Water damage restoration

Water Damage Restoration MIWater damage restoration is a service of complete restoration after a flooded in door environment. Most often it is in a basement after a down pour of heavy rain that somehow overwhelms the drain system of a home or business. Water infiltrates through foundations, drain and storm drain wells and creates standing water and water damage.

This industry has developed over the last 20 years as technology and a deeper understanding of how water can damage and destroy an indoor air environment in the areas it is found.


Water damage restoration is an absolute essential after flooding if mold is to be averted


Who to call for water damage restoration

Once ones gets over the initial horror of discovering water damage it is important to know who to contact for the water damage restoration. Any certified water damage company should be capable to help you as they are skilled and trained in the science of drying building materials and have years of experience in the comprehensive approach necessary to provide water damage restoration in Michigan

What is water damage restoration service

Water damage restoration assistance is a service that encompasses professional care of a flooded basement or home environment. After a flood disaster from broken water pipes, malfunctioning appliances, drain backup, toilet or tub overflow or melting snow, skilled professionals safely cleanup, sanitize and dry environment.

Some of the materials they will have special skill in are drying of wet dry wall, wet carpet, wet padding, wet flooring, wet moldings and more. Because mold is always a likely possibility after a flooding, they will be able to prevent that concern from manifesting.

Length of time water is present determines the water damage restoration process

If you catch the flooded basement or flood damage crisis in a few hours and not more than 3 days there is a protocol for drying that is vastly different than if the water has been there for 3 days or more. Several weeks can actually bring structural damage and grave danger to the home.

By electing to call out a professional water damage restoration firm to evaluate your water damage is always the first step. Action Extraction water damage restoration of Macomb MI has the necessary experience and skilled professionals to help 24/7 day or night. Call Today 1-800-713-4333

These IICRC Certified water damage professionals will be able to properly assess the damages and create the most efficient and affordable strategy for drying.

What types of water damage exist

According the IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification), which created the standards for the restoration industry and provides water damage restoration training, there are 3 main types of classifications. Each classification contains a higher degree of contamination and requires a different approach as far as saving building materials is concerned.

Water damage restoration classifications

Category 1. This is water from a clean and sanitary source, like a fresh water pipe, water faucets, toilet tanks, hot water tanks, etc. This particular water damage will shortly degrade to the next contaminated category.

Category 2. This category of water damage is more contaminated than category 1 and may have living microorganisms in it. Also referred to as grey water its sources are:  discharge from a washing machine, dish washer, sump pump backup, tub and shower drain water. This water can pose a measure of harm to occupants living on premises of the flood. If left to itself will quickly contaminate to a category 3.

Category 3. There exist no more harmful or destructive water that can enter your home or business. It absolutely is the worst and is abundantly supplied with microbes, bacteria, viruses, mold, fungi and health threatening air borne dangers. Over the course of its presence in an indoor environment may cause illness and releases into the air, endo toxins. If ingested can cause death making it especially dangerous for small children and the elderly. Because they are most vulnerable, they should be immediately removed from the environment till water damage restoration has begun.

Causes of this water damage are, sewer drain backups, toilet overflows involving feces, flooding from rivers and streams and stagnant water that supporting bacteria and pathogens.

This category requires stringent guidelines in cleaning and decontaminating to safely restore and strict adherence to industry standards are essential

Classes of destruction requiring water damage restoration

Class 1. This level of damage is rather easy in to solve and is typically a small room or part of a room. Only a small amount of water intruded into the room and no or little carpet is wet. Only small traces of moisture are detected in small areas of concrete or plywood.

Class 2. There are more materials affected and the amount of water is greater and infiltrated an entire area and maybe spread to another room as well. Carpeting and pad are soaked, base moldings are wet and water has wicked up into dry wall as high as 12' and moisture is detected in most materials that are at low levels of room.

Class 3. This type of water damage is extensive and affects ceilings, walls, internal wood substrates, insulation, carpet, sub floor and often has more than one level of home or business wet.

Class 4. This class is especially hard to dry due to materials that are wet require specialty drying because direct air movement is unlikely to dry materials fast enough to save. Materials that are involved are: hard wood flooring, ceramic tile, brick and marble.

It cannot be stressed to exaggeration that you need a professional water damage restoration company to get involved as soon as possible. These IICRC trained individuals are capable in determining the category, class and protocol required to completely restore your home or business. Let's not forget that mold is always a possibility as well and managing this threat can save your property from many thousands in damages.

Action Extraction water damage restoration in Macomb MI is highly skilled having over 26 years in the industry. Their education has saved many homes and provided care second to none for thousands of property owners throughout all southeast MI.

They have air movers for drying materials, dehumidifiers to control humidity, air scrubbing machines to remove air borne pollutants and specialty drying equipment to dry the most difficult to dry materials.