When is water damage restoration neededIt is commonly believed there are 5 basic human needs for life: oxygen, water, food, shelter and sleep. These 5 needs are unassailable truths and a prolonged absence of anyone one of them will prove tragic. However some things in life are not clearly seen as a need. Does a tooth ache, itchy blemish or sore throat need a doctor? Does a little water found in your home need a professional restoration company? When is water damage restoration needed?

Children playing hard knock over an aquarium and get water all over a beautifully carpeted room. A hot water heater burst and leaves a basement half wet. Does a little water in your carpet and pad really need a professional or should you attempt to be resourceful and manage the clean up yourself? When is water damage restoration needed?

You have options

When water damage is discovered in a home or business the owner is wise to protect the integrity of the property by taking immediate action. The important thing is to know what signs to look for so you don’t allow the possibility of unseen water presence to create mold.  Mold is a small invisible spore that travels and spreads introducing health threatening germs into the living space where occupants can be at risk. The time to ask the question “when is water damage restoration needed?” is before mold is discovered.

What signs to look for to know you need a Professional

Most all professional water damage companies offer free inspections of your water damaged property, so it makes sense to consider professional assistance even when you don’t think it is a need. To error on the side of presumption has come back to bite a few people when mold was eventually found growing on walls. Professionals have experience and specialty equipment to detect hidden water in materials that the naked eye cannot see.

Here are some sure signs you need a professional

  • Water has been present for at least 3 days
  • There are strong smells in the air
  • There is visible water staining on building materials
  • The base moldings are detaching from the wall base
  • The size affected is over 200 sq. ft.
  • Water has come into contact with dry wall or paneling
  • You see spots that look suspicious
  • Wet pad does not dry with fans

When is Water Damage Restoration Needed?

Some water damage is so devastating that it is obvious you are needing emergency restoration from a professional. If you have experienced a sewer backup in a finished basement, a toilet overflow, a broken water pipe that has affected several floors or if you have come home from a vacation to discover water running out your front door, you know to call a professional water damage restoration company.

Even when you don’t see evidence for water damage it can be happening. In Shelby MI a gentleman woke up to a loud crashing sound and when he finally ran down stairs, he found his entire ceiling had fallen down. The scene was devastating, book shelves were destroyed, a grand piano collapsed from the heavy weight of wet plaster falling on it and there were no prior signs for concern.

A week earlier he was putting in a new medicine cabinet in the upstairs bath room, his choice of hardware, nails. As he was pounding in the last one he felt it hit something. He ominously thought, “I hit a water pipe”, but because nothing noticeable happened he believed all was well. At least for several days. His worst imagination was correct, he did hit and puncture a water pipe which in turn began to leak very slowly being absorbed into the plaster ceiling. After several days of water being absorbed from the ceiling, the weight of it finally forced it to collapse and fall. Such a devastating water damage event required a professional restoration company. It is not only major events as this when water damage restoration is needed, sometimes it is before the water emergency manifest.

This kind of story is regularly lived out when a person does not feel they have any water damage to be concerned about, yet it is happening without them knowing. We have had customers that one day began to notice the seams on their wood or laminate floors were starting to lift and spread open. Later a slow leak from the refrigerator water line was found that slowly was being absorbed into the floors.

Routine maintenance is the best prevention and has saved countless dollars in water mitigation expense because it was found before it could make significant damage. Every few days you should walk down into the basement to inspect if all is well and dry. Some have discovered their sewer drains backed up or a small water supply line was leaking for days without a musty smell of mildew or mold.

If your home has a sump pump in the basement lift the plastic top cover and look down into the sump well to make sure the pump is working. Check around the basement exterior walls to be sure there is no foundation leak letting water in. Check under your kitchen sink cabinet to be sure there are no leaks from a supply line or the p-trap drain assembly. Don’t forget to look at each floor drain you may have in your basement or main floor if your house is built on a slab to be sure they are not backing up. If you have detected a new foul odor that cannot be identified or see water staining in your ceilings or walls, call a professional.

Mold is a serious health threat and grows in areas where there is high humidity, stagnate air and no UV light. When it begins to manifest it can spread quickly and produce its spores throughout your home.

When is water damage restoration needed

Water damage restoration is needed when basements flood and water comes into contact with dry wall or base moldings. These wet materials can linger with moisture for days and produce germs, smell, mold and staining in less than 48 hours. Water damage restoration is needed when a sewer drain backs up because this is pathogenic water and germs need to be killed and the environment could be exposed up to 81 different harmful viruses. If a toilet overflows and water deluges down into a basement area, water damage restoration should be done to make sure the different flooring layers that were exposed to the water are dry and structural integrity of the home is maintained.

Sometimes the correct answer to “when is water damage restoration needed?” is anytime water ends up in your home where it is not wanted. It is important to keep in mind that the naked eye cannot see hidden or trapped water in materials and there are restoration companies in every city that provide free inspections of your property. This is great news to the homeowner because in getting a free inspection from a professional who is equip with specialty inspection equipment, you will know for sure if you do or do not need water damage restoration.

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