Water Restoration

Water Restoration

What is Water Restoration?

The term 'water restoration' can be a bit misleading because it is not actually the water you are restoring but the resulting damages created by water when it is brought into the indoor environment of a property. Water acts as a destructive force on many absorbent building materials and if not carefully dried in a timely fashion the results can be devastating.

The word restoration means, the action of returning something to a former, place, or condition. That is the job of a water restoration restorer, to evaluate the water damage and bring back the damaged property to the original condition it was prior to the presence of water.

Water disasters can strike in many forms of flooding, but you need not panic if you contact a reputable water restoration company.  Water restoration training is one of the important skill sets that a team of professional cleaners is required to have in order to offer wide-ranging restoration services. Having a confident grasp of managing any water restoration project when going into a water damaged business or residential property is a must. Having the certification and skill that comes from multiple years of water restoration experience will assure confidence in the cleanup process as well as being a tremendous asset to the customer.

Once a water restoration technician enters the project sight they should be able to immediately access and create the appropriate strategy for quick, affordable and complete restoration. If the water restoration needs are from a broken water pipe it is the job of the water restorer to locate, access and provide the necessary repair  service to begin restoration. All materials that have become exposed to the water will be analyzed and a determination made as to the best process or recovering  the environment.

All materials such as wet dry wall, carpet, vinyl tile, hard wood flooring and personnel contents will be at risk for rotting, mold damage, structural compromise and complete ruin if not discovered wet. When moisture is left to sit longer than 48 hours and the right temperatures are present things can go from bad to worse quicker than expected.

That is why there is the industry of water restoration. These educated first responders are able to completely turn things around and bring a level of comfort to property owners due to their readiness to begin the restoration process and stop the damages from spreading.

Who to hire for water restoration?

Making sure the water damage company is certified and reputable is the most important decision you will make in the water restoration process. Searching the internet for local companies with high rated reviews should be an aspect of this quest for the best. Typically water restoration is needed as an emergency service and spending hours on google and making phone calls can take more time than you have. Let others who have needed water restoration service share their experiences with you. If the company has multiple reviews for 5-star customer satisfaction that is certainly something to consider when another company has none or a few and several are not positive.

Consider Southeast Michigan's only 5-Star Rated Water Restoration Company

Action Extraction of Macomb provides Premiere water damage service and has the highest rating for customer satisfaction in all southeast Michigan.

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The most important decision you can make after discovering a water emergency is choosing the right company. We are a premiere water restoration firm with the highest customer service rating in all Southeast Michigan. 


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Action Extraction property restoration trains each of its restoration technicians to treat customers as family and earn their trust through courteous and professional interaction. They will listen to your concerns, answer your questions and guide you through each step of the process of water restoration.

Being the top rated water restoration company in Southeast Michigan does not happen without providing award winning service second to none. Our expertise, affordable pricing and impeccable standards are brought to each project for the intended goal of 100% complete customer satisfaction.

Who needs water restoration?

Anyone who has property that has undergone flooding that has affected several materials such as carpet and drywall. The source of the water is also important to determine how the water restoration cleanup will be managed. The most common water damage is basement flooding that comes in several forms, each having a varying degree of contamination. Water from a drain backup of storm water after heavy raining and when sump pumps fail are common in the spring and summer months, but still in lesser numbers can happen anytime. Another form of basement flooding is a sewer backup from a clogged sewer drain. These are the most severe water restoration case because the water is so grossly contaminated with up to 100 viruses.

Is all Water Restoration the Same?

Absolutely NOT! According the IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification), which sets the standards for the cleaning industry for water restoration training, there are several different levels and classes involved in liquid destruction. From the IICRC's S-500 standards, there are three categories describing the type of liquid involved.

From leaking faucets to toilet overflows and flooding, water damage is one of the most common and potentially destructive problems you can face as a homeowner. If not taken care of immediately, all 3 of the recognized categories of water can harm your home and can introduce electrical hazards, expensive damage to your home’s structure and furnishings, and can even lead to the growth of hazardous mold.

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What is the cost of water restoration?

The cost to you for water restoration is greater if the water is more contaminated such as a sewer backup. However if the water is from a fresh water source such as a broken water pipe, then all wet materials can be safely dried and the cost for new materials is not an issue.

A toilet overflow of raw sewage in a small bathroom is another story. Water restoration cost will be much higher because all water damaged materials like carpet, drywall and wood vanities will need to be discarded and replaced.

Getting a cost quote over the phone is never a good idea as it is flying in the dark. Any reputable water restoration company will come out at no obligation and give a free estimate allowing you to ask important questions and give you a chance to see if they are the right company for you.