Water Damage Restoration and Flood Water Cleanup Roseville MIWater Damage Restoration Roseville MI

Water damage is an unexpected event that manifest often at the worst of times. The most common type of water damage often occurs after a heavy rainfall influencing a sewer or drain backup. There are also the times when water damage restoration Roseville is necessary because of a broken water pipe, toilet overflow or an appliance malfunctions spilling water in abundance.

When a professional water damage company is needed after a basement floods from a sewer backup, drain failure or any other water damage occurrence, Action Extraction is the 5-star rated restoration firm at the top of the list. We provide water removal, sewage cleanup and sump pump backup restoration 24/7 day or night.

We are a IICRC Certified firm that immediately responds to small and large water damage projects with highly trained technicians. We have been a Michigan leader in water removal and flood damage cleanup for over 3 decades.

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There is no more important decision you will make when flooding is discovered than in choosing the right company for the water damage restoration Roseville cleanup. Action Extraction is a premiere emergency restoration firm with the highest customer service rating in all Southeast Michigan. 


Water Damage Repair Roseville – Drying & Insurance Specialist

We are nationally recognized in the restoration industry as a leader having a US Patent on a drying system that dries faster and at less expense. We have a proven record of drying property that was saturated beyond what many companies are able or willing to restore.

Water damage restoration Roseville MIWhen your water damage is on a scale you determine should be an insurance claim, we will make it as simple as can be. Our years of easily managing such ordeals will have you covered for as much as is allowed and you will get your money FAST!

Quick Response to Remove Water is Essential

If water damage has struck your home or business and you see standing water on the floor, there are wet building materials and a mess to deal with; it is important to act as soon as possible. Each hour allows microbe amplification and increased damage. Our professionals have the latest equipment for water removal, cleanup and restoration. Our application of a plant based anti-microbial agent will immediately bring containment and germ elimination as soon as it is applied.

Mold, fungi and microorganisms re immediately present after a drain backup and in as little as 48 hours visual mold can begin to appear. Don’t let this nightmare happen to your property, give us a call and speak live with the owner and his expertise in flood restoration will bring needed insight.

Your decision to respond quickly is of vital importance and our willingness to freely evaluate your property is the best next step to recovery. Our highly trained and courteous experts are standing by 24/7 to provide rapid water damage restoration in Roseville.

Why Action Extraction for Your Water Damage Cleanup in Roseville MI?

Flood-Cleanup-Water-Damage-Roseville-MIWhen water invades a home things can look severe and hopeless. This can change in minutes of our arrival when you contact Action Extraction for your flood damage needs.

Our impeccable record for over 3 decades can ultimately upgrade your property as repairs will be with modern materials and expertly crafted. Let our highly skilled professionals manage with and earn your deepest confidence, as they quickly get you and your home back to the way things were before the water damage.

All our services come with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee: The ACTION EXTRACTION REACTION is SATISFACTION or there’s no Financial TRANSACTION. We do what is required to make you a satisfied customer.

Water-Damage-Roseville-MI-Flood-CleanupWater Damage Puts Your Home in a State of Emergency

When water intrudes into a dry home and results in wet carpet / pad or wet building materials and high humidity the wet foreign environment places your home at risk for mold. Less harmful but fully present in all water damage are microorganisms that can off gas endo-toxins and greatly distress the air quality of a property.

If the source of the water was a sewer backup there now exist pathogenic (disease causing) hazards in the air. Young children and the elderly are at high risk.

Providing Water Damage Restoration in Roseville quickly when flooding occurs will ensure  your environment is dealt with in the correct manner. You will sleep better at night knowing you have eliminate microorganisms and mold from growing and spreading.

Action Extraction utilizes the latest in “State of the art” technology and will remove all water with powerful truck-mount extraction systems, apply plant based anti-fungal agents and set up modern drying equipment to dry your home FAST!

The Threat of Mold is always Present Until all High Humidity is Removed.

Flood-Cleanup-Water-Damage-Roseville-MI-Insurance-MIWe Make Insurance Claims Stress Free

Give us the chance to navigate you through a headache free experience when handling your insurance claim. Our record for managing the claims process associated with water damage and flood damage cleanup is impeccable.

We work with all insurance companies and know many of the adjusters that manage water losses. Our credentials put insurance companies at ease because as a certified firm we are obligated to mitigate your water loss by the highest of standards. Once we are finished with all the service required we bill your insurance carrier through approved software so there are no surprises at any stage of the water damage service.

Water Damage Cleanup for a Sewer Backup in Roseville MI

Each year many homes experience a sewer backup in Southeast Michigan. The cities of Roseville, Warren, Saint Clair Shores and the Pointes are especially at risk due to having older homes with outdated sewer systems. Large trees in the front yards contribute to the problem when the roots get into the drains and block the water from being channeled from the home.


If your home is experiencing water damage from a sewer backup, than you are faced with the most harmful water that can enter your home. When a sewer backs up the water is pathogenic (disease causing). The longer it sits the more damage it creates making it necessary to be removed as soon as possible to keep the infection causing germs at a minimum. Sewer water is classified as (category 3), it is the most health threatening to humans and damaging to property. Sometimes sewer water may not be discolored or even have a smell, however, it is always pathogenic necessitating professional cleanup. Action Extraction specializes in flood restoration of high risk environments and knows how to employ the necessary measures to protect your family and property.

Water Damage Cleanup Roseville MI – From a Sump Pump Failure

After heavy downpours it is likely their are homes that are becoming flooded because of a failing sump pump. These systems for various reasons malfunction and flood basements creating extreme damage.Roseville-MI-Flood-Cleanup

When sump pumps fail they allow ground water into the living space of the home making dry materials wet and a major water damage cleanup project. This water is alive with microorganisms, fungi, bacteria, molds and dirt. Water begins to amplify with this life and poses a threat to human health if not remediated correctly which includes drying of any building materials that have come into direct contact with water. Homeowners insurance may or may not cover this type of water damage emergency. Call Action Extraction and we can assist you in determining if you have coverage.

Water Damage From a Fresh Water Source in Roseville MI

Water-Damage-Roseville-MI-Flood-Cleanup (2)

When hot water heaters leak, water pipes break or someone forgets to shut off the water to a sink, fresh water is introduced into the home. Water damage from a fresh water source is typically covered by a standard homeowner’s insurance policy, assuming you have paid your premiums. Although fresh water is not living water (containing microorganisms) and not immediately posing as a threat to human health, it is very destructive to building materials and if not removed from the home environment will develop into mold unless water is removed and humidity control is introduced through dehumidification. Water damage from fresh water also known as (category 1) is the least worrisome but after 3 days of sitting becomes alive with microorganisms.

Frequently Asked Questions Related to Water Damage


My Basement has just flooded what should I do? 

When a Michigan basement takes on water, having wet carpet or even worse, wet VCT tile, you certainly have a stress maker. Here are some good first steps to take to reduce the water damage to your home and secure safety. Number 1) Be certain no electrical has come into contact with any water. Look carefully at all receptacles and electrical cords to see if water has come into contact before touching anything. Water is a good conductor of electricity and carelessly touching things before making sure all is safe is a must. Action Extraction has licensed electricians that are on call for such water damage emergencies to test for exposure to water.

Number 2) Look for the source of water intrusion. Sometimes this is self evident such as a toilet overflowing, other times it can be difficult. If you have a sump pump look to see if the water is to the top and it is not running. Look at the floor drains to see if the drain is backing up. Listen for any running water that could be suggestive of a burst water line, hot water heater or ruptured or malfunctioning appliance. If water is heard running, try to locate the main shut off and turn water off immediately. Call Action Extraction for the water damage restoration in Roseville and we can be on-site in 1 hour or less.

My sump pump has failed and my basement is filled with water, should I call a water restoration company or a plumber?

Calling a plumber first is not recommended. If there exist standing water often they require for it’s removal first. If they will work in such an environment, once the pump is replaced you still have a wet basement requiring water damage cleanup. Plumbers do not possess the necessary equipment, certification or expertise to restore water damaged homes. Calling us first when your sump pump has failed resulting in water damage is a better option because we are a full service water restoration company and we can replace your old system with a new pump and then immediately begin the water damage cleanup.

If my basement drains naturally through the floor drains after it floods , do I still need professional water damage restoration Roseville company?

In time some clogged floor drains will eventually remove the water from your basement that may have resulted from flooding. If this occurs you will still most definitely need professional water restoration service to at the minimum evaluate for moisture in absorbent materials. When water absorbs into cement, wood substrates, drywall, carpet or pad you have the perfect environment for mold, microbes and fungi. Humidity levels should not exceed certain standards for to long as well and air can become heavy with moisture and secondary moisture damage can happen.

Water has entered my basement from my toilet overflowing and smells, how long till I get water damage or mold?

As long as there is the presence of water, the threat for mold remains and water continues to damage the home environment. The presence of smells is often indicative of a problem, namely microbial growth. Unless water is completely removed from materials like; wet carpet, carpet pad, wood, tile and drywall, the potential for mold is present. High moisture content in the home creates very favorable circumstances for mold and pungent odors. If your home has experienced water damage and your carpet is smelling, it is an evidence that water was in it for several days and anti-microbial specialty agents are required.

What is the difference between flooding and water damage, my basement has flooded, but do I actually have water damage?

Not exactly! Flooding is an event that takes place in an area of the home (most often a basement) when water from various sources; sewer, sump, burst pipe, etc. comes into the home. Upon it’s entrance into your home it immediately creates flooding, however unless the water is from the sewer you should not yet have water damage . Flooded environments can be dried where there is no water damage as a result if caught in time and dried properly. Wet carpet, wet padding, wet drywall and other materials that are absorbent can still be safely dried in a timely fashion leaving no visual damage. If the water that has flooded your basement or home is sewer, water damage is immediate and materials can not be safely restored. Professional water damage restoration Roseville is essential to restore property safetly.

Water damage by definition is a permanent compromise in appearance or integrity of materials that were once wet and have become dry. Sewer water like fire changes both the looks and the integrity of everything it touches. We are very experienced in evaluating items to determine if they have become water damaged and how to document damages for the insurance companies.

I have a frozen pipe in my home, what should I do?

If any of your water pipes in have frozen due to extremely cold temperatures, you must act strategically to avoid a water damage emergency. 1) Locate the water shut off and turn your water off. 2) Only after turning water off, you can slowly thaw the frozen water pipe with extra heat from a space heater or hair dryer. Once ice has been melted have a plumber make the necessary repair and insulate the pipe. If you have discovered a frozen pipe that has already burst and created water damage, call us immediately. 1-800-713-4333

Experienced Water Damage Restoration Roseville – Can Be the Difference Between Success or Failure

Over the last few years there have been an increasing number of water restoration companies that have emerged, many not even 5 years in business. Don’t be fooled by a smooth talker or polished presentation; ask for credentials such as certification, insurance, and referrals. We have had several companies brought to our attention that claim the home environment was dry and where mold began to thrive due to continued moisture in materials.

Action Extraction is not a new upstart company trying to make water damage restoration a business. We have been a leader in restoration and are known by the insurance industry as well as our competition as a company that stands out from the rest for their standard of excellence in customer service. Additionally we have a US Patent on the worlds fastest drying product,”Insta Duct Systems“, that dries quicker and at less expense.

Water Damage Restoration in Roseville Requires the Best in Equipment for Success

When a service company is called out for emergency water damage service you don’t really know what you are in for till they show up. Some homeowners are disenchanted when an old rust bucket of a vehicle pulls in with disheveled looking employees that pull out old out dated equipment.

Such a picture may be fine for the plumbing industry or a lawn service company, but not a water damage restoration company. The success of the project is predicated on 2 indispensable requirements. 1) Knowledge and experience, 2) The latest equipment.

We use the finest and most “state of the art” equipment available as well as our US Patented Insta Duct Systems to provide homeowners the best in water damage cleanup.

Water Damage Restoration Cleaning and Repairs

 Water Damage Cleanup in Roseville is Common

According to the United States Census Bureau, the city of Roseville has a total area of 9.86 square miles and only 0.03 square miles of it are water. That is until it rains. The homes in are more susceptible to a sewer backup than areas such as Sterling Heights or Macomb MI when it rains heavy. The reason is because the drain systems that were used when most of these homes were built were made with clay pipe that has proven over time to become compromised. Roots from trees can break through the clay walls over time and block the natural tendency of the water to drain away from the home and backup instead.

Action Extraction has served the needs of homeowners in Roseville Michigan who have experienced water damage for many years. We are proud to serve this community and have guided many homeowners after cleanup to improve the likelihood of avoiding a water damage occurrence in the future.

Several Proven Steps to Minimize Your Chances of Experiencing Water Damage.

1) Turn your water off when leaving on vacation. Over 20% of the water damage restoration roseville projects we receive are from homes left with the water not shut off. When water is allowed on and a supply line breaks or a hot water heater burst your water will not stop running until the water damage disaster is discovered.

2) Make sure the temperature is maintained in the winter. Sometimes when people go on vacation in the winter they turn their temperature down to much. 60 degrees is good, however 40 – 50 is to low if temperatures outside drop well below freezing.

3) Change all water supply lines in your home to stainless steel braided. Many water damage moments occur from a faulty plastic supply line. Plastic water supply lines are not very durable and often burst creating horrendous water damage costing thousands. They are easy to change over and can be purchased at any hardware store.

4) Get a battery backup sump pump on your sump well. If your home has a sump pump that manages the water table around your home by channeling it away, you need a battery powered backup. If your electricity goes out for any length of time or if your sump pump fails, water is sure to inundate your home and threaten any finished basement with water damage.

Water Damage Restoration Roseville MI

Call us today for a free inspection of your property and even speak live with the owner. 800-713-4333. We are available day or night to meet all your emergancy water damage rewstoration Roseville needs.