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Water Damage Restoration, Cleanup and Repairs Warren MI

CALL NOW 800-713-4333 for an immediate response to any water damage emergency in your Warren MI home. Water damage cleanup, sewer backup cleaning and water removal is available 24/7 by certified technicians utilizing the latest in 'state of the art' equipment. We offer the fastest and most efficient water damage cleanup available in Michigan. Warren is a high risk area for water damage and our local technicians are minutes away and available to respond immediately.

All Our Technicians Are:Water-Damage-Restoration-Extraction-Water-Removal-Warren-MI

  • IICRC Certified in water restoration
  • Clean cut, uniformed, professional and courteous
  • Extensively trained and have managed over 100 projects themselves
  • Drug Free / alcohol free and tested regularly
  • Full time and are in their chosen career
  • Standing ready to respond day or night to all water emergencies

We guarantee a stress free restoration experience second to none for your Warren home and our google rating is 5 stars. 5-star-rated-water-damage-company

We are recognized as a Michigan leader in water damage cleanup going on 26 years and are an IICRC certified firm so you can have confidence that we are employing the latest techniques in water damage restoration. There exist no water damage situation we have not successfully managed countless times with great efficiency.

We Are Certified To Manage:Water-Removal-Water-Damage-Cleanup-Warren-MI

  • Sump Pump / Sewer Backup Cleaning
  • Toilet / Tub / Sink Overflows
  • Broken Water Pipes
  • Burst Hot Water Heater
  • Sanitizing and Deodorization
  • Complete Structural Drying

If your Warren MI. sewer has backed up, sump pump failed, hot water heater burst, toilet overflowed or any other form of water damage taken place, we can be to your home in less than 60 minutes with professional assistance.

Free Estimates / Expert Service / Affordable Rates / Immediate Help

Time is Not on Your Side

At the moment water damage happens it begins absorbing into building materials at an alarming rate. Removing water after a flood as soon as possible reduces the damage and humidity that creates mold.

Fresh water begins to develop microorganisms like mold and fungi in 48 hours. Ground water immediately brings these microorganisms in the home. Sewage water is pathogenic and immediately creates human health risks. Rapid response is of great significance if the environment is to be contained safely.

Why Choose Action Extraction for Water Damage Cleanup in Warren MI?

Best-choice-water-damage-company-Warren-MICalling ACTION EXTRACTION for the REACTION of SATISFACTION is the best decision you can make!

  • Insurance companies recognize us as leaders in water damage restoration.
  • We have a US Patent on the world's fastest wall drying system.
  • We are specialist at processing insurance claims
  • We make affordable strategies for water damage restoration even lean budgets afford.

Our technicians are enthusiastic about helping people and quickly getting you, your family and home back to the way things were, before the water damage. Water damage looks terrible however, flood cleanup is what we do and we can change things for the better surprisingly quick. Water-In-House-Flooding-Home-Van-Warren-MI

We offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee: 'The ACTION EXTRACTION REACTION is SATISFACTION or there's no Financial TRANSACTION'.

CALL NOW 800-713-4333 for a free estimate or an immediate response team for any and all of your water damage needs in Warren MI.

Wet Homes Are in a State of Emergency!

Water damaged basements, wet carpet, drywall, sewer backups, sump pump failures, frozen or broken water lines, are all capable of generating water damage that can place your home in a state of emergency due to the threat of mold.

Water-Damage-Basement-Wet-Sump-Pump-Flooding-Warren-MIHere is what needs to occur as soon as possible after water damage. Water must be removed; anti-fungal agents need to be applied and specialty equipment placed for drying.

Action Extraction removes all water with truck-mount extraction units, we apply only all-natural plant based anti-fungal agents on all wet materials and introduce the latest in drying equipment to dry your home FAST!

What Kind of Water Damage Do You Have?

Fresh Water Damage     Ground Water Damage     Sewer Water Damage

We Make Insurance Claims Easy for Warren Michigan Residents

Water-Damage-Insurance-Warren-MIOur record in successfully processing insurance claims associated with water damage and flood damage cleanup is impeccable. We work with all insurance companies and know personally many adjusters and have earned their respect over the years. We will navigate you through a worry free insurance claims process being an advocate for you each step of the way. Our priority is to work closely with your adjuster and make sure you are getting the full coverage you deserve.

As a certified firm with the IICRC in water damage cleanup and flood water repair, we possess the qualifications that place insurance companies at ease with the water restoration process. We are certified to use the identical software for billing the insurance companies use and once written it holds great weight and is excepted almost every time as written. There are no bombshells at any stage of the cleanup and restoration process you need to fear as with an unexperienced company.

Water Damage Restoration of a Sewer Backup in Warren MI


Sewer water backups are the most harmful form of water Damage a home will ever experience. The smells, germs, and look of a sewer backup are all capable of ruining ones day.  Even if the sewer water is not dirty looking does not indicate anything better than what is feared the most. This water is pathogenic and causes disease if not dealt with properly. Water must be removed, wet carpet and pad must be removed, wet drywall, base moldings and wood cabinetry must be removed.  Sewer water is classified as (category 3) because it is the most dangerous and human health menacing, not to mention being destructive to property.

Action Extraction specializes in flood restoration of high risk environments and knows exactly what necessary steps to take to provide your home with the most updated water damage restoration available anywhere.

Water Damage Cleanup from a Sump Pump Backup Warren MI


After intense showers for numerous reasons sump pumps fail allowing water into homes creating one of the most common to MI. Water damage losses; sump pump backups. This water is teaming with microorganisms, making it living water and very abundant in molds, fungi and bacteria. If you regularly have your lawn fertilized these same chemicals are now in your home. By law fertilizer companies must place warning signs on your lawn to caution you as to what is there for your protection. Unfortunately these chemicals intrude into your home when the sump water backs up.

We are very skilled at employing the IICRC Standards on this type of Water damage for your protection and use anti-microbial agents to eradicate microorganisms.  Homeowners may or may not have insurance coverage on this type of water damage emergency. Call Action Extraction and we can help you on the subject of coverage. Don't think you require flood insurance as that is not the type needed for this particular water damage loss.


Water Damage From A Fresh Water Source

Broken water pipes, burst hot water heaters, sink overflows, refrigerator leaks and appliance malfunctions are examples of water damage from a fresh water source and is typically covered by homeowners insurance. This type of water loss will not instantly produce a threat to human health; however it is very destructive to building materials and if not removed from the interior setting will develop into mold unless water removal and humidity control are dealt with in 48 hours.

Flood damage from fresh water is categorized as (category 1) and poses the slightest concern, but if left wet over 3 days, such environments become alive with microorganisms.



Common Questions About Water Damage in Warren MI

My basement has water in it, what should I do?

If your Warren MI basement has water in it from any source it is important to know what steps to take. If you follow these steps you will minimize the water damage to your home dramatically. Step 1) Evaluate the scope of water contact to see if any electrical has gotten wet. Be careful not to touch any wires or electrical outlets until you have made certain are dry. If it is discovered that water has come into contact with electrical; call us as we have a licensed electrician to make recommendations.
Step 2) Look for the source of water that has created the damage. This step is typically easy when done with a methodical approach. If your home has a sump pump, look to see if the water is at the top of the well or higher than normal. Look at the floor drains to determine if signs of a sewer backup exist. Listen for any running water that could be coming from a burst water line, hot water heater, or defective appliance. If you here running water find the water shut off in your home and turn water off.

My sump pump has stopped working and my basement is flooding, should I call a water restoration company or a plumber?

Contacting a plumber first is by no means the correct choice because they are not typically enthusiastic to work in a basement with standing water. If they are willing, once the water is eventually pumped out you still have wet carpet and a wet basement requiring water removal and drying. Most plumbers are not certified, experienced or certified for such water mitigation service. Calling us first when your sump pump stops working is a better choice because we are a full service water restoration company and are equipped to replace your old pump with a new one as well as immediately begin the water damage cleanup.

If my wet basement eventually drains by itself after water enters my home, do I still need a professional water restoration company?

If your floor drain gradually allows the water to be removed, you will still require the need for professional water restoration. There will still be abundant moisture from all the wet materials that the water has come into contact with.  If water has absorbed into cement, wood, drywall, carpet or pad you have the textbook environment for the growth of mold and microbial organisms. High humidity must be removed from the air and water must be removed from all wet items if mold is to be avoided and your basement kept free from smells.

My Warren basement smells after flooding, how long till I get water damage or mold?

When the presence of water remains, it continues to create damage in the home environment. Without water removal, moisture still exist in items like; carpet, carpet pad, wood, tile and drywall. Until these things are dried the potential for mold exist. Water in the home allows very alluring circumstances for mold and strong pungent smells to develop and thrive. If your basement has had water damage and your carpet smells, it is a certain sign of microbial amplification and anti-microbial agents are required.

Is there a difference in flooding and water damage, my basement has flooded, but do I actually have water damage?

Not necessarily, flooding is an experience that happens in an area of the home (most often a basement) when water from different sources; sewer, sump, burst pipe, etc. enters the home. Water immediately creates a flooding situation; however that does not necessarily mean you have water damage. If the water damage is sewer water the water damage is immediate. Wet environments can be safely dried resulting in no water damage when caught in time and dried properly. Wet carpet, wet padding, wet drywall and other materials that are absorbent can all be safely dried in a timely manner where no visual damage can be found.

Water damage is defined as a permanent and irreversible compromise in appearance or integrity of materials. Water damage from sewer water changes both the looks and the integrity of everything it touches. We are very knowledgeable in assessing items to determine if they have become water damaged and will document such damages for the insurance company.

I have a frozen pipe in my Warren MI home, what should I do? 

If any of your water pipes in Warren MI have frozen due to tremendously cold temperatures, you must act quickly to avoid a water damage emergency. 1) Locate the water shut off and turn your water off. 2) Only after turning water off, you can slowly thaw the frozen water pipe with extra heat from a space heater or hair dryer. Once ice has been melted have a plumber make the repairs and place additional insulation around the pipe. If you have discovered a frozen pipe that has already burst and created water damage, call us immediately. 1-800-713-4333

Experience Is the Difference Between Success or Failure

In the last few years an increasing number of water restoration companies have emerged, many not even 5 years in business. Don’t be fooled by a suave representative; ask for credentials such as certification, insurance, and referrals. Recently several companies have been brought to our attention that claim the home environment was dry that were not and mold growth was discovered.

Action Extraction is not a new upstart company trying to make water damage restoration a business. We have been a leader in restoration and are known by the insurance industry as well as our competition as a company that stands out from the rest for their standard of excellence in customer service. Additionally we have a US Patent on the worlds fastest drying product,”Insta Duct Systems”, that dries quicker and at less expense.

Water Damage Restoration Requires the Best in Equipment for Success

When you call us for your water restoration project we arrive with the lattest in 'state of the art technology' Some homeowners are disillusioned with the service company they call out when they pull up in front of their home in a worn out vehicle and worse yet; the employees have an unprofessional appearance.

This is a depiction that may be fine for a lawn service company, but not a water damage restoration company.

We use the finest and most “state of the art” equipment available as well as our US Patented Insta Duct Systems to provide homeowners the best in water damage cleanup. Our employees are clean cut and uniformed.











Facts About Warren MI Water Damage

Warren is not only Metro Detroit’s largest suburb and home to the GM Tech Center, Warren is also ranked 1st in the nation for longevity of residency. Warren has the longest on average residents to have lived in that community. The Warren average is 35.5 years, compared to the national average of eight years for communities of 100,000+ population. These homeowners love the security and amenities of the city and many have learned something not so endearing. The longer you live there with the same sewer system that the home was built with the more likely you are to experience water damage from a sewer backup or storm drain blockage. This type of water damage is rare among new homes, but very likely with the older homes with old sewer systems.

Why Warren Residence are Likely to Experience Water Damage at Some Time

Several circumstances that make a water damage experience more likely in Warren Mi than a newer community is the clay pipe sewer systems that have a life expectancy of 40 -50 years before they become damaged by tree roots, time and settling of soil. When the water drain system fails it allows water that should naturally be diverted from the home to back up and intrude sometimes violently into the home. This type of water damage in Warren MI can be abundantly costly and unsettling. Because the neighborhoods have been there many years having often several different families that have lived there, many of the basements are finished and any water that infiltrates into the basement can be a serious and health threatening event.

If your Warren Mi basement has become a victim of such water damage call us today for a professional team of water damage experts, that will evaluate the damages and create the best and most financially responsible plan to clean up all the water damage, but help implement corrective ideas that may permanently remove the risk of water damage in the future.

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