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Is there a water damage issue in your home or business you need professional help with? Action Extraction Provides Water Damage Restoration in Waterford and service for water removal, cleanup and structural drying. Our emergency response team is standing ready 24/7 day or night to be dispatched when water emergencies happen.

When water damage strikes from a sewer backup, broken water pipe, toilet overflow or any other source, it is important to employ professional service as soon as possible. The longer building materials are wet the more damage that is created. Wet carpet, wet pad, wet drywall and wood base are materials that can develop mold and microorganisms in 48 hours after water exposure.

Action Extraction implements all the necessary procedures to assure quick, safe and efficient water damage restoration in Waterford. We have been an industry leader in water damage cleanup for over 26 years and IICRC Certified utilizing the latest in state of the art technology to dry water damaged properties in Waterford FAST.

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The most important decision you can make after discovering a water emergency is choosing the right company. We are a premiere water restoration firm with the highest customer service rating in all Southeast Michigan. 

Water Damage Restoration in Waterford

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Why Action Extraction Is Your Best Choice For Water Damage Restoration in Waterford

The most important decision after water intrudes into your home is on selecting the right water restoration company to provide service. The wrong company can make residential water damage go from bad to worse. Water-Damage-Cleanup-Water-Damage-Waterford-MIWe specialize in non evasive drying techniques that only several companies in the nation can provide.

We create strategies for drying through static pressure where other companies specialize in breaking up your home while using conventional air movers and dehumidifiers only.

Calling ACTION EXTRACTION for the REACTION of SATISFACTION is the best decision you can make!

  • Best-choice-Water-damage-company-Waterford-MIOver 26 years in restoring flooded homes
  • Expert and courteous professionals trained to manage every detail in the restoration process
  • We work with all insurance companies and are Michigan approved
  • Certified and have a US Patent on the fastest drying system available
  • Non evasive static pressure drying
  • Employing all the necessary measures for success and the elimination of mold
  • Capable of working with a tight budget

3 Types of Water Damage in Waterford

When our professionals arrive to evaluate your water damaged property, we will not only determine the source of the water intrusion, we will immediately classify the water type correctly. This classification of your damages will allow us to create the most efficient strategy and right protocol for cleanup and restoration. All our services are in strict adherence to the instructions of the IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification).

The first water damage classification is called Category 1 water damage. This is fresh water that you pay for from a municipality and which runs throughout the plumbing of your home. Sources of category 1 water damage are water from a broken water pipe, hot water heater leak, refrigerator leaks, drinking fountains, faucets and sink overflows. Action Extraction provides water damage restoration in Waterford second to none for category 2 water damage.

If you have just discovered water damage of this type in your home the degree of contamination is minimal and because it is relatively clean will not immediately pose a threat to human health and safety. It is however, still important to remove water and dry all materials as soon as possible to avoid compounding damages and allowing things to get worse.

The next kind of water damage is called Category 2 water damage. This type of water is also called grey water because it is supplied with contaminates that make the water cloudy and unsanitary. If you have water in your home from a faulty discharge line on a dish washer or washing machine, water from a sink or tub over flow or water from a sump pump failure; you have category 2 water damage.

Because the amount of contamination is rather high and has the potential to produce mold in as little as 48 hours, it is important to act responsibly and remove standing water, clean all surfaces and dry all wet building materials as soon as possible.

The worst kind of water you can encounter in your home or business is Category 3 water damage. This type of water is immediately presenting a health and safety emergency to any occupants on the property. The amount of contamination present is so high with dangerous contaminates it is also called black water. If your sewer has backup up, if your toilet has overflowed with waste, or a sewer pipe has burst, you have category 3 water damage. Typically category 3 water damage occurs from drain backups after heavy raining and results in a flooded basement.

The danger to human health is extremely high especially for young children and the the elderly. When a sewer backs up it allows up to 82 different types of viruses and if they come into contact with dry wall, carpet, wood base or laminate flooring, all these materials need to be removed from the home.

Action Extraction technicians are highly trained for high risk cleanup after sewer backups and are able to mitigate such environments completely. We will remove all standing contaminated water, sterilize all surfaces with plant based anti-microbial agents and dry all wet structures completely.

Waterford Water Damage Restoration From Plumbing

Our lives in the US are so convenient in our homes because of modern day plumbing. For instance in Afghanistan only 7% of the people even have a toilet. Our homes have toilets, sinks with designer faucets, tubs, showers and water on demand. These terrific conveniences while making our lives much easier, do present the potential for water damage when they fail, break and leak. Water damage restoration in Waterford is common as a result of plumbing issues.

Water supply lines can freeze and burst, toilets can overflow and malfunction, appliances can break and water can go all over affecting your valued property. The worst case scenario is that your underground drain system becomes clogged and backs up with sewer and waste water.

Undetected Water Damage Surprises

One common but unnoticed water damage scenario that can happen is when water leaks slowly and goes on undetected. Take for instance your water supply line to the refrigerator ice maker that you don’t see because it is behind the refrigerator. If this plastic line springs a leak it can slowly go on for days or weeks before it is finally discovered. Often it is not discovered until one day it leaves standing water in a puddle in the kitchen, but at that time the damage is already done. The dry wall can be wet and moldy and the kitchen floor wet and structurally compromised requiring water damage restoration in Waterford.

If you are presently experiencing this identical scenario than consider letting the skilled professionals at Action Extraction evaluate and help assist you back to a completely restored condition. We have the skill and equipment to locate all hidden dangers using advanced moisture detection equipment and restore and repair your water damaged property.

One important thing we are careful to never overlook are the characteristics of contamination that can happen when water damage goes undetected for prolonged periods of time. Each day standing water exist in an indoor environment, it degrades and produces microorganisms that need to be killed and removed. Any wet building materials like dry wall, hard wood flooring are food sources for mold and precaution will be taken to guarantee occupant safety. Our professionals are available NOW if you need water damage restoration in Waterford.

Action Extraction Is Your Number One Source For Water Damage Repair

We Provide Service for Every Aspect of Repair Related to Emergency Water Damage In Waterford To Relieve The Frustration of Scurrying Around To Find Qualified Service Personnel. When water damage restoration in Waterford is needed, Action Extraction is here.

  • One-Source-Water-Damage-Repair-Waterford-MIPlumbers with years of experience
  • Mechanical Engineers recognized by the State of MI
  • Electricians that secure any wet electrical
  • HVAC
  • Painters
  • Flooring Specialist
  • Environmental Hygienist

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