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Water Damage Restoration and Water Damage Cleanup Saint Clair Shores MI

Restoring-Water-Damaged-Property-Saint-Clair-Shores-MICALL NOW 800-713-4333 to speak with a certified technician about any water damage emergency in your Saint Clair Shores MI home. Water removal, flood damage cleanup, sewer backup cleaning and water restoration is available 24/7 day or night.

Action Extraction is a 26 year Michigan leader in water damage cleanup with IICRC Certified water restoration technicians that are trained to assist you with the cleanup of any water emergency conceivable.

Flooded-Saint-Clair-Shores-MI-Basement-Cleanup (2)If your home has water damage from a sewer backup or toilet overflow, then let us help as we specialize in hazardous cleanup of pathogenic and disease causing environments. If the source of water is less menacing like fresh water from a burst or frozen pipe or an appliance malfunction then allow our experience in insurance claims repair get you fully covered.

We have a local emergency response team that can be to your home in as little as 60 minutes or less with the latest in “state of the art” equipment. We offer the fastest and most efficient water damage cleanup available in Saint Clair Shores MI.

Action Extraction has a US. patent on the world’s fastest drying method, Insta Duct Systems that allows us to dry faster and at less expense than any other water restoration firm in America.

Saint Clair Shores is a high risk area for water damage due to the age of many of its communities that have older clay sewer drain systems that are very susceptible to failure after heavy raining. If you have just discovered a nightmare in your basement from a sewer backup or just a small wet area from a sink overflow, we can guide you through a stress free restoration cleanup process. There is no water damage situations we have not successfully managed countless times with great efficiency.

Water-Removal-Restoration-Saint-Clair-Shores-MI-Basment-CleanupAll Our Technicians Are:

  • IICRC Certified in water restoration
  • Clean cut, uniformed, professional and courteous
  • Extensively trained and have managed over 100 projects themselves
  • Drug Free / alcohol free / tested regularly
  • Full time and are in their chosen career
  • Standing ready to respond day or night to all water emergencies
  • Experienced with working in Saint Clair Shores MI

We offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee and our google rating by former customers is a 5 star google rating 5-star-rated-water-damage-company

Free Estimates / Expert Service / Affordable Rates / Immediate Help

Why Choose Action Extraction for Water Damage Cleanup in Saint Clair Shores MI?

When you call you are immediately connected to the owner or certified technician. Because we specialize in insurance repairs and can guide you through the process of insurance claims with ease getting you your full coverage by documentation and moisture mapping.Water-Damage-Cleanup-Water-Damage-Saint-Clair-Shores-MI

All our services come with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee: ”The ACTION EXTRACTION REACTION is SATISFACTION or there’s no Financial TRANSACTION”. We do what is required to make you a satisfied customer.

CALL NOW 800-713-4333 for an immediate response to all your water damage needs and for professional flood cleanup in Saint Clair Shores MI.

Water Damage in Saint Clair Shores MI Places a Home in a State of Emergency

Basement-With Water-Damage-Saint-Clair-Shores-MIBecause of the threat of mold, any water that enters a home during a flooded Basement, sewer backup, sump pump backup or broken water line is capable of producing water damage that can place your home in a state of emergency . If wet carpet or building materials do not dry in 48 hours than mold begins to grow, making time of the essence.

Dealing with water damage in a home immediately is the best way to keep the environment from becoming contaminated. Water should be removed as soon as possible and anti-fungal agents must be applied to ensure all microorganisms have been effectively dealt with.

Action Extraction removes all water with superior truck-mount extraction equipment, while utilizing safe plant based anti-fungal agents. After the area has been monitored and contained we introduce drying equipment to dry your home FAST!

What Kind Of Water Damage Do You Have?

Water from A Sewer Backup     Water From A Sump Pump      Water From A Fresh Source

We Make Insurance Claims Easy for Saint Clair Shores MI Residents

Water-Damage-Cleanup-Insurance-Repair-Saint-Clair-Shores-MI-InsuranceAction Extraction has an Matchless record in successfully handling the insurance claims process. Water damage and flood damage cleanup creates unique circumstances that must be carefully documented to insure you get your full coverage. We take pictures, document the loss with sensitive moisture analyzing equipment, stay in direct communication with your assigned adjuster and guide you through each step with great care.

We work with all insurance companies and will work closely with yours to make sure you are getting the full coverage you deserve. We are certified to bill the insurance company through their actual software so at no time are there any surprises.

Water Damage From a Sewer Backup

Saint-Clair-Shores-MI-Sewer-Backup-Damage-CleanupWater Damage in your Saint Clair Shores MI home from a sewer backup is the most dangerous type of water that can enter your home. Often after a heavy downpour a sewer drain may backup infiltrating the basement with harmful pathogenic (disease causing) sewer water that must be removed as soon as possible to keep the infection causing germs at a minimum. The classification for sewer water is (category 3) because it is the most health threatening and damaging to the property. Interestingly sewer water may or may not be discolored and smell, however, it is always pathogenic requiring professional cleanup. Action Extraction brings certified professionals on each water damage project that specialize in flood restoration of high risk environments and know how to contain and cleanup your property with standards that are thorough.

Water Damage From A Sump Pump Backup in Saint Clair Shores MI


Homes that utilize a sump pump to channel water away through a drain system at times fail and allow water to enter the basement. This water is classified as Cat-2 (category 2) and is highly supplied with microorganisms, molds, bacteria, fungi and other eager to grow life, explaining why it is also referred to as living water. Homeowners insurance does not typically cover this type of water damage emergency unless you have a backup policy. Call Action Extraction 800-713-4333 and we can enlighten you on the subject of coverage.

The longer things stay wet the greater chance for these microorganisms to do damage, as they amplify quickly. In 72 hours they are as severe to your health and home as sewer water. This type of water if not remediated soon, will create very strong smells which are evidence of the eco system that is beginning to grow.

If your basement in Saint Clair Shores has experienced a sump pump backup, do not delay. Call NOW 800-713-4333 and let us skillfully remove the water, clean all materials with plant based anti-microbials and dry out your home using professional drying equipment.

Water Damage From Fresh Water

Water-Pipe-Broken-Dripping Water-Basement-Saint-Clair-Shores-MIWater Damage from a fresh water source like a broken pipe, burst hot water heater or appliance malfunction is typically covered by your homeowner’s insurance policy

This water is fresh so it does not immediately create a threat to human health. It is however, very destructive to building materials and if not removed from the indoor environment will begin to develop  mold unless the water is removed and the humidity controlled.

Flood damage from fresh water is called (category 1) being the least worrisome to the home, but will still do great damage if water restoration and cleanup are delayed.


Common Questions About Water Damage


My Basement Flooded, What should I do?

If your Saint Clair Shores Basement has water in it there are several things that must be done as soon as possible. First, attempt to see what caused the water to flood the basement. It is going to be a sewer backup, a sump pump failure, a fresh water source or a foundation issue. Once that has been discovered call us 800-713-4333. Our certified pros will be to your home in no time and make what appears to be a water damage nightmare into a completely safe and managed environment well on its way to being completely dry.

My sump pump stopped working and my basement is flooded, should I call a plumber or a water restoration company?

We recommend calling us first 800-713-4333 because we are able to switch out your old pump for a new one as well as access damages and provide cleanup. Plumbers typically do not work in environments where there is standing water and even if you locate a plumber willing to provide service, once they are done you still need cleanup and drying. Plumbers do not have the credentials or the equipment to provide professional drying of water damaged basements.

After my basement flooded the water eventually went down the drain. Do I still need service?

We routinely discover water damage and mold in basements where the homeowner allowed the basement to dry out on its own after a flood. The critical steps after a flood are always the same if one is to avert mold and smells. The environment requires a plant based anti-microal agent to be applied to all wet materials and drying equipment must be placed. When carpet, pad, cement, drywall or cabinets become wet they must be serviced or mold will certainly develop. If your home has experience water damage and your carpet is smelling, it is a sure sign of microbial amplification and anti-fungal specialty agents are required.

Is there a difference between flooding and water damage?

In a manner of speaking, Yes. Flooding is an event that happens in an area of the home (most often a basement) when water from various sources; sewer, sump, burst pipe, etc. enters the home. The presence of water identifies the concept of flooding, however there is not necessarily water damage unless the water is sewer. Flooded environments can be dried where there is no water damage as a result, if caught in a timely manner and assuming professional drying has taken place.  Wet carpet, wet padding, wet drywall and other materials that are absorbent are capable of being safely dried if done quickly, leaving no visual damage. If the water that has flooded your basement or home however, is sewer, water damage is immediate and materials should not be saved.

Water damage is defined as a permanent compromise in appearance or original quality of materials. Sewer water like fire changes both the looks and the integrity of everything it touches. We are very experienced in evaluating items to determine if they have become water damaged and how to document damages for the insurance companies.

Water Damage Cleanup, Water Damage Repairs, Sewer Backup Cleanup Saint Clair Shores MI

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We Utilize The Latest In State Of The Art Equipment For Drying Basements In Saint Clair Shores MI

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