What To do When basement floods in Warren

It is difficult to imagine something worse than discovering a pool of water in your Warren basement. Water from a sewer drain backup or storm drain will do intense damage especially to basements that have been finished to be living spaces. Let’s examine what to do when basement floods in Warren.

The first thing to realize is basement flooding is no new event in the life of homeowners. Years ago when flooding took place people would stay home from school and work and families would toil the evening away removing all pooling water and drying as best they could.

Fortunately times have changed and professional restoration companies exist that are on call 24/7 to manage emergency cleaning when flooding happens. These professionals know what to do when basement floods in Warren and are equipped to handle all types of water damage scenarios.

Call the Right Team – When Basement Floods in Warren

The very first thing you should do when your basement floods in Warren is find a highly rated IICRC certified restoration company that has many years of experience. Action Extraction restoration is 5-star rated in customer satisfaction and has over 30 years in hands on experience bringing instant assistance when basement flooding happens.

The professional technicians Action Extraction employs have each cleaned over 1,000 floods individually, and are equipped to turn any water damage nightmare into a triumph of cleaning technology. With over 40 years in combined skills, the team of experts in flood restoration is eager to assist in all forms of basement cleanup and structural drying. This inimitable knowledge makes them second to none in restoration when basement floods in Warren.

Why Professionals When Basement Floods in Warren?

What is the important aspect homeowners are attempting to achieve when they call to get professional help? A job managed to high standards that would allow the peace of mind all homeowners would want. They also know that flooded basement cleanup companies are trained in standards that will keep their families safe from mold.

When flooded basement cleanup is handled by professionals the flooded basement cleanup cost may vary with each company. If they are an insurance specialist like Action Extraction then the cost for cleanup is determined by the insurance company, allowing prices to be controlled by the party paying for the cleanup.

Understanding the damage Water can manufacture

Water like fire can be a force for good or destruction. Rampant rivers sculpt out canyons through solid rock and large glaciers produced the great lakes. This powerful force can be just as overwhelming when it assaults your downstairs space known as a basement.

When basements flood in Warren the standing water must not be permitted to languish untreated because each moment it is allowed to remain stagnate is another minute of destructive energy doing damage to your home. By beginning flooded basement cleanup as soon as possible will minimize the damages caused by water.

What Might Happen When Basements Flood in Warren?

As water makes its way throughout a basement when flooding occurs it will naturally pick up contaminates as it migrates. When it is left untreated a breeding ground for harmful microorganisms begins to grow and amplify increasing the possibility for mold and mildew.

Saturated contents and structural materials off gas moisture into the air, greatly increasing the relative humidity and the point at which surfaces begin to condensate. In as little as 48 hours molds can be introduced into the air and spread each time air movement is introduced. Each time someone walks through the room and each time the HVAC system turns on, mold spores are spreading.

To avoid having increased flooded basement cleanup cost, it is vital you hire a qualified and knowledgeable team to work with placing a high premium on the well being of you, your family and your property.

Before the Flooded basement repair Begins

Never mess with anything related to electrical power. Stay away from the basement altogether if there are any power cords that might be still plugged in. The professionals will do the necessary things to make sure there are no electrical concerns, so stay away if there any electrical concerns. If you are certain there are no dangers than there are a few things you can do when basement floods in Warren.

The first thing to do before help arrives is to protect valuables from flooded basement water. This can be done by, moving certain items to a non-affected area and carefully taking other items out of the basement and storing them upstairs or in the garage for a temporary time.

Contacting the Insurance Carrier When basement floods in Warren

It is recommended for various reasons to wait on calling the insurance company till the experts arrive. The professionals at Action Extraction are specialist at insurance restoration and will evaluate the flooded basement first to examine the damages and outline the particular details so you can speak with your insurance company armed with accurate information.

Once you know where the water came from the type of water and the extent of the damages to your property, then you can make your call. Not all basement water backups are covered under your homeowner’s insurance so it is important to have your insurance papers ready for our professional team to review with you when we arrive. Let us go through some of the potential insurance loss coverage. We will look through your policy and see if you are covered if you have a sewer backup or ground water flood from a drain.

When a basement floods in Warren from any of your plumbing fixtures or water pipes this is fresh municipal water that insurance companies consider as part of your dwelling. Simply put, you will more than likely have coverage for the flooded basement cleanup cost. That means if water spewing from a hot water tank flooded your Warren basement you are fully covered. If your dish washer has a malfunction and floods your kitchen and it deluges to produce a flooded basement you are fully covered.

Basements That Floor From Drain Backups

Water that intrudes your home through a sewer or storm drain or a sump well is considered differently to the insurance company than that of fresh water and may not be covered. Nearly every time these claims require a special addendum to your homeowner’s policy. Backup water is not a part of your home and is like an intruder and in order for the insurance carrier to cover such restoration, you need a special policy.

This type of coverage will add a small amount of extra money to the policy and will allow a range of coverage from 2,500 dollars to as much as 25,000 dollars. Unfortunately for many of the homeowner’s we speak to regularly, they do not have coverage when their basement floods in Warren.

Entering The Flooded Basement

Now that you have contacted Action Extraction and our emergency flood team has inspected your property and we have confirmed coverage, it is time to begin the flooded basement restoration.

There are 3 categories of water loss, one, two and three. Category 1 water losses are freshwater sources, clean water coming from plumbing pipes. Category 2 water losses are related to ground water and lightly soiled fresh water. Category 3 water is highly contaminated or sewage water. If your basement experiences a sewage backup there will be specialized protective equipment you and the water crew will need to wear before entering your basement.

The professional restorer will make sure your upstairs flooring surfaces are completely covered and protected to prevent cross contamination and soiling during the mitigation process. If the flooring is carpet or hardwood flooring the same step of covering the floor surface will take place.

Access Damaged Personal Items

Once the dedicated team has appraised your basement to pose no present risk the cleanup steps will begin.  All wet cardboard or paper items that have come into contact with the water must be discarded and removed from the home. These wet materials are cellulose and are the number one food source for mold and mildew growth. Leaving them in the basement is no way to stay safe after a flooded basement in Warren as mold will amplify and spread in as little as 48 hours.

Clothing can usually be washed depending on the cause of the basement flooding. If the cause was a sewer backup the high level of gross contamination almost always result in discarding the apparel as the best alternative.

Pictures and books can be dried and restored but the additional cost of restoration makes it counter intuitive unless they have great value. While you access your personal belongings the flood response technicians will be continuing with the investigation of all things flooded basement.

Restoring Materials When Basement Floods in Warren

Any saturated building materials are quickly identified and will be salvageable assuming they are not water damaged and capable of being safely dried.  Base moldings are typically removed from the wet walls if the walls are measurably wet as high as 3”. This means removing base moldings from wet drywall, paneling and wainscoting allowing for materials drying.

When basements flood in Warren and water is deep there is a possibility if the exterior walls are structured with insulation that these materials are wet too. Wet insulation will need to be dried in some instances or replaced in other.

Floor coverings such as carpets may be salvageable unless water damaged carpet has already shown permanent staining, tearing or if seams have completely opened up. The underlayment padding is typically not salvageable and should be discarded in most instances. The professionals know how to dry a wet carpet pad, but only if the water was category 1. Even when the wet pad can be saved it is still better to remove it because many times it is holding lots of moisture and will only increase the homes overall drying time.

When wood flooring or laminate floating floors are exposed to water they can be permanently damaged requiring removal and replacement. Hardwood flooring saturated with category 1 and 2 water may be dried in place using heat and specialty equipment in some cases. Hardwood floor drying is a specialty and not all companies can successfully manage it. Action Extraction has an impeccable record of hardwood floor drying. Wet engineered floors usually are not salvageable unless there are no conspicuous signs of damage and swelling.

Laminate wood flooring will always need removal no matter the category. Laminate floors are made of materials that are impervious barriers and trap moisture keeping it from any drying air movement. Usually in a matter of a few hours maninate floors are conspicuously damaged with its locking joints separating and swelling.

Drying the Wet Basement

After all flooring surfaces have been evaluated, walls have been serviced, and personal contents managed the drying chamber is created and set up to remove humidity.

Professional water removal will have already been completed with powerful truck-mount extraction systems. These units are very capable and will not leave behind any puddling or pooling spots.

The drying process will be initiated with professional and industrial equipment specially crafted for speedy drying. First there are high powered air movers that create low pressure forcing the concept of equilibrium in the drying procedure.

Each unit is placed in a strategic area of the flooded basement to expedite drying. Action Extraction uses tried and true techniques to amplify the effects of rapid air movement. While moving air is passes over your wet building structures it is naturally collecting moisture. As this happens the relative humidity is increased allowing for our industrial dehumidifiers to eliminate the moisture from the air. This process of air movement in concert with dehumidification is a sure prescription for drying success.

How Dehumidifiers Dry When Basement Floods in Warren

Through the use of moving gasses in coils the dehumidifier will force humid rich air to condensate on frozen coils stealing moisture from the air. The dehumidifiers then act as a kidney to your home, removing unwanted moisture and producing dry and heated air. After 3 days of this continued practice playing out multiple times per hour, the basement is sure to be dry, safe and ready to be repaired.

Call Action Extraction

Now you know what to do when basement floods in Warren. There are 3 types of water that that cause basement flooding. Whether your flood damage is from clean water or the worst case scenario, sewer water, we will professionally manage each step in the restoration of your basement flood in Warren.

Remember, your first contact should always be Action Extraction. Flooded basements should never be entered until they are shown to be safe, and your actions thereafter will be influenced primarily by the category of water present. Regardless of the cause or category of your water loss, Action Extraction is here 24/7 to help!