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Water Damage Restoration & Water Removal in Washington Twp. MI.

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In the event of a water damage emergency in your home or business, Action Extraction wants to earn your deepest trust. A Michigan leader in flood damage repair for over 25 years as well as the inventers of Insta Duct Systems, we specialize in getting water damaged homes back to pre-loss condition. FAST!

Has your home or business sustained a level of water damage from a sewer backup, sump pump failure, broken pipe, toilet overflow or any other source of flooding? . However alarming your water damage may seem and how desperate things are we can quickly make things like new again.

Immediate Flood Response Team For Water Damage

Our certified professionals manage all types of water damage and are courteous, professional and sensitive to what water damage can do to the emotions of homeowners. Our dedicated team of 24-hour-flood-service-vehiclerestoration professionals are ready to respond to your crisis the moment you call, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Action Extraction is your single source for everything from water damage assessment to structural drying including removal of debris, clean up, repair and reconstruction.

We Make Insurance Claims Easy And Stress Free

We work for YOU; every step of the water restoration process is driven by our responsibility to you. We will demonstrate to your insurance company everything we are Water-Damage-Macomb-MIdoing is for the protection of you, your health and your property. We work with all insurance companies closely and are familiar with what they require so there is no need for anxiety and worry. We document the loss and provide your insurance carrier with a copy of our services through their specific software. No surprises, or red flags, we do this as our business and our experience will work for you, getting you your maximum coverage. The wrong company that does not do insurance repair can make a bad situation worse. If your flood is not classified correctly it could limit or deny your coverage.

What Is Your Water Damage Type?

Sump Pump Backup               Sewer Water Backup                Fresh Water Flood


broken water lineWater Damage from a Fresh Water Source in Washington Twp. MI

Sources of fresh water flooding are frozen and broken pipes, dish washer or washing machine malfunctions, burst hot water heaters and sink over flows. These water damage emergencies happen unexpectedly and at the worst times imaginable; vacations, weddings, birthdays and more. Although fresh water flooding does not immediately pose a threat to human health, it is quiet destructive to the home environment.

Water Damage from a Sewer Backup or Toilet Overflow in Washington Twp. MI

Basement floodFew things are more alarming than discovering your basement has just flooded from a sewer backup. These floods usually occur after a heavy rain and are often related to drain problems.

Water Damage from a Sump Pump Backup in Shelby Twp. MI

Water-Damage-Washington-Twp-MISump pumps are necessary to handle the climbing water table that rises quickly during a strong downfall. For various reasons they will fail allowing an inundation of ground water that can create major water damage in homes. Action Extraction Inc. has been a leader in managing sump pump backups in Washington Twp. MI. for over 25 years.

Ask The Michigan Flood Restoration ExpertWater-Damage-Restoration-Washington-Twp-MI

It is very common to feel anxious and unimaginably stressed when your home experiences flooding, because homes naturally become a safe haven and source of security for our families.

If your Washington Twp home or business is experiencing water damage of any kind, Call NOW 800-713-4333 and speak directly to the owner.

Water Damage Restoration Cleaning and Repairs