Water Damage Service

Water Damage Service

Water Damage Service

Water damage service is a growing industry that provides service to properties that are experiencing a water intrusion that threatens the normal operation of the home or business. Water damage service is a result of a number of possible causes that enables the destructive energy of persistent water to destroy materials or an environment. Left to itself water will always result in a destructive process that leads to materials compromise and destruction as well as mold and other forms of contamination.

Toilet overflows, sink overflows, sewer backups and basement flooding are just a handful of examples of why people will need the assistance of professional water damage service. The more catastrophic forms come from storm damage, flooding and overflowing rivers.

In Michigan there are a number of water damage service providers but none are as highly rated as Action Extraction of Macomb MI who have the highest customer service rating in Macomb and all southeast MI.

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The most important decision you can make when needing water damage service is choosing the right company. We are a premiere water restoration firm with the highest customer service rating in all Southeast Michigan. 


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What 24 Hour Emergency Flood Service Do You Need?

Many situations cause water damage to strike a home or business and it is seldom an opportune time. Often it strikes at the most inconvenient times such as parties, weddings, vacations and worse. That is why it is important for a water damage restoration company to be standing ready 24/7 to respond when the emergency takes place.

Causes of Water Damage

Water damage happens when water presence comes into contact with materials or an environment that is not suited for the presence of water. Water is never an issue when it is contained in toilets, washing machines, plumbing pipes or sinks, however when it escapes these safe examples and comes into contact with absorbent materials and stays wet for several days it creates damage both physical and organic.

Physical examples of water damage and the need for water damage service in the indoor environment is when standing water gets to carpet, pad, wood flooring, dry wall and other absorbent materials. These wet items are all at risk for mold and will compromise structural substrates that are intended to give integrity to the structure of a home or building.

Some examples of water damage are malfunctioning appliances:

  • Washing machine overflow
  • Dish washer overflow
  • Refrigerator supply line leaks

Other examples come from the plumbing system of a home or business:

  • Drain backup
  • Clogged sewer line
  • Broken / frozen or burst water line

Others forms of water damage may come from water recepticals:

  • Toilet overflow
  • Sink overflow
  • Bathtub overflow

Action Extraction has expert and highly trained employees that are local and eager to assist and emergency water damage need.

Water Damage from indoor plumbing

Water pipes that allow immediate access to a drink of water or the flush of a toilet are a modern day marvel that less than 75 years ago did not exist in many homes. This convenience makes life easier for us today than our predecessors could have ever dreamed. This blessing however is mechanical and as all mechanisms of invention are subject to Murphy's Law and problems that can require water damage service. Water pipes in the winter time if not insulated or are by a cold draft can freeze and burst. Drains on toilets can get clogged and overflow with waste that is very destructive and require strict cleaning guidelines for safety.

Some cities in Michigan such as Grosse Pointe, Saint Clair Shores, Eastpointe, Roseville, Warren, Royal Oak and Huntington Woods are especially susceptible to sewer backups and drain issues that may flood a basement or introduce waste water into the home environment. This situation will of necessity require professional water damage service to assure a safe environment that is dry and free from contaminates that may jeopardize health.

As household appliances age and get older, their parts begin to rust, crack and hoses can tear or weaken. Washing machines, hot water heaters, refrigerators and dishwashers are all susceptible to wear and compromise, so keep watch on older appliances. The two appliances that cause the most water need of water damage service is dish washers and washing machines.

Even the garbage disposal is not free from malfunction that may result in water damage service. Some leak undetected for weeks before rotting wood and mold are discovered. Many refrigerators today are equipped with ice makers that require a plumbing water supply line to the unit to make ice. These are very capable of tremendous water damage when the lines break and leak. We have serviced several homes where while on vacation for several weeks the homeowners came home to discover their entire first floor completely flooded from a broken refrigerator water supply line.

Drains that allow toilets to flush, sinks to drain and dish washers to clean dishes are also sources for water damage. Broken drains, cracked plumbing and even burst hot water heaters are capable of creating the type of water damage that will require professional water damage service.

Water damage in a crawlspace

Certain regions of some homes are more prone to water damage than others, such as crawl spaces, basements and attics. Crawl spaces are areas under a home where much of the mechanical aspects of the home reside. Plumbing, electrical and heating are often located in crawlspaces and typically small areas no one goes into except for emergencies.

One of those emergencies is water damage service. Frozen water pipes can burst, drains can leak and sewer systems can become blocked and backup with waste water. This type of water damage service is especially meticulous as the need is not to just fix and repair the leak but dry and restore so there is no compromise to the structural integrity of the home.

Crawlspaces are dark, damp areas where bugs, eco systems and mold flourish because they are damp and have no UV light. When they become wet and require water damage service it is important to remove all moisture so the wood substrates are solid and dry.

Why Call Us for Water Damage Service?

We are demonstrably the best choice if you live in Southeast Michigan as we are the only 5 star rated company for customer satisfaction on google, yelp and Yellow Pages.

Former customers give us high ratings for dependability and exceptional service.

Quick response time is also what we are known for as we have local certified technitians standing ready to assist every water damage service scenario imaginable.

Our experience stands out as many local water damage service providers have not been around for over several years. Our impeccable 29 year record of providing water damage service makes us a premiere water damage provider, recognized throughout Michigan.

As an insurance repairs specialist we will be able to walk you through a headache free restoration experience. We document and build your file to get the swiftest response from your insurance provider so we can get you your money fast and get you back to the way things were before your claim. There is no stress when we are an advocate for you and easy to contact with any of your questions.

Call today for all your water damage service needs and learn what so many before you have. The Action Extraction Reaction is Satisfaction. 800-713-4333

Areas We Provide Water Damage Service

Water damage service is offered in Macomb MI where Action Extraction is located, as well as surrounding cities such as Shelby water damage service, Utica water damage service, New Baltimore water damage service, Washington Twp. water damage service and Chesterfield Twp. water damage service. In our over 29 years of service we have been privileged to serve all Southeast Michigan for water damage service.

Offering water damage service in Warren, Madison Heights, Sterling Heights, Roseville, Eastpointe and water damage service in St. Clair Shores, Grosse Pointe, Grosse Pointe Woods, Grosse Pointe Farms and Harrison Twp. has been an additional privilege to us as we have built relationships with so many wonderful people.

The cities near the Detroit Zoo have been a territory we have been additionally privileged to provide water damage service as well. Cities such as Royal Oak, Huntington Woods, Ferndale, Oak Park, Southfield, Birmingham, Berkley and Clawson.

We Provide Water Damage Service in Oakland County

Water damage service for Bloomfield Hills, Rochester Hills water damage service, Farmington Hills, Auburn Hills, Troy water damage service and Franklin water damage service.