Water Damage Restorationin Shelby Twp MI

  • Emergency water removal 
  • Professional sewage disaster cleanup
  • Sump pump failure restoration 
  • Broken water pipe damage
  • Structural drying
Water Damage Restoration Shelby Michigan

Water damage is one of the biggest problems that homeowners can face. Shelby Township residents have seen their fair share of floods throughout the years. Floods can come from acts of nature, or from the home itself. When flooding manifest you need to take immediate action. If you need water damage restoration in Shelby Twp – call the experts at Action Extraction.

Our IICRC certified professionals are local and on call to move quickly when flood damage restoration is needed and time is of the essence. Dedicated tech’s arrive within 1 hour of your call to the scene to give a free evaluation of your water damaged home or commercial property.

Serving the Shelby Twp Area

Homeowners want to keep their homes safe and secure against water damage, but that isn’t always possible. Whether your washing machine breaks, your sump pump gives out, or your water pipes burst, controlling and restoring water damage is crucial for keeping your home in a livable state. Our team of experts is here to help.

The water damage Shelby Twp residents face every year is extensive and excessive, and we know just how difficult it can be to deal with. As locals in the area ourselves, we take great pride in being able to support our neighbors when they face difficult times. A flood can be emotionally, mentally, and financially draining. It is our personal goal to ensure that we provide the best water damage restoration Shelby Twp residents can receive when something goes wrong.

The Action Extraction Inc. team is composed of Michigan citizens who just want to help our state shine. We know that floods happen unexpectedly—and we fully understand the extensive damage that they can cause. This is why we are proud to offer services that are aimed at helping our neighbors here in Shelby Township recover quickly when disaster strikes.

Water damage restoration in Shelby Twp. MichiganInsurance Assistance Specialist

The cost of water damage restoration is a key point of concern for homeowners who experience this kind of damage in their homes. While insurance can often be used to provide assistance with the associated costs, not everyone is comfortable working with their insurance companies to resolve the situation.

Our team is completely familiarized with the insurance process that you will expect in the event of water damage. The cost for water damage restoration can vary, but our professionals are happy to work with your insurance to ensure that you receive the best possible price on your water damage restoration invoice.

How much does water damage repair cost? By working with your insurance directly, we are able to make sure that you get the best possible deal, no matter what that looks like.

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Our Restoration Technicians

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At Action Extraction Inc., we help local residents in our area recover from flood damage by providing the water damage restoration Shelby Twp residents need. When your home experiences flooding or water damage, our team is prepared to help remove the water and restore your home to its original splendor. As one of the leading water damage restoration companies in the area, we focus on providing our neighbors with the care and consistency it takes to bounce back from unfortunate events as quickly as possible.

IICRC certified professionals
Caution must be taken when watwer damage is present

Emergency Services For Locals in Shelby Twp

Water damage is—and should always be—considered an emergency. When your home experiences a flood, it is absolutely crucial to act quickly in order to save your home and belongings from further damage. The faster the response, the better. This is why we proudly offer 24/7 emergency service for water damage restoration in Shelby Twp.

Immediate Flood Response

Bad floods happen to good homeowners, and we have seen firsthand just how quickly a flood can turn into tens of thousands of dollars worth of damage. Water damage restoration services can vary depending on the severity of the water damage itself—and severity often comes down to timing. Our emergency water damage restoration services provide an immediate response so that we can limit the damage and avoid unnecessary expenses.

Sewer Backup Response – Water Restoration

Sewage cleanup in Shelby Township MI

Sewage is something that the average homeowner doesn’t want to think about, but if your home experiences a sewer backup, you will find that you don’t have a choice. The water damage Shelby Twp folks experience from sewage is extreme. These dangerous backups, which can actively cause sewage to flow into your home from various outlets, can cause substantial water damage and put the health of your family at risk.

When sewage backs up into the home, a simple cleanup won’t do. These backups can spread disease around your home, exposing your family and pets to dangerous materials. In the average cup of sewer water, there are over a hundred different viruses, and these viruses can bring deadly diseases.

As water damage restoration professionals, we have seen our fair share of sewage disasters, and they aren’t pretty. Our services are aimed to not only clean up the area and remove the smell but also to remove the deadly viruses that might be forced into damaged materials. Immediate cleaning or removal of contaminated surfaces is important to keep your family safe.

We consider this to be one of the most problematic types of floods for another reason you might not expect—most insurance plans don’t cover it. We encourage every single property owner in Shelby Township to contact their insurance companies to add “backup of sewer and drain” to your insurance plan. It can save you a lot of money and unnecessary headaches.

Sewage water is highly contaminated with over 81 potential viruses, e-coli bacterium and countless microorganisms and germs. Action Extraction of Shelby Twp. Michigan  arrives quickly and fully ready to clean, sanitize, restore and repair after a sewer backup disaster.

After management of all wet structures that are water damaged we decontaminate all surfaces using plant based (GREEN) agents that kill 99.9% of all germs. No flood disaster in Shelby Twp. is to great as we treat both small and large projects. Our water removal team will complete the damage restoration service by placing drying equipment to expedite complete drying of all water damaged ceilings and other related building materials.

Consider Action Extraction restoration and water cleanup of Grosse Pointe to bring exceptional emergency service and repairs. We appreciate each homeowner and business owner that allows us to service their flood damaged properties. Allowing us the privilege to earn your deepest trust will not be taken for granted. Our customers are our top priority and our mitigation service will be with fine detail and efficiency.

Call today for the very best sewage cleanup, restoration and repairs available in Shelby Twp. Michigan.  Our restoration team has one goal, to provide you with: “The Action Extraction Reaction of Satisfaction”.

Sump Pump Disaster Restoration

Sump Pump Failure Shelby Twp. MISump pumps are a common feature in homes, and when they work correctly, they are highly beneficial. Unfortunately, a surprising amount of water damage Shelby Twp residents experience comes from these pumps. These systems work to remove extra water that has accumulated, and they are often present in the basements of homes. When they fail, the outcome can be severe.

A failing sump pump can cause groundwater to flow back into the home, leading to a flooded basement. Restoring a fully flooded basement is crucial, and it must be addressed as quickly as possible. Groundwater is known to contain an abundance of microbial growths, fungi, bacteria, molds, and hard minerals. Our certified technicians are always on standby to help homeowners in high-risk environments.

Water Damage from Appliance Failures

Most of us feel rather fondly towards our appliances, but this can change very quickly when one of your appliances fails and causes a flood. Refrigerators and washing machines are household essentials, but they can also cause quite a bit of trouble when they break. At, Action Extraction Inc., we provide the water damage restoration Shelby Twp locals need when their appliances end up doing more harm than good.

These appliances are known to cause floods when they break, and while some of these floods can be small and manageable, this isn’t always the case. Water leaks can cause continuous and expensive damage, particularly if left untreated.

Hot water heaters, air conditioners, and ice machines all have the potential to flood your home. If you spot a leak, it is important to call in the professionals before the problem gets worse or causes irreparable damage. Never ignore the problem—or you will regret it.

Frozen Pipe Flooding in Shelby Twp MI

Michigan residents know that when it gets cold around here, it gets really cold. While some of us love the cold weather, the pipes in our homes can be pretty unhappy about it. Every year, when the coldest months blow in, homeowners around Shelby Twp and the surrounding area experience freezing conditions that can burst pipes.

Sometimes, a frozen pipe can cause a little damage that will cause the pipes to break down with time, but when a water supply line truly breaks, the damage can be severe. In a mere matter of minutes, your home can flood with rushing water that can quickly fill any room.

Frozen pipes are dangerous because all it takes is the wrong weather conditions at the wrong time, and you will be without a water supply in winter. The water inside of the pipes will expand as it freezes, ultimately causing the inelastic pipes to shatter. When this happens, the full force of the water supply will enter your home from the second the pipe bursts. Your first step will need to be shutting off the water, but immediate disaster response is always step two.

Action Extraction Provides IICRC certified restoration in all Southeast MI

IICRC CERTIFIED in Water Damage Cleanup in Shelby Twp MI

Action Extraction of Shelby Twp. is a IICRC certified firm having recognized standing and credentials in emergency restoration. The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, Restoration Certification offers accredidation to water restoration contractors that take advanced classes in water restoration, mold mitigation, microbial science and structural drying.

Each one of our employees is IICRC certified in water restoration cleanup and water damage repairs. Each of our dedicated team members undergoes additional education and earn more credentials each year. We are committed to ongoing training and education so we are on the cutting edge of the science of restoration.

If you need a qualified disaster recovery service provider or flooded basement cleaning contractor in Shelby Twp then call us today. (800) 713-4333.

Regardless of the degree of damage you may have, our thoughtful water professionals will quickly restore, repair and clean all your emergency water damage needs. We use and employ the latest techniques and standards in providing water damage restoration in Shelby Twp. Michigan.

How Can I Find Water Damage Restoration Companies Near Me?

There are plenty of professionals offering service for water damage restoration in Shelby Township area and beyond, and one quick Google search will show you exactly where to find them. If you are concerned about flooding or water damage on your property and want the best 5 star rated emergency restoration firm in Shelby Twp Michigan than look no further. Action Extraction is the highest rated restoration company in all Southeast MI on multiple social media platforms.

We are here 24/7 always available and happy to help our neighbors recover from flooding and water damage!