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Water Damage Restoration & Flood Water Removal Southfield MI

Water damage happens when you least expect it…birthdays, holidays, vacations and even weddings, bringing with it a lot of unwanted stress when quick decisions have to be made. If you just discovered your Southfield home or business needs an emergency water damage company to remove water due to a flooded basement, sewer backup, broken water pipe or sump pump failure, we can help in as little as 30 minutes.

Action Extraction is a 26 year Michigan leader in water damage and we provide water removal, water damage cleanup and drying services 24/7 day or night in Southfield. We have qualified IICRC certified professionals that are uniformed, courteous and trained to provide customer satisfaction second to none.

Free Estimates / Expert Service / Immediate Response

Water Damage Restoration Cleanup Technician Southfield MI
All of our Southfield Technicians are:

  • Flooded Basement Restoration Southfield MIIICRC Certified in flooded basement restoration
  • Clean cut, uniformed, professional and courteous
  • Highly trained having managed over 100 projects
  • Drug Free / alcohol free and tested regularly
  • Full time and are in their chosen career
  • Standing ready to respond to all flood emergencies

Immediate Response Team Southfield MI

Water Damage Restoration Vehicle For Water Restoration Water Damage Restoration Southfield MI

Suffering water damage can be devastating to any home or business owner. When you have undergone severe damage to your property, you need immediate help from professionals to restore and rebuild.

That is where the Pros at Action Extraction come in. Our water Damage Professionals are standing ready at a moments notice to assist with any water damage emergency in Southfield MI. Their extensive training and in the field experience in water damage cleanup, restoration and repairs, can have your house back to normal impressively fast!.

When confronted with water inside your home or business, it is important to know that water is not the only threat to your property. The longer you wait to deal with water damage and similar water related situations, the more indoor mold growth becomes a likely possibility. Professional mold removal is a serious process and it is not a cheap one. The best way to avoid having to deal with indoor mold growth problems is by addressing your water damage immediately. CALL NOW 1-800-713-4333

Our credentials are impeccable and our former customers give us a google rating of 5 stars. 5-star-rated-water-damage-company

IICRC Certified to Manage Any Southfield MI Flooding Needs

Restoration Restoration steps for cleanup in Water Damage Restoration Southfield MISteps

What Type of Flooding do you Have?

  • Sump Pump / Sewer BackupsCertified Water Restoration And Damage Firm In Water Damage Restoration Southfield MI
  • Basement Flooding
  • Toilet / Sink / Tub Overflows
  • Frozen / Broken Water Pipes
  • Burst Hot Water Heaters
  • Sanitizing and Cleaning
  • Complete Structural Drying

Caution! Water Damage in Southfield is Dangerous

Here are several hazards that can cause serious injury or death.

  • Electrical Dangers From Water Damage In Water Damage Restoration Southfield MIElectrical Hazards
  • Gas Leaks
  • Asbestos Tile Concerns
  • Wet furnace systems
  • Wet Appliances
  • Furnace Filter Contamination
  • Fertilizer Rich Ground Water
  • Pathogenic Airborne Compounds

There Are Many Choices But Only 1 Best Choice

Water damage is a frightening thing to discover and it may send one in a panic to just call any water restoration firm, however please don’t panic. Your Southfield home is your biggest investment and you need the very best restoration firm you can get.

Calling the 1st company that comes up in a google search or yellow pages may make bad matters much worse. The wrong Southfield water restoration firm can make your scary situation turn into a nightmare if they don’t do the necessary steps correctly. Some forget to document the damages and insurance companies have denied claims for this reason many times. Mold is a serious matter too and it has occurred many times due to inexperience in locating and managing hidden moisture in materials that were food sources for mold.

Choosing the right water restoration company is the most critical decision. Because you need to act soon, here are several intelligent common sense suggestions that will help you choose us.

Water Damage Restoration Experience Water Damage Restoration Southfield MI

We have served Southfield MI for over 26 years and have a US Patent on the worlds fastest drying system

Inexperienced companies in water damage restoration in Southfield have:

  • Impressive web sites
  • Neatly printed materials
  • Attractive vehicles

But, what you need is a restoration firm with:

  • Years of successfull experience
  • IICRC certified employees
  • Drug tested professionals
  • Positive reviews from former customers

Our reviews on google, yelp and YP are all 5 star! We guarantee 100% customers satisfaction on every project.

Water Damage in Southfield MI From A sewer Backup

Everyday someone in Southfield discovers that their basement has a sewer backup that threatens the safety of it’s occupants and integrity of their home. Sewer water backups are common in Southfield because many of the homes are in well established areas with big trees. These wonders of nature are desirable as they give shade and beauty to a neighborhood, however their deep roots are drawn to the water drain systems. Often these roots will invade a broken or damaged sewer drain and clog it with tree roots.

Many homeowners have discovered their drain system was so damaged from the tree roots that they have had to spend hundreds and even thousands of dollars to repair them.

Some Southfield residents who experience some flooding after heavy rains have learned that routine maintenance every 6 months is necessary to keep drains clear.

Action Extraction manages all types of sewer backups in Southfield with immediate response and we have plumbers that can clear out clogged sewer systems. Each aspect needed to restore your flooded basement will be professionally addressed from the drain to the cleanup process.

Water Damage in Southfield From A Fresh Water Source

Fresh water flooding Water Damage Restoration Southfield MI

Frozen Pipe Burst Caused This Fresh Water Flood

The sources of fresh water damage are the obvious ones. Water from a faucet, sink, hot water heater, tub, dish washer or washing machine are just a few.

Frozen water pipes in Southfield during the cold temperatures during winter can cause tremendous damage, especially if homeowners are away for several days.

A burst water pipe can allow water to flow freely at an alarming rate where water can completely fill an average size basement in several days.

This flooded bedroom seen with standing water on oak hardwood flooring occurred during several days of below freezing temperatures. When homeowners finally discovered the damages it was already to late and this flooring had to be removed and completely replaced. Fortunately insurance companies completely cover the damages when the water loss is documented correctly with pictures and moisture graphs.

Action Extraction is Southfield Michigan’s premiere water damage restoration company with vast experience in water damage documentation, assuring you that all your damages will be covered by your insurance carrier.

Water Damage From A Sump Pump Failure in Southfield MI

Sump Pump Cleanup Water Damage Restoration Southfield MIWhen power failures occur or heavy rains fall from a storm, sump pumps can fail and allow your Southfield basement to flood. These pumps are instrumental in diverting the rising ground water table away from the home so it does not flood. Unfortunately life happens and things can go seriously wrong when these necessary pumps fail. If your sump pump has failed from a power outage, and you have suffered a water damage event, WE CAN HELP. Call Now 1-800-713-4333

It is important to realize that this ground water is considered living water as it is teaming with molds, fungi and other microorganisms that can contaminate the home environment very quickely. Action Extraction will remove the ground water, apply environmentally safe plant based anti-microbial agents, cleanup and restore the damaged property professionally.

Our Guarantee Is 100% Complete Customer Satisfaction

As a Michigan leader in water damage cleanup and flood restoration for over 26 years, we are proud to introduce our 100% customer satisfaction Guarantee. Our commitment to you our customer will be witnessed during each stage of the restoration process as we are dedicated to earning your deepest trust.

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee After Water Damage Restoration Southfield MI