to be investigated for damage. Professionals need to evaluate your hot water heater, heat pump, heater, all other electrical related devices and also water conditioners. Your electrical expert ought to likewise look for electric shorts in your house as well as the grounding of all circuits. An electrical expert ought to examine all circuits as well as change them if required. They must ensure all electrical systems are operating properly in your house.


When you have flood damage in your home or business it is best to allow the water damage repair company to contact their electrician after the flood. This will ensure you have one that is experienced in water damage and knows the restoration business.

These experienced professionals will have a keen eye for detail and will undoubtedly make certain that your residence is secure for you as well as your household to reside in. Water that enters into your home or business can harm your electric system and also create stark trouble that only a certified electrical contractor can deal with. Shield your household by contacting an electrician after a flood and feel confident you have made the right decision. Having an electrical expert evaluate, fix and replace damaged and compromised components is the only way to ensure the future safety of your property.

If you have had recent flooding in your residence and the mitigation repairs have been completed, however, the electrical has not been addressed, you may need additional service. No water restoration process is complete if water damaged electrical was not managed and/or serviced for repair.

Sometimes it is not the direct contact with the flood water that creates the damages to the electrical but the high moisture. Often after flooding moisture infiltrates the air at high densities and can become harmful to electrical components and in particular computers.

Damp conditions after a water loss have been known to corrode and compromise electrical circuits and components making it smart to contact an electrician after a flood.