Emergency Water removal after floodingWater Removal Is The First Step

Finding water in a home or business is a certain way to begin the day on a bad note. If this is you at the moment and you have just discovered the worst, say several inches of glistening water in your finished basement, you need water removal and fast.

When flooding occurs and water removal service is needed, some will type the words, “water removal near me” in a google search. The results will allow the user to evaluate several local restoration firms that can be contacted. Each of the listed restoration companies should have water extraction equipment to remove water from carpet as well as remove water from a basement. Removal of water should be done as soon as possible to minimize damages to property.

As long as water remains it is doing further damage and will continue to destroy building materials till water removal service takes place. It is instinctive once water damage is discovered to remove the water as quickly as possible because its presence is consuming.

Unlike the damage caused by a fire that stops as soon as the fire is put out, water continues to give rise to damage until it is completely removed and the environment dried. Until then moisture is being absorbed deeper into building materials like wood, dry wall and flooring making the probability of permanent damage more likely.

The critical water extraction step removes the majority of the water from flooded property. By performing a thorough water extraction, Action Extraction Professionals can greatly reduce the drying time and help to prevent mold and secondary water damage. Our experts utilize commercial truck-mount water extraction systems for the deepest and most thorough water removal process possible.

Whether the amount of water is great as in a flooded basement or just water removal from carpet, restoration companies have water extraction equipment to do the job. Even when there are hundreds of gallons of water to be removed, the professionals will have a water removal pump to quickly eliminate the water rapidly.

Finding a Qualified Water Removal Company

Several things need to be considered before you make that first call to a company you may know little or nothing about. Remember even an unscrupulous company with little inexperienced and no qualifications can have an impressive eye-candy web site. Don’t be fooled by their well written hype when you can determine if they are reputable yourself. The great tool you have at your fingertips is online reviews from three incredible sources, google, yelp and yellow pages. Searching reviews on the web allows you to see what others have experienced from the companies you are considering. Finding a qualified water removal company couldn’t be easier.

The Equipment for Water Removal

When water removal from carpet is need the professional restoration companies will utilize truck-mount water extraction equipment that can easily and deeply remove water. Often carpet gets wet from drain backups after heavy raining and will require extracting to eliminate the contaminated water. Other times carpet may become wet from a broken water pipe or sink overflow and will require quick mitigation to keep from damaging walls and other furnishings.

When the water amount is hundreds and even thousands of gallons, water removal service will require a water removal pump. These devices will allow the professionals to rapidly remove the water till the basement is emptied to a degree a vacuum wand can be used to remove any puddles.

To Do List While Waiting For Water Removal

The first thing one might contemplate when property is exposed to water is locate a local restoration company to extract the water. After you type the words, “water removal services near me” in a google search and contact a professional, there are a few things you can do.

Following these several simple steps can help prevent further damage to your property and manage the things that matter most. If your water emergency is from a burst hot water heater, broken or frozen water pipe or supply line and you hear running water, turn the water main off till help arrives. We do not recommend walking into a deeply wet basement however, due to the electrical dangers that are present.

Managing some of your valuable items can sometimes be advised. For instance if you have several small items on your carpet that are not yet wet they can be removed from the room and placed somewhere out of the reach of the water. If water is migrating towards a dry area it has not yet reached, move valuables you want spared from water exposure.

Furniture, electronics and other valuables can be safely moved while you are waiting for the professionals. Furniture can have plastic or tin foil placed under the legs to keep them from bleeding stain on the carpet and drapes should be lifted so water does not get to them. Never lift something yourself that is heavy and injure yourself, just wait for the professionals and they will carefully take care of this for you.

The fragile things you may have laying on counter tops and tables that can easily be moved somewhere else should be moved to keep them safe.

Another thing you can be prepared for when the professionals arrive is to have your insurance policy available to view. If you need water extraction from a basement there may be insurance coverage in your homeowner’s policy that will cover the extraction service.

If the water in your basement is from a sewer backup and you have children occupying the property, try to make arrangements for them to stay at a friend or family members home till the sewage is removed and germ killing agents applied. This is a highly contaminated environment with potentially 81 virus types that can cause illness and threaten health.

If you have pets try to move them to a non-affected area of the home to keep them from tracking the contamination from one room to another. Additionally animals instinctively want to drink water if they are thirsty and ingesting water with pathogens and germs could cause a detrimental reaction. Pets can become anxious when they see their surroundings under water as well so they might need a reassuring kind word or a stroke of assurance you are OK.

Water Removal Cost

Depending on the type of water that has damaged your home or business will determine the cost for water removal. If the water is fresh water from a broken water pipe or burst hot water heater than the price will be less than if the water was from a sewer backup. Water removal from a basement cost significantly more when it is contaminated sewer water, due to the added cost for dumping. Crawlspace water removal cost will be even slightly more as a technician will have to manually crawl on their hands and knees to remove the water with an vacuum extraction hose.

Absorbent Contents and Materials

Any and all absorbent material or personnel belongings that come in direct contact with standing water will be directly affected by it’s presence. Water is an energy that can do tremendous harm if allowed to remain in materials. Even the off gassing of humidity from wet carpet, dry wall and related substances can produce a climate of secondary moisture damage in materials that exist in the humid surroundings.

Books, boxes and all wood materials swell up, electrical objects can be ruined by water and anything that gets wet and stays wet for over 48 hours will open the environment to the potential of mold, mildew and other offensive germs and odors.

Water removal from such items is necessary to restore the wet properties that are assaulted from flooding. How do we remove water from these articles? By introducing principles of drying with professional air movers and dehumidifiers. The energy of air movement forces water to become a vapor and such rising humidity is controlled by commercial dehumidifiers.

Clock represents that water damaged property that needs water removalTime Is Not On Your Side While Water Is Present

The sooner you begin water removal from flood damaged property the quicker the restoration procedure can begin. Action Extraction is flood damage company that specializes in quick and efficient water removal. Upon our arrival, highly skilled restoration technicians will begin the emergency water removal process.

The amount of water will determine the most efficient method for water removal. If there are many gallons such as would exist in a basement than a powerful submersible pump will be placed, allowing for the rapid elimination of water. Often these pumps are required for flooded basements that are capable of retaining thousands of gallons of ground or sewer water. In just several hours the flooded basement will be drained only leaving several pools of standing water.

If there is standing water of only a few inches a technician will use an extraction wand to systematically extract the remaining water, channeling it to a holding tank aboard our trucks. This step will help reduce the drying time and assist in preventing mold, mildew, bacteria and secondary water damage.

After Water Removal Plant Based Germ Killing Agents are Applied to Structures

The simple step of water removal is the most important step in the restoration process and will stop further damage and dramatically reduce the potential for mold. However the surfaces affected by the water must be contaminated to allow a germ free environment safe for occupancy. Action Extraction uses only plant based anti-microbial agents to completely eliminate microorganisms.

Water Removal Steps on Actual Project

Southfield-MI-Restaurant-Flooded requiring water extractionStep 1

Water Damage is discovered at the Meriwether’s restaurant in Southfield MI. Action Extraction is called out to manage a very devastating water emergency that threatens the ability of the restaurant and it’s employees from operating the business.


Step 2Water-extraction-Southfield-MI

Chairs are placed up on tables and the water removal process begins utilizing superior truck-mounted extraction systems throughout the entire restaurant. Both carpet and hard surface is affected requiring water removal.



Step 3

Once all standing water is removed, industrial air movers are placed overnight to dry all carpet so by the next morning carpets will be dry and the restaurant can be opened for business allowing no financial interruption in profits for management or employees.

Step 4Water-elimination-Restaurant-Southfield-MI

The next morning the carpet is dry and the restaurant is put back together to serve breakfast. All this was possible because of the first step of water removal. This is just one of many of our success stories.

After the water removal process

After water extraction service from flooded property the next important step is evaluating the construction materials that have become damaged. Many of the used building materials in a basement are made from cellulose and over time become dirty. Cellulose and dirt are a tremendous treat to mold as one of its favored food sources. Discovering and correcting this potential hazardous situation can keep your property free from mold growth.

If the water source is non-threatening such as water from a broken pipe or hot water heater, there will be limited contamination to wet materials. If the water is from a sewer drain backup, materials must be removed and germ killing agents placed. Overlooking the need to determine the materials that have become damaged or exposed to water may create a mold disaster.

The professional restoration firm you have manage the cleanup should be detailed and thorough. They should be a certified firm and skilled at using moisture detection meters to locate all hidden moisture. This allows the professional restorer the advantage of confidently assessing and documented the damages and creating the most efficient protocol for drying.

When a structural drying strategy is implemented using industrial air movers and dehumidifiers, the property should be completely dried out in 3 days or less. There may be circumstances where some building materials such as: ceramic tile, hard wood flooring and plaster take a bit longer.

Consider Our Impressive Credentials

Thank you for considering Action Extraction for your water damage removal needs. The internet has a multitude of companies, but you have limited time for research and need the very best NOW!!!

Water-Damage-Cleanup-Water-Damage-Clinton-Twp-MILet me Charles Bingham owner of Action Extraction share some of our unique and impressive credentials to assure you, we are the right company for you.

Our previous customers give us the highest endorsement google and yelp reviews allows, 5 star rating. Many of these reviews are from individuals that didn’t know who to call when the stress of water damage weighed heavy on them, but they tried us and were abundantly satisfied with our experience and ability in providing the very best in customer satisfaction.

Our years of experience and trustworthy water restoration repair make us exceptionally well suited to manage your emergency. We have highly educated and qualified professionals that are more than the average employee. They have helped us become a Michigan leader in the water damage industry we have participating in for over 26 years. All technicians are very experienced, courteous and IICRC Certified having managed hundreds of projects each.

Our intelligence and adept instincts at creating affordable strategies for the most catastrophic water damage scenarios. We stand out as mountaintops among the rest for having a reputation of being knowledgeable and unequally qualified to manage difficult projects with exceptional results and success.

Our influence in the advancement of our industry, as we are recognized by even our competitors as a cut above for our invention of the worlds fastest drying system we have been given a US Patent on the fastest drying system in the world. Search all you want to find such credentials in other South East Michigan water restoration companies and you will agree we are a significant success to be reckoned with.

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

From the first call to the last handshake you will be confident you have chosen the company that was right for you as customer satisfaction will be placed as top priority. We are available to help you right now and have local certified professionals that are eager to be an advocate for you at every step in restoring your property.