Water damage restoration Rochester HillsWater Damage Restoration Rochester Hills

When water damage happens life can often be turned upside down from the disarray. When finished basements have a sewer backup things get much worse due to the contamination. The most common reason for water damage restoration in Rochester Hills is when a sump pump fails.

No one can anticipate flood damage so if you have just discovered your valued home or business in a condition of chaos we can help like no other. Sewer backups, sump pump failures, toilets overflows and broken plumbing pipes are a common restoration service for us.

We are your one stop professional cleanup and restoration contractor that arrives with uniformed and IICRC certified technicians. When you call you will be connected LIVE to the owner and upon your request a team of experts will be on on their way to begin the clean up. Upon their arrival will be provided water removal, restoration and drying in your home or business in less than 1 hour of your call.

Water damage restoration Rochester Hills MIMaking an insurance Claim? We are experienced in navigating through the maze and making claims a hassle free and simple process. We manage each step of the insurance claim and get you your money FAST!

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The most important decision you can make when looking for a flood restoration company is choosing the right water cleanup company.We are a premiere water restoration firm that believes it is our responsibility to earn the respect of the customer by demonstrating we are qualified from the moment we arrive on site. 

You Deserve The Best Restoration in Rochester Hills Michigan

Action Extraction is your one stop source for emergency water damage restoration cleanup. If you need a professional restoration company to cleanup your home or business because it is in a state of emergency we can help.

If your valued property has become the unfortunate scene of a flood damage emergency, consider calling Action Extraction. We provide service in Southeast MI when flood damage happens and are here to provide tips on cleanup after flooding, free inspections, water removal, restoration and cleanup. We offer free evaluations of property to allow you to know if you need professional service.


Restoration 24 hour emergency flood service restoration stepsSteps

What 24 Hour Emergency Flood Service Do You Need?

We offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee and our google rating by former customers is a 5 star google rating 5-star-rated-water-damage-company TRUST in those who have been in the same shoes and have discovered we really were the right company to call.

Emergency Response Team Dispatched When You Call

Anxiety and stress is quickly eliminated when the professionals arrive to save the day. With one call to us we place your emergency disaster as our top priority and send out our IICRC certified technicians. When we arrive on scene we will be ready to assist with every aspect of the cleanup process as well as be ready to answer all your questions.

Water damage restoration Rochester Hills service vehicleWe Specialize In:

  • Sump Pump / Sewer Backup Cleaning
  • Toilet / Tub / Sink Overflows
  • Broken Water Pipes Rochester Hills
  • Burst Hot Water Heater
  • Sanitizing and Deodorization
  • Complete Structural Drying
  • Drying non invasive without demolition

When homes or businesses experience a catastrophic water event of any type we have local experts on call standing ready to assist with professionals restoration. Having certified and experienced pros makes all the difference in the world when property is at risk for mold, so we bring the quickest water removal and cleanup available in Rochester Hills.

Why Choosing Action Extraction is The Right Choice

We are Michigan’s premier water restoration company having a US Patent on the world’s fastest wall drying system, that dries faster and at less expense.

Calling ACTION EXTRACTION for the REACTION of SATISFACTION is the best decision you can make.

  • Best-choice-Water-damage-company-Rochester-Hills-MIWe work with all insurance companies and are Michigan approved
  • Certified and have a US Patent on the fastest drying system available
  • Employing all the necessary measures for success and the elimination of mold
  • Capable of working with a tight budget
  • Over 26 years in restoring flooded homes
  • Expert and courteous professionals trained to manage every detail in the restoration process
  • Local technicians can arrive in usually less than an hour.

We Are Rochester Hills One Stop Source For Services Related To All Water Damage Emergencies

  • One-Source-Water-Damage-Repair-Rochester-Hills-MIElectricians
  • Plumbers
  • HVAC technicians
  • Mechanical engineers
  • Cleaning experts
  • Contents and clothing management.

3 Types of Water Damage

There are only 3 recognized classifications for water damage that may enter a home and they are determined by the degree of contamination. Category 1 is the least contaminated and sometimes even fresh because it came from a fresh water source like plumbing pipes and hot water heaters.

Category 2 is from sources that are considered alive because it contains living microorganisms,  such as from ground water due to a sump pump failure or leaking roof.

Category 3 is the worst because it is abundantly contaminated such as sewage. This particular classification is the most dangerous and is often pathogenic meaning it can easily make someone sick because it has germs. If you have a flooded basement in Rochester hills from a sewage backup than you have a high risk emergency.

If your home is wet from a water intrusion than it is of critical importance that it be classified correctly. Each class has it’s own service protocol that must be followed if mitigation is to be managed correctly. The professionals at Action Extraction are highly skilled in determining the scope of damage and documenting the damages for your records as well as the insurance companies records.

We are residential property damage specialist that give strict adherence to the industry standards that promote health and safety. We will facilitate professional water removal and guide you through each necessary step to achieve the best water damage restoration possible.

Water-Pipe-Broken-Dripping Water-Basement-Rochester-Hills-MI

Water Damage From A Fresh Plumbing Source

Some homes experience water damage from plumbing source such as broken pipes, hot water heater leaks, sink overflows or appliance malfunctions. It is a wise decision if you are going to be away from your home for any extended period of time, to shut off the water from the main to protect your home from a potential catastrophe should something go wrong with your plumbing when you are away.

If fresh water somehow makes it’s way to a room with carpet, it is no major problem and can be easily removed and carpets can be dried with little chance of damage. You may very easily manage such a small scale cleanup yourself.

However, if the amount of water is enough to have made its way to drywall, wood cabinetry and base moldings you will need professional restoration to avert mold growth and spread. It is important to not underestimate the potential for such a disaster because when materials that are food sources for mold get wet, mold growth begins in as little as 48 hours. Such materials are typically cellulose in nature such as dry wall, wood base moldings and common dirt’s.

Action Extraction will come out at no cost to evaluate your property damage with special tools that detect moisture presence the naked eye cannot see. This is important to assure the environment is not a human health hazard. This type of flood damage is typically covered by homeowners insurance assuming all is documented well. We are experts at documenting loses when we manage the cleaning and restoration.

Water Damage From a Failed Sump Pump / Backup of Ground Water


Causes of ground water entering the home are typically going to be from sump pumps that fail and leaks from foundations and roofs. If your property has experienced flooding from ground water it is important to have all contaminated areas cleaned with plant based anti-microbial agents and drying equipment placed to remove humidity.

Ground water placed under a microscope shows living microorganisms and they are ready to proliferate and form mold in your home.

Action Extraction professionals can completely restore property and make your basement look better than it did before the flooding. CALL NOW 800-713-4333

Sewer-Backup-Cleaning-Restoration-Rochester-Hills-MISewage Flooding in Rochester Hills

The nastiest kind of water to have enter your home is from sewage. The water is abounding with viruses, bacteria and a horde of other pathogenic germs that can cause illness. The cleanup of these environments takes precise strategies that are carefully spelled out in the IICRC Standard and Reference Guide S-500.

The number one question many have after a sewer backup is, “am I covered for a sewer backup?“Action Extraction is skilled at presenting your insurance company with compelling photos and graphs to get you covered, when coverage is available. We are a certified firm and abundantly experienced in cat-3 damage cleanup and we are devoted to such techniques. Your safety is our top priority as we make sure you and your family is taken care of.

Action Extraction operates powerful truck-mount extraction units that will steam clean all affected surfaces completely. After cleaning of all areas we utilize anti-microbial agents and scrub the indoor air with HEPA filtration air scrubbers. When you use Action Extraction for your water damage restoration Rochester Hills you are in great hands because our experience, expertise and commitment to excellence.

Water damage restoration Rochester Hills insurance repairLet Us Make Your Insurance Claim Stress Free.

Navigating an insurance claim is what we do with great skill, whether it is in documenting the water loss, to taking pictures or writing the estimate. We make property restoration a headache free experience and get you your money FAST!

We At Action Extraction:

  • Document your claim with pictures, graphs and all necessary documentation
  • Is a recognized Michigan claims restoration firm and are known to all insurance carriers
  • We use the same software for billing the insurance industry requires for billing
  • Are a certified firm and as such the insurance companies recognize our work with higher regard
  • We are certified in billing through the xactamate software
  • We make water damage restoration Rochester Hills headache free.

Water Damage Cleanup

Water Damage Restoration  24 Hour Emergency Flood Damage Restoration

  • Free Evaluations

  • Immediate Response

  • Expert Service

  • Insurance Specialist

Residential Water Damage

When homes are assaulted by flooding from sewer backups, tub and toilet overflows and appliance malfunctions peace of mind becomes greatly disrupted, making professional restoration a vital service.

We make water emergency disasters disappear rapidly using cutting edge technology . Our professionals will bring back the peace of mind you deserve while offering a 100% customer satisfaction promise.

Because each minute of delay is an extra minute for the destructive energy of water to damage property, we have arrival times in 1 hour or less. If the scope of your homes flooding is considerable we will help guide you through the insurance claims process hassle free.

  • Large Loss Specialist

  • Business Kept Running

  • Climate Control Experts

  • Documents Restoration

Commercial Water Restoration

When commercial businesses have their revenue interrupted by a water emergency, than business comes to a halt threatening income. At Action Extraction we know the importance of keeping a business open and operational during the restoration process.

Weather the need for service is a small area of wet carpet or grand scale flooding from a water main break, we are equipped with the necessary equipment for the job. Removal pumps, air movers, dehumidifiers and air scrubbing systems are a part of each restoration vehicles inventory.

Our 24/7 emergency professionals are field trained at creating reliable strategies for quick water removal, contents management and document restoration. Call us today if property damage has struck and we will strike back with expert commercial water damage restoration.