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Water Damage Restoration, Cleanup & Repairs Northville MI

We provide fast, professional water damage restoration in Northville MI. Water removal after a sewer backup, sump pump failure or any other type of water emergency is available 24/7 day or night.

Let our 26 years of experience as a Michigan leader help turn your difficult situation around. Our IICRC certified and skilled water restoration professionals take great pride in managing every type of water damage emergency imaginable. They are ready at a moments notice to arrive promptly in vehicles fully equipped with the latest cutting edge equipment.  We will remove all water, document all damages and guide you through a headache free insurance claims process.

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Water Damage Restoration Cleanup Technician Northville MI
All of our Northville Technicians are:

  • Flooded Basement Restoration Northville MIIICRC Certified in water damage restoration
  • Clean cut, uniformed, professional and courteous
  • Highly trained having managed over 100 projects
  • Drug Free / alcohol free / tested regularly
  • Full time and in their chosen life career
  • Standing ready to respond to all flood emergencies

Immediate Water Damage Response Available Team is Available NOW in Northville MI

Time is not on your side when carpets are wet, walls are absorbing moisture and hard wood flooring is beginning to buckle. Not to mention the concern of mold which begins to develop in as little as 24 – 48 hours. If your water damage emergency in Northville is a flooded basement from a sump pump failure, you already have mold and microorganisms.

Once water is removed we will treat all surfaces with anti-microbial agents that remove the contamination, which is a crucial step. If the water damage is from a sewer backup than you have an immediate high risk environment that has viral and bacterial dangers we will address with great detail.

Water Damage Restoration Vehical For Water Restoration Northville MI

If you need water damage restoration, cleanup and repairs in Northville MI than we are your answer. Your home is your biggest investment and with each hour it remains wet it is costing you money in increased damage. We can rapidly contain the environment with impressive management skills that have been perfected over 26 years. Placing your concerns as our top priority we will get your property back to normal FAST!.

Former Customers Give Us The Highest Google Rating For Customer Satisfaction

You deserve the very best water damage restoration, cleanup & repairs in Northville MI company available. Many of our previous customers were in your identical situation when they too were experiencing a water damage emergency that required a professional restoration company. Before you call a company that has poor google reviews, please consider us.

Our former customers give us googles highest rating of 5 stars google rating 5 Star Rated Water Damage Restoration Service In Northville MI

IICRC Certified to Manage All Northville Flooding Needs

Restoration Restoration Steps For Proper Water Damage Cleanup In Northville MISteps

What Type of Flooding do you Have?

  • Sump Pump / Sewer BackupsCertified Flood Damage Firm In Northville MI
  • Basement Flooding
  • Toilet / Sink / Tub Overflows
  • Frozen / Broken Water Pipes
  • Burst Hot Water Heaters
  • Sanitizing and Cleaning
  • Complete Structural Drying

Caution! Water Damage in Northville is Dangerous

Here are several hazards that can cause serious injury or death.

  • Electrical Dangers From Water Damage In Northville MIElectrical Hazards
  • Gas Leaks
  • Asbestos Tile Concerns
  • Wet furnace systems
  • Wet Appliances
  • Furnace Filter Contamination
  • Fertilizer Rich Ground Water
  • Pathogenic Airborne Compounds

There Are Many Choices But Only 1 Best Choice

When your Northville home is looking a disaster because of water damage it is easy to panic and just call anyone. Please don’t panic however. Doing your do diligence and taking just a few minutes to scrutinize a water damage restoration company you may become informed to make the confident decision you want. Our credentials set us apart for several reasons:

  • We have a US Patent on the worlds fastest drying system, WE INVENTED!
  • We have a proven track record of recognized success for over 26 years
  • We offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee
  • We are the only water restoration company with a 5 star rating on google, yelp and yellow pages.

Water Damage Restoration Experience Northville MIThe wrong company can make matters go from bad to worse in no time. These companies often have nice looking web sites, vehicles and printed materials, however they dont have a reputation and experience. We have seen claims denied completely due to the restoration companies failure to document the damages and employ industry standards.

All our water damage restoration services are based on the recognized restoration principles established by the IICRC. Deeply rooted in scientific research these principles allow us at Action Extraction to confidently restore water damaged property without the concern for mold. We can assure the safety and health of your home and its occupants using proven methods for success.

There Are 3 Different Categories That All Water Damage Is Identified By

Every time water is introduced into a home or business, the first thing that must be done is an evaluation that identifies the category of water damage. These categories are determined by the contamination level of the water as well as the source.

Water Damage in Northville MI From A Fresh Water Source (category 1)

Fresh Water Damage From A Frozen Water Pipe Northville MI

This water damage was from a burst frozen water pipe 

Several sources for this type of water damage in Northville MI would be: a sink or tub overflow, broken water pipe, burst hot water heater and water from washing machines and dish washers.

Although your wet carpets, walls and flooring are not instantly contaminated, make no mistake these wet materials are being damaged with each hour they remain wet. Additionally this water will naturally contaminate in as little as 48 hours allowing mold to begin growing.

Don't let this happen! Mold remediation is not covered by insurance and cost much more than water damage restoration, not to mention the serious health risk of having mold present in your home. We can locate and remove all water and dry all materials in no time at all.

Gray Water Damage in Northville From a Sump Pump Backup (category 2)

Sump Pump Cleanup Northville MIIf your basement has flooded from a sump pump failure than this is gray water / ground water. Other sources of gray water come from the discharge of a dish washer or washing machine, aquariums and punctured water beds.

This water has is very contaminated and crawling with microorganisms that can cause illness. Mold, fungi, algae, and organic compounds are going to destroy your home if water restoration services are discarded.

Time is not on your side if you have wet dry wall and wood base moldings. The water trapped in these materials are known to produce mold in as few as 24-48 hours. If this water damaged environment stays wet longer than 48 hours will increase its contamination level to the next category 3 – black water.

Water Damage in Northville MI From a Sewer Backup in  (category 3)

Sewer Backup Cleaning and Disinfecting Northville MI

Sewer Backups Are Pathogenic Causing Serious Illness

If you have a sewer backup that has flooded your Northville basement and it has backed up to your carpets and walls, you have a hazardous environment. This water can be very black and smelly or it can be clear with very little smell at all. It is not what you see that is alarming, but what you don't see. This water damage is the most dangerous thing that can be in your home and will cause immune system stress, serious illness and hospitalization in many instances.

What is actually in the water can be seen under a microscope and if left to itself will destroy your home on many levels. We at Action Extraction have many years of practical experience in managing these high risk environments. We will implement each necessary step to assure your safety. Children and the elderly should be the first consideration, as they should not be allowed to remain in the environment till restoration has begun.

We Guarantee 100% Complete Customer Satisfaction

Action Extraction has no greater desire than to earn your deepest confidence. We are proud to highlight our 100% customer satisfaction Guarantee. During each vital stage of our professional water damage restoration service, you will be completely satisfied with our work and detailed care for your home or business.

From your first phone contact to our last handshake you will be recognized as a top priority. Check Out Our Pledge.

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee After Water Damage Northville MI

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