Water-Damage-Restoration-Water-Removal-Troy-MIWater Damage Cleanup and Flood Water Removal in Troy MI

Action Extraction is a Michigan leader in Water Damage Restoration and has served Troy and all Southeast MI for over 26 years.  Day or night 24/7 we are standing ready to remove water, cleanup after sump and sewer backups and dry wet environments. Call NOW 800-713-4333

Have you just discovered water damage in your Troy MI home such as a flooded basement, backed up sump or sewer drain? Water damage emergencies such as this require the attention of a water restoration company that has the experience, equipment and reputation to bring results and FAST.

You need the professionals at Action Extraction with friendly IICRC certified technicians that are standing ready right now to make your water emergency a top priority.

Water-Removal-Restoration-Troy-MI-Basment-CleanupAll Our Technicians Are:

  • IICRC Certified in water restoration
  • Clean cut, uniformed, professional and courteous
  • Extensively trained and have managed over 100 projects themselves
  • Drug Free / alcohol free / tested regularly
  • Full time and are in their chosen career
  • Standing ready to respond day or night to all water emergencies
  • Experienced with working in Troy MI

We offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee and our google rating by former customers is a 5 star google rating 5-star-rated-water-damage-company

Free Estimates in Troy / Expert Service / Affordable Rates / Immediate Help in Troy

Emergency Response Team Available NOW

The stress that is associated with discovering a water damage nightmare along with the concerns about damage to your home and mold need to be addressed as soon as possible. One call to us and immediately our experienced IICRC certified professionals in water damage cleanup will arrive and carefully create a customized strategy for your home or business.

Water-Damage-Cleanup-Water-Damage-Troy-MIWe Specialize In:

  • Sump Pump / Sewer Backup Cleaning
  • Toilet / Tub / Sink Overflows
  • Broken Water Pipes
  • Burst Hot Water Heater
  • Sanitizing and Deodorization
  • Complete Structural Drying
  • Drying non invasively without demolition

Why Choose Us For Water Damage Repair?

We know water damage, we love what we do, we stay committed at each stage in the process and it shows in all that we do. We are not a new company hoping to make it big in the water damage restoration industry. We are Michigan’s premier restoration service company and have a US Patent on the worlds fastest drying system, only we can offer.

Calling ACTION EXTRACTION for the REACTION of SATISFACTION is the best decision you can make!

  • Best-choice-Water-damage-company-Troy-MIWe work with all insurance companies and are Michigan approved
  • Certified and have a US Patent on the fastest drying system available
  • Employing all the necessary measures for success and the elimination of mold
  • Capable of working with a tight budget
  • Over 26 years in restoring flooded homes
  • Expert and courteous professionals trained to manage every detail in the restoration process

We offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee: 'The ACTION EXTRACTION REACTION is SATISFACTION or there's no Financial TRANSACTION'.

We Are Troy Michigan’s One Stop Source for services related to water damage

  • One-Source-Water-Damage-Repair-Troy-MIElectricians
  • Plumbers
  • HVAC technicians
  • Mechanical engineers
  • Cleaning experts
  • Contents and clothing management.

What Kind of Water Damage Does Your Troy MI Home Have?Water-Damage-Banner-For-Flood-Cleanup-Troy-MI

There are 3 classifications to water damage once it enters the home environment, based upon the degree of contamination. “Category 1″ is from a fresh water source like water pipes and hot water heaters. “Category 2” is from sources that are either contaminated with debris or living microorganisms like ground water or water leaking in from a roof. “Category 3” is the most contaminated such as sewer water backing into a home or water from streams. This particular water classification is the most dangerous and is often times pathogenic meaning it can easily make someone sick because it has germs.

If your Troy MI home is flooded than it is of vital importance that the water damage be classified correctly, because each class has it’s own protocol that must be adhered to with strict guidelines. Our professionals at Action Extraction have specialized in the Water Damage Cleanup and Repair of all 3 sources of water damage for many years following the IICRC Standard and Reference Guide S-500.

Troy Fresh Water Damage Repair / Troy Ground Water Cleanup / Troy Sewer Water Cleanup

  • Water-Damage-Troy-Basement-Sewer-Backup-CleanupHot water heater leaks
  • Burst water pipes
  • Sump pump backups
  • Foundation leaks
  • Sewer backups
  • Toilet overflows
  • Refrigerator leaks
  • Washing Machine overflows
  • Dish washer malfunction

 Water-Pipe-Broken-Dripping Water-Basement-Troy-MIFresh Water Flood Damage in Troy MI

Sources for fresh water flooding are broken pipes, sink over flows, hot water heater breaks and some forms of appliance malfunction. When fresh water is introduced into the home setting it is not immediately dangerous because it is municipal water, however it can create an abundance of damage to the home. If the water is just in a carpeted area and has not reached drywall or other building materials, it often can just be removed and than the carpet can be safely dried. When materials such as dry wall, wood base, and cabinetry become exposed to water it is important to get professionals to evaluate how wet these items have become with specialty moisture meters.

At Action Extraction we will come out at no cost to evaluate your home with tools and experience that will set your mind at ease. If materials are wet and the risk of mold is present we can dry all environments affordably as well as navigate you through the insurance claims process should your damages warrant it.

Water-In-Troy-MI-Basement-Needing-Professioanl-CleanupSump Pump / Ground Water Flooding in Troy MI

Sources of ground water flooding are sump pump backups, foundation leaks and roof leaks. If your Troy MI home is experiencing water damage from ground water it is important to remove water, apply plant based anti-microbial agents and dry all areas as soon as possible, because this is living water. Under the microscope you would see living microorganisms and they are ready to multiply and create mold in your home. At Action Extraction we are capable of completely restoring your home if ground water has affected it in any way. CALL NOW 800-713-4333 

Sewer-Backup-Cleaning-Restoration-Troy-MISewer Water Flooding in Troy MI

The worst kind of water to have in your home is sewer water. This water is replete with viruses, bacteria and a host of other pathogenic matter that can cause illness. The cleanup of such water damaged environments takes very specific guidelines spelled out very carefully in the IICRC Standard and Reference Guide S-500. Action Extraction is a certified firm and is abundantly experienced in cat-3 water damage cleanup in Troy and we give strict adherence to such techniques. Your safety is our first priority and we will make sure you and your family are well taken care of, from indoor air quality to complete restoration of all items that were affected by the sewer water damage.

Water-Damage-Cleanup-Insurance-Repair-Troy-MI-InsuranceWe Make Insurance Claims a Stress Free Experience

When a water damage emergency strikes it is usually at the worst time and emotions can run high. It is important to be guided through the process by a skilled firm that specializes in working with the insurance industry. The wrong company could cost you your insurance claim if they do not understand the requirements from the insurance adjusters.

We At Action Extraction:

  • Document your claim with pictures, graphs and all necessary documentation
  • Is a recognized Michigan claims restoration firm and are known to all insurance carriers
  • We use the same software for billing the insurance industry requires for billing
  • Are a certified firm and as such the insurance companies recognize our work with higher regard
  • We are certified in billing through the xactamate software

We Use The Latest In “State of the Art” Equipment to Restore Homes From Water Damage.

When homes or businesses flood it is essential to own the very latest cutting edge equipment to dry efficiently, affordable and safely. Action Extraction uses clean, new and specialty equipment to dry homes FAST. We also offer Insta-Duct Systems, a controlled energy system we have a US Patent on that dries quicker and at less expense.

Troy-MI-Dehumidifier-Dring-Basement-Of-Water-Damage      Troy-MI-Drying-Equipment-For-Water-Damaged-Basement-Vane-Axial      Troy-MI-Drying-Equipment-Used-For-Repairs        Water-Damaged-Basements-Use-Air-Movers-To-Dry-Troy-MI              Wet-Water-House-Troy-MI-Dehumidifier

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