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We know what it is like to discover water damage in your home. Action Extraction sees the emotion and frustration of flooding in homeowners eyes on a weekly basis. It can be overwhelming to find one’s personal property, sentimental items and irreplaceable personnel items destroyed by an unexpected water damage event.

As a Michigan leader in flood damage repair for over 25 years, we have seen it all and are sensitive to the frenzied emotions that a water damage emergency brings. We will strive to earn your deepest trust as we bring your water damaged property back to pre-loss condition.

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If your home or business has experienced a level of water damage from a sewer backup, sump pump failure, broken pipe, toilet overflow or any other source of flooding, Call Now! However alarming your water damage may seem and how desperate things are we have the resources to quickly make things like new again.

Immediate Flood Response Team For Water Damage

Our certified professionals handle every type of water damage you could face and are professional, courteous and sensitive to the emotions related to water damage. Our dedicated teams of restoration professionals are ready to respond to your emergency at a moment’s notice, 24/7.

Action Extraction is your sole source for all your water damage restoration needs. From assessing damages to structural drying, repair and reconstruction.


We Make Insurance Claims Easy And Stress Free

Every step of the water restoration process we are working for YOU. We will demonstrate to your insurance company everything we are doing is for the necessary benefit of you, your health and your property.
We work with all insurance companies  in water damage restoration and repairs.


What Is Your Water Damage Type?

Sump Pump Backup      Sewer Water Backup      Fresh Water Flood

Water Damage from a Fresh Water Source in Washington Twp. MI

broken water line

Several sources of fresh water damage flooding are frozen or broken pipes, washing machine, dish washer  malfunctions, hot water heaters that leak, overflowing sinks. What all water damage emergencies have in common is they are unexpectedly and at the worst times imaginable; vacations, birthdays, holidays and more. Although fresh water flooding does not immediately pose a concern to human health, it can be very destructive to property.

Water Damage from a Sewer Backup

Basement flood

Discovering your basement has just flooded from a sewer backup is alarming and time is of the essence. Heavy rains often cause floods usually due to drain problems.

Water Damage from a Sump Pump Backup


Sump pumps controll the climbing water table that quickly elevates during heavy downfalls. For various reasons they will fail allowing an inundation of ground water that can create major water damage in homes. Action Extraction Inc. has been a leader in managing sump pump backups for over 25 years.

Ask The Michigan Flood Restoration ExpertWater-Damage-Restoration-Washington-Twp-MI

Anxiety and stress when your home experiences flooding and water damage is normal, because homes naturally become a safe haven and source of security for our families. Call and speak with the owner of Action Extraction to get succinct answers to all your questions.

If your home or business is experiencing water damage of any kind, Call NOW 800-713-4333 and speak directly to the owner.