Water Damage Restoration

Water Damage Restoration

Action Extraction has advanced the efficiency of the water damage restoration industry by delivering a US patented system of drying wet walls. Our thermal controlled energy system delivers high energy to the water damaged materials while leaving the rest of the wet walls untouched. This revolutionary system allows the water restoration process to be quicker and at less expense.

Water restoration is a service that is typically emergency related when unexpected water is discovered in a home or business. Sewer backups or sump pump failures can create flooded basements and broken pipes or toilet overflows can bring water damage and flooding to almost any room of a home or business.

At Action Extraction we offer comprehensive water damage recovery services, and our certified experts are standing ready to respond quickly. Our techs will address the water damaged property in a timely fashion which always minimizes the damages and assures the environment is less likely to develop mold, mildew and other unwanted growths.

Rapid Response to all Your Water Restoration needs.

It is important to service water damage as soon as possible to avoid structural damage and mold which is sure to manifest if water is left to dry on its own. As soon as possible after water damage is discovered a professional water damage company should be contacted to assess the area of damage and create a sensible approach to restoring the damages.

Action Extraction offers a free inspection of any water damage environment at no obligation as a service to all property owners. The naked eye cannot see the presence of water in materials such as carpet, dry wall, sub-flooring and cabinetry. We will use sensitive moisture detection equipment to locate the presence of water and avert the possibility of mold and structural damage.

Optimal results in water damage cleanup are always to be expected when Action Extraction is called upon to manage the cleanup and drying. We utilize the latest equipment in the industry for fast and affordable restoration and offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

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From fresh water damage like a broken water pipe to contaminated water damage like sewage we provide environmentally sound cleanup using plant-based only disinfecting agents to kill germs. All natural botanical agents are effective and safe for humans and pets alike. Once water and disinfecting has been taken place we place industrial air movers, dehumidifiers and air scrubbing equipment to completely dry all wet materials.

Each water damage project we service is supervised for the progression of drying every 24 hours. It is important to monitor the progress of the drying for the efficiency of the drying as well as being a mandatory aspect all insurance companies will require.

Water damage restoration of specialty materials

Most drying is done in a relatively short period of time; however, some materials such as hard wood floors and wet ceramic tile may require specialty drying equipment and techniques.

Sources of Water Damage

Water damage restoration may be necessary when commonly used convenience items like dish washers, washing machines and hot water heaters become a source for water damage. Dishwashers can malfunction and destroy a kitchens flooring, cabinets and walls and water supply lines to bathroom sinks and toilets can do incredible water damage to bath rooms.

Other sources come from sewers and drains and are responsible for some of the worst case scenarios imaginable. Toilets, drains and sewers are supplied with bacterial and viral dangers and such cases require very strict rules for cleanup to assure the safety of all occupants on the home or business.

Correct classification of the water damage is important

Whatever the source of your water damage, the most critical step is the appropriate classification of the water damage contamination level. Correctly assigning the right cleanup protocol must happen for the restoration to be effective at killing germs and drying to avert mold.

Handyman services and plumbers offer water damage restoration but typically they are not certified and do not maintain ongoing education classes. The field of water damage restoration is ever changing and having a passing grasp on procedure is a sure way to create a mold infested environment. With Action Extraction you get a local certified water damage restoration firm that will provide you with a headache free restoration experience second to none.

3 Types of water damage

When it comes to water damage not all water is created equal. According to the IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification), which is the organization recognized for creating the standards for water damage cleanup. There are 3 recognized types of water damage that defines all water damage scenarios. Each type has its own standards that must be followed to assure the best cleanup. The standards also insure the safety of the occupants relative to human health, which should always be of top priority.

The 3 levels recognized in the water restoration industry are as follows:

Category 1 water damage is water from a fresh water source like a faucet, toilet fresh water tank, drinking fountain, hot water heater and fresh water pipes. The level of contamination is little when discovered relatively soon and is the least dangerous to human health. Quick service must be introduced as this water will soon contaminate and in as little as 72 hours become the next category of water damage.

Category 2 water damage is also referred to as grey water because contaminates both organic and particulate exist. The level of contamination is rather high and the potential of mold is a real possibility. Examples of category 2 water damage are water from a discharge line from a dish washer or washing machine, water from an aquarium, water from a sink or tub over flow,  water that has come in from a roof leak or a sump pump well. The contamination is high enough that it quickly becomes worse with each hour it remains.

Category 3 water damage is the most contaminated and dangerous type of water that can intrude into your property. The degree of contamination is abundant making this form of water damage also called black water. The risk to human health is very high and the nature of the water so unsanitary that all materials like dry wall, carpet, paneling, flooring and cabinetry must be completely removed. Risk to human health is high because the water is living with both bacterial and viral dangers.

Sources of this type of water damage come from sewers, drain backups, sewer pipe break, toilet overflow from a clog, flooding from rivers, streams and water from a roof that has bird droppings. This water is pathogenic and can cause serious illness or death.

Potential Dangers From Water Damage

Sometimes humidity rises to levels that can be enough to make a moisture rich environment that easily produces mold, mildew and other health threatening germs and toxins. Black mold also called Stachybotrys chartarum is especially bad due to its high potential at causing serious illness. When water through flooding comes into contact with absorbent building materials such as dry wall, wood base and trim the possibility of mold is high. These   cellulose-rich building materials are the preferred food source for mold and when it develops, can thrive in wet materials and advance the health risks.

The dreaded toxic black mold is toxic and can cause an array of allergic reactions and health problems. According to the CDC you should keep the moisture levels in your inhabitable spaces between 40% to 60%.

When flooding occurs it is not only the standing water that you can easily see that should concern you. It is the elevated moisture content in the air that inexorably leads to future issues such as microorganisms. Over time the mold spreads and advances requiring professional cleanup.

When the young and elderly inhale the spores of mold damage such exposure can cause headaches, allergic reactions, asthma attacks, hypersensitivity and a host of other negative long-term health effects. That is why we at Action Extraction are committed to the water damage restoration process for full restoration.

Water Damage Restoration Credentials for Service

Action Extraction in located in Macomb MI and has been an IICRC certified water damage restoration firm since 1988. We have been a Michigan leader for over 29 years and present our credentials to perspective clients immediately upon arrival to an emergency water damage site.

While there may be local handymen, plumbers and carpet cleaners that claim to provide water damage service, it is important to be certified in industry standards having many hours of experience.

Action Extraction employees are highly trained, certified and enroll in continuing education yearly. Just as you wouldn’t utilize a dentist to perform a hernia surgery or a health practitioner as an oncologist for cancer you shouldn’t just use individuals in related fields that are not expert.

Water Restoration Repairs

Once water damage restoration has been completed the repairs process can begin. Typically insurance carriers will have an insurance claims adjuster write a repairs estimate for the resulting damages. It is essential to have the repairs the adjuster recognizes as essential agree with the company you have selected to do repairs. If there is no agreement than the amount of money will be less and customers may be over charged by contractors.