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Water-Damage-Restoration-Water-Removal-Waterford-MIWater Damage Cleanup and Restoration in Waterford MI

Is there a water damage issue your home is experiencing? Action Extraction Provides Water Damage Restoration and water damage cleanup to Homes in Waterford Michigan with Immediate response. Call NOW 800-713-4333

When water damage strikes from a sewer backup, broken water pipe, toilet overflow or any other source, it is important to employ professional service as soon as possible. The longer building materials are wet the more damage that is created. Wet carpet, wet pad, wet drywall and wood base are materials that can develop mold and microorganisms in 48 hours after water exposure.

Action Extraction implements all the necessary procedures to assure quick, safe and efficient water damage restoration. We have been an industry leader in water damage cleanup for over 26 years and IICRC Certified utilizing the latest in state of the art technology to dry water damaged properties in Waterford FAST.

Water-Damage-Restoration-Water-Removal-Cleanup-Waterford-MIAll Our Technicians Are:

  • IICRC Certified in water restoration
  • Clean cut, uniformed, professional and courteous
  • Extensively trained and have managed over 100 projects themselves
  • Drug Free / alcohol free and tested regularly
  • Full time and are in their chosen career
  • Standing ready to respond day or night to all water emergencies

We guarantee a stress free restoration experience second to none and our google rating is 5 stars. 5-star-rated-water-damage-company

Free Estimates / Affordable Rates / Expert Service / Immediate Response

We Are Certified To Manage Any Form Of Flooding In Waterford

  • Water-From-Broken-Pipe-Cleanup-Waterford-MISump Pump / Sewer Backup Cleaning
  • Toilet / Tub / Sink Overflows
  • Broken Water Pipes
  • Burst Hot Water Heater
  • Sanitizing and Deodorization
  • Complete Structural Drying
  • Water Removal and Repairs
  • Foundation Flooding  / Storm Damage Repairs

Why Action Extraction Is Your Best Choice For Water Damage Cleanup In Waterford

The most important decision after water intrudes into your home is on selecting the right company to provide service. The wrong company can make matters go from bad to worse. Water-Damage-Cleanup-Water-Damage-Waterford-MIWe specialize in non evasive drying techniques that only several companies in the nation can provide. We create strategies for drying through static pressure where other companies specialize in breaking up your home while using conventional air movers and dehumidifiers only.

Calling ACTION EXTRACTION for the REACTION of SATISFACTION is the best decision you can make!

  • Best-choice-Water-damage-company-Waterford-MIOver 26 years in restoring flooded homes
  • Expert and courteous professionals trained to manage every detail in the restoration process
  • We work with all insurance companies and are Michigan approved
  • Certified and have a US Patent on the fastest drying system available
  • Non evasive static pressure drying
  • Employing all the necessary measures for success and the elimination of mold
  • Capable of working with a tight budget

Select What Type Of Water Damage You Have in Waterford

Each Category of Water Damage Has Industry Standards We Give Strict Adherence To

Fresh Water Damage      Sump Pump Water Damage      Sewer Backup Water Damage

All water damage losses are recognized by the contamination content of the water and are given a category placement. For instance: a pipe break, a sink overflow and a burst hot water heater would be fresh municipal water containing no immediate contamination and would be classified as “category 1″. 

Ground water from sump wells, foundation leaks and overflowing streams and rivers have microorganisms that make it contaminated with living microorganisms, making it’s classification “category 2″. 

The most dangerous to human health is sewer water that contains pathogenic contamination. This water is classified as category 3″.

Action Extraction Is Your Number One Source For Water Damage Repair

We Provide Service for Every Aspect of Repair Related to Emergency Water Damage In Waterford To Relieve The Frustration of Scurrying Around To Find Qualified Service Personnel

  • One-Source-Water-Damage-Repair-Waterford-MIPlumbers with years of experience
  • Mechanical Engineers recognized by the State of MI
  • Electricians that secure any wet electrical
  • HVAC
  • Painters
  • Flooring Specialist
  • Environmental Hygentist

Water Damage Cleaning, Cleanup, Water Removal, Water Restoration and 24 Hour Emergency Water Damage Repair in Waterford MI

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Water Damage Cleanup and Repairs

Flooded Basement Restoration Waterford MI